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Nervous but Ready - Tampa, FL

I had my consultation with Dr. Loessin and I could...

I had my consultation with Dr. Loessin and I could tell that he is the type of person who cares about his name and not just about the "Almighty Dollar". I am starting out with the full tummy tuck and then going back in a couple of months to do the lipo with the fat transfer to give me a booty of my dreams!! I have doing research for about a year. I originally wanted to have the procedure done in Miami, but with me living in the bay area it would be too hard to go back and forth for the appointments in Miami.

Welcome and Good Luck!!! Glad you found a great Doctor!!

Welcome to RealSelf.   Wow you are getting the works girlie.  I am happy to hear you found your doctor.   You will love the new body and the shopping when you are done.  

Please keep us up to date on how everything is going for you.  Can't wait to see your final results.



Day 3 PO. My back is killing me!! Is there anyone...

Day 3 PO. My back is killing me!! Is there anyone else who is experiencing excruciating back pain? My incision is not hurting at all it is just my back. I can't wait to get these drains out because they are seriously giving me the blues.

The back pain is all part of this.  Mine about killed me!   Rub gently and apply heat and that helps.  Try to sit up as straight as you can but know this will ease up.  I know it hurts but hang on.  


I am amazed at all the ladies who have had TT...

I am amazed at all the ladies who have had TT without drains being inserted. I had my TT on the 17th and I am still draining about at least 50-75 cc every 8 hours. It is weird how each surgeon differs on their techniques. I was also told not to use anything on my drain sites. I hope that I will be able to get them removed on Monday. I am so ready for a real shower. I still get nauseated every other day and by back feels like it is cracked in half. I am supposed to go back in November for my lipo with fat transfer.

PO 7, and today was a good day for me. I still...

PO 7, and today was a good day for me. I still have my drains in, but I am hoping that I will be able to get them out on Monday!! I still do not have much of an appetite, and the back pain has eased up tremendously. My stomach is still really swollen, but it looks so much better than what I started with!! I am still wearing the binder because I can't wear the other compression garment until I have the drain tubes removed. I don't go back to work until the 4th of September, and I can't wait for November for my other procedure. Happy healing to all!!!

Today I am 9 days PO, and I am very frustrated!!...

Today I am 9 days PO, and I am very frustrated!! Both of my drains finally stopped draining under 30 in 24hrs so they are ready to come out and I think that I opened my incision and to top it off we just received a call that the schools are closed tomorrow due to the hurricane, so I am praying that the storm passes and that I will be able to get to the doctor's office in Tampa in the morning. Please pray for me ladies!!!!

I ended up making it to Tampa on Monday, however,...

I ended up making it to Tampa on Monday, however, they are only able to take one drain tube out at a time. I am at PO 13 and the drain that was left in has been draining extremely heavy and my doctor will not take it out until there is drainage of 30 or less in a 24hr period. I am extremely swollen and the drain is working overtime because I am up to 75 in a 24hr period. I was supposed to get it out today, but now I have to wait until Friday and if it is not draining at the 30 or below, I will not be able to go back to work next week. My boobs look like they are going to explode and I didn't have anything done to them at all. I don't know what to do!!!

Well I am 27 days PO YEAH!!! NOT!!! I didn't get...

Well I am 27 days PO YEAH!!! NOT!!! I didn't get my last drain out until I was PO 18 days, ok that was fine. After the annoying drain was removed I was doing so good and everything had healed up fine my scar looks really good. However, I went back to work on the 10th of this month and let me tell you I did more work on Monday than I did in my entire month being off work, and I work in an office. I was in so much pain on Monday so when I got home I ate a light meal and was getting ready to take my shower and so I was sitting in my robe and someone sent me a message on facebook, so I got my laptop and I was answering back. All of a sudden I feel a gush of water and I am like what the hell my water broke, then I was like wait a minute I AIN'T PREGNANT!! I go in my bathroom and there is water and blood dripping down my legs apparently I had a big blister by my incision that had apparently formed during the day and it had popped. The insane part is that it has been draining for 4 days now. When I went back to work my job informed me that my FMLA was not covered because I had a cosmetic procedure and I have no personal or vacation time remaining and they will not even let me go to the doctor to see what is wrong, so I have to wait until Saturday to go to the doctor. I am in pain all day and have to pop at least 5 Tylenol EX to make it through my shift. I spend my lunch breaks driving home to change my bandages. This is not fun, and I hope that no one else has to go through this. I will post again on Saturday after my doctor visit. Have a great day!!
Key West Plastic Surgeon

I had originally wanted to get the procedures done with Dr. Gloria Thomas; however, she was no longer taking new patients, and she was referring all clients to Dr. Loessin. Once I spoke with him, I felt like everything happens for a reason and that he is the physician for me.

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