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So over This Mommy Pouch!! - Tampa, FL

So after having four kids with the last two being...

So after having four kids with the last two being c-sections my mid section just hasn't been the same.... lots of loose skin... stretch marks..and double the pudge!!! I have to buy jeans a size bigger to accommodate my stomach. I just want to be able to wear my
jeans with a shirt tucked in and not have to worry about my stomach! I'd love to wear a fitted dress without having to hide my stomach with a loose sweater. I am done with having children so I think that this will boost my self confidence and give me that boost to help me feel good about myself again.
Best of luck!
Amen TT sister!! You deserve it! Welcome!! :-)

So my surgery is getting closer and I'm getting...

So my surgery is getting closer and I'm getting seriously nervous... my hardest battle is going to be not being able to carry my one year old. She's definitely a mommy's girl but whenn she wants mommy there's no changing her mind! I'm going to have to keep her busy and have my older two help out a lot more... any feed back friends?

You go girl!!   The new you is right around the corner so keep moving forward.   You will love getting dressed and shopping once this is done.  

Keep us up to date.

Thanks doll... I can't wait to shop!!!! I'll keep you posted :-)



So today I took some before pictures and wow how...

So today I took some before pictures and wow how depressing!!!! I don't even want to post them... they really ruined my Friday...I know it will change soon however I just can't believe I've let myself get to this extreme. I will say I hide it well in clothes...
Much luck!

I finally go for preop Friday May 17 and go for...

I finally go for preop Friday May 17 and go for surgery May 24th!!! Getting really excited and at the same time scared!!! I was getting things ready around the house this weekend and was going to have my pantry ready for the kids with easy breakfast and lunch meal. My hubby is not the best cooker :( so I figured I'd have asy things for them to munch on until I can cook. I was wanting know what are easy clothings for me to wear after preop? yoga pants or loose summer dresses? Please help realself friends :) thanks
Newlee, who is your dr that is doing your surgery in tampa? I live in that area and am just taking it all in. thank you!
almost time!
I know...getting anxious!!!! :-)

preop time

Super excited going for preop tomorrow afternoon! Tons of questions for the nurses!!!
Good luck! Can't wait to see your results. Who is doing your surgery?

this is the week

Went for preop Friday and had tons of questions nurse was super patient and answered all my questions! Pics were taken then drains were explained in detail to me. Getting nervous!
good luck!! who is your tampa doctor?

2days post op

Feeling sore... drains are a bit uncomfortable but bearable. Sleeping on my couch and actually getting five hours at a time. Drains are a pain but I can actually see why they are such a necessity
Who is your Dr in Tampa
Glad to hear you made it out.
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