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Just had my consultation with my PS. I did have...

Just had my consultation with my PS. I did have another consult scheduled with a second PS, but cancelled after meeting Dr. Traci Temmen. Dr. Temmen but me at ease. Her enthusiasm about my anticipated tummy tuck with lipo let me know I did not want anyone else performing the procedure. She spent as much time with me as I needed and answered every question my husband and I had (and we had a lot). I plan on updating as I get closer to my scheduled procedure in December. Right now, my emotions are going from excitement to doubt, but I hear that is what can be expected at this stage.
I understand I am doing this in October and so scared
Since you are scheduled in October, I would love to hear your update, if you don't mind.
I would not a problem , this is all new to me, so email me and we can stay in touch iam going to post of my belly now so ck it out.

"Baby Fat" photos

Well here they are; my before photos. Having full term twin boys each over six pounds and a third son weighing 6 lbs, 8oz left my 5'1" frame with a bit of what I call my "baby fat". I have been wanting a tummy tuck done for 20 years. Finally at the young age of 55, I am scheduled for tummy tuck with muscle repair and lipo on December 19.
Good happy for you......we are having my surgery the same day.......
I know, I have my calendar marked. I went for a second consult Wednesday just to be sure I made the right decision with my PS. The consult did not go well and I am certain that was a sign that my first impressions with my PS were on the mark. I've been looking at Victoria Secret ads with such enthusiasm that I will be able to wear some of that soon.
How you doin' Tampa? Three months from tomorrow and we'll be on the flat side!!! I'm so excited this is finally happening!

One step closer

I had my required EKG done today by my primary MD. All went well, EKG and BP normal. I had this fear that my EKG would show something which would prevent me from having the surgery. Next up...blood work and chest x-ray. Time seems to suddenly be speeding up.
Hi there! I'm glad I found your review. Been trolling this site for women my age. I'm scheduled for dec 9th! I've had so many frank out moments have considered canceling this surgery so many times. S far, still wanting and excited to do it.
I understand about the emotional rollercoster. I too have moments of wondering if I should do thiys. Then after I read positive reviews, I once again become excited. I would love to hear your post operative review. Good luck with your procedure!!
Hi TampaTT ! I hope youre still around so we can do this together !! It would be so much easier to be able to sign on here each day and have you know exactly how Im feeling.

Pre Op and Excited Again

I met with Dr. Temmen this morning for my pre op. I went in with the expected anxiousness and doubt about doing this and left as excited as I was the day of my consult with her. In fact, I'm not sure who is more excited Dr. Temmen or me LOL. Dr. Temmen feels I am a great candidate and should have a flat belly and cute belly button after all this (in spite of my age of 55). December 19th cannot come soon enough.
Good luck. Looking forward to reading about how you did and your recovery.

Made it to the flatside

Surgery was this morning. Everything went well and thank God no nausua after. Resting in my recliner now and letting my hubby wait on me hand and foot LOL. The only problem I have is that I cannot urinate. My first post op is tomorrow so I'll ask my PS then. Best wishes to all those who are in line to enter the flat zone.
Happy to hear from you - been thinking of you! It is over now, you're on the flat side! Just take it easy and each day gets a little better! :) hugs!
SPell check mess that up.......1 day POST op the removed catheter Then I felt my bladder full very very full then in tiers fell and they put it back in and 1000cc's came out of me, stayed in hospital extra day and they removed if then....All was ok after.
something similar happened to me that I could and your name second day in the hospital they had to put a catheter back in after a couple hours with that removed it again and then things went well

4 Days Post Op

Surgery went very well on the 19th. Everyone of Dr. Temmen's team were kind, compassionate and nurturing from the moment I entered the office until I was escorted to my car. I'm amazed at how my healing is progressing (except for the swelling). Thanks to all the women who have shared their experience on this website, I know the swelling is a normal process and nothing to freak out over. I've had my garment off once and took a peek at my new belly. Even with the swelling, I like what I am seeing. I will post new pics as soon as I can.
Good for you! I'm getting excited about mine and was just saying to the hubby if I'm getting upset over the way I look in the first few weeks remind be that it's just the beginning. Have a great holiday season!

Christmas and 6 days post tt with lipo and muscle repair

Today was a true lesson in learning that I do not have controll over everything and that Christmas will be just fine without me dictating every moment. I started off this morning feeling FANTASTIC, with liittle swelling and standing almost perfectly straight. I had to go an push myself way too far by doing laundry, wrapping gifts, cleaning my bedroom and showering. I ended up with severe back pain and depression as I realized I am NOT superwoman. I spent the remainder of the day letting everyone in my family make dinner and clean up, and it all turned out great without me, who would have guessed? I'm off the Percoset and taking Ibuprohen now, yay!!. I am begining to see progress in my healing. I'm still fairly swollen and bruised so I cannot make an honest assessment of the esthetic results of my surgery. One thing that did impress me was sitting on the shower chair and not seeing my all too familiar roll, I could also see an actual belly button and it looks awesome. LOL
Hello, had my procedure on the same day as yours. Are you happy with your results? Take it easy. I have cabin fever soooo bad, that when the entire family left to the movie theater, I cried cause I couldn't go - and I'm not even a crier... What a weeny baby :)
Hi Rosie. As far as the results are concerned; it's still hard to know what I will actualy look like once the swelling is gone. The compression garment also has me mishapened. All in all I am pleased and can see that my "rolls" are gone. I understand about the cabin fever. I'm the one in the family who puts the spirit of Christmas in our house and had to sit back and watch others do what I could not. I have not come to tears yet, but from what I have heard, I should expect the breakdown any day now LOL.
Glad you had a great Christmas:) Looking forward to seeing how things improve.

9 days post op photos

Although they are not the best quality, these photos taken 9 days after surgery are a good indication of the improvement I have seen. I am extremely short waisted and have had difficulty with the average compression garment which has caused an indentation below my rib cage. Dr. Temmen has ordered a special garment for me and has placed foam under the current garment to help reduce this indentation by reducing the folding of the garment. All in all I am elated over my results.
Wow ! you are looking great ! And seem to be healing really well !!! I can't wait to see you all on the flat side !!!
Thanks Debi. I would never say this was easy, but I knew going in what to expect, thanks to this website. My. PS also told me that the attitude, expectations, and desire of the patient makes a tremendous difference in the healing process.
I can totally understand, and I am reading so many profiles, especially of the ladies in my age group, and you are truly amazing on how fast things are healing ! Congratulations ! If you have anything you can tell me about the lymphatic massage, I have been reading about it , it seems to be very important.

Feeling FANTASTIC at two weeks post op!!

Another great leap forward at two weeks post op. I returned to my PS for suture removal. Dr. Temmen was as excited as I am over my results and how far I have come at only two weeks. She told me I appear to be at a four week healing period rather than two. I then went for my first lymphatic drainage that same afternoon. I was anxious about the therapy due to the hypersensitivity and numbness I still have, but the experience was not only comfortable, but extremely relaxing. I didn't want it to end, especially when I fell asleep during the back portion of the therapy. The following day, I could not beleive how awesome I felt. I drove myself to the mall, shopped for over an hour, returned home and put all Christmas decorations away. I'm not sure if it was coincidence or not, but I feel the lymphatic drainage was the reason behind the progress I had in one day. I return to work Monday and now feel as though I have finally reached a point in my recovery where I can manage a full day of work. I return for my second sesson of lymphatic drainage Tuesday and hope to experience even more swelling reduction and increased energy. Oh, I forgot the most impressive milestone; I wore my jeans (although loose) and a knit shirt to my hairdresser, when I came through the door, her mouth dropped and then a "Oh my god, you look gorgeous", that made my day (and week).
You look great and so happy you feel good too!
Aw, you look great! Happy healing :)
Congrats... You look great!!
Tampa Plastic Surgeon

I cannot say enough about the quality of care I have received from Dr. Temmen. Dr. Temmen is kind, professional and "real". I felt as though a friend was performing my surgery and I trusted that she had my best interest in mind each step of the way, from consult to post op and even calls to check on me.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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