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Scars & Facial Volume Look Better - Tampa, FL

I have scars & dents from Erbium laser...

I have scars & dents from Erbium laser resurfacing. For 5 yrs I've had so many f laser treatments & fillers. I was always dissapointed after. I finally found a doctor who knew how to inject fillers. I know know it's not what you get, it's WHO you get. I had juevaderm before & didn't like the results. My new doctor, Dr Cross, hit me up with Fraxel restore then a month after she put sculptra in my hallow areas on my cheeks, temples & near the scars. The way she placed the sculptra is what made the difference. I've seen so many doctors I lost count in the past 5 yrs but finding the right one made a difference I can live with. I go for another injection in a month & I can't wait. She put it in deep so I don't have any bumps & not much brusing. It filled me out in a natural way. Finding the right doctor makes all the difference in the world . So far iI like Sculpta the best or maybe it's how she did it. I like that it lasts longer so i don't have to go every 6 months or so. Cheaper in the long run,, nice results.


Hi, I am interested in Sculptra and live in Tampa. Are you still happy with your results? How did it work out for you in the long run? I'm also trying to get an idea on costs. You mentioned spending $800. Was this for 1 vial or more?
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Hey Kitten, I'm happy how she did it, I never got the bumps a lot talk about & I like where she put it in my temples, high cheek area & jowels. I don't look as thin there anymore & my cheek bones look a bit higher. Not sure yet for the dent in my cheek that another doctor in Tampa did to my face. (I had resurfacing done by him & he left me with tons of scars & a dent) I had 2 viles for the temples, high cheek area & my jowels in June 2012 & half a vile for the dent & scars in Feb 2013. Each vile was $800.00 & half for $400.00. Just make sure the doctor your using is familiar with Sculptra. It takes time to grow so I'm still waiting to see if the dent gets fuller since I just had it in Feb. The injection goes very deep into your skin. If it's injected too close to the surface or near the eye area you could get bumps. I'll be going back to her again for the scars if I don't see an improvement but I think I'll try a different kind for of filler for them if it doesn't fill out. So yea, I'm happy with it for the other areas. Let me know how yours goes should you decide to get it done.
Hi Sats, Thank you so much for your response. I was so excited that I made an appointment with Dr. Cross the day you wrote back. Well today I went down there. (I live up in New Tampa). Dr. Cross was everything you said and more. I've had the Sculptra and love the result so far. I was concerned about looking like a freak for a couple of days but that was unfounded. I've been running errands all day. The result is so subtle that even my husband didn't notice. (He is usually very observant.) The worst thing about it was waiting for the lidocaine to wear off. She recommended that I come in again for a second treatment in a month. I hope that I don't absorb this stuff too fast and before it has a chance to grow the new collagen as I usually metabolize fillers at a fast and furious rate, thus they don't work for me. I did fat injections last year looking for an alternative to fillers and that was a complete waste of $$$ after about 10 days of down time.


Well I didn't see too much of a result from my sculptra injections (I had 2viles) placed in my temples & jaw area after a yr but I did however notice that in the lower area near my jaw every once in a while it gets a lump. I'm able to massage it down but it's werid to have that going on. I don't think I'll go for anything that permanent anymore. After having it done last year I've been to a few doctors since & they won't even use it. Says it's too risky & they'll only use the ones that they can take care of if something goes wrong. Sculptra is hard to get rid of if you can & if something is wrong like getting bumps forget it. Your screwed. I also don't like that it takes months for it to show results where others show right away. I feel like you waste so much time waiting to see results, so ...if it's supposed to last up to 2 years half of it is waiting to see results. To me it's not worth the risk, price & time spent waiting.

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Still love the doctor who did it but..

I still love the doctor who did it since I didn't get the bad problems others have gotten and she was great filling my eyes. It's just the sculptra that I'm not fond of.

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update on sculptra

Well it's been almost 2 yrs since sculptra. I don't notice any difference, I did at first when I had it injected the 2nd time but now I
sometimes I feel a small bump inside my mouth by my jaw where the sculptra was put. It comes and goes. When I feel it I massage it down. Wouldn't get it again. Too long to wait for results, more expensive & might cause bad problems down the road. I'll sick to HA fillers from now on.


Frankly I think Sculptra is completely obsolete, very risky, and a terrible product. Why would someone want this when there is something like Juvederm Voluma now with equal longevity? Plus it is must safer and fully reversible. You get immediate results, so what you see is what you get. With sculptra you have to wait months to see the result and often times the voume created is unpredictable. Some people get a delayed reaction and their bodies start creating too much volume. There is nothing you can do to correct it but time. Also, would you really want to inject something where in the package insert, it says explicitly that it works through a "granulomatous reaction"? Sculptra is essentially causing intentional granulomas and scar tissue to create that volume.
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Now i know that. I went to a reliable doctor. She used it all over her face & said it would help so I tried it. She said it lasted 2 yrs and was cheaper than getting other fillers. I wish i didn't get it after coming home and reading about it. I def didn't know that it could cause lumps or you can't get it out. I trust the doctor as usual. Bad idea.
Dr Cross

Dr Cross was rated the top doc for fillers. She injects your face in a natural way, not too much and not too little. Very caring. Doesn't push anything on you. Knows what she's doing. Has a knack for facial sculpturing. She also does fraxel, had more results from her one treatment than all the other i had in 5 yrs. Her staff is amazing. Dana her receptionest gets back to you no matter what time you e mail or call.

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