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I’ve always wanted a nose job since I was a...

I’ve always wanted a nose job since I was a teenager. At the age of 13 I was emailing plastic surgeons asking questions and sending my photo to see what they could do for me. Crazy… huh?

Now that I’m 25, I’m so ready to get this done not only to look better, but to get the confidence I lack. I’ve been picked on and lost too many tears because of my nose. I dislike the bump and the bulbous look of my nose. I feel it’s the perfect time to do it because I’m single and no children. All of my previous boyfriends would tell me constantly how beautiful I was and they didn’t understand why I would want a nose job. I feel like when I was in a relationship the guy would always tell me I didn’t need a nose job and shay me not to do it. So now that I’m single it’s a perfect time to get my nose done! So when I meet my future husband he will fall in love with me and my new nose.
I’m very fortunate because choosing the plastic surgeon was very easy for me. One of my friend’s referred me to her plastic surgeon, Dr. Edward Farrior. I’ve seen his work because my friend’s daughter and son both got nose jobs. I saw their before and now it’s been over 2 years and their noses look incredible. When I first met him at my consultation, he was very polite and understanding. He told me I would be a perfect candidate and get the results I wanted. I completely trust him and his expertise. Dr. Farrior did explain that I would have more swelling than normal because of my cartilage is thicker. Lucky me! lol I appreciated his honesty so I know what to expect.

I had my Pre-Op appt today and it went well. I’m kind of nervous now because I really want a dramatic difference and want all of my friends to know by looking at me that I got a nose job and people I don’t know just to think I look nice. Is that too much to ask!?!? I trust my doctor and know he will do the very best he can but it’s still nerve racking!

This site has helped me see that I’m not alone with being unhappy with a part of me and the outcome it all worth it. I’ve read most of your reviews and it’s sooo helpful!! So thank you so much!!

Yes, the timing sounds perfect! I was 27, pre-husband and kids, and it was awesome. You ARE beautiful, but I understand what it feels like to hate your own nose. Please keep us posted. Just a few more days!

Good luck on your journey! I am on day 4 of recovery and I am very happy already. Make sure you have special people taking care of you, this makes it so much better!! You are a beautiful girl already and more power to you for doing this for yourself! Any questions I am here to answer!

4 days to go! I'm so ready to get this done! I was...

4 days to go! I'm so ready to get this done! I was told not to have any alcohol beverages two weeks prior to surgery... well I went to Atlanta and had a few to drink.. I hope that doesn't matter.. Did anyone else have to do this?!?

Also my surgeon recommended creating a very small bump near my bridge so my nose isn't perfectly straight. He said because a straighter nose looks larger.. I'm not sure exactly what to do.
I actually bruised a lot and still have bruises today. Nothing is going to help keep it away bc of so much "damage" they do when they break your nose, even if the doc is gentle. I'm on day 8 and feel super light headed and left work early bc I couldn't do it anymore, but other than that I'm doing great. Are you getting excited?
Wow nevr heard of having rhinoplasty to add a bump, only to take one out. I would ask him to show you pics of someone he did that to.
Your nose is not that bad now so im sure it will look amazing after !! BTW you look amaze as a blonde!!!

Monday is the day! Let the count down begin. I'm...

Monday is the day! Let the count down begin. I'm not scheduled until 12:30pm so I'm not looking forward to waiting the entire morning till I go into surgery.. Any suggestions on what I should eat tomorrow night to keep me full till surgery?? I cannot even drink water! Ahh
Good luck!!!
Hey hey! I just wanted to wish you the best of luck on Monday! I really relate to your story. After considering rhino for years and years, I had my rhino/septoplasty done 3 months after my 25th birthday. It's only been 16 days since my surgery but so far it's definitely the best present I have ever given myself. I hope you feel the same!! :) Another great thing about you doing this now when you're single is that it's totally YOUR decision. Although you are lucky you had boyfriends who loved you for you and just the way you were/are. (Me, not so much! Every time one of my ex-boyfriends and I got in a fight, he would constantly make comments about how big my nose was. Luckily at that point. I'd been getting made fun of my nose for YEARS, so I was just like "here we go again!" Ugh.) But, I TOTALLY get where you're coming from and I'm so excited for you. You are already so pretty and I can't wait to see your new nose! Definitely eat a big meal to tide you over tomorrow night, maybe like pasta? I wouldn't do anything too spicy though. It should be something you really like too - you may have trouble tasting food for the first week or so after surgery. Keep us posted!!
My surgery is Thursday, so we'll be pretty close on this journey!! Good luck with everything=) Can't wait to keep up with your results & progress!

I'm so ready to get this done and start the...

I'm so ready to get this done and start the recovery process! Thank you all for your kind regards. I'll keep you updated :-)

Im doin okay.. Bleeding more than in thought. Doc...

Im doin okay.. Bleeding more than in thought. Doc says its normal. I'll update more tomorrow :-)
good luck!
Will be thinking about you today.
Good luck!!!

Im feeling better than i thought i would. My nose...

Im feeling better than i thought i would. My nose is stuffed so its hard to get use to that and using my mouth 24/7.. I slept pretty good woke up twice with my throat being so dry luckily i had biotene so it soothed it. I still have my drip pad on and bleeding still.. Im really surprised of how my tip of the nose looks, i cant to see it all when my splint comes off next tuesday :-)
I have bruising on my left eye and swelling. Ive been using ice as much i can.

Hope everyone is doing well!! ttyl :)
I have been thinking about you since Monday!!! I hope all is well. I remember my tape days!! Soon that will be over, I promise. I can definitely see a difference in the tip already..YAAY!! Let me know if I can do anything for you!! Do you have any follow up appointments on the 23rd? That's when I go back. Would be so neat to meet you in person! Relax through this process, it goes by quicker than you think:) xoxox
Thanks for thinking of me! Im doin okay.. I had my first post op appt today.. It was interesting lol i do have a post op appt on the 23rd at 4:30 where i get my tape off!! What time is your appt?
Mine is in the morning at 930...I live in plant city so driving to south tampa is not always you breathing any better? How's your bruising? If I could drive I would come hang with ya or bring you a smoothie..I know the first few days can be kinda tough...keep me updated!!!!


Im still in a lot of pain and not sleeping well at all :( its been hard to take my pain meds bc i get sick to my stomach so I've been taking tylenol.. I cant breathe out my nose still.. I thought after going to my first post op appt i would get some relief but it didn't get much better. I know I'm miss negative nancy right now sorry!! Im still very swollen and bruised.. Hope everyone is doing good :) xoxo
Congrats! Sounds like you are progressing and probably doing the hard yards at the moment. Don't stress it will improve. My breathing took awhile to get back to normal and at 4 months I still have times when the inside swells temporarily. Take care & rest up. I hope you love your new nose!
It will get better honey. I'm 9 days post op, and my breathing is not all that well. I keep freaking myself out thinking I'm going to be this way forever. I used afrin yesterday, and it helped a little, but my right side keeps clothing up. I really miss my breathing and good sleeping. Hugs to you.
Breathing may not get back to normal for a little while.... seems to be different with everybody. Internal swelling is also taking place at this time; regardless of an open or closed approach, your surgeon had to cut the inside of your nose and close it with dissolveable sutures. Good luck with everything. If your doctor permits it, try and use a neti pot to help clean out the gunk.

I'm Alive!

All of the restless nights and aches and pains is all worth it! I can already see my results.. I know it's way early because I'm super swollen but my tip is completely different and I love it!! I did a little comparison to show you what I'm talking about..

My beautiful black eye is going away day by day. The only complaint I have at the moment is nasal drip! Uhh it's such a pain it's clear and very liquidy.. Did anyone else experience this?!? My doc said to take sudafed which I am but it's not helping..

I still have yet to sleep a complete night.. max so far is 4 hours. Since I don't have pain anymore I'm not taking my pain meds. I do take the anxiety meds here and there because the tape gets itchy. I'm counting down the hours until I get my splint off my nose which is Tuesday!! I go back to work on Monday and not really looking forward to everyone seeing the massive amount of tape of my face.

Hope everyone else is going good!! xoxo
Kat you look great so far! Yippee! All of Dr. Farrior's patients look absolutely incredible, so you're in for a great week getting the cast off! Tuesday is my 1 month post op, we both have our appointments on the same day! I'll be thinking of you! I'm sorry you've had problems with the pain meds, I had the same issue only later to find out it was the Colace stool softener that was causing the nausea. I'm so glad you have anti-anxiety meds for the tape! Gah! I was a wreck! You're almost there, ONE more day! You can do it! Woo hoo! I cannot wait to read your post tomorrow! You will feel like a newly free woman! I had the drips too btw. They do go away over time! Extra soft tissues and/or q-tips in your purse are your friend :) Hugs, Jemoiselle
good luck going back to work! you look great!

8 Days Post Op Immediately After Splint Removal -- TAPE FREE!!! YIPPY

It is so surreal to finally have my nose job after all these years and better yet have my all of the tape and cast off!! I'm thrilled so far with my results and I cannot believe how different I look. I'm very swollen which is to be expected and plus on top of things I have thicker skin so it's gonna be awhile before the swelling goes down. I'm sooo lucky I had minimal bruising and it had to be the arnica montana and vitamin c intake prior to surgery.

I'm not in much pain besides being congested. My nose is still numb feeling and my stitches are still in both nostrils. More annoying than anything.

I'm sooo happy I did this for myself and would do it all again if I had to!

Hope all of you are doing well!!
I definitely understand what you mean about looking different. I look really different too!!! I think when you have a prominent nose like we DID(!!) :) that it is the focus of your looks.. I feel much prettier already, even walking around with my cast I feel prettier!! Lol. I hope it's not vain to say that.. We did have plastic surgery after all, lol.. I get my cast off tomorrow though so hopefully I will continue to like this change in my appearance!
I think you look more beautiful already by the way. :)
So happy for you! It must be amazing to be sooo thrilled! Happy healing :)

Love it! 15 days post op

I'm so happy right now and I'm only 15 days post op. My face swelling has went down and my tip is still very swollen, but it gets smaller each day :)
I'm not breathing out of my nose yet and that's the hardest part of this whole process. Sleeping is better and I think it will be a lot better when I can actually breathe out of my nose! I can't smile showing my teeth yet which sucks because I love to smile especially now :)

Hope everyone is doing great!
Hi I've been following your story because it is very similar to mine. I have been single for about 7 months for the first time in a long time and want to do something for myself that I have alway wanted to do! I am very nervous though and looking at yours and other people on here's great results definetly settles my nerves a bit! I am still searching for surgeons! Any advice would be appreciated! You look great esp your lack of bruising. -AM
Wow, amazing results here! I wish you a great recovery!!
Tampa Facial Plastic Surgeon

He is a great surgeon and he is so nice and kind. All of his office staff is great as well!

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