First of all I cannot beleive I'm posting pictures...

First of all I cannot beleive I'm posting pictures of my nose on the internet since this is the main reason why I'm electing this procedure. I HATE my profile! So I will start by saying how horrified I am of profile pics. However, I feel since I DID chose to finally go through with we go:)

I have been reading all of your stories and have felt close to each and every one of you. I have the SAME stories as you. I was made fun of, called names and overall it always bothered me. I never "obsessed" over it nor did I ever let it get in the way of my life, career or relationships, but I always said that "one day" I would do it. I think noone is really 100% happy with everything they have no matter how beautiful. I commend anyone who wants to better themselves. And if it means plastic surgery, then go for it. It doesn't mean we are sad or ungrateful for what we have, but just looking to improve. God gave us plastic surgeons, so lets use them if we!

So this is going to be a LONG story, so if you're home recovering and have nothing better to do, enjoy! Otherwise, just go on to the next set of pictures, since that's why I started looking at this, just being honest:)

I am a police officer and after a 3 month search for the perfect police horse, I finally found him. A gorgeous Tennesse Walker. The equine love of my life. After having him just 6 days, I was involved in a serious horseback riding accident on January 31, 2013. This event has changed my life forever. I NEVER wore a helmet when I rode my horses, but I did that day or I wouldn't be typing this right now. I pretty much mangled my right leg almost losing it. I can't tell you how many times in my 13 years as a law enforcement officer I have seen helicopters land at serious accident scenes where the person is either not going to make it, will end up paralyzed, or lose a limb. Well, as I'm in the most pain I have ever been in my entire life (childbirth is NOTHING compared to this girls...I promise), I look up and the loud noise of helicopter rotors going over me as I'm being loaded into one, I knew there was something seriously wrong with me.

I shattered my heel, had a compound fracture of my ankle (bone came out of my skin...yea..GROSS), broke my tibia/fibia, tore 3 out of the 4 ligaments in my knee, tore my miniscus, and severely bruised my common peronial nerve. I was in the hospital for 12 days and three surgeries later here I am. A full recovery for me will be just at or a little bit over one year.

I have a 6 year old little boy who is my LIFE and a long term live in boyfriend who worships the ground my son and I walk on. My family has been with me 24/7 every step of the way. I just started to be a little more independent with my walker. I can use the bathroom on my own and take a shower...finally after 9 horrible weeks. Still no weight-bearing on this leg until mid-May. Physical therapy is going...but very slowly:(

Part of the reason I hadn't gone through with the rhinoplasty in the past was because I would have to take time off of work and worry about injuring my new nose after having it done in a fight or car accident. ANYTHING is possible when doing police work. But now, I have NO choice. I HAVE to be in a bed or couch for the next year of my life. I have days that the depression sucks the life out of me and the crying is uncontrollable. How could this happen to me? I can't even get up to make my little boy a grilled cheese. Most of the days I'm just grateful to be alive. I'm heartbroken over my leg, and horrible it looks. I have 8 HORRIFIC scars. So much for my pretty cheerleader legs I used to have. But I do beleive God has a plan for me even though I don't see it now. Maybe I was going to be shot at work or something..who knows. I never will. It's VERY hard to see passed all the physical limitations I have, but I know I have to be strong and set an example for my little boy no matter what.

Either way, it's time to have my dream surgery. My family thinks I have absolutely lost my mind after everything I have been through. But honestly, I'm not afraid. I've learned that life is too short. It doesn't matter where you live, what you drive or what designer purses you carry ladies. Life is so very precious. When it's your time to go you can't take all of the money in the world with you. Trust me, I have spend WAY too much money on Ebay since I've been home on purses, clothes, expensive makeup and even shoes I can't wear. None of it makes me truly happy because the truth is, I just can't walk. I guess I figured while I'm down, I'll at least improve SOMETHING while I'm at it, right? :)

Told ya it was long. I'm extatic to have my rhinoplasty done on April 24th. I added some pics of me before and after my accident. It just makes my story more real. Good luck to ALL of you in your journeys and may God bless each and every one of you:)

Today is pre-op day. I'm super excited. But...

Today is pre-op day. I'm super excited. But exhausted since pain to my knee kept me up all night...grrr! I almost fell in the kitchen yesterday so it was throbbing:( Either way I'm still excited. .with dark circles under my eyes and all. I didn't mention this before but I am also having my chin augmented. Its going to make my profile that much more even. Dont want to write too much..I'm sure ill have more to say afterwards:)

Well....I had my PRE-op today:) I found it to be...

Well....I had my PRE-op today:) I found it to be quite informative to say the least. I was given scripts for 5 different meds:
1. Antibiotics
2. Pain meds
3. Suppository for nausea/vomiting
4. Anxiety meds (to help me sleep at night)
5. A gel to start using inside my nose prior to surgery & on the incision site afterwards (supposed to help with the swelling)
My surgery is expected to last 3 hrs. & I should be home between 1-2pm. Im so excited. I feel like I should be nervous but I'm NOT. Is that weird? I think it's all the pain and anguish I've already been through. I'm not phased at all. I think if i hadnt had my accident...i would be at least a little freaked then again, if I hadn't had my accident, I probably wouldn't be having my rhinoplasty anyways. So then the nurse did a little bloodwork and off I was:)
I hope all of you are having a great week & I will talk to y'all soon!

Ok so now I'm starting to get nervous. Just a...

Ok so now I'm starting to get nervous. Just a teeny bit. I'm starting to worry about the infamous SWELLING & my tendency to have a breakdown over things that have little merit. I have full trust in my PS, but im getting concerned with my reaction to all the swelling the first time I see my nose. I'm really contemplating doing the "swan" thing and NOT look at myself in the mirror for as long as I possibly can. of the perks of being temporarily crippled is that I can't really get to a mirror like I used
Your posts really, really help though. You have no idea how much I appreciate it. I just don't want to be back on the operating table for my nose again. It's now or never for me so im determined to conquor my worries!! I'm taking my vitamin C and my arnica so I'm already trying to beat the "swelling monster"....I think it's even helping my leg too!! Yay!!
.....I truly enjoy reading about all of your surgeries/recoveries. To me y'all are the most beautiful group of women in the world!!!!! SO glad y'all are here with me too:)

So this has NOTHING to do with my upcoming surgery...

So this has NOTHING to do with my upcoming surgery but I'm ELATED. My orthopedic surgeon told me today that I can start trying to put weight (walk) on my leg beginning next Thursday and I'm so, so happy!!!!

I'm still NOWHERE near losing my old-lady walker but I don't even care. The only thing that stinks is that the first day I will be allowed to put weight on my leg will be the day after my rhinoplasty surgery....oops:(

Talk about timing! It's all good though because the whole walking thing is an extremely slow process anyways. I look at it this way: as soon as I can walk, I will walk with my new nose....sigh:) (swollen and all I'm sure)

I went shopping for all my post surgery supplies and filled all my meds for next week. I will be honest and say that I didn't understand what the big deal was when girls would put on here that they went shopping for their supplies....well...DUH.....of course it's a big deal!! It makes it so much more real. I even went to the extent (go me ridiculous) of buying three sweatsuit outfits and a new robe. Having Internet/shopping access at my fingertips is a huge mistake

Hope y'all are having a great midweek...thank God that all of you can WALK....and pray for those victims in Boston where more people are starting a similar journey as mine:( here's another useless post/update. I'm... here's another useless post/update. I'm sorry it's nothing exciting. Im just venting out loud. So i emailed a LONG email to both nurses at my PS office. I asked about the chin implant. I asked if they came in S/M/L and what if the small is still too big? I don't want to look like Jay Leno!! She laughed at he custom makes it for my chin so it fits ME.

I also told her I was afraid of the piggy look and she said that because the bandages cover everything except the tip and the nostrils, about 99.9% of the girls worry about that when it's swollen at first and undoubtedly looks piggy but it all goes down and no more piggy in the end.

Then I asked her if they chat during the surgery while I'm laying there on the table. I just want to know if the nurses give input on the Dr.'s work. She said they don't because they don't need to.

She has actually had both her chin and nose done by the PS and in her opinion she thought the chin hurt more than the nose.....GREAT! They pull the muscle off the bone and then put the implant underneath the muscle. She regrets not doing them both at the same time. I would have NEVER known she had anything done if she hadn't said anything, which makes me feel SO much better. She looks so beautiful and SO natural. Actually, her results had a lot to do with my final decision.

I have my nervous moments but I'm overall excited and trust my PS:)

Talk soon!!

My girlfriend is a dental assistant and I shared...

My girlfriend is a dental assistant and I shared with her my concerns for dry mouth since I won't be breathing out of my nose for a while. She brought me samples of a dry mouth oral rinse and toothpaste named Biotene. I haven't seen anyone post anything about it on Realself nor have I seen it on a shopping list for rhinoplasties. I didn't know if it was an otc product or something only given at a dental office. I found it on Amazon so I'm assuming you should be able to find it at Walmart or Walgreens...maybe? Just another tool on our belts ladies...kisses!!!!!

3 more days to go for me...eek!!

Don't ya'll wish we could ALL get together and...

Don't ya'll wish we could ALL get together and meet one another?? You guys have been SUCH a source of inspiration and enouragement to me. Everytime my mom comes over or my boyfriend comes home, it seems like I'm on My mom swears I'm obsessed, but she understands why and enjoys looking at everyone's pictures on here too. I love showing her how nice your noses turn out (she is freaked out). Now I've got her wanting to get some "work" She told my dad I was having this surgery and he tells her, "Good for her, now YOU need to treat yourself and do something too!" Gotta love my honest Dad..geez!!

I seriously cannot BELIEVE this is going to happen tomorrow. I always imagined getting my nose done, but my chin? That's alot! I almost feel fake saying that. " getting my chin done...daaaarling..." Like Alicia Silverstone's mom in the movie Clueless, she says, "Honey do you like my new chin?" and she fans her head to the right and left with all the other plastic surgery she's had done to her face. The stretched face with the bubble lips...YUK! Promise me NONE of yall will do that to yourselves!! UGH!

I'm so super excited, but like alot of you I'm terrified of not looking like myself. I must have seriously watched EVERY single rhinoplasty recovery video diary on YouTube and everyone seems to be very pleased with their results. What concerns me is that alot of the "one year post op" videos is when they are the happiest. Seriously?? We have to wait a whole year I guess. Patience is a virtue so I hear. I keep telling you to be patient with your swelling and I highly doubt I will be patient myself. So please remind me will you?

I added a few last minute profile pics. Like a last And a side by side picture with imaging with my nose/chin after its said and done. This side by side pic was actually taken in 2008 or 2009 (I can't remember) by another PS. The morph my PS did was done in a hurry on the day of my pre-op. The result was not a pretty one. Needless to say he and I BOTH agree that my nose would not turn out that way. He had the one he did of me in 2005, but that one didn't have a chin implant in the pic. So the this one works just

I will TRY to post an update tomorrow, but I have NO idea what to expect so it may be the following day. I have to be there at starts at lasts 3 hours, then an hour or so in recovery and then the "I look like I just got hit by a bus" game begins...ugh..omg..I still can't beleive this. Like I said in my first titled post:

23 years after the first mean comment...

Which by the way it went like this: A girl in my 7th grade class told me she was going to call me "Cammie" from then on. It was short for Camel, since the bump on my nose resembled that of the hump on a camel's back. GRR! will be gone tomorrow...xoxoxoxo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm a big ball of nerves. I can't lie. Ill write...

I'm a big ball of nerves. I can't lie. Ill write more later. .I REALLY need to hold my boyfriends hand right now:(
Love yall..

Yall are NOT goimg to believe this. So the first...

Yall are NOT goimg to believe this. So the first thing the nurse had me do was to insert the suppository for the nausea. She gives me a rubber glove and I'm we go. I fumbled to get it open..and then the darn thing BROKE IN HALF!!!!!!!!!!! I have like 4 more but to save the fumbling to get another one open (and I didnt want to waste in case I needed them) I SURE did squeeze it together shove it up in there!! Yes..HORRIFIC! Broken and all it went...I swear I heard circus music in the background of the bathroom. That's my luck. So im sitting here waiting now..nerves and myself. .ugh:(
Talk soon!!

OMG I DID IT! Im still trying to get over THAT...

OMG I DID IT! Im still trying to get over THAT fact first before i can move on to the other stuff. really happenned and I'm typing about it on here. This is surreal..sorry guys..I'm like in the twilight zone or something..

So far so good. No pain, swelling or bruising to my nose....hmmmm. VERY strange to me. I'm just waiting for it. It is completely covered by tape. My face looks like a roll of tape threw up all over my No packing!! WoopWoop!!! And I'm not exactly bleeding a whole lot. I can actually breath out of my nose. It's very stuffy (like a cold) but not completely blocked up....YET.

So my chin: yeaaaaaa...different story. I'm in a lot of pain in that area. It's mostly like a burning sensation. My mouth is a little stiff and I cannot under NO circumstances

I'm really expecting to not sleep tonight very well. I took the anti anxiety meds which helped me take a little nap earlier...and now I'm just like the rest of you...I TOTALLY woke myself up snoring And in the morning...well..I'm sure I'll be swelled up like a balloon with a couple of purple shiners.. Thankfully I haven't been nauseous (I sure I'm not speaking too soon) and I've been able to keep down broccoli cheese soup and a fudge Popsicle.

I will try and post some pics tomorrow if I can. It requires me to hobble over to my office desk and upload them on the desktop. I can't do it from my smartphone or my iPad which is very inconvenient for me right now...ugh

I love love love reading all of your good luck wishes. I take each and everyone of them to heart. It means the world to me that yall are all here with me. Family is nice ..but Realself is my nose

Day 2: I woke up to having my mustache gauze...

Day 2: I woke up to having my mustache gauze soaked to the bone. Wehn I took it off, I could see the front of my nose and boy is it DIFFERENT already. It's not shaped anywhere near what it used to look like. It's so weird. Well..I must say how my family and I are blown away with the fact that I have zero to little swelling and no bruising at all so far. (IT HAD TO BE THE VITAMIN C YALL) I still don't know how thats possible and I am sitting here waiting for the swelling and bruising monster to come rolling in my house saying...HAAAAY..we're here!!!

I have been able to breathe out of my nose this whole time. I'm a little congested but nothing crazy. I went to the Dr. this morning for my follow up appointment. He said everything went well. He said that for some reason I bled 4 times as much as other patients when he was doing the chin, which was unusual. Other than that everything went fine. He put these long tubes up my nose and (I swear into my BRAIN) Holy Jesus did that feel weird when he took them out. He left them in there for 5 minutes to see if I had any blockage and I did not so he was pleased.

The main thing that bothers me is my chin. It hurts underneath so bad. It's more like a burning sensation. I had physical therapy today and I've been pretty active today so I'm sure that doesn't help. I'm gonna sit down here in a minute. I'm at the desktop now so I can upload more pics. Later on I will be on the Ipad responding to comments and checking up on my peeps with recent procedures too. Keep in mind that the office pics Im going to upload has those things he shoved up my nose. When he took them out I was ready to GO. I love my PS and his staff. I really can't say enough good things about them.

Day 2: I woke up to having my mustache gauze...

Day 2: I woke up to having my mustache gauze soaked to the bone. Wehn I took it off, I could see the front of my nose and boy is it DIFFERENT already. It's not shaped anywhere near what it used to look like. It's so weird. Well..I must say how my family and I are blown away with the fact that I have zero to little swelling and no bruising at all so far. (IT HAD TO BE THE VITAMIN C YALL) I still don't know how thats possible and I am sitting here waiting for the swelling and bruising monster to come rolling in my house saying...HAAAAY..we're here!!!

I have been able to breathe out of my nose this whole time. I'm a little congested but nothing crazy. I went to the Dr. this morning for my follow up appointment. He said everything went well. He said that for some reason I bled 4 times as much as other patients when he was doing the chin, which was unusual. Other than that everything went fine. He put these long tubes up my nose and (I swear into my BRAIN) Holy Jesus did that feel weird when he took them out. He left them in there for 5 minutes to see if I had any blockage and I did not so he was pleased.

The main thing that bothers me is my chin. It hurts underneath so bad. It's more like a burning sensation. I had physical therapy today and I've been pretty active today so I'm sure that doesn't help. I'm gonna sit down here in a minute. I'm at the desktop now so I can upload more pics. Later on I will be on the Ipad responding to comments and checking up on my peeps with recent procedures too. Keep in mind that the office pics Im going to upload has those things he shoved up my nose. When he took them out I was ready to GO. I love my PS and his staff. I really can't say enough good things about them. all yall have LOST your minds with you... all yall have LOST your minds with you sweet comments! Seriously!!! Its the later part of day two and guess what? The swelling monster...yea he creeping up around my eyelids I ALWAYS knew it was too good to be true. I have some bruising around my neck/chin area. And physical therapy is absolutely kicking my butt. She's coming back again tomorrow too..ugh..
But face, eyes, chin, swollen/ bruised or not the most exciting news ever was that I WALKED today (with my walker still of course) for the FIRST TIME. I was very wobbly and unsteady like a new walking toddler. I am just so happy. I'm SO far from walking like the rest of you but this was HUGE for me..and I'm on day 2 of my surgery. .lol...

Your messages..not matter how short or long they are..take me SO far in the fight of me in my living room trying to walk everyday now. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am truly blessed to have found all of you no matter how involved in my story you are.

And I don't know if its the swelling and the way all the tape smashes my face..but I don't look like me at ALL and I think its so weird. Its completely distorted my face but I know its temporary. Ill post more pictures tomorrow. I'm hitting the hay. Still mouth breathing and

Yea..all the talk about no swelling...that was...

Yea..all the talk about no swelling...that was cute of me. He (the swelling monster)was here FIRST thing in the morning. He basically pulled up a chair in the kitchen and had a cup of coffee with me and basically told me he was gonna hang out with me for a while:(

The swelling is all over my face but I can mostly see it on the inside corner of my eyes. It's so swollen in that particular area, that I can't get to my eye boogrs in very annoying. I'm still breathing out of my nose pretty good except at night. I've been using the mustache gauze to catch all the droopies coming out of my nose so I don't get any of that stuff on my sheets..yuk! I have a little bit of dry mouth in the morning, but that Biotene stuff ROCKS. I also use the Biotene toothpaste and moisturizing gel. If it's not on your shopping list yet, please add them.

The anti-anxiety meds help alot and I have been able to sleep through the night (both nights) so far. What's nice about them is that I dont drag in the morning and actually feel refreshed.

So I balled my eyes out last night because remember I was telling yall that I was walking with my walker? Well, (it wasnt enough with the walker for me) I let go of the walker and crossed my arms across my chest and tried to walk without holding on to it. AND HOLY ZOMBIES did I walk!! I balled the whole time, but i dragged my one leg and actually walked like a baby was the saddest, most pathetic little walk I have ever seen, But it was MINE and I'm just so happy. I can't wait to show my mom when she drops my son off. Ok, I'm gonna stop here because I think I'm going to cry again. I'll post day 3 pics here in a min...Love my nose family:)

Ok I'm officially miserable:( Although...

Ok I'm officially miserable:( Although I can breathe fine through my nose, its constantly running and I just want to blow it SO bad!!! I'm also just about done with all the hannibal lecter tape on my face. I'm having to take my "crazy pill" (anti anxiety) just to keep me from ripping it all I have yet to see anyone else on Realself with as much tape on their face. Im definitely in the lead for that if we were measuring. Other than that (which is all a mental thing at this point) I'm doing fine. My chin doesn't hurt as bad and my nose burns occasionally, but I really feel bad complaining otherwise since a lot of you still can't breathe or are having a hard time. I posted two pics from this morning...and IS me underneath what feels to be all the tape in the world.

Oh btw my physical therapist got onto me for zombie walking with no hands...oops!! She said I wasn't ready for that. At least I could do it ( hee hee). My knee increased range of motion by 8 degrees too..I'm at 78 degrees!!! Woo hoo!!! It needs to be at 120 for full range of motion...ok so that's my non-nose news for the day. Oh..I posted my knee and ankle xrays...THOSE are pretty neat to look at too..
Love yall..xoxoxo

Not too much to report for day 5 other than the...

Not too much to report for day 5 other than the growing desire to violently RIP this tape off my face. I've become quite the anti anxiety med junkie over the whole thing...which is NOT like me at all. The fact that the movement in my face is so restricted...its borderline unbearable. I guess there's a reason they prescribed them. It relaxes me and keeps my mind off of it. Cast comes off tomorrow but tape stays on for a little while longer (I actually don't remember how much longer). I have A LOT of yellow under/around my eyes and under my chin/neck area. I'm kinda feeling "blah" today. Dunno if its hormonal or what. Honestly, this tape is getting the best of me as absolutely RIDICULOUS as it sounds. Hopefully I'm a much more interesting update to read tomorrow without the cast. Love you all...xoxo

All I can say is OMG. I have to get used to this...

All I can say is OMG. I have to get used to this new face. Although I realize the swelling is eminent I feel like my chin is HUGE. I am very happy with my nose and it has so much more to go as far as the swelling. ..but this chin is what I'm not too sure that is. He says it takes like a month for it to get to normal. Its not like our noses where we have to wait a whole year. Overall I'm excited and I feel its premature??? Why do I feel guilty?? Doc said that I'm overall healthy as a turd and that's why there's minimal swelling.....aaahhhh!!! I LOVE my nose!! What do yall think? I'm 35 & this is the first thing I've ever done for myself...everything I do is for my son so I think that's why the this sink in some yall..xoxoxo

Ok, so I'm feeling so VAIN continuing to look at...

Ok, so I'm feeling so VAIN continuing to look at myself in the mirror so much. It's just WEIRD. I really like my results a lot. But I'm searching for my old face and it's still not there yet:(. I emailed the nurse today (who had the chin AND the rhino done too) because I was at the verge of a hormones vs. nerves breakdown. She assured me that her lips and smile were not back to normal for about 4-6 weeks. She also said that none of her patients have EVER complained about them not getting their smiles back. She did put me at ease because the shape of my lips are NOTHING like they were before (even though they're real cute and pouty looking now). And my smile is..ugh..awful. So remember all the pep talks I gave y'all about the swelling and soon it will go down and it will all be IM on the other end of that, ans its not for my nose either.

And speaking of my nose (which I LOVE LOVE LOVE). Me and my honey know...and it took a pretty good hit last night....OUCH! I iced the MESS out of it and he felt so bad!! I expected it to be huge this morning but it was fine. No harm no foul and no hanky panky for a WHILE!! What the hell was I thinking???

Hope everyone is recovering well and getting ready for their upcoming procedures and consulting like the little nose researching nerds we are!! I'm waiting to take more pictures to post. I'm still yellowish under my eyes and around my chin/jawline. Not a whole bunch of a difference from the last pics I posted yesterday. Hopefully I'll feel less Jay Leno-ish this weekend and snap a few:) love y'all!!!

Hey yall I've had MAJOR Realself guilt since I...

Hey yall I've had MAJOR Realself guilt since I haven't posted in days. Last week was NOT a good week for me. Its been raining down here for days and your gandparents weren't kidding about the weather making their bones hurt. I have been a straight UP weather lady because as soon as its going to rain..I know it because my leg stiffens like a board, hurts like crazy and I can barely put weight on it:( Its miserable. I cried everyday last week and just wasn't myself.

So in NOSE I have been horrible about eating whatever I want (to include salty foods) & my nose is swollen like crazy. BUT, honestly it was wider before the surgery so it hasn't been too bad. I know its going to go down eventually. I will say has NEVER been as thin as it was the day my cast came off. (The pics I posted on here last). But I'm having a "come to Jesus" meeting with myself and the fact that I'm horribly impatient, which goes hand in hand with my leg recovery:(

So in CHIN NEWS....omg has this been a battle. This has been my most heated issue. Mind you, I am very happy with my results overall. But I've NOT had a 100% feeling of ..."oh SNAP..that's an awesome looking chin ya got there!" Yea..not feeling that yet..but its coming along MUCH better. I feel like its down in my boobs some days. Its SO stiff around my mouth that I am unable to smile and when I do smile.. its NOT my smile at all. Its the fakest valley girl smile. So I just smile without showing my teeth otherwise I look ridiculous. (To me) I'm just in search of my old smile and I was told until all the chin swelling goes down its just gonna be stiff for the first 4-6 weeks. I did notice that it loosened up a teeny bit yesterday so the nurse was right.
I had the rest of my tape taken off for good on Thursday and the staff could not believe the lack of bruising and swelling even though I'm still very swollen. I have to keep reminding myself that it hasn't been quite two weeks yet. The nurse there (who had both rhino and chin also) said that her chin looked exactly like mine and she said it took her 6 weeks to get her old smile back. She promised me that they have NEVER had a patient not get their old smile back after chin augmentation so that made me feel better (especially after the loosening up yesterday).

I went to a fish fry (yes thats how we ROLL in the Saturday night and although I didn't really want to be seen until after all my swelling and bruising went down, I didn't want to ruin it for my boyfriend since he been listening to me complain about being stuck indoors. So, I wore makeup for the first time and boy was Maggie right. It makes a huge difference when you do the hair and makeup!! It was so fun being a girlie girl again (minus the walking part) but I felt like my face was the shape of a crescent moon with my long one girlfriend who knew about my surgery could NOT beleive how soon I was out and how much I didn't look like I had plastic surgery done. She swore I still looked like me. She promised me that noone mentioned anything about my face looking different. She also said she was trying SO hard not to stare at me because she was blown away. So that was a boost to my chin issues:)

I guess like all of us on here I'm dealing with my own swelling issues. I will also say that I DO love my profile now. I love putting my hair up and I don't shy away from giving someone the side of my face. I will post my day 10 pics from Saturday. My nose looks weird from the front. I think it was the angle I which I took it, but as you can see its not too much different than my before nose because of the swelling. But there's a definite difference in my profile which makes me happy:)

I look forward to catching up on what's been going on with yall. I will probably update once a week so I'm not overcrowding too much. I LOVE to hear from all of you. Yall sre SO sweet and have REALLY helped me through this process. We have transformed our outsides but I don't think people realize the transformation that goes in INSIDE that really requires the MOST attention. The support that this site offers is so valuable and I'm very grateful for it..but mostly for all of YOU. Its the best getting an email with a notification that one of you are chiming in or just saying hello. Its like you're right here with me....SIGH....

Us crippled people need that:)

So not much news to report other than I have been...

So not much news to report other than I have been fighting a NASTY sinus infection since Sunday. SERIOUSLY?? I've never had convenient...grrr.. So I have my regular pounding/throbbing afternoon headache and I can't even open my eyes since their so sensitive to the light. I got a zpack and nasal spray (approved by my PS). So if it wasn't sore before...the whole area (sinuses) around my nose hurts to touch now. The zpack isn't working as fast as I want it to.

So yesterday I kinda sorta started to see a teeny bit of "frontal swelling" go down. Which was cool. But I'm back to the morning swelling. I have been putting GLOBS of arnica gel on my nose and around my chin so I think that MAY be doing something. I'm still doing my bridge exercises (which feel fenominal btw with this infection) as much as I can. I know some of yall are "taping your noses at night"...are your PS' s telling you to do that? Should I be doing that? Does it help? I'm just trying to get this swelling moving along (like the rest of yall, right?)

I'm also (embarrased to admit but have a FEELING I'm not alone on this one) having a hard time not picking my nose. There. I said it. Rachael and I spoke about this and its happening...I need to pick my nose and I can't take it. I feel like a crack head with a q-tip trying to get that one little booger that's been bothering me..ugh:(
I go VERY slow with it. And I haven't had any blood in there since the 1st week. So, anyways, I thought I would share my booger anxiety since I was told no picking or blowing for 6 weeks which seems like an eternity to me when your a regular nose picker like me:(

Chin still looks long to me..but growing on me (pun intended). & my leg hurts like you know what. I increased my knee bend to 85 degrees yesterday which is really good. It was at 50 when I had those bars drilled out of my leg. I've tried hobbling around the house (my infamous zombie walk) with no walker and my therapist came unglued...ugh...which is so frustrating. I want to walk so bad:( but all in right time they say. Oh thing/day at a time for me. I guess its this sinus infection (my honey gave me) for today..who knows what tomorrow. Love soon. I'm sure ill have some pics for you this weekend for mothers day.

Well, I'm exactly 3 weeks post op today. I have...

Well, I'm exactly 3 weeks post op today. I have literally been fighting a sinus infection for a week with DAILY headaches and couldnt even open my eyes since they were so sensitive to light. I couldnt even look at my Ipad. Which for a crippled chic like BAD!!
I can definitely say that I've had my ups and downs as far as the acceptance of my new face. Althought I'm very pleased with my profile, I'm not crazy with how my face looks head on. It's not that it's ugly, it's just not really me and it's what I was afraid of. Don't get me wrong, I have some days where I'm like, "Wow, I can get used to this." and other days, like today, I see my old pics and just say, "Ugh!"
I truly go back and forth. I love my results but I miss my old face if that makes any sense. I guess this is all part of the psychological changes within that I'm still dealing with. I still feel like this chin is way too big for my face, but I know it's not. I feel like me until I look in the mirror and then I wonder who that new girl is and I'm not used to her yet, I guess.

I know this isn't an orthopedic forum, but I did have a follow up appt. today and it wasn't the best so I'm pretty bummed. My foot isn't laying flat like it's supposed to, my knee isn't bending as far as it needs to and my big toe isn't moving at all. So all in all I've had a total breakdown today. I'm so sick and tired of this walker. I keep getting stared at when I go places. I almost told some old lady at Best Buy yesterday what I thought about her because I SWEAR she's never seen a chic on a walker. And I know she wasn't staring at my new face either...dumb old hag!

So yes, I am back on my anti-anxiety meds for my borderline exposive This time not for my Rhinoplasty, but just so I can keep it together for my little boy. I'm so weary and sad somedays. It will be 15 weeks tomorrow since that awful day and it seems like an eternity. Maybe because the fact that I can't walk is keeping me from really enjoying the change to my face. Does that even make sense?
Dunno, this isn't a Dear Abby site, but I sure have come here for comfort and have always recieved it.
Overall, I am happy and grateful to still have my leg, my life and great PS results(holla). Why do I still feel so BLAH? I'm seeing a great Christian therapist who has been there for me on and off since 2009. She was willing to do telephone sessions for me, since I can't even drive still, so that's helping.

Wow, this update ended up being a drag !!! I'm sorry! I updated pics from Day 17 (this past Saturday May 11th). We had a BBQ for mother's day and noone in the family noticed. Even my boyfriend's mom forgot I had it done and couldn't tell the difference (I was like HOW CAN YOU NOT NOTICE??) She was funny though. She wants to go see Dr. Farrior now too. Okay, enough of the "blah" update. I love all of you my nose sisters and brothers. I can't wait to read up on what yall have been doing. I've completely neglected you and I'm so sorry!!

Over a month and over the moon:)

Hi guys its been 2 weeks since my last update and I apologize but things have been hectic for me. My nose is still swollen and the tip feels numb still and I know those are all normal things. Its super hot here in Florida so I don't expect the swelling to go down until November/December when the temperature actually drops below My leg recovery is really taking precedent over my life and its why I haven't been checking in on you guys. I will hopefully get a break here soon. I hope everyone is recovering well...doing your homework if you're still in that stage...and relaxing before your big day. Talk to yall soon!! Love all my Realself peeps!!
Tampa Facial Plastic Surgeon

I chose Dr. Farrior because I have had consults with him in 2000 and in 2005 already. A nurse practitioner I used to work with AND my best friend had Dr. Farrior do their rhinoplasty surgeries. Even STILL I had consulet's with 3 other PS's for my own piece of mine. What I like most about him is that he ONLY does FACES. The amount of Rhinoplasty experience was a selling point. A lot of his staff has had him work on them and unless they tell you, you would never know since the results are so natural. He has that super sweet "fatherly" way about him that completely puts you at ease. like he has known you all his life. And his staff? Forget it! Those girls are awesome.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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You look amazing! While I don't think your nose was too bad before as you did, I think the chin implant really solidified your awesome results. It fits your face perfectly, along with your new nose. So happy for you!
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I love your new nose!
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Wow, you have totally inspired me! Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I've been going to many consultations for the same exact surgeries you underwent and now I'm definitely going to have to check out Dr. Farrior asap. Question- did he give you a multi- surgery discount as to the price of $7,000 for both surgeries?? Thanks again doll!
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wow i love the results. very pretty nose and natural looking. i still can't laugh myself.
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Hi Hannah looking good! Your gorgeous anyway! lol! I find my nose is swollen in mornings when I first get up and we do actually have some warm weather here in the uk and living in a new house they are well insulated so its like an oven at night with no heating on and it def affect the swelling! Glad your leg is healing, it needs to take priority so you can get better soon to start walking round again to show the world your new gorgeous nose! Lol! Xxx
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It is lovely hearing from you. Take care and we look forward to another update when you are ready. By the way, your nose looks sensational, particularly the profile.
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Glad you stopped by to check in, you look amazing Hanna! I'm in the same boat with the slightly swollen tip in very hot weather. Although you've got the humidity on top of that... no bueno! So happy to hear you're still doing well - good luck with the ongoing leg recovery :)
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Hey gorgeous! how are you doing?
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Amazing results
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One word: BEAUTIFUL congrats
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You have been through soooo much. I bet you cannot wait until all of this is just behind you. Best of luck!
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im seriously in love with your new nose... did you and your doctor plan just a 'straight' or 'scooped' end result? i have mine on monday and he said since im 5'4 straightt is better than scooped i just want to make sure itll be small enough you know?
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We had originally planned straight. But after looking at other girls' results i really wanted a little slope..but was still kinda worried about being left with a piggy nose. I told him RIGHT before surgery that i wanted a teeny tiny slope to make my nose look more feminine. So thats what he did:) I'm SO glad i decided on it because i dont think i would have been happy with just straight. Honestly im not sure what height has to do with it...and im sure he knows what he's talking about..but im 4'11 & it works fine for me:). If you're already thinking about it i, would definitely ask for a slight slope like i did...the word is SLIGHT....aaahhhh!!! So excited for you!!!
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Ah you're the best! About the height thing, he said that super tall girls probably don't want a scoop, but shorter girls might... and in between is probably personal preference. I'm 5'4 so in between, and I do want a TINY scoop. All the pics I like best have that, not completely straight. I'm actually going to email him right now about that to get it out there before Monday morning! Thank you so so much!
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I love love love your results! You look amazingg :) i hope ur feeling better today....your story really is inspiring, for everything thats happened you are so strong and can over come anything! And i know swelling is a pain in the derriere to deal with, i look in the mirror first thing every morning hoping that somehow maraculasly my nose isisnt swollen anymore haha but trust me your results so far look fantastic xo
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I read your story and just want to say that you are truly someone to admire. You are so beyond strong, and I am praying for you! Also, your nose & chin look seriously great!!! I wish you all the best and will continue to follow your updates.
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Hi HannaP. I have just read through your review from start to finish and feel dreadful because I haven't commented until now (at least I don't think I have?!). Wow, what a life changing event the accident has been for you, not to mention a nose job and chin implant on top of it. May I say how much admiration I have for you & I will keep you in my prayers. You have a beautiful heart and deserve a complete recovery. It is early days for you, but omg your face is gorgeous...your nose in particular is perfect! I am pleased you have been finding support here and look forward to following your journey. Sending you a big hug beautiful girl. x
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Aawww......thank you for the prayers...i need all i can get!!!!!! Ugh, seriously I'm so grateful that I found Realself. The internet can be such a horrible thing sometimes, but it DOES have its happy purpose for people like me reading comments like yours:)
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You look gorgeous! Give yourself a break, don't be too hard on yourself ;p Seriously though, I know you are not used to your own face, and change (whether it be on your face or anything else) can be hard to process sometimes. But from an outsider looking in, you look like a movie star to me :)
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Omg you are TOO kind! And yes ...a total movie star.....i feel like i can play the leading role of Night of the Living (with my zombie walk and all) ...your words just got me through the next few hours...thank you so much!
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Wow HannaP you have such a lot going on give yourself a break! I can't think of anyone in my life that would deal with your ordeal in the way you have which is brave, realistic, humourus (as in ha ha!) and positive. Keep going as you are in a steady but positive way and you will be mended before you nose it! And speaking of nose's using my fave saying (thank you Stephanie!) now....AMAZE!!!! It looks natural, beautiful and you would never know you had an op! As for the chin it balences out your face as surgeon said and it is still swollen so keep cool! Xxxx Amaze!!!
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This is exactly what i was going to say. You look gorgeous and you have everything to be proud of. I don't think i could stay so happy and positive -and fun!- if i were going through what you are and i don't know anyone who would. You do deserve a break and, to be honest, a round of applause! Keep smiling, you are beautiful!
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Wow...waterworks here..thank you Matilda..
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you are an inspiration! you are brave and im so sorry for everything youre going through. ive heard of a lot of people going through a slight depression after PS because of all the changes. of course you have had it way worse. hang in there, xoxo
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