I am 19 years old and had braces when I was in...

I am 19 years old and had braces when I was in middle school/high school. I unfortunately did not wear my retainer, and of course all my teeth shifted. I have spacing on my upper teeth, and crowding on my lower teeth plus an over bite. I went in today to pick up my aligners. I have 28 for both upper and lower. This appointment I received 2 aligner sets to wear for 3 weeks, then on the 6th week I go back to get attachments, IPR, and more sets (they are going to give me 5-6 sets next time. So far this first set is not really tight, so no pain, just a little uncomfortable so it will take getting use to. I am VERY excited to start my journey :). I will update every time anything new happens, or if I have any issues! If you have any questions feel free to ask!

Now that its been a few days how are you doing with your trays? Are you adjusting to them ok?

Also, I noticed in your clincheck that your upper right front tooth ends up just ever so slightly higher than your left one. Is that a concern to you at all? My upper left is slightly higher than my upper right and though its a tiny thing I don't like it and would change it if I had the opportunity.

Everything is going pretty well, I do have an area on my back mollar (I think my wisdom tooth) that the tooth is just so small so the aligner doesn't completely hug the tooth, and it was cutting my tongue reallyyyy bad. I finally found a way to get some ortho wax to stay on and keep it from cutting me, so now that my tongue is healing, it's not so bad. I might stop by the ortho to have them file it or something, because it's too tricky of an area for me to do it. but since i got the wax to stay over it, it has been good. & about the clincheck, I didn't really notice that so much, but I may mention it to my orthodontist next appointment actually! My orthodontist is luckily a perfectionist, which I think is a good quality for someone fixing teeth, so I'm really hoping anything that doesn't end up perfect, he will be more than willing to fix, i hope!

I'm so glad to hear you were able to get some wax to stick to the part of the tray that was bothering you! That really can be an irritant.

Keep us updated on how you are doing as the days go by. :)


05/07/13 Today it has been 1 week of wearing my...

05/07/13 Today it has been 1 week of wearing my first set of aligners. I have gotten pretty used to it, and have been wearing them as directed perfectly. I did have 2 areas on my aligners that were poking me really badly, but after putting ortho wax on the 2 areas I haven't had any issues (even though it is kind of annoying to keep using wax, but oh well..I don't feel like going to the ortho to have them shave it down). I have two more weeks to go because my first 2 sets of aligners I was directed to wear them 3 weeks rather than the usual 2 weeks. After these 2 sets I will be wearing the rest of them for only 2 weeks.

Something I did want to touch on is cleaning aligners. I have read a lot about people saying their aligners get an odor so I wanted to share how I care for mine, because mine still have no odor and are still clear. Every morning while I eat breakfast, and every night while I eat dinner I take my aligners out, rinse them in water, then let them soak in Efferdent denture cleaner. After they soak I rinse them off with water again then pop them back in my mouth. For meals throughout the day, before I eat I go to the bathroom to take my aligners out, and I rinse them under water BEFORE putting them in my case, then after I eat I brush, floss, mouthwash, then I rinse my aligners again under running water, then pop them back in.

I never brush my aligners, I never need to. & I do believe from countless reviews and videos..etc.. that brushing them can cause microscopic scrapes in the aligner and can harbor bacteria which can produce an odor. The important step in my cleaning process is never taking them out and setting them in my case without rinsing off the saliva. If you just let your saliva sit on your aligners while you eat, an odor will definitely probably develop. Also soaking the aligners twice a day, once in the morning, and once at night is what really keeps them fresh and kills bacteria.

Anyway, I have been sticking to that cleaning regimen religiously and have had no issues, so If you are having problems, maybe give that a try. I will update in another week :). If you have any questions feel free to ask!

On aligner 2 out of 28!

05/20/13 Tonight I just put on my 2nd set of aligners! I am definitely thrilled to have a nice new aligner set in my mouth! When putting the new set in, there was definitely a lot of pressure but I would not call it pain at all. However, when I take them off in the morning I will update you guys on how it feels! I have a feeling I will be in pain later. I popped to ibuprofen just in case. I am so excited that my progress is starting to get on a roll! By the way, something I'd like to note, I am still cleaning my aligners the same way, but do sometimes brush my aligners with a toothbrush (WITHOUT toothpaste). I wasn't doing that before, but I noticed a buildup of residue eventually. So brushing them with the toothbrush with water helped with that and I have had no odor (along with soaking them every morning and night in denture cleanser, and rinsing them under water when taking them out to eat throughout the day). I will update you guys about how I adjust to the pressure of this set, and post a pic of my teeth 1 week into wearing the aligners :). On June 3rd I will be going to the ortho for my attachments, IPR, and 5-6 sets of new aligners.

Adjusting to aligner 2/28

05/20/13 To my surprise I felt no pain this morning when I took my aligners off! They are tighter obviously than my last pair, but besides that they are comfortable :). I am happy so far with Invisalign & I'm so glad I chose to go this route. I'll update if anything comes up, or after my next ortho appt. on June 3rd! :D
Did you notice any change in speech when you started invisalign?

Aligner 2 out of 28 after 2 weeks

Aligner 3 out of 28, Attachments and IPR!!

I just got back from my orthodontist appointment! I got several attachments on the sides of my teeth, and a little IPR done. The process was very quick and simple. I do notice however that on the right upper, the last tooth in the back, the aligner is not gripping, and just hanging off a little bit. I told the lady when she first put them in and she gave me a chewie, but it seems to not be working. It just simply isn't gripping the tooth. Has anyone else experienced this?? Anyway, I was given 6 new aligners, and my next appointment is in August. I am so excited!! & so far no pain (I just got all this done though only about an hour ago, so we'll see how it goes). I will post pictures of my teeth without my aligners later on today, so you can see the attachments and IPR.
We are the almoat same time was wearing invisilagn braces. I got it at april 17 . I think my brace seems like a expensive. I have to wear a year it will be 5500. Brace works fine.
Oh cool, how many aligners do you have in total?
Question about cleaning your trays....I used efferdent on my retainer trays all the time and didn't have a problem with making the plastic look cloudy but the Dr. and others say the trays will get cloudy faster from that cleaner...so I haven't used it. Thoughts?

On aligner 4/28!

Last night I put in my fourth aligner, this is the 2nd aligner I've had with my attachments. Of course when I put the new aligner in it was tight, but no pain whats so ever. I believe the last alinger hurt worst after a day or two, but so far so good with this one. I feel I am really getting used to changing them out every 2 weeks now & I really look forward to it because I know it gets me a step closer to a better smile :). I am feeling lazier sometimes though, like when I go to eat, I sometimes don't brush my teeth and put them in a quickly, but still I have been wearing them very consistently. I'll upload some new pics of my teeth soon, I do not believe there are any noticeable changes yet, however I do notice when I bite down I feel like it feels different, like my bite has changed. Also, I sometimes get food stuck in between my two front teeth, which never happened before invisalign, so that gap must be slowlyyy closing up.

4 out of 28 my teeth without aligner in

4 out of 28 my teeth with aligner in

Aligner 5 out of 28!

This is aligner 5 out of 28, a couple days before having to switch into my 6th aligner. So far so good :).

You are doing such a great job with this review! I love the consistent updates and all the photos you have added.

Your space looks closed when you have tray 5 in - PROGRESS!! Excited for you. :)

Thank you!! I'm really loving my Invisalign :).
Total 21 I had 5aligners.

Aligner 7/28!

Ahh slacked off a little bit with my updates, just got super busy! So didn't get to post a picture of my teeth with aligner 6 in, but changes not noticable anyway! These are pics of aligner 7, almost time to put in my 8th aligner in, which is very exciting because it is the last aligner I have till my next ortho appointment (which is August 26th!) I can't believe I started In the beginning of May and now were already in August, time is flying! Can you guys see any changes in my teeth yet?? I have been told by a few people they can see a difference, and I think my gap is really coming together when I don't have my aligners on, & when I have them off it is a bit smaller than in the beginning. Oh, and by looking at my pics I noticed actually if you look on my bottom row, they are straightening up a bit to. So exciting!! Anyway, If you have any questions feel free to ask! :)
Hi! I am particularly interested in your progress because like you, I live in Tampa and have scheduled a consultation with Dr. Feldman. Did you do the iTero scanning? How fair is he with pricing? It's been a few months since your last update how's it going?
Yes, they used the iTero scanning. I just had an appointment today actually to pick up more aligners :). For my treatment it was $5,589. They have a lot of payment options, so you can either do a really big down payment, with small monthly payments, or a smaller down payment with bigger monthly payments...etc. I found that really helpful. The pricing was very comparable to other practices. I honestly think Dr.Feldman is the best ortho in Tampa. He has more experience than anyone in FL I believe with Invisalign. Not to bash any other orthodontist, but I had braces back in high school and had went to Thomas Orthodontics in Lutz and did not have a very good experience there. You can privately message me if you want more details on that. The treatment so far is going really well, couldn't be happier. If you have anymore questions feel free to ask :).
I had 8 aligners. My teeth getting nicer. Im glad to did it.

9 out of 28! Plus IPR

Just picked up aligners 9-13! Appointment was quick and easy. Had my 2nd round of IPR done, this time on a couple of my front bottom teeth, which is very noticeable without my aligners in. But I'm okay with that since it'll motivate definitely motivate me to keep my aligners in at all times ;).

Pictures of my teeth on aligner 9 and after IPR

Hi. Thank you for sharing your invisalign experience. My lower front teeth are very similar to yours. I got my 1st aligner last Thursday. I feel some pressure and pain on my teeth, I feel some uncomfortable, still bearable though. I am hoping to get used to the trays soon.
You're welcome! & yeah it will definitely take time to get used to...Might even start to irritate your gums and lips (which happened to me), but just don't let that make you stop wearing them. If you get irritated you can buy ortho wax from cvs, walmart, or any drug store to put on areas on the aligner that irritate you..atleast that's what I had to do, and eventually I got used to it and didn't have to use wax. Good luck :).
Thank you! & yeah definitely try your best to change them every two weeks, you don't want to extend your treatment time by too much! (at least I don't!! Lol) But good luck with your treatment!! End result will be well worth it! :)

Aligner 13 out of 28!

Sorry for not keeping up as much! Anyway, I'm on aligner 13 now, have had it in for 1 week. I go in to get my next set of aligners on November 5th. Probably will have more IPR done at that visit as well. Any questions just ask :).
I was wondering If you had any attachments fall off or break on you, and if so, what did your ortho say? I just started my treatment a week ago and on the first day, 2 attachments were already broken and then on third day, a whole attachment broke off on the bottom set. I called my ortho and the receptionist told me that happens regularly and just to go back in my next appointment, which is 10 weeks away! Just wondering if you had any sort of issues like that.
Great progress! I just started tray 14 and updated for the first time in a while too. I"m set for round 3 of IPR in December. I don't mind the process, it doesn't hurt. But the concept always makes me cringe. haha.
Thanks for sharing your experience. I have the same condition. My upper teeth center need to move slightly to the left. My bottom front teeth are over crowded. I am going to see an orthodontist this Thursday. Your experience makes me optimistic about my visit. I'm looking forward to your progress updates.

Smoothed out the edges on my two front teeth!!!

Went to orthodontist today, got aligners 14-18. My next appointment is January 13th. What I am most excited about is he smoothed out the edges on my two front teeth!! He said obviously when my treatment is done he will go back and do the same to my other teeth, and touch up over what he did today, but I think what he did makes a HUGE difference. I almost couldn't believe it when I saw it. You would have to look at previous pics to see the difference. Any questions feel free to ask :). I'll update again in another 2-4 weeks or so.

Did your ortho mention why he smoothed out the edges?  Is it purely aesthetic?  I wonder because my husband talked about that too, but I didn't get it done, and even though I'm nearly 40, I still have the little ridgy things that you got removed.

I'm pretty sure it was purely aesthetic. He had mentioned doing that at the end of my treatment,but he just decided to go ahead and do a little today.
Looks great!! I asked my dentist to do the same for me but he wouldn't. He wants to wait until I am completely done with my Invisalign before doing any other cosmetic stuff.

Aligner 17 out of 28

Is it a trick of the photo, or has your midline shifted on your upper jaw??


Aligner 19

I am just about to put my 20th aligner in so I thought I'd take pictures with my teeth on aligner 19. Last time I went to the ortho on Jan 13th I was only given two aligners because after these two the next four aligners I will be wearing rubber bands which is supposed to help my bite. My next orthodontist appointment is on February 17th. Also notice I did not put "19 out of 28" in my title. This is because I was told I won't be going up to 28, more like 25 or so but It will depend on how things look of course. I said somewhere in these posts that he ordered 28 because he ordered extra to try to avoid refinements. However, everything will depend on how things are looking. My cut off date is apparently August which I was told is the time when my treatment will be considered over and I would have to pay for anything additional after that. Kinda worries be a little but as I was not told about my August cut off date. Haven't done the math to see where I should be in my treatment or how long after that is after I would be done with all aligners but I'm trusting my orthodontist, really have no choice. I'm sure I will love my ending results as I already am loving the results thus far. & my ortho is a perfectionist so I'm sure he will make sure everything is looking as good as they can. Aligner 20 (which I'm about to put on) will not be much different than this update, so I will update again in 2 weeks to show the rubber bands!
24. Hi now im 17th aligher. It s work soooooo great. Its the amazing thing i my life. Iwas always embrassing my teeth
Is there any aftercare included in your contract?  Or do you get cut off from seeing him in August?  Also, are retainers included?  I'm a little confused.  My treatment lasted just about a year, then I got two years of aftercare, plus a set of retainers, including one free replacement.  That seems to be about the minimum I see here on RealSelf.  Is that the same type of thing that you got, only your treatment time has to be limited to a certain amount and then the aftercare starts?  I kind of assumed my treatment would last however long it would last and then I'd get two years of aftercare after that.  Was that kind of thing discussed?

I kind of get that your doctor can't just continue to treat you indefinitely, it just seems like he'd have an idea how long your treatment was to begin with, and then would include that length of treatment in your price, and then if he misdiagnosed you or was off a little, then he'd absorb that cost because it was his own estimate.  He certainly doesn't want to leave you with an unfinished treatment….?
Yes I will be seeing him after my treatment is over. Retainers are included. & yes I believe my treatment lasts till August and then the aftercare starts. You bring up an interesting point so I plan on asking him next appointment for more details on this. I know before I started treatment he had an estimate of how long my treatment would be. I did ask the assistant about what if my treatment needs to go on longer and apparently if things really aren't perfect by the end he will continue treating it and absorb the costs I believe since it would have kinda been his fault. I was also told he sometimes will put actual braces on certain patients for a short time(at no additional cost) if a tooth is to stubborn and can't be fixed with the invisalign. I also know after my treatment he will be whitening my teeth, shaping/grinding them more, and doing some bonding to perfect the look at the end at no additional cost. He is a realllllllyyy highly rated orthodontist. He is like the #1 rated for Invisalign in my area. So I'm pretty confident that there's no way I'll be left with unfinished treatment with all the great reviews on him.

Aligner 21 with rubber bands!

I actually had missed my last ortho appointment, made another, then missed that one to.. A little to much of life was happening. Luckily I am not tooo behind. Today I picked up aligners 21-24, all of which I will be wearing rubber bands (2 months). My bands as you will notice in my pics go in the opposite directions of each other. This is supposed to fix my midline to shift it to the left, and correct my over bite. Exciting news, after these four aliners ALL my attachments come off!! Then I will proceed with about 2 more aligners and I should be done. I will have about 2 more aligners after that to correct anything If needed, and If my orthodontist and myself are still not satisfied after all 28, we can re scan my teeth and order more. For the rubber bands they just bonded another attachment that is a small metal piece, the rubber band hooks on to that, then hooks on to a hook made into the aligner itself. If you have any questions let me know! I have lots of pictures.
Great pics!  I can even see the button a little :).  I'm still surprised the rubber bands work at all, but they sure seem to :).  After being in aligners so long, do you still experience discomfort when switching to the next tray?
Awesome, good luck with the rest of your treatment!

Metal attachment....

This morning the little metal attachment on my upper right side that hooks the rubber band fell off this morning when taking off my aligner! First time anything has ever fallen off, so couldn't wear my rubber bands at all today. Going to ortho tomorrow at 1:30pm to get it put back on!
Annoying!  I've heard of people losing attachments like crazy, but this is the first time I've seen someone lose a button :).  I'm sure it's pretty common though--they've gotta take a lot of pressure, those guys!
Thanks! & I know haha I thought the same, it seems to weird that a rubber band can really make a difference! As for experiencing discomfort, sometimes. I notice when putting in a new aligner I start to feel it on day 2 or 3. But I'm definitely used to it by now to where It doesn't bother me so bad. Some aligners hurt more than others. I've noticed it seems like every other aligner will have discomfort, and the others I won't feel any at all.

I'm back!!

Wow, so much of life has been going on I haven't even ever had time to get on here and update! I'm actually pregnant with a little boy now and moving out of my house so life has been crazy! lol. But I am on my LAST aligner now! In about I think like 2 weeks it is, I will be DONE! I will be posting pics of my teeth asap along with more detail on how Invisalign has been past few months :).
You should be done now--hoping that you can show us pictures before the baby comes, since then you'll have no time left for us at all :D!
CONGRATULATIONS!  That's huge!  Pregnant and finishing Invisalign at the same time :D.  Too much excitement!  Can't wait to see the pictures!  I hope the pregnancy and the move have gone well so far!  How far along are you?
Thank you :), I'm 5 months along! Definitely very exciting!! Oh and I'm about to go into the orthodontist now to make the mold of my retainer and he's going to do finishing touches on my teeth, sand more of them down and laser some of my gums so my smile isn't so gummy. I'll probably post pics after the appointment :).
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