Has my implant dislodged?

Where do I begin? I lost my very stressful,...

Where do I begin? I lost my very stressful, unhealthy and sedentary job in 04/2011. It was the BEST thing that ever happened to me. I decided to start undoing the damage this hellacious job had caused, namely a lot of stress eating coupled with a lack of excercise from long hours. I had never been heavy (with the exception of pregnancy) but over the course of several years there found myself about 15 pounds shy of my ending pregancy weight! Enough was enough. I changed my eating habits overnight and started excercising. I was very surprised that it took so long to get the weight off as I had always been thin and lost weight effortlessly. In my 20s my weight averaged between 108 and 112 lbs. When I would go on holiday or want to look extra thin, I had no trouble dropping to 103. Well those days are over. I now maintain a pretty steady 127, give or take a few lbs either way, and I want to keep it that way. I'm too old to look good super thin anymore.

Anyway, when it was all said and done and the weight had finally come off, I was left with a flabby belly and love handles. What??? Well, those were the joys that motherhood brought to my body. I loved being pregnant and nursing my babies (1 for 14 months and the other for 22 months) but I was not prepared for this. I had never had either (my first baby did a litle damage to my body but the second, well...) and could not get rid of them so I had a bit of vaser lipo to contour my shape. It worked out really well and I was so happy to finally look good in clothes again. My doctor did warn me that I might be left with some loose skin but at the time I thought, that's ok, just as long as I can get dressed and feel confident about myself again. It wasn't. I hate the loose skin. I wanna look nice in a bikini again, but more than anything, I am sick to the back teeth of "tucking" the skin into my jeans. It is so uncomfortable.

My 34A boobs are another story. I'd always been small, but now I was also a bit saggy and concave to boot. They used to be lovely and firm and even though I wasn't ecstatic about their size, they matched the rest of me. I am so embarrassed about the concaveness from all the breast feeding that I literally live in padded bras. My husband doesn't even see them anymore. I liked how they looked when I was breastfeeding once the flow was settled and established (but not how they looked in the first few days when I was engorged. For me, (I have a small frame) it was waaay too big and I thought they made me look fat and ugly. I am very nervous about going too big. Very. Big boobs would not suit me or my lifestyle. My sister has natural D/DDs but she is very curvy with wide hips and a huge bum that would be the envy of any BBL candidate. She is a hottie. For me, a C is The Biggest I can consider. Anything else will mess with the rest of me, which I like and is pretty athletic and lean. (I wear 2s and 4s at GAP.)

I have not made this decision lightly. (I consulted with my doctor back in March or April, 2012). First, there is the $$$ and the ensuing guilt about spending that on yourself. Then there are the other negatives. I am essentially trading my loose skin for a pretty nasty scar. I am worried too because I don't tend to heal as well as most people do in respect of scarring. I have Type 1 diabetes which imay interfere with healing. I also hope that my diabetes, which is an auto-immune disorder doesn't make me more susceptible to capsular contracture. Does anyone know someone with Type 1 who's had a BA?

After a steady influx of visitors, some uncertainty, birthdays, holidays and other events which have prevented me from doing this, my surgery is now booked for 11th January 2013. (I hope my husband is up for this. He is taking a week off from work to look after me and the kids. I am so lucky to have him, I call him "my hero". :-)

I am so grateful for this site and all the stories that people have shared in respect of their procedures. It definitely has helped with a lot of questions and uncertainty. I love all the stories and tips people share and will certainly take these on board for my own surgery. Wish me luck, Peeps...

I have the worst luck - with timing... Boo-hoo-hoo...

I have the worst luck - with timing... Boo-hoo-hoo...I really wanted this done after the summer in 2012 but different things kept coming up (company, birthdays, holidays etc.) My husband has just been headhunted and if he accepts the job, would need to start before my procedure. Aaaargh. We have no one nearby to help with the kids who are 9 and 5 as our family is either abroad or up in the Northeast. I've also not told anyone that I am proceeding with this as I am concerned that they would disapprove and at my age (46) don't want to hear it. It's my business.

My 5 yr old is still pretty demanding. His nickname is "I want..." I don't know if my doctor could do this sooner (He's a pretty busy guy) but I was really not looking forward to being laid up over Xmas with such little kids. Is this possible on my own???

Just got my test results back from the...

Just got my test results back from the endocrinologist re my diabetes. It's not good. I am so dejected. I have been having a lot of trouble lately keeping my bg in check, even with an increase in cycling to 12-18 miles per day. My A1C got worse instead of better. I don't eat junk food, ever. I could barely sleep last night after seeing these results. I upped my basal insulin - again - and wound up going hypo. I hope I can get some better control and that my PS doesn't postpone my surgery. Am making an appointment with a diabetic counselor today.

Aaaaargh! The world is against me today. Just...

Aaaaargh! The world is against me today. Just trying to prepare for being laid up by making some meals to freeze. First attempt, a quiche, the thin metal pan caved in as I was loading it into the oven. What a mess! Just finished cleaning all the goo off the oven door, the floor, and even the walls where it exploded. It's still dripping out of the inside of the door... Time for my scooba to take over...

Trying to get organised... Have ordererd some zip...

Trying to get organised... Have ordererd some zip front hoodies, looking at zip front sports bras (no idea what size to get though?!) and made some enquires about renting a recliner. Am worried that I'll have issues with getting up and down. Also, if I am meant to stay on my back (I am presuming that's the case), I know I'll flip to my side once I'm asleep in my super comfy bed. The biggest concern though is my little boyfriend, who's 5, and only sleeps through the night in his own bed about 3x per month. (For him, I have ordered 1mg liquid melatonin!) He is a very wild sleeper and after loads of movement and kicking, usually winds up T-boning myself and my husband. I wasn't going to go the recliner route as I'm phobic about bed bugs, etc but the rental centre said there is a strong likelihood that I'll get a brand new recliner that's never been in anyone's home. Where on earth am I going to set it up though??? PS has postponed pre op from 3rd Jan to 7th Jan, 4 days before my surgery. Still don't know what size implant to choose, we will finalise at pre op (they get them overnighted). I hope to be a perky C cup when it is all said and done. No bigger. Can anyone let me know what sort of tests/bloodwork gets done in advance of this surgery? What are they looking for? I am really hoping my diabetes bloodwork doesn't mess things up for me. My labs are otherwise great (low cholesterol, etc.).

Yay, got my period this morning!!! There's a first...

Yay, got my period this morning!!! There's a first... I've never been happy about it's arrival but it's very irregular and hopefully this means I won't have it around my surgery...

Doctor's office called today to confirm pre-op on...

Doctor's office called today to confirm pre-op on Monday. Unfortunately I have to bring my kids as they don't have anything in the am whilst they are in school. Ack. Was going to try to do this without telling them. They're little men after all and I was hoping they wouldn't notice,lol. Or is that wishful thinking? I really don't want them to innocently blab to people that "my mommy is getting new boobies..."

Well that's it, no turning back now. Am all paid...

Well that's it, no turning back now. Am all paid up and ready to go. Had my pre op yesterday. Have decided on 339 Natrelle implants which are a moderate plus profile so they will not project as much as the HPs which were originally suggested. I hope they suit me and that I don't get too much side boob with my small frame and that the distance between the implants is minimal. I brought in a bunch of pics (from here) of ladies who had results which I aspired to. (Some are naturally bigger than I am so I will stay smaller.) I didn't realise it but he said that all the pics that I brought in were of moderate plus profile boob jobs. (I had written the poster's stats and implants sizes on the back of the pics). Go figure. Well, I am glad that decision is behind me as I really agonised over this. Now I'm scrambling trying to tie up loose ends. I didn't know what they were going to say about the bra situation but the surgical coordinator suggested that I get a front close bra from Walmart. She said my PS stocks some post surgical bras but they are really granny-ish. I thought who am I going to impress with implants up to my collarbones and my torso looking like it's been sawed in two anyway? My doctor also said that he is going to be able to give me a very low incision below my tan line. Yeah!!! . My surgery has been moved from first thing (6.30) to later in the day around noon as I've been trumped by a lady with more extensive surgery than mine. I'm glad about that, I'll be able to get my boys off to school with no issues, etc. just hope I don't go hypo from the long wait between meals. Have ordered Arnica, would like to order Bromelain too but not sure whether it's safe for me with the diabetes. Will check with my endocrinologist tomorrow. I've decided against the recliner so am buying a bunch of pillows for support. Still need to get something for keeping regular. What's best? Anything else?

The front close bras from Walmart arrived today....

The front close bras from Walmart arrived today. Cheap as chips, $8.94. They're not pretty but they look comfy. Filled scrips today for antibiotics, painkillers and anti nausea tablets, had roots touched up (who knows when I'll be able to do this next and my hair grows crazy fast) and did laundry like a mad woman. I don't want my husband near the washing machine. The last time I was in England, I came back to the States to find everything a strange peachy pinky tan colour after he washed some dark brown sheets with lights. Men! Since then, he has been banned. I have to be at the surgical centre at 12.45. Kind of late, huh? I hope my doctor isn't too tired from working on the lady who's ahead of me whose procedures trumped mine. Going to jump on my stationary bike now for the last time. I'm worried about not being able to do this for a while as cycling really helps keep my sugars down and who am I kidding?, I love to cycle. My doctor said I can do some light walking (20 mins) post surgically though so that made me feel better. Just hope I'm not flat out too long.

Whew! What an experience. I'm sorry it's taken me...

Whew! What an experience. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to post an update. First few days were very painful and hazy. I was literally counting the hours to take my next pain pill. I really hadn't expected it to be that bad. I guess I have a low pain threshold. My husband was an angel and was with me for 3 days and then he had to go back to work. I've been trying to get off the pain meds for a number of reasons. Constipation being right up there. I'm not sure, but I think they are making me itchy too. Lastly, I am spacey enough without these puppies. Today I didn't take one until about an hour ago. My midriff is on fire (I've had muscle repair as well as skin removed) and I figure it won't kill me it being the end of the day and all. It turns out not taking a tablet was a good thing today. I got a call from my kids bus driver this afternoon who announced that the bus had broken down and could I come get the boys. On top of walking like a hunchback, my biggest quandry was where to hide the JP drain. The outside temperature reading on my car said it was 86 degrees. It wasn't like I could be discreet with it tucked into a winter parka... In the end, I wore yoga pants with a cardigan tied around my waist. It kind of looked like a guy in tight jeans with a big package tucked in there like that but hopefully no one was looking. The drain will hopefully get removed tomorrow. My dr was going to remove it on Monday but it was still spewing epic amounts of fluid and was definitely not even a consideration that day. I think its finally calming down. My boobs are horrendous. I have frankenboob and they feel like two hard horrible painful mounds. Even though I knew this was a distinct possibility, it's still disturbing to see them that way. My doctor has already started me on massaging them to soften them up.

PO Day 7 - Had my appointment yesterday to remove...

PO Day 7 - Had my appointment yesterday to remove the drain. I was still producing some fluid so there was a question of whether it was coming out or not but my dr was comfortable with the output. I was really lucky because my drain really wasn't bothering me with the exception of where to hide it (remember it looked like a winkie when it was stuffed into my pants!) when I was out. My kids were completely fascinated with it. Anyway, he told me it might hurt/pinch a bit but by the time I was braced for the pain, it was over with. If reminded me of my vacuum cleaner cord which just quickly gets sucked in as soon as I step on the button, it was out that quick. A little squiggling below the skin and out. My doctor said that I might start to experience some swelling, esp in my bits (vag), with the drain out. He said that if there is significant swellling to just call and they will aspirate it. As much interaction as I have with needles, I though this sounds scary. Hope I don't need it. He also said I could swap over to a spanx CG if I wanted rid of the binder, or wear both if swelling is out of control. I don't have any Spanx at the moment so just pulled out my old CG from when I had the vaser last year. It looks just like what everyone gets and is even convenient enough to have a hole to wee wee through so no struggling to get it up and down. The only thing I don't like is that it has legs which go halfway down my thigh and can be seen through my yoga pants. (I still feel too fragile to wear jeans.). Any suggestions on what to get? He also gave me a strap to push my boobs down and told me to make sure I massage at least 3 x per day. They still really hurt, have bruises and feel like hard mounds but I think they are softening a teeny bit. The BEST PART though was that my dr took pics of the skin that he removed on his cell phone and showed me. He was like, this is kind of gruesome, are you sure? I wish I had asked him to email them to me so that I could share them here. I was shocked at how much skin he removed. I know I no longer have a tan line (the pale skin is gone) but the entire bit above where my pubic hair is gone. He first took about 3 inches and then went back and took another inch. Youza, that's a lot of skin!

Aaah! I am freaking out. Something has happened to...

Aaah! I am freaking out. Something has happened to my right implant. (I am right handed.) I am not sure what, maybe I was too agressive with my massaging? but now, when I move it, I can hear creaking. EEE-EEE (like a windscreen wiper on a car). I was wiping down my kitchen worktops and had to switch arms it was so un-nerving . OMG, what is this? Has this happened to anyone? My left implant already feels like its part of my boob.
Tampa Plastic Surgeon

I love Dr. Castor and his staff. They are very down to earth and sweet. I had vaser lipo with Dr. Castor last year so feel very confident with my choice. (I did not consult with anyone else.)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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Hi there you look awesome! You are still healing so take it easy! Your hubby sounds an angel! I had my tiny boobs done 2 years ago and have never regretted it! Finally feel like a real woman
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Hi did your ps look at the squeaky noise? Pls get it checked out...hope u r doing well!
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Huh...I just got an update notice, but I can't see where you updated...?  How are you doing, by the way?  Did the squeaky noise ever go away?

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My sister lives in Tampa and is looking for a ps to redo a ba that is over 30 years old and maybe some lipo.  Are you happy with your results and treatment from this ps?
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Are you happy with your results?
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looks good - please keep posting and adding pics - thanks
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Did you find out what was causing the noise? My right girl was always the trouble maker as well! You look marvelous!
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How r you feeling. Youre looking terrific! You cracked me up with your comment about the drain looking like a winkie!!! lol I actually thought the same thing although I think I called mine by another name.....lol I cant wait to get my second winkie out- I hate that thing...What was the day of your surgery- mine was Jan 15th. :)
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So it's all ok? What the heck caused the sound?
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Hope you are feeling OK!!!
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Thank you!!! I feel much better now that I know that this is normal. I thought I'd done something stupid and moved it.
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How are you?
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Normal! Please read some of these doctor answers from RealSelf: http://www.realself.com/question/rubbing-squeaky-noises . There are many others who have asked as well, if you search for sqeaky implants. But if it doesn't clear up by 6-8 weeks, ask your PS.
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I love you!!! Thank you so much. I was trying to research on the web and couldn't find any information on this. You are THE BEST!!! I feel so much better. I have a call into my drs office but have another post op scheduled for 31st Jan. I am dying to know what's going on underneath all the steri strips but don't dare touch them. (I scar pretty bad.)
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You're very welcome! I just remembered seeing others post about this before. Guess it pays to have spent months trolling RealSelf before my op ;). I left my steri-strips on for nearly 3 weeks! I ended up with some weird discolorations from them, but they've already faded. :)
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I don't think its nothing if it don't hurt or if the implant got smaller. I thinks its just the implant moving down and just getting used to the space its dropping into. Hope this helps!!!
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Thank you! My docs surgical coordinator called back and confirmed TwoPlusOne was right and this just happens to some people. I was afraid I'd done something to make it happen. I am dying for them to drop so have been "massaging" them and thought I'd manhandled myself, lol. I am such a dork.
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Wow! Great update. Glad you got your "winkie" out. Lol! You look amazing!
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Thank you. Yours look model boobs!! What a beautiful result. I will be happy when mine are near that stage. My doctor went entirely sub muscular. I didn't realise that they could do part this way and part that way. The marvels of medicine... I'm going to look for that compression boy short - that's totally my style.
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You look amazing! The change in your breasts...wow! Did he go sub-glandular or muscular? Mine still ache (upper 1/3rd is sub muscular so i think that might be why). The only spanx i used were tights to wear underneath my tech skirts. I did buy a compression boy short at Vicotria's Secret, if you have one near you.
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Wow! You look amazing!
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Did your PS say to get spanx that are high waisted or with legs? Wasn't sure what to order.
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He didn't say but I think I would be fine with high waisted as I've not had anything done to my legs so there is no swelling there. My personal preference is boy short if I can find it. (That way my flabby bum doesn't get cut in two. :-)) I am looking at a website called healtingenhancements.com right now because Spanx doesn't make anything crotchless that I can find. How are you feeling Lulu?
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That would have been a fun pic to post! LOL! I find I like the mid-thigh when I wear long pants and just live with thelace showing. For the gym, I have a Design Veronique that is like a brief on the bottom. It's less convenient for all day use, because it's closed in the crotch with hook and eye closure, but good for shorts.
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Thanks for your suggestions but I better stick with something crotchless because I wee wee - A LOT. (I drink tea and water all day). Heh, I have to tell you, I LOVE my pillow cradle in bed. It is the most comfortable thing ever. I don't think I'll ever be able to sleep normally again. It's like being in a nest of physical bliss. The bed looks hideous when I make it because I leave the side and under the knee pillows in place under the blankets but who's looking?! I am so glad I didn't get a recliner.
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