I have been dreaming of a boob job and tummy tuck...

I have been dreaming of a boob job and tummy tuck since I was 5 months pregnant with my oldest child; he just turned 17! I have been seriously planning for about a year, anticipating surgery next spring when I was able to pay off some debt that I acquired during a long, drawn out divorce. Surprisingly, I was able to do it a year before I expected! I spent (literally) 5-6 hours a day researching doctors, facilities, procedures, videos and thousands of before and after pictures! I made an appointment for a consultation on Friday, March 7th in Tampa, FL which is approximately 3 hours from where I currently live, but only 45 minutes from my hometown and family. I will be staying at my sister's house until the drains are removed to make the commute to the post op visits a little easier.

I am a realist; I've had three kids, HORRID, wide stretch marks, and a lot of flabby skin on my belly. I went from a solid 34C pre-pregnancy to a 38DD after my last pregnancy; partially because I gained about 45-50 pounds. When my last child was six years old, I lost the excess "baby weight" and gained deflated boobs and flabby belly. I am proud because I have developed a much healthier lifestyle and maintained it for over six years.

I have always been ok with who I was and what I looked like. I figured it is what it is and I was just kind of stuck with it. My ex-husband was completely against the vanity of plastic surgery. After he was out of the picture, I decided that I was ok with who I was and what I looked like but I could be really happy with it with a few nips and tucks. :)

I went in for the consult to meet Dr. William Welsh. However, a female doctor came in and met with me. I was not impressed. Her cell phone rang 4 different times in the 6-7 minutes she spent in the room with me. She seemed condescending, rushed, and even rolled her eyes when I said I had a "list of questions". I was extremely disappointed in what she said she could/couldn't do. She said that she would only go as high has half of my belly button and that it would cause a "little lip" at the incision sight. I decided that maybe I didn't want to do this after all. When she left, I told the coordinator that my appointment was with Dr. Welsh and that I was not interested in moving forward with the other doctor, who did not even bother to introduce herself to me before she started flapping my boobs and squishing my stomach.

She awkwardly smiled, left the room, and returned with Dr. Welsh. He was wonderful! In the first few seconds, he made me feel comfortable, explained everything in a way that was easy to understand and he instantly eased my worried mind! So I booked the surgery date to coincide with my kids' visit to their dad's for spring break, paid the fees, and even completed the pre-op to save me from making another 3 hour trip back before the surgery.

I am VERY excited, VERY nervous, and VERY ready to get it done and start the recovery process! The minute I signed the paperwork, my heart started beating faster. Part of my brain kept saying "why am I rushing into this?!" The other part of my brain said "you've wanted this for 17 years! You've researched! You've planned! You've saved! You've become obsessed with pictures of bellies and boobies!"

Deep breath.

Surgery is scheduled, deposit is paid, pre-op is done. Now I have to prepare my kids to be at their dad's for 10 days, pack "vacation" bags for me and my boyfriend to stay at my sister's, grocery shop so when I come home I will have more than corn dogs and oreos (that would be my boyfriend's menu), and grocery shop for the days that we are staying with my sisters...oh and did I mention that we are in the process of buying a business 200 miles south of where we currently live, so I've got that and a major move to "think" about at the end of this year! It's all very good things going in my life but there's SO much!! :)

Deep breath!

T-minus 15 days to OP! I. Can't. WAIT!!!!
So many good things happening for you! Thank you for starting your story here on RealSelf. I'll be following along on your journey.
The first doctor you met, was Dr. Barone. I met her also, and she told me the same exact thing about my stomach. I reluctantly schedualed my surgery with her, but on the day of my pre-op, I changed my mind, and wanted to meet with Dr. Welsh. Im 16days post op, and let me tell you You are going to go through the biggest rush of emotions right before and a couple weeks following your surgery. I thought that I was unhappy with how my body looked after the surgery, but I am really happy. I had my 3rd post op appointment yesterday, and I look AMAZING compared to how I looked before. You are going to have lots of things you need, but if you search on this site, you will find a Tummy tuck survival guide! Its a good resource!!! You will need all the support you can get, and probably for the FIRST time in your life seeings you have children, LET THEM BABY YOU!!! Youre going to need it!!! Congrats, and see you on the flat side!!!
I felt bad that they were in the same office and I chose him over her but she just did not make me feel very comfortable and I was not satisfied with what she said she could do. I do not have unrealistic expectations. I know that I am not going to magically wake up and have a perfect body, but I don't want a belly button "lip" at the top of my cooch. Ha! Anyway, I'm a little confused on whether or not you are satisfied with the outcome. I know that there are a lot of emotions after a cosmetic surgery...I'm trying to prepare myself for that. Have you uploaded any recent pics? I'm curious about your incision, I know that you said it was healing very well. That is probably one of my main concerns, that I don't have a jagged/uneven line or a smiley face...actually, I guess the smiley face wouldn't be half bad. LOL

FYI - 36 years old - 5'7" - 150lbs - Size 8 - 36D - 3 kids - Tminus 12 days to OP!

Just wanted to give a few details on my current "stats". I have three boys; 17, 16, and 12. My pre-pregnancy weight was about 130, which for my height was "ideal". When my youngest was 6 (I was 30 and realizing my age) I was creeping up on 200 lbs. It really got my attention! I lost 40ish pounds and have kept it off for 6 years.

I could probably get by in a 36C but the gushy booby skin would probably flap out over the sides and top. (Yum) I am doing 300cc silicone implants and I am a little concerned that they're not going to be quite as big as I want. Both consults said they wouldn't do anymore because I have plenty of breast tissue left and in order to do the lift, they need to be able to remove some of the skin and that wouldn't leave room for a larger implant....or something like that. I don't want ginormous tatas but I want them to be big enough for people that know me to have to wonder "did she get a boob job!?" :)

I'm pretty calm at the moment. I think I have enough to keep my mind occupied with a career change and long distance move on the horizon. But I did have a moment of panic last night when I thought about my belly being sliced and diced and nipples being cut off and sewn back on....
Im happy with how things turned out. I had alot of concerns after surgery, and that mixed with emotions does NOT help. I am a big girl, was before the surgery and still am. But Dr. Welsh put everything into perspective for me when I was there this past wednesday. I have pictures on my testimony, full nude even so that you can see exactly everything I was talking about. When are you scheduled for surgery? As far as healing, im on a strict vitamin regamin which has helped ALOT i believe. I take 2 Biotin capsules a day, I take 2 prenatal vitamins a day, I also take 3 fish oils capsules, I take a calcium tablet, as well as probiotics for digestion. My incision is so fine, it will be a vanishing scar atleast up on my hips. I have vaginal swelling, and prior to my surgery and it being lifted up, I didnt realize there was such a fat deposit there. They can do lipo down there during your surgery if that is a concern for you, which I didnt know. I still have a long road as far as being where I want to be, but im a hell of alot closer than I was 17days ago. The best idea is for you to bring a realistic picture with you, prior to your surgery like that morning, and tell him this is what I want, and see what he says!!! I dont think that you can fully prepare yourself for the emotions, because I tried!!! You wont see TRUE results till you are about 6months out, and swelling can last up to 2 years. There is also something you should look into called ARNIKA FORTE, its a vitamin specifically designed for healing cosmetic surgery. I would look it up online, because im sure to purchase it through the office is more expensive. Also, You should start taking the vitamins asap before your surgery so that your body can start using them right away, and you will need to eat lots of veggies and also 90grams of protein a day, which is not hard. I eat boiled eggs, cheese sticks, the arnolds health nut bread has 5grams per slice, and that bread is a complex carb which keeps your fuller longer. If you have anything else you want to know, just ask!!! I check on here daily!!!

Last weekend of Sag City!

Today is the beginning of the last weekend before surgery! Spring is in the air...or maybe it's nesting. I have been cleaning like a crazy woman; closets, drawers, cabinets, floors, I even tackled the laundry room! Partly, because it really needed to be done. Mostly, because it keeps my mind busy. I have my bags packed (staying at my sister's for 7-10 days due to the distance from my house to where I chose to have surgery), making menu plans and grocery shopping lists today. I've been awake before 5am every day this past week. I usually sleep till about 6:30. I swear it's the same feeling that I had when I was about 37 weeks pregnant. It's like the Queen is coming for a visit and I'm preparing. Ha!

If you've been following my story, you know that we are in the process of buying a business 200 miles south of where we currently live, which is about 15 miles from where I'm having surgery - super coincidence. We received acceptance on our offer two days ago and will be going down tomorrow to finalize contracts! SO MUCH GOING ON! So many good things!! I said all of that to say that the business aspect is helping to keep my nerves pre-occupied from the impending surgery. But, I also think that SO much going on in my mind has made me exceptionally tired. I plan to have everything done this weekend so that I can do nothing and rest Monday and Tuesday to be ready for Wednesday!

THANK YOU to the ones that have posted positive stories and encouraging words to me. It has helped tremendously to calm any hesitation that I have experienced.

Dream a little dream....

Ok, so two nights ago, the dreams/nightmares started; My doctor was sick and another doctor that I consulted with, that I did not like, was doing my surgery...in my grandmother's bedroom...in a bikini. It was crazy. Needless to say, I discovered sleepless nights could be worse!

I'll be IN surgery exactly 48 hours from right now!!!!
Good luck! Excited for you!
Excited for you today! Good luck and speedy recovery!!!!! You will look great!!!!
Sending you good vibes and positive thoughts for surgery tomorrow and a smooth recovery!

Recovery is finally here!!

Surgery was Wednesday morning at 8:30 so I am on Day 3 of PO. I was pleasantly surprised that the pain was not nearly as intense as I expected. I guess I thought I would wake up and be begging for death. I truly don't remember much about being discharged or the hour ride home. The first few times getting in and out of bed were not fun times but I think I've got the hang of it now. The pain meds are either working supremely well or I have a much higher pain tolerance than I imagined. The first drainage change was a lot but subsequent ones have been very little which makes me happy!! Maybe they will come out at my first PO visit! I don't seem to have a lot of swelling, which also makes me happy.
I think the worst part so far was at 2am when I got up to go to the bathroom, blood was running down my leg! Freaked me out a little but the PS said that was fine and normal because he doesn't suture the drainage tubes in so it must've leaked around it a little.

My boobs don't seem quite as large as I wanted but because of the lift and implants, that's about as big as he could make them. They are VERY perky! :) and little to no pain.

I would say the highest level of pain I've had was about an 7-8 when getting up to go for a walk to the bathroom. I'm eating multiple small meals throughout the day. I pretty much sleep, eat, pee, sleep more, eat more, pee again...

The next worst part is the back spasms! Oh Mary dear mother of God my back huuuuuuuuuuurts. I have had issues with it for years so it was expected with all the hunched over walking I've been doing lately!

I prepared a spreadsheet chart for medication times/dosages which has been very helpful to my boyfriend and sister that are helping to care for me. Day 1 and half of day 2, I took (2) Percocet every 4 hours, I cut back down to one yesterday afternoon thought this morning and now I'm down to taking a half of one. I'm hoping to not need them at all by tomorrow.

I am however taking Azo Cranberry, Vitamin C, multi-vitamin, Phillips M.O.M. tablets. I have not had any gas pains, very little swelling, but haven't had a bm as of now. I don't even feel like I need to really but I've taken maximum dosage for 24 hours.
I can't remove any bandages until Monday at the office so I am DYING to know what it all looks like under this dreadful binder. Which by the way, I found out if you stick a fuzzy sock between your skin and the clasps/zippers down the sides, it helps tremendously.

I'm waiting to post before pictures until I have after pictures to share...but they will be coming soon
Congratulations on your surgery! I'm glad everything went so well, and your recovery has been smooth. I look forward to seeing your pics! Happy Healing!
Thanks!!! I'm really glad I did this...even though I have not yet seen the finished project. ;)

Feeling Great!!

I am 4 days out from surgery and I am SHOCKED that I have not had excruciating pain like I expected. It hasn't been pleasant by any means but it has been manageable with medication and rest. I took off bandages today to get a much needed sponge bath and I am pretty happy with what I saw. My boobs are a little mis-shapen, especially the right one which concerns me a little but I'm going to give it some time to level out. MY belly is still swollen but the flab is def gone, the majority of stretch marks are gone, and the incision is as low as I could have hoped for it to be. I am happy with the results so far!
Drainage has been minimal so I am fully expecting that the tubes will be removed Monday at my PO appt. I didn't have lipo so I'm guessing that is why there's not as much bruising and drainage. I am thankful for sure! I'll post pics soon :)
Glad you're feeling good and things are going smoothly! I finally get my drains out on Tuesday! Looking forward to your pics!

Before and After Pictures

Here it is...
You're looking great so far! I hope your recovery continues to be non-eventful. Happy healing!
Thanks! Still kinda just floating along on easy street! Very excited for time to pass so I can enjoy my new self!
Your breasts swell too, some more than others. That can also take time. What you are seeings now is not the true results. You do look very nice though, I am very happy for you!

First Pre-Op today

I am READY FOR A SHOWER!!!!! I have not had any emotional or mental breakdowns like I thought I would have about being Frankenstein-ish or regretful or too much pain but if I don't get a shower soon...I may die. I've had sponge baths daily and finally washed my hair last night but my body needs water running over it, soap running down, and freshness! haha My drains have been producing very little so I will be shocked if they don't come out today. Swelling isn't horrible but my right boob is still flat on the bottom and I'm not sure what is going on with that. Bruising on my boobs has turned to yellow so it's obvious that I am healing decently. I want a shower and two round boobs...is that too much to ask?! :)

Almost to the third Post-Op

The meds and activity have my brain in a fog...I can't believe I haven't updated since 5 days post op. However, I really don't remember most of the post I've made since surgery. hahaha

Day 5 - My drains came out at the first post-op! O. M. G. what a freakin' weirdness that can never be explained!! That is by far the worst part of this recovery so far; not the most painful but after the first one was out, I truly did not want her to do the second one because my skin was literally crawling from the weirdness. I also had half of the belly button sutures removed. When they took the bandage off of that...whoa baby. It looked like they unleashed the Kraken! The sutures were ucky and long and looked tentacle-ish. They cleaned up the incisions, which looked good and sent me packing. Went home (to my sister's) and enjoyed sleeping drain free!

Day 6 (Tuesday) - We decided to make the 200 mile trip back home since I was drain free and didn't have a follow up appt until Friday. The ride was not that bad considering the traffic from Spring Breakers was atrocious! Got home, settled in, and a SHOWER!!! A glorious, full body shower!!! Angels were singing. I even had some company visit and keep me entertained...and laughing which wasn't nearly as funny...ouch! Also starting to feel a sinus infection coming on....God help me!

Day 7 - (Wednesday) My boys have been at their dad's for Spring Break, during my recovery, and they came to visit me today and brought lunch! I enjoyed every second. They were curious about the surgery but of course weren't interested in details or scars. :) They stayed for a few hours and then had a date at the skate park with some friends. The sinus infection has my nasal passages on fire and I'm begging the "Powers that Be" to NOT let me sneeze....

About 4pm, I got a call from their dad "I need insurance info"...omg! My youngest son, fell at the skate park and was at the ER. Knowing my kid and his father, I knew it had to be really bad for them to go to the ER without prompting from anyone. I jumped up and grabbed on clothes and we headed to the hospital. Thankfully, it wasn't as bad as it could have been, but the wrist was fractured. Little man came home with momma so my sweet boyfriend now had two people to wait on hand and foot.
We had to follow up with an ortho. Thursday, the next day because the ER PA felt like the fracture was too close to the growth plate. The ortho is 60 miles south, my follow up on Friday was 150 miles south...another road trip.
Day 8 - (Thursday) We were pretty lazy all day. The ortho appt wasn't until 5:30pm. I got another shower but was moving quite a bit slower due to the 4 hours in the ER the day before and probably just the stress of having a hurt kid. We decided to kill two birds with one stone and hit the ortho appt, then spend the night at my sister's for the PS follow up appt the following day. Worked out nicely but I'm sick of the interstate at this point. We got a cast and even stopped for dinner at 5 Guys Burgers (on the patio-less germs).

Day 9 - Friday - Made it back to the follow up appt. More cleaning of the incisions, changed some steri-strips, and another appt for Wednesday to get all of the remaining sutures out! I cannot wait!!! :) I am still not standing straight and still having some serious back and neck issues. I haven't taken the Rx pain meds since about day 4-5 but needed a half of one to help with the muscle/back aches. This surgery really is not as bad as some people have made it out to be. Maybe because I didn't have lipo...I don't know but this has really been a breeze. After the appt, my boyfriend and I made a short little trip to breathe in some saltwater. We enjoyed quick lunch on the patio of one of my favorite seafood restaurants on Clearwater beach and headed back to my sister's for the evening. Some friends came by to visit me and then I crashed on the couch. It was a busy, busy day.

Day 10 - Saturday - BACK on the road to head back home! Another lazy day...of riding and then just kinda of sitting at home pretending to watch tv. (not a fan) Showering every day now which is the absolute highlight of my days!!

Feeling like a new woman!

Day 11 - Sunday - Lazy day...I have those a lot. :) I noticed some bruising on my left breast around the nipple that wasn't there before which was a little concerning. Made a mental note to mention it at my visit scheduled for Wednesday.

Day 12 - Monday - Glorious Monday!!! Kids are back in school, man is back at work! It was just nice to have a quiet house and semi-normalcy. A lot of catch up on business...from my couch with laptop in hand. Bruising is worse on my left breasts and it's starting to ooze. Belly button, which I worried after seeing black/rotted ones on line, looks really good. Perfect shape and size. Happy about that!

Day 13 - Tuesday - Ok...the boob is looking absolutely scary. After my morning shower, I called the Drs office and told them I had an appt tomorrow but my boob was swollen, oozing, and turning blacker by the day. They asked me to come in...loaded up for the 200 mile doctor visit. It really wasn't bad. I enjoy car rides with my guy and the convos that happen when it's just us.

Dr. Welsh came in, took a look and said "it's not that bad...nothing that another round of antibiotics won't fix". So I looked up and said "so my boob isn't rotting off?" He laughed, as if I were joking, patted my hand, and said we are going to have these boobs and belly looking beautiful to match that beautiful face in no time". Have I mentioned that I love my plastic surgeon?! He is absolutely worth the drive!!! Removed all the steri-strips, cleaned the incisions, removed the rest of the BB sutures, some of the nipple sutures, bandaged me up, gave me a Rx for another round of antibiotics and sent me home. The BEST news EVER was that I could start wearing Spanks! The medical assistants voice was that of an angel when she said that! My binder went from my boobs to half way of my knees, wasn't breathable in more ways than one, and stunk no matter how much it was washed. My legs are very glad to be out of prison.

I feel good today. Standing a little taller, moving a little faster, and still have pretty much all of the mental sense I had before surgery. It's a good thing.

I'll post pics today!
Happy healing! I really love Dr. Welsh. He is very supportive! You will look great!
He is really fantastic!! Thanks :)
Looks really good! Keep on top of those antibiotics and you will be better in no time! Welcome to the flat side lady! I just had my mommy makeover too!

It's been a long week!

So I left off at Tuesday, Day 13 - after the doctor's visit I was more settled and ready to shop for Spanx. Stopped off for lunch at Outback and then into the mall for a very quick stop in the intimates department. By the Pharmacy to get the new script and home to crash. I slept much better that night knowing my nipple wasn't going to rot off, even though I still couldn't lay flat or on my side.

Wednesday, Day 14 - I woke up feeling like I had been hit by a mack truck. My boobs hurt from where they removed some of the stitches/infected area. My back was killing me from all the hunch backing of notre dame I've been doing, the 400 round trip PS visit, my tummy was swollen, I kept having sharp pains in one spot at my TT incision and the top of my abs started bruising and felt like I had done a gazillion crunches. My sweet man asked "baby, do you want a pain pill?" I hadn't had anything for pain in well over a week. Yup! I do. I had only been taking half of one since the 3rd day after surgery and for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to take a whole one. Within about 8 minutes the sharp shooting pain... I thought "whoa that worked quick". In all honesty, whatever it was passed and I'm 8 minutes into a full Percocet. Before I could finish dressing after my shower I was in a warp zone...a walking coma. I laid on the couch all day long. I wasn't asleep but wasn't coherent enough to do anything except lay. I forced down breakfast and lunch to try to absorb some of the meds. Drank gallons of water. I even thought if I got up and moved around maybe it would push it through my veins quicker and out of my system quicker. I seriously wanted my stomach pumped. I do NOT like pain meds. Lesson learned.
By the time evening rolled around, I remembered that we were out of several "got to haves", like pads for my incisions and oreos. So we went to Walmart. That's always great fun. But at least I was feeling human again...almost.

Thursday, Day 15 - Prom. OMG...how could I schedule my surgery so close to Prom?! Because I have a boy and thought that it would not be that taxing on me, especially since his father could do the running and picking up since I did all the running and ordering HA!! Haaaaaaaaa!!!

I literally had a pain meds hangover. So I rested again all day. There was a noticeable change in my left breast. I think the meds are working!
I was still exhausted but had to go with my son to pick up his tux and choose flowers for the corsage and boutonniere that he wanted me to make from silk flowers so his gf could keep it afterwards. We managed the tux shop, grabbing dinner, and a run into Michael's but I was pushing myself...again.

Friday, Day 16 - I had quite a bit of computer work to do that morning but felt spunky again so I did some very light housework and enjoyed working on the prom flowers. I even cooked dinner. Quiet day and night at home was much needed.

Saturday, Day 17 - Ok. I woke up at 5:30am; The boob was looking better but now it's scaring the crap out of me. It's bleeding, oozing, and hurting. I called the PS office and told them what was going on and she said I could come in and they would take off the steri strips and clean it, blah blah, blah. I reminded her how far away I was and that I have an appt on Friday and she told me that I could take off all the steri-strips (thank God) clean it with saline and start applying Bacitracin. So I did and tried to have a semi-normal day and trying to convince myself this is not the rare flesh eating disease. And if it's not substantially better by Monday, we go back in.

Through all of that, I enjoyed a quiet morning of sipping coffee on the swing with my boyfriend and then breakfast at his mom's house. She ALWAYS lifts my spirits and I was definitely in need of a boost! We came home for rest before Mr. Prom himself came home to get all gussied up for the big night. I helped my baby get dressed...well the bow tie and then went to take a zillion pictures at a local Park/Mansion. I walked around WAY too much. By the time I got home, I was swelling again and my boob was hurting. I had to meet my son at midnight because he borrowed my car and was spending the weekend at his dad's; another bad idea. When we met up to switch vehicles a drunk man approached my son's truck and tried to get in the door to talk to "that girl in there". My son pushed his hand away and closed the door, by then I was calling the cops and my boyfriend (off duty cop) jumped out and ran over to them to see what was going on. I don't know if I was more scared or more mad. Long story short, my BF handled the situation, cops showed up after the guy left, and my BP was through the roof. We followed my son to take his gf home and then to his dad's to make sure he made it safe because I was a nervous wreck by then. Got home and in bed by 2am. I wanted to die at that point. My TT incision at the little "blip" spot was bleeding, my boobs were swollen up and oozing worse and my eyes were leaking...as I laid down, I told my boyfriend, I haven't had the "why did I do this to myself" emotion until that moment. I know the strain and stress and over doing it is to blame and I really didn't mean it but it was a fleeting thought...

Sunday, Day 18 - I was forbidden to do anything today except walk to the bathroom and back...and I am ok with that. Actually, I feel much better. Got a shower, greased up the boobies, put the surgical binder back on instead of the spanx, and I've organized pictures on my laptop and just existed today....and threw a beef roast in the crock pot. The swelling has gone down, the hardness at the incisions has softened, the boob is still kinda grossing me out. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that by in the morning it will be MUCH better and I can avoid two 400 mile trips this week for post op visits. *on a side note: I do NOT regret choosing Dr. Welsh as my surgeon, even though the traveling is tiring. He has been fantastic! (If my nipple rots off, I may change my mind, but until then...)


Things I miss....

I've lost a part of me that I absolutely do NOT miss; flabby gross skin and sag.

There are however a few things I do miss:

1. Normal showers. The kind that you can let water run on your back AND your front freely while standing straight instead of like a caveman. I have however become lazy and quite enjoy an old bar stool covered in garbage bags in the shower.

2. That morning stretch. You know, the kind that makes every muscle in your body pull from your toes to your finger tips...it feeeeels sooooooooo good and then you feel like you're going to pass out.

3. Sleeping normally...on my side with my arm under my pillow/head, with my legs thrown over my man. I slept upright for 10 - 12 days and laying on my back a little flatter as the days progress.

4. Peeing with out wrangling a compression/binder down over incisions. Enough said.

5. My normal panties. I WANT them back!!!!!

6. Salt. I have tried to cut it out almost completely and I want/need it.

7. Driving to the mall and shopping. I NEED new clothes!!!

8. Doing laundry...nope that's a lie. I do miss being able to sweep, not the act but the ability because men and teen boys just don't sweep that great.

9. My boys (that all weigh over 115 pounds) laying on me.

10. My Man! O. M. G. I miss his sexy body and I hate that he has had to see mine looking so bruised, oozie, and hacked up. Thankfully, he has a bad memory and won't remember the funk when it's all healed up and ready to roll!
Hope you heal soon, sounds like you are doing all that you can. I am not on the flat side yet, may 12 is my day. I totally worry about #10. I know my husband can take care of me. I just don't love the idea that he see me in those first ugly days. But then again he saw me give birth and that memory didn't stop us from having more kids.
Thanks for the well wishes! Number 10 wasn't a huge worry as much as I didn't want to go for 6 weeks without any! LOL. Truthfully, I'm not sure any memory could truly stop a man :) What procedures are you having done?

Three and a half weeks post op

After fearing for nearly 5 days that my nipple was rotting off, I visited Dr. Welsh yesterday and of course he was very reassuring that I'm not dying and my nipple would not be eaten off by some sort of unexplained infection. However, I am on my third round of antibiotics and a new Rx of Silvadene and this should have me all cleared up in a few days. ALL (ANGELIC SINGING) ALLLLLLLLLLLL of my sutures are out! I woke up in the middle of the night with excruciating (most pain so far) under my left breast. I applied moist heat (heating pad), took a pain pill, which has not been needed for weeks, and still woke up hurting. The Rx that was called into my pharmacy yesterday evening STILL is not ready. I'm about to go sit on their counter and wait until I have my "miracle" working cream that will easy discomfort and combat infection. I still get very tired by 3-4pm, even though I am resting, laying, and only working from a laptop on my couch every day. I have ventured out for a few meals while out for follow up appoints. Made one trip with my teens to the grocery store, just pushing the shopping cart and letting them do all the work (I spent an extra $75 than usual), and I did make it into the mall after a dermatology appointment for a few new bras. Cabin. Fever. However, fatigue wins out most every day.
I hope you heal quickly. I'm 2 weeks PO and like you I feel fatigued and can't wait to go shopping. I'm so over feeling like this. And unlike you I'm single but I still want to buy lingerie to see what I'll look like lol. Soon this experience will all be a distant memory and we'll be enjoying our new sexy bodies :)
I have definitely found that recovery has a lot to do with mental healing! It's hard for most any woman to sit idle. But I will tell you from experience, listen to your body. If you are tired, sleep. If you are weak, lay down. If you swell, stop moving. It really is a day by day improvement. I have had PMS this past week and the tummy cramps and swelling that comes along with that added to the swelling from recovery has been "swell hell". But I am all suture free and feel like a brand new person! ALL of my jeans are too big, I am down about 4-5 pounds from the day of surgery. I think it's from being extra careful what I'm eating to help promote healing and staying away from salt, carbonation, etc. I'm VERY happy about that but my clothes are literally falling off! YAY :)

It's been 26 days...

This is a day by day progress. If you've followed me, you know I started my period THE morning of surgery...so it's back today. The typical PMS discomfort (bloating, cramping, etc) has been a little worse than normal. My skin felt so tight on my abdomen yesterday I thought I would pop. I had a great holiday weekend. Lazy day on Saturday, Church and family lunch on Sunday. I was even well enough to help with the cooking while standing...I've been sitting on a bar stool as much as possible to keep the swelling at bay. The boobies are looking a little better. I'm VERY concerned about scarring on the lollipop incision...it's not looking lovely. However, the TT incision is almost picture perfect which makes me happy! I cannot believe that I am almost 4 weeks post op! This month has flown...it's been very busy with business planning, planning for a move in August, broken arms, prom, holiday weekends, and long round trips to the PS office for follow ups. I think it has added to my fatigue but I still don't regret it! Some days I look at my flanks and think "maybe I should've had a little lipo...." but when I remember how easy it was to get through the "worst pain", I am thankful I didn't. I'm just looking forward to being able to hit the gym! I think I can get the rest of this toned up nicely. :)
Hi there! I came across your profile from the amazing Dr Welsh's profile on here. I too had a MM by Dr Welsh on 4/7/14. And I have noticed so many similarities while reading your posts. The comments you made were funny because sounded like my life. Such as your Frankensen-ish comment because I call myself the bride of Frankenstein, nothing to do with my husband, just the fact that I feel as if I have been some kind of science experiment. I also had a nightmare about our PS, where he was a mad scientist and I was strapped to a table with no anesthesia about to be chopped up LOL! Then you brought up your son's injury and your boyfriend having two people to care for, well my daughter broke her arm in flag football practice and my husband brought her home shouting "we have another casualty!" So he had to wait on both of us. Then the prom, wondering why you scheduled your surgery near prom time, well I scheduled mine just before my twins 16th birthday. I didn't even think about it, or that it would interfere with anything, until I told my kids the date of my surgery and my daughter said "what? so you are having surgery right before my birthday???" talk about guilt :( I hope you are still recovering nicely, my recovery has been pretty good, manageable as you said, each step in the process feels like a milestone. Like my balls being removed, I mean my drains LOL! then losing my hunchback around day 12, and yesterday (day 14) I had all my sutures removed and today I feel like I am taking a step backwards. the incisions itch and are sore now and I just want to feel normal again. Going back to work tomorrow after a 16 day "vacation". No one at work knows and I wore my extra padded VS bra for a while before my vacation so it should not be too obvious in my work clothes. Luckily I have a desk job, so I guess it will work out. Not looking forward to all the questions about my vacation LOL! Well hope all is well, happy healing!!!!! oh and congrats on your new business!!!
Whoa....our parallel lives are a little scary!! I am still healing very well, had the minor set back with the infection. I adore Dr. Welsh but I will be having a stern "talking to" when I ask him WHY he didn't give me the Rx for Silvadene from day one! That junk is miracle working!!! I've got pics to post...three days made all the difference in the world. I wasn't necessarily "announcing" my surgery but didn't keep it a secret. I swear I think people that know look at me and wonder if I went through with it. I really don't look different clothed. I have lost about 5 pounds since surgery and my clothes definitely fit differently but it's not obvious to the outside world and I'm ok with that. Girl, the day I was castrated was one of the most glorious days ONLY in comparison to the day that I realized I was standing up straight!!! The incisions DO itch and hurt worse the day after all of the sutures were removed more than it did the day after surgery but it passes. As far as the vacation goes, you should totally make up some fantastic, exotic tropical excursion and then be like just kidding! I donated a kidney...just kidding! I got a boob job....just kidding! I stayed home and read books and slept. LOL They won't know what to believe!! Thanks for the well wishes! I'm guessing you are in the Tampa Bay area (I think I'm the only retard that chooses a Plastic Surgeon 200 miles away) so when we get moved to town and "official" with the business, you'll have to stop in my shop! Let's keep in touch!
yes I live about 30 minutes from the PS office and actually work in Tampa 10 minutes away. Let me know when the shop opens, I will definitely stop by. And yes lets keep in touch!!!

On the right road now!

My boobs are finally starting to look like they may just heal up!
You are looking really well. Your swelling looks minimal!
Thanks! The swelling in my tummy has been a little more than I like the past few days but I've been coughing my head off from a nasty cold and I've been up and going more so I'm sure that's why but I am still VERY happy!!!
I'm so happy your boob is healing! Silvadene is great..I had a nipple that I thought I might lose early on and it's almost completely healed after using the cream 2x day. You look great!

It's alllmost been six weeks!

Feeling better every day but still having a lot of tightness and skin sensitivity on my tummy. It pulls a lot! I have a "baby bump" that kind of shapes into a "v" which drives me insane but my former tight jeans can now be put on without unbuttoning/unzipping! It is time to go CLOTHES shopping!!!
You look great!
Thanks!! :) I FEEL great, too!!
Wow, thank you for sharing your story and all the pictures. Really helpful to anyone considering any surgery as there's no guarantee that all will go smoothly. I would have been so scared seeing what you went through and hope that you have finally healed. I had a facelift in Costa Rica 20 years ago and I was healed within two weeks but another woman didn't do as well because she was a heavy smoker I think; I don't think I could bear what you went through but all that counts is that you are happy with your results. I don't think I could bear what you went through and BTW I had numbing in my all head that took years to go away. I had some lipo too and that wasn't bad recovery either but I've gained 20 obs since and think I will try losing weight before deciding if I want to do something. Also, some things about my eyes never healed 100 percent but I'd have to show you pics as it's not really noticable to anyone but me unless I point it out. I live in the St. Pete area. It was worth it to me to go there then because the price was amazing and I had a great vacation as well but now he charges as much as doctor's do here.
Tampa Facial Plastic Surgeon

The initial consultation with Dr. Welsh was a great experience. He had perfect bed-side manner. He knew when to be light hearted to ease my nervousness as well, as when to be informative to ease my logical mind. I am one month PO and have had to make weekly visits due to infection around sutures. I have seen Dr. Welsh at every office visit. He always pats my hand and assures me that everything is going to be perfect. The staff are AMAZING! They are always very kind, friendly, and seem to genuinely have concern. I would recommend Dr. Welsh and Premiere Center for Plastic Surgery to anyone considering any type of procedure! Thanks, Dr. Welsh for a job well-done!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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