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I am a 31 year old, 5'10", 170lb mom of two (5 1/2...

I am a 31 year old, 5'10", 170lb mom of two (5 1/2 & 2 1/2) who is looking to get a Mommy Makeover, or at least a Tummy Tuck. I have been unhappy with my loose belly since having my first baby and have finally set up a consultation to look into the procedure. I work out everyday (running, biking, light weights) and have been doing Weight Watchers to keep my weight in check on and off for the past 5 years. I am happy with my body and my weight with the exception of my tummy. I feel embarrassed and self conscious a lot because my belly sticks out further than my boobs, so I always look pregnant.

I have toned up everywhere else and feel really good about myself and but now I want my body to reflect that. Right now I am a size 10/12 and my bra is a 36B. I am not looking to lose weight with the TT, I really just want to get rid of the horrible loose sag and the majority of the stretch marks I got from being pregnant (I gained 70lbs!). After breast feeding my already small boobs have deflated, and the weight loss I have achieved has hit them as well. I am hoping to go to a C/D cup with a breast augmentation.

This procedure is something I have been wanting for years but have never seriously looked into it. I am so excited to go to this consultation and see what can be done for me! I want to be a better version of myself and be a positive role model for my kids rather than reflecting a poor self esteem.

I am a stay at home mom and my concerns post op right now are:
1. Not being able to lift my 2 1/2 year old
2. Not being able to afford the full procedure (if not, I am definitely doing the TT)
3. Not being able to work out for a while and losing muscle

I'm not nervous at all right now...only excited!! One of my friends recommended the doctor to me as she has just undergone a similar procedure. She is happy with her results so far and said recovery hasn't been bad. The price seems to be much more reasonable than I ever thought. But a lot of it is probably where I live.

I am a bit nervous because I have to fly on "home", where I grew up, at the end of June, so I am hoping to get this done ASAP so I will have at least 6 weeks of recovery under my belt before I go, otherwise I will have to wait until the end of the summer and I really don't want to wait that long. My husband is military and is deploying in the fall so I want to have this done well in advance of him leaving so he will be home to help me with the kids, dog, housework, taking care of me, etc.

Can't wait to share more after my consult! I am so excited to get this process started after dreaming and wishing for it for so long!

I went to my consultation today and decided to...

I went to my consultation today and decided to just stick with the tummy tuck for now. I am hesitant to do the breast augmentation for a few reasons, so it can always be done later (albeit more expensive) if I choose to. The doctor said I am a great candidate for a tummy tuck and that chances are all of my stretch marks will be removed. He said if any are left it will just be a few and it will be really low. ANYTHING is better than what it is now! He is going to lip my hips to make a more contoured shape, but says that I should have a great shape afterwards. I am SO EXCITED! I have been wanting this for so long and I can't believe it's finally going to happen.
They asked how soon I wanted to schedule something and I told them ASAP since I am going on vacation in June and my husband is being deployed in the fall so a late summer surgery is out. They had a cancellation and were able to schedule my surgery for Monday!!!! Less than a week away :) I go for my pre-op tomorrow and then my surgery will be Monday afternoon. So excited to get this taken care of!
The doctor is great! I really liked him and it wasn't too terribly embarrassing having him analyze my naked belly (which NO ONE is allowed to see). I will update as I have new information :) 6 days and counting!

4 days away!!! Trying to get everything set...

4 days away!!! Trying to get everything set around the house so that the household will continue to run smoothly while I am down and out (plenty of food in the freezer/fridge, bills paid, etc.) I know my hubby will have his hands full with the kids, dog, myself and meals, so hopefully we can make a smooth transition and he won't be too stressed out.

Right now I am trying to decide where I am going to sleep the first few nights. My bedroom is upstairs and I don't really want to be secluded up there by myself and then have to worry about going up and down the stairs all the time. My options are the couch (where I could be reclined up a bit) or the fold out couch, with both couches I could be downstairs and be able to spend time with the family even though I will just be laying around. Does anyone have any suggestions on this matter? I read that someone rented a hospital bed, and I am not going to be doing that, but where is the best (most comfortable) place to sleep post op?

4 days away!!! Trying to get everything set...

4 days away!!! Trying to get everything set around the house so that the household will continue to run smoothly while I am down and out (plenty of food in the freezer/fridge, bills paid, etc.) I know my hubby will have his hands full with the kids, dog, myself and meals, so hopefully we can make a smooth transition and he won't be too stressed out.

Right now I am trying to decide where I am going to sleep the first few nights. My bedroom is upstairs and I don't really want to be secluded up there by myself and then have to worry about going up and down the stairs all the time. My options are the couch (where I could be reclined up a bit) or the fold out couch, with both couches I could be downstairs and be able to spend time with the family even though I will just be laying around. Does anyone have any suggestions on this matter? I read that someone rented a hospital bed, and I am not going to be doing that, but where is the best (most comfortable) place to sleep post op?

So I just realized I never posted anything after...

So I just realized I never posted anything after my pre-op visit yesterday. Nothing major happened. Had all my took the 'before' pictures, had vitals taken, blood drawn, filled out a TON of paperwork, bought some meds to promote healing and then paid for the procedure. I will get a call tomorrow telling me what time my surgery will be Monday, but they are planning late afternoon (which stinks because I won't be able to eat or drink anything all day long).
The only eventful thing that really happened was I almost fainted while the nurse was drawing my blood. I have very small veins and doctors always have a hard time getting a vein. After the 2nd poke, and having the needle wiggled around trying to get something I started getting REALLY hot, had tunnel vision and really lightheaded. Thankfully I spoke up and told her I was starting to feel faint and she laid me down and let me take some time to get back to normal. Apparently I had lost all of my color as well. Luckily 3rd try with the butterfly needle was a charm and all was good after that!

(I apologize that some of these reviews are being posted twice, my computer is acting up)

Today is the day of my surgery!!!! I am...

Today is the day of my surgery!!!! I am impatiently waiting to go ;) My surgery is scheduled for 4:15 and I have to be there by 2:00. It's been hard sitting around all morning with nothing to do but wait. I'm not allowed to have anything to eat or drink and I am already starving :( Excited for the afternoon to come and get this over with and the recovery process started.

Well it's Tuesday morning and I am officially 12...

Well it's Tuesday morning and I am officially 12 hours post op. When I first got to the office yesterday it took me back and got me started on an IV, met the anesthesiologist, and then the doctor came in to mark me up for surgery. I can remember getting onto the surgery table but after that I was asleep. Woke up without too much pain and the ride home was quick. The hardest part so far has been getting out of bed. Walking doesn't hurt but it's interesting because I'm bent over so much. My hubby has been a great nurse giving me all of my pills on time and emptying my drains. Thank God for him! I am obviously wrapped up right now so I am not able to see anything but I can already tell how much thinner I look in the front. I have to go for my post op appointment this morning and the doctor will take it all off and teach me how to start giving the blood thinning shots. The pain meds take a little while to kick in but once they do I'm pretty comfortable. I've been prescribed Valium to take at night and after been given that I fell asleep and was out clear through the night until this morning so; I'm relieved that I was able to get a good night sleep! Right now it's more uncomfortable than pain. It's hard to get in a comfortable spot and once I do I just have to stay there and not move much. I have found that putting a couple pillows under my knees so their bent a little has been a blessing and brings some relief. Have opted to stay in bed at least until this point since we got back from surgery fairly close to bedtime last night anyway. I have a bunch of pillows propping me and it's not too uncomfortable. I do have one post op picture that I need to post but I need to edit it quick just to cover up my private area ;) Hopefully I can get a couple more taken at the appointment this morning and then get them all posted. Thank you for all of your support and good wishes it really means a lot!!! So glad to be on the skinny side! :)

1 day post op with binder and drains

1 day post op with binder and drains

At 1 day post op appointment (sitting down)

At 1 day post op appointment (sitting down)

1 day post op video diary

1 day post op video diary

I'm day 2 post op and its still pretty early in...

I'm day 2 post op and its still pretty early in the morning, but I am the most uncomfortable I've been yet. My binder just seems tight and annoying, the site where my drains are kind of hurt, and I really want them out. I can stand and get up and down a little bit better on my own but just overall really uncomfortable right now.

Below is a link to a video that I updated today on...

Below is a link to a video that I updated today on my YouTube account. I'm doing daily blog updates just so I can look back and see all my progress.

I was pretty uncomfortable today for a lot of the day, so was taking pain pills regularly so I could relax. I slept most of the day away which it was a rainy day anyways so it was kind of nice; and I feel so much better now tonight now that I've rested and relaxed a lot.

Check out my video and see my results after only two days I'm pretty excited with my results so far!

Day 4 post op - I've had a pretty bad headache...

Day 4 post op - I've had a pretty bad headache since yesterday. I don't know if I am withdrawing from the pain meds since I'm not taking them that much? But regardless I'm feeling kind of crappy in the head. My belly is pretty good I am able to get up and down without help and it's not as sore. Whenever I get up to walk around a little bit I'm just really tired and little bit faint... not that I feel like I'm going to pass out just I'm lightheaded and don't feel normal yet. I'm basically trying to sleep my days away to feel a little bit better. When I'm awake I just feel so blah! Starting to get a little bit stir crazy having nothing to do. I'm sick of watching TV and I'm too tired to read.
My belly looks really good though. I took the binder off today and it's nice and flat. There's still some swelling of course but it still looks a lot better than it did before surgery. Still have both of my drains but the output is getting lighter and lighter, so hopefully today I'll be able to get rid of one of them and then early next week maybe I can get rid of the other.

Day 4 post TT

Day 4 post TT

Well it looks like I won't be getting my tubes out...

Well it looks like I won't be getting my tubes out until next week. My levels are where they need to be but because it's Friday by the time they even out the weekend will be here, so I have to wait until probably Monday. I decided to take another pain pill today even though I wasn't in too much pain, but my head was hurting so bad I felt like that was my only option. I feel a bit better now so I guess I'll just have to keep taking them until the doctor tells me otherwise at this point. When my husband came in to give me the blood thinning shot this afternoon I finally lost it and just started bawling. Between the headache, the little bit of pain from the shot, and being stir crazy, and I finally let it all out. Right after that I took my pain pill and took a nice long nap and I woke up feeling so much better! This afternoon I took my first kind of sort of shower. I'm not allowed to take a real shower until my drains are out but I had my husband help me wash my hair and wash my body, and shaved the best I could because it had been five days and I was feeling absolutely disgusting! So now I am all clean, had lunch, and back in bed resting in the peace and quiet. Besides my head feeling foggy because of pain medication I honestly feel great. I'm ready to stop feeling so loopy and get back to my normal life a little bit.

Today is day five post op... nothing new to report...

Today is day five post op... nothing new to report. Still have the drains but output is very very low so I'm hoping maybe on Monday both of them will be able to come out... fingers crossed. Am I am going absolutely stir crazy and wish I could do something other than lay around. I've basically been new doing nothing besides channel surfing and it's getting pretty old. My stomach and head are still bothering me a little bit; little bit nauseous, bit of a headache... just not feeling hundred percent but again I think that's because of the meds. I'm anxious to feel like myself again. Moving around pretty good. Not a whole lot of pain; once my head clears I will feel a whole lot better.

This process has a lot of emotional ups and downs....

This process has a lot of emotional ups and downs. As happy and as skinny as I was feeling a couple days ago, today I feel completely opposite and I'm just really swollen and hoping like heck that it's only temporary; Which I'm sure it is but it's really hard to look at after everything that I've been through already. I got one drain out today the other will come out on Wednesday. They gave me a shot of livocaine (?) to numb the area before they pulled the drain and that hurt worse than anything so far. Pulling the drain itself didn't hurt at all. I'm half tempted on Wednesday not to get the shot and just have them pull the drain without numbing first. I am completely off the pain meds; the withdrawal from that was horrible...lots of nausea and headaches. The last couple days I took it, I was only taking half a tablet to try and wean myself off of it. Today I'm trying to drink lots of water after realizing I really haven't drank much today at all and maybe that's why am swelling so bad. I have also been on my feet a lot more than I have the rest of the time that I've been healing so I'm sure it's making a huge difference. Ugggg... I just hate the swelling it's so disheartening :(

Today I was having a lot of pain/ uncomfortable...

Today I was having a lot of pain/ uncomfortable feeling in my upper abdomen. It's the part right above where my compression garment ends. I'm not sure if it is swelling or lack of support but it seems like if I would hold it while I walked it felt a lot better. What I ended up doing is, I happen to have girdle and I placed that on top of the compression garment higher up so it covered my upper abdomen as well. That really really helped give me more support and completely took the pain away. Tomorrow I get the other compression garment after I get my drain removed, but I think I will continue to wear the other compression garment on top of the new lighter weight one. The compression garment right now doesn't bother me at all, in fact I prefer it and the support it gives!
Had a really good day running errands, went out to lunch, and went shopping with my husband there to help me. Spent the rest of the afternoon laying low on the couch; haven't noticed too much swelling thankfully! I have also been drinking a ton of water to try and curb the swelling!

I haven't updated in a few days, but today I am 10...

I haven't updated in a few days, but today I am 10 days post op. Yesterday I got my last drain removed and got my new CG and can ditch the binder (although I am wondering if I wear the binder on top if it would help with support and swelling...??). I was a little off on my last post, because I thought they were going to remove both drains at the same time, but they one did one on day 7 and then the other one on day 9. This new CG is so much better for upper ab support, but let me let you it's REALLY sexy lol!
I have been feeling really swollen still. Trying to keep my feet up as much as possible and drink my water. The nurse said it's normal, which of course I know, but ugggg it's so frustrating! I just wish I could have a peek into the future and see what I will look like. I think I keep panicking because I do not want the end result to look like what I am now. I am flatter for sure and happy about that, but I have a swollen buldge right above my incision that is hard for me to look beyond. I weighed myself today and measured my waist and I weighed the same as I did pre-op (169) and my waist was 34in.....WTH???? PLEASE GOD, tell me that is because of swelling. I am trying so hard to be positive but seeing the swelling day in and day out makes me think maybe not....this has definitely started messing with my head.
I am feeling really good though. Kind of back to normal in a sense, but yet I obviously can't do everything just yet. I am going stir crazy laying around and really want to get out my light weights and walk on my treadmill but I know it's still early so I don't want to make the swelling worse. Is anyone else as messed up in the head about this as me?! lol When I put on a tight shirt I like what I see, but I just hope that it gets waayyyy better.

*I am going to post a couple new pictures and a video to my youtube site today.

Post op day 11 - Bad news is, I am still swollen...

Post op day 11 - Bad news is, I am still swollen to the point where I actually have a roll when I sit again :( Good news is, I am wearing some pre-op pants today that button and they are so big I can pull them off without unbuttoning them :) Thank goodness I am seeing a difference even in the midst of swell hell.

I am officially two weeks post op as of today. I...

I am officially two weeks post op as of today. I will post pictures tomorrow after I go to my two week appointment with my plastic surgeon. I was up and around quite a bit this weekend as we went out of town. Feeling really good, pretty much back to myself other than I still have limitations. Today I went for my first walk and pushed my son in the stroller. I took it nice and slow but it felt nice just to get up and actually do something. I am still pretty swollen. I have a roll when I sit, but I am hoping that will go away in due time as the swelling goes down. If I have a roll when the swelling does go down I'm not going to be real happy as that was the purpose for this whole procedure anyways. All in all I am feeling really good. I am getting back into the same routine I had before surgery (minus workouts) and being up and about quite a bit. Tomorrow at my appointment I am hoping to get a peek at my incision as it is still covered up.

Yesterday was my two week appointment. The nurse...

Yesterday was my two week appointment. The nurse took out the sutures in my incision and every other one in my belly, but the rest of the ones in my belly button will dissolve on their own. She said the scar looks really really good and I'm healing as well as I should. The next time I go to the doctor will be at the six week mark on June 11. :)

3 weeks post tummy tuck

I have been wanting to make a 3 week video update, but for the past 2 days I have had lyringitis and have no voice. Being sick and recovering from a tummy tuck is not fun! All of the coughing and sneezing hurts so bad, but thank goodness the pain seems to be less noticeable now. I am still trying to walk a couple miles each day, but that is the extent of my activity. Right now I am EXTREMELY frustrated with the swelling. Both my upper and lower abdomen is swollen to the point where I don't feel like I look much different than before surgery (maybe slightly smaller). I am so sick of having a roll even when I am not sitting. This thing better go away or I am not going to be happy. I have been wearing my compression garment religiously, but still the swelling remains. I am going to post some 3 week pictures when my phone cooperates. Please God, I hope that this is far from what the final results will be!

I'm skinny!

I didn't realize my friend was taking a picture. When I saw it I couldn't believe how thin I truly am now :)

4 weeks post tummy tuck

I am officially 4 weeks post op today! I can't believe how fast the time has gone by. I am starting to feel more and more confident, and am really happy that I made the decision to do this! I still have swelling, but it has gotten much better. By the end of the day it is of course at its worse, but the more I drink water and put my legs up, the better it seems to be. I have been struggling with sticking eating healthy most of the time. Before surgery this was not a problem, but I have become so busy the past month that it is hard to find the time to cook and have fresh veggies on hand. I am hoping that once school, dance and Girl Scouts end for my daughter I will be back on the right track. I haven't lost any weight since surgery, but I am pretty much the same so I am not too disappointed. I am definitely anxious to start running and lifting weights to tone up though. I will try to post a new pic soon!

1 month post tummy tuck

1 month pictures

6 weeks post tummy tuck

I am doing this update as a video, rather than writing it all out and repeating myself. Feel free to follow me on YouTube, as I post weekly updates about my tummy tuck journey.

Feeling great! I did 2 hours of cardio today (not all at the same time) and am trying to tone up. I wore a bikini to the pool this week for the first time in 7 years :) Things are definitely looking up!

6 week photo update

Even though I am still swollen and have some more weight to lose, the difference is amazing! So happy I did this!!!!

6 1/2 weeks

Was feeling amazing this morning so had to take a picture just to show how much my swelling actually goes down first thing in the morning!

2 1/2 Month Update

I am about 2 1/2 months post op and am incredible happy with the results! My "pooch" is gone and the swelling and subsided A LOT! I very rarely have swollen days anymore, and when it hits it is usually at night when I have been up and around and not staying hydrated. I still have about 5lbs to lose (per my surgeons request), but I am happy how I look and am so glad I did this. All the days of ups and downs and all of the uncertainty seems like forever ago.

2 1/2 mont cont.

I forgot to mention that I have graduated to comfortably sleeping on my belly again and am pain free completely! Ab work, running, swimming, carrying kids, etc.....feel 100% back to normal!

4 month update

I have been killing it at the gym! Feeling really good. I still haven't lost the last few pounds my surgeon wanted me to and I'm quite honestly not sure what's up with that...cardio 5-6 times a week, weights 2-3 times a week and eating very healthy. Could be muscle?? I still swell when I don't drink a lot of water each day, but for the most part it's not an issue. I am a comfortable 10 right now, and because of my pear shaped I doubt I will get smaller. I am thrilled with my results and the surgery and recovery seem like a distant memory. Anxious to keep working out and continue to improve my results.

6 1/2 months post op

I have been wheat free for a month now. Since giving up wheat I have experienced a lot less bloating and was finally able to break through my plateau. I've lost 6lbs and am only a couple pounds away from my goal now. More importantly, I am toning up a lot! I'm starting to see some definition in my stomach and that's really exciting for me! I am thrilled with my results! I do still noticed being more swollen in the evenings, but it's very manageable. Drink lots and lots of water!!!
Dr. Loessin

I choose my doctor based off of another patient's recommendation. I researched him and liked what I saw. When we met I felt at ease and was excited by his optimism.

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It was so great reading your story! My husband is currently deployed and I just gave birth to our third child 6 months ago (I was pregnant when he left) Im having my TT while he's away and was so excited to see your results! We have very similar body types. It makes me even more excited for homecoming =)
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You look great! Thanks for some insight about your sleeping arrangement, I am in a similar predicament. Also, I too have a 2 1/2 yr old, how was it not being able to lift your child & how long did you have to wait to do so. Thanks.
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Thank you! It was probably about 6 weeks before I picked up my little one, and even then I was super careful and really tried to avoid it at all cost. He understood that Mommy had a "sore belly" and was pretty good being gentle around me. It was a good time for him to become more of a "big boy" and do more walking for himself ;)
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You look great!!
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Thank you so much!
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Thanks for all the info. You look marvelous!
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Thank you :)
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Thanks for shedding light on this tunnel! Seems like forever but I guess in retrospect this time will fly by. Just can't wait for that to happen.
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Thank you so much for your comprehensive posts on your TT. You and I seem to have a similar body type per TT. I just tarted my TT adventure... in process of consultations. This was a big help! Thank you!
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So glad I could help. I know that trying to find someone similar to me made the process easier to deal with :) Good luck!!!!
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I'm having the same bulge been wear cg still swelling I hope it goes away going on week 3 this week :/ I hope it goes away it just above the incision. You look great;)
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My bulge is gone! I don't wear my compression garment regularly anymore and have graduated to wearing a bikini at the beach :) I still have some weight to lose, but am so happy with my results. It took a solid 8 weeks for my swelling to subside considerably.
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Awesome! You go girl!!!!
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Didn't realize you had the lipo on your flanks. Hmmm. Wish I had done that. I've gone from 172 to 164 and am 5' 8 3/4" tall. You sure look slim around the waist. Lovely!
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It was my surgeon's suggestions, but quite honestly my flanks don't seem much different to me than they were before surgery. That's definitely the area I need to work on now.
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So flat!!
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You look great! Thank you sooo much for sharing your story! Congratulations on your amazing results!
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You look fabulous!! Did you have a mommy makeover with tt, lipo and boobs? Basically. What all did you h a ve done!!!
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Just the tt and lipo on my flanks.
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Your new pics look JUST LIKE ME! I'm amazed at how similar the results are. I still have that bit of swelling too, but I do like how the jeans and other clothes are fitting. Still have some work to do on the ba donk a donk though - LOL. I'm exercising more, yet cautious about ab work. When I can get back to that routine, I'm certain this will all look better. My scar is still purple, but it's healing well and looks better every day. The vitamin E (Bio-oil) works well and is smoothing and softening everything; the Mederma makes me itch, but I use that once a day too. Congratulations.
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I know you went back to the doctor today too. How are you doing? What did your doctor have to say?
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overall are you happy with doing it? how does your scar look? is it where you thought it would/or told it would be I go June 14 with Dr. Loessin I really liked him and the atmosphere of everyone there
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I am definitely happy I did it! I am still pretty swollen so that gets frustrating because I want to know what it will look like in the end. Even with the swelling, clothes fit SOOOO much better than they did before and I can't grab handfuls of skin. My scar is low in the front and then goes up a little bit higher on the sides (I think you can see it if you look at my pics), it is healing nicely though and coloring is getting better as it heals.
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I go friday to get sized and do pre op can you share anything that I might need to ask:) getting nervous thanks for sharing your story:)
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