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Hi everyone, so I did it! I have scheduled my...

Hi everyone, so I did it! I have scheduled my "mommy makeover"!!! :-) scared as heck, yes, but yay! I have a 6, 4, and 4 month old, and my cute little body I once had, lets just say it deflated lol. I am scheduled sept 15th, so reality hasn't hit me yet but I def have anxiety just thinking about it. I am a DD large ol' birthing hips with some muffins and cookies mixed in. Lol. My warrior marks, which spreads across my belly and back, and the ever lovely pooch. I'm getting a full tummy tuck, lipo to flanks, and a lift (yay). I'm nervous as heck, and I have Googled just about everything on tummy tucks. Any tips out there are welcome. I'm going to have full care for about 10 days, my 2 eldest goes to shoo and I will have just my then 5 month old. Nervous I'd that's enough time? Any who I'm hoping for a fast recovery great results and no regrets! I will keep you posted!!

date changed to 17th

So my procedure has been changed to Wednesday September 17, three extra days to freak myself out lol. So far, when I start getting that gut grabbing twinge of anxiety I pass it off and tell myself I still a while lol. So from my reading I see recliner or couch, which one of you seasoned ladies suggest? My bed is more ideal even though it's up a flight of stairs, I'm planning on coming up them once and it becoming my own recovery habitat ha ha. My only recliners are down stairs where helpers and kids will be, I may be able to talk hubby into brining it up. Worth it yay or nay?

Pre Op tomorrow!

So my pre obs tomorrow.....I can't believe I am going to be getting naked in front of a stranger that here in a few weeks will be slicing it open. Lol. I'm doing the trip alone, hubby working. Its surreal, but im still scared as hell.

Extended tummy tuck!!!

Ok guys, yesterday I went in git felt up, and because of my anatomy they are going to do an extended tummy tuck, no lipo, and I will be In Surgery For 5 Hours!!!!! anyone relate? Kinda disappointed about no lipo but he said it would be 8 hrs if he did lipo and he's not doing that....

closing in

Omg, my tummy tuck is 13 days away!! I find myself thinking things like what am in doing? I don't want to anymore... Yes I do. I'm sorry nervous!!! Super scared! Hoping it's not to horrific. ...ahhhhhhhh

omgosh. cold feet. 2 days terrified!

2 days ahh so scared. In getting cold feet!!!!! I'm going under for abut 5 hours anyone else go under that long? What's the chance is blood clots?? Any mary Jane smokers out there, when did you stop smoking?? im freaking!!!!

surgery day 1 ouch!!

Ok, I went under the knife today. I went in at 830 they started worKing on me probably around 930, I came out of anesthesia around 5. I was shocked why do long, It was supposed to be 5hours mot 7 1/2..... my doc said he needed to do an extended all the way to my back instead of a slight extended. Let me tell you, I woke up and my first thought was I have to pee. They kept saying "I know sweetie" to really get there attention I said I don't want to pee on myself. They got me up OUCCHHJ walked to bathroom. ...OUCHHH.... went pee then sat on chair. I was shivering uncontrollably, I was freezing. They wrapped me in warm towels x I felt nauseous and all I wanted to do was lay down but they wouldn't let me I was already up. I overheard the owner asking how if I was ok, that kinda scared me. ....

Ok I'm not going to lie to you ladies it hurt..I wanted to scream and cry, I had a weird taste in my mouth, my mouth was super dry. And all I could think of was the pain abd said wtf did I do. Got wheeled to the car , got in and drove off (2 hours). I ended up taking a pain pill and it took the edge off. Finally got home, hunched over like a 90 yr old women. My hubby gave me an umbrella and his arm for support, had to pee, ouch.... emptied 50cc out of each ball got in my recliner, water, ginger ale, watermelon and my pills. I keep wiggling my toes to try to keep blood clot chance down, don't know if it makes a difference but shoot it's the only part I can move that doesn't hurt. I have an alarm for every 4 hours for my pain pills. I fell asleep for a few hours but darn my back sore and I can't tell if its my tummy that hurts or this extremely tight wrap. I nOw hate my recliner lol. Ok pitty party over now. Oh and anyone interested, I can't feel my boobs, its my tummy, It doesn't even feel like they were worked on. My next appointment is Friday not looking forward to it, but they said Monday was to long to go. I'm nervous about how long I was under but It is done and over with. Only time can tell.......


So today was a bad day. The pain sucks and getting up every three hours to walk is murder. I threw up, scary and painful. I think it's fRom the pain pills on a empty tummy. So as of now in on zero pain pills and I hurt. Bad. Tomorrow they want me to come back. I am not happy and I don't want to. ... as I stomp my feet. Lol..... My word for today is OUCH

abnormal bleeding? help!

While walking to the bathroom, i saw compression garment discolored, it's black but I saw red discoloration, it's blood! Wtf, an I going to be ok. I also feel rattling in my chest. What do I do 2 day post

day 2

So I can't seem to stop coughing, I told my ps assistant and she just said oh ok...I don't know if im getting sick or what but coughing hurts!!!!! The bleeding was from drains she cleaned it and dressed me back up. She says every thing looks great. Im sore from coughing and I have not been taking pain pills because the last thing I want is to throw up again. Anyone else have coughing fit? Hoping it passes soon. Sore sore sore but on positive note, My Hubby got to see my belly and he says it looks amazing! :-):-) no boobie peak though, Monday drains come out. If I do have a cold how long is these painful coughs going to hurt? Nervous about that....

bored and uncomfortable

It's only been 3 days and I'm dying inside. So bored I want to get up and run stretch turn and wiggle. ....but I can't I'm restricted to this damn recliner. My back belly and legs hurt. Ugh. I'm tired but can't seem to sleep for more than a few hours. My necks got a cramp and my coughing sucks. I didn't realize how much time this would take. I Mean I knew, but it was not my reality. ... i want to say i don't want to do it anymore but thats impossible, i can't go back in time and they certainly can not staple my fat back on me.....soo 10 more dAys of help then I'm by myself with my 5 month old & 2 kids that will need to be picked up and dropped off at school, nervous about that. Hopefully I will be recovered well enough, don't know what will happen If I'm not. ......

day 4 post op

Well, I Woke up this morning feeling very sore stiff ect. Have not gotten up yet, since I don't take pain pills now when I wake up I take two extra strength Tylenol and wait for 15 min before I get up. Yesterday was a good day, I ended up taking two pain pills which makes me feel so much better. But I get dizzy and nauseous. Still can't stand 100 of the way up, which my ps assistant said I should have been able to do after 2 days. I still feel tight and I feel very very swollen today. I'm nervous about getting up because it's going to hurt....day 4 I thought should be a turning point. I'm still coughing which sucks. I hate sitting still and feeling like this. I miss my kids I Miss my hubby I miss my bed....uhhhhhhh....... oh also very itchy. Hoping that is a good sign. So ready to get out of this chair!!!!!

some pic

Some pic x not great but my garment ,my balls, weird bruise on my thigh and side shoot of the flat belly I have missed since I Was 18! Now to get through this pain. ....4 days post tummy tuck and breast lift

hunched! day 4

Day 4 has been best day yet! Finally feeling better.... as long as I'm sitting. I'm sTill hunched pretty bad, don't know how to help that, I walk about every three hours for a lap or two (3 min) but get so sore back and sharp tugging at my insicion sight and under my boobs. I get so tired and shaky. Im itchy, and uncomfortable, I Want To lay down on my bed lol. But my spirits are high it's getting easier to be me today! So happy how skinny my tummy looks haven't seen it yet but over the garment I look great! I can't wait tomorrow to get to see my boobs and belly hopefully a clean garment because let's face it, this one's nasty. Im really really hoping for a good report tomorrow, I Am going to be 5 days post, and hope to be able to go upstairs and shower (15 steps). I am seeing that I am more impatient Then I thought. On day 13 I will be going back to normal routine full time care for my 5 month old driving my 4 & 6 year old to school. I am seriously considering getting a baby sitter for that week to help with my 5 month old (15 lbs) for that week maybe half time.... taking it a day at a time, what's your ladies experience with hunching? I took some pics Plz Share!!
dr. William Welch

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Sending you healing Angels and positive vibes. Xoxo
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Hi good see your on the recovery road am on day 6 and i just cant seem to feel good today ystday was not bad today is just not good. This is what they warned about the ups and downs. I woke up and ate carbs and have not felt good since got this massive headache have slept and slept cant shift the headache. My sis got me some extra strength tylenol which i am yet to open! U have given me a brilliant idea am opening them asap. Hope it makes me feel better. So that turning point will come but i think we shld set our minds to abt day 10-14 so were not dissappointed everyday. Dont think about being in d chair and missing the family try and relax so the recovery wld speed itself up. Its a waiting game i guess. Take care and stay strong xxx
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Thanks, I would definitely take the Tylenol. Just know that as far as pain it is no were as satisfying as pain killers. Lol. Ugh I only have 13 days of help then I'm by myself with my 5 month old. I'm nervous about that as the day get closer. Have you got your drained removed? I am tomorrow, hope it Doesn't Hurt
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Dont worry u'll fine in 13 days am sure by 2 weeks is always a good point. But to be honest i cld not imagine being on my own with a 5 month old anytime soon. R u sure u cant recruit any extra help? My drains were removed day 2 the nurse just asked me to relax and deep breaths not to stiffen myself and it was painless. She also said its better to cut the tubes off the drains thats her method it dint hurt at all. All the best for 2mrw i get to see my scars as well. Xx
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I am trying but im finding it hard to find help for just these days I might need to look into a sitter or something. i will just have to wait and see
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Pineapple would be perfect for you during this timeframe because of the bromelain helping with the bruising. I totally know the place you're in with the boredom and targeting recovery just know every day you get stronger and every day things get better. Hang in there!!!
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I hear pineapples are 5 times better than cough syrup,maybe you can try it. I hope it helps and you feel better soon.
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Ohh I love pineapple do you think it might be much on tummy?
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Just eat a little or drink a little whichever you decide. I think it will be okay. It's fruit but yes very citric,so take it easy.
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I had alot of coughing the first 2 days I kept sipping cold water when I felt it coming on and it did help, give it a try
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I would personally call my ps ASAP. My antibiotics&meds are causing the rattling in chest. Hoping your ps can address your concerns.
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Sorry that's happening. Keep us posted on things.
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It also happened to me, I was leaking from my drain site, everything was fine just needed to change dressings more often. But call and check with your PS.
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Ty makes me feel better. They are having me come in At 2 not happy about the 2 hourdrive....
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Better to have it checked out but I wouldn't worry, make sure to take your meds to get you through the journey and let us know how you get on .
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To be safe I would call your PS.
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Hang in there, it will get better
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Hope you feel better soon. I was always so worried about getting nauseated. Next week will be better, I promise:)
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Congrats!!! It will be worth the pain!! Can't wait to see your results.
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Get you rest&stay hydrated with lots of pineapple juice or coconut water,it helps with the swelling. Happy Healing.
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I'm so happy you made it through the surgery. Definitely has its adventures, crazy ones at that. Try to rest keep on your meds schedule and don't be afraid to ask for help! Keep us posted how you're doing.
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You're going to do amazing! It's totally normal to have a freak out but you'll be so happy when it's all over. Mind you that a few months from now but we're all here with you!
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Best Of Luck!
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Good luck noelle6789! You are going to do great!!! Praying for all to go well.
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Hey hun had mine today! Do not worry at all am fine. Glory to God just very sleepy. U'll be fine.
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