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Tummy Tuck Failed! - Tampa, FL

Had mini abdominoplasty & breast aug 2 yrs ago...

Had mini abdominoplasty & breast aug 2 yrs ago. Diaco himself was pleasant, and augmentation turned out well, but tummy tuck did not resolve the loose skin and wrinkles from 3 kids. Had to be cut open again, in his office (not a pleasant experience) to take out more skin. Still looks terrible. I'm now left with not only the loose, wrinkly skin, but a very noticeable scar and 2 pockets of scar tissue from drainage tubes. He tells me now I'll prob need full tummy tuck to correct my issues.

For now, they can do skin firming treatment, but it will cost me another $1,100 out of pocket (my initial surgeries cost me $12,600). When I voiced my frustration to Wendy, the office manager, she insisted that the $1,100 was fair, and that I had had a successful procedure, though I told her I'm very unhappy. See my "after" photo and decide for yourself if my procedure was successful.

Tampa Plastic Surgeon

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Dominican has docs that would do a better job n for cheap.. Also other docs in the US
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Dominican Republic
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I had my first consult for a mommy makeover about 18 months ago. He suggested a "really good tummy tuck" then come back for the breasts later. I agreed. It has been almost 11 months since my TT, and I am feeling less hopeful that I am going to be happy with it. It is better than my original stomach, I had a lot of skin after 100lb weight loss, but it just doesn't look as good as I'd hoped. My scar is very crooked, starting to dog ear on the sides, I have uneven indentions/buldges from the lipo above the scar, and where he tightened the muscles, I am thicker in that area by at least 2 inches (almost flush with my non-augmented breasts now). I have been reading about a possible revision, but I am of the thought, if he didn't do a great job first time around, why take the chance on him again? Sounds like from your experience, I am making the right choice on not going back for him to correct this issue. I'd heard he was one of the best in this area, but I'm thinking now the TT isn't his specialty. Any recommendations on another surgeon?
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Sorry to hear yours didn't turn out well either. My scar is also very nasty looking (my C-section scar wasn't even this bad). I highly recommend NOT doing a revision with Diaco. He did mine in-office so I wouldn't have to pay hospital fees again. They numbed the area then opened me up, cut skin out and re-sewed me while I was awake on his table. It was horrible. And it looks no better now. No, unfortunately I can't recommend another surgeon. I thought Diaco was the best too, but now ppl tell me it's just b/c he has radio publicity and does a lot of models' breast augs, but that he's really not that good.
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I'm so sorry I'm going through the same thing. I'm so unhappy with my minituck
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Sorry to hear that. I've been hearing that a lot of doctors have stopped doing mini tucks b/c so many ppl are unhappy with the results. Wish I'd known that. I would've gladly saved for a full and had it done correctly.
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Don't waste money on skin tightening. It will take a full tummy tuck to fix this. I know you are frustrated, so am I. I have an appointment Tuesday to discuss redoing mine.
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I appreciate the advice. I kind of figured I'd have to get a full, too. Just hurts cause it cost so much and didn't even help, and I just can't put my family into debt like that again. I hope you're able to fix yours.
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Welcome to the community.  I am sorry you have had to go through this twice already!!  UGH..

It definitely looks like you would benefit from a full tummy tuck.  How are your ab muscles??

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Thank you. Diaco recommended a mini b/c I had very little fat, but it wasn't enough to pull the skin taught in all the right places- I only wish I'd known - I would have saved and gone with a full. Ab muscles were repaired during surgery- no complaints there.
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That is good news about the ab muscles.  I know when I had mine repaired it took in my waist line about 3 inches:)

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Hello. I do you have any before pictures you could post? $12,000 does seem high to me for your procedures, but maybe that is a normal rate for your area/region. Did you ever get a second opinion?
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No, unfortunately I don't have my "before" pictures. I had more of an "apron"- my skin hung more before the procedure. Yes, I spent $12,600 for a mini tummy tuck and breast aug- that was after a $1,500 discount for doing 2 procedures at once. I believe it is average- Diaco does charge more than others, but I thought it was worth it for someone with such a good reputation. Guess I was wrong.
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