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I am so glad that I had the lifestyle lift. I am...

I am so glad that I had the lifestyle lift. I am not a brave person and I almost backed out. After I met my doctor I felt totally safe & secure & I knew I was in good hands.

I had my lift April 2010 and I am very pleased. I went home in May for a class reunion and everyone told me how great I looked. It brought me to tears. I had always had a double chin even as a teen and was very self conscience because they use to tease me.

I would do it all over again. I highly reccommend by doctor he has a true gift.

For those of you who requested close up pics with...

For those of you who requested close up pics with no make-up. I am happy to do this for you.

I am sorry for those of you who have had a bad experience. The pics I am up loading are all original pics taken at LSL before and after at 8 weeks, except the two ear pics which I had someone take Sat. Mar 19, 2011 with a digital camera 2 inches away from my ears without make-up so you can clearly see I do not have 5 inch scars down the side of my face. I hope this helps each of you to see that there are great surgeons out there and I had a great surgeon.

Clearwater Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr S has a wonderful talent and once I had my consultation with him, I knew I was in good hands. It was a great experience and I would do it again. I am not a brave person and was considering backing out before I spoke with Dr. S. I am so glad i had it done. He has a great talent.

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Great for you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!But look at all that did not.....

Hi BJ,

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I went on line because someone sent me an email and a question. So I replied. It is that simple. I am sorry if you you had a bad experience. My experience was good so I shared that experience.
Again why did yo wait so long to go on line???? And if you were happy you would not have bothered. seems strange to me. If I was happy I would not have bothered.
Darling, these are not SMALL SCARS these are at least 5 inches long and the ear lobes are no longer there !!!! you are so much in the dark...need to up date your self and further more all the procedures are done the same....You should see all these women that are complaining. You are probably a year in arrears. Why did all of a sudden you decided to go on line and check out LSL??? That is amazing in its self !!! because if you were happy 10 months ago why would you go on line and look up the complaints.. I did not just fall off the watermelon truck and neither did any of the other women that are complaining.
I did not have a lot of pain. You have to remember that anytime you get cut there are always muscles and nerves that will be numb for a time and yes there will always be small scars. Even if you cut your hand on a broken glass while washing dishes there will be a scar. My numbness is now gone and my scars are not red anymore or tender.My surgery was about 10 months ago. I think some people do go into it with unreal expectations. My doctor is very skilled and I have never had any other procedures done but now I am considering a filler under my eyes as I gave allergies and always a hollow look due to these allergies. I will go always go back to the same doctor. Before you make the move you should always check out your doctor first. Dr. Swerdloff is the best in thus area. Very happy with results. Always... Always research your doctor.
I agree with you they offered to redo me but I refused this is our face we are messing with..They did redo my son and he had a lot of pain and infection...The sad part he still looks the same with the turkey neck on the second go around.
Dear Loretta,
I'm so glad you are really happy and did not suffer the fate of so many others. Thank God! I'm so glad your good doctor was skilled in his stated proffession!! You do look great, and I'm so happy for you!! Did you ever have any pain around the scars? And how extensive was your nerve damage if any? How were your ears reattached? Did you ever have any lumps come up under your skin or suffer any infection. Did the Dr. leave sutchers sticking in your eyes? All these things happened to me. Have your results been as lasting here all these months later, so that you feel they look as good as when you were more freshly post op. I wish I knew more about the expected results of what a good Dr. would produce. I really would like to hear you post on these things, because so many of us have been lied to. My nerve damage has still not diminished and I'm post op 11mth. My doctor is no longer working for LSL and I found he had lost his license in IL for hurting a woman so badly with a lazer proceedure that it caused her to have to under go another proceedure. He had also been disciplined for narcotics in TN but still has his license. He messed me up and they have of course offered to schedual a free revision, but I think not. Not until I find out why there seems to be such a discrepancy in the doctors professional abilities that LSL hires, with such questionable backgrounds, and so many horrid results on record.

What great pics! Congrats on your result. Did you lose weight too (it looks like you did)?

No actually I did not loose any weight. But was very amazed at the results myself. I would definately do it again.