Day 1, So I found this site helpful but not...

Well technically it is day two. I had me surgery yesterday morning at 7am and left about 12/1pm I don't really remember. Day 1,

So I found some sites were helpful but none detailed enough for me OR MY AGE and not a mom, So I figured I would write a review for those of you who need a little more assurance. I am 25. 5'4, I was always a chubby child at the age if 15 I lost 80+lbs. My weight has always shifted between 130-140 BUT in the past years, with stress and talking birth control my weight would shift from 150-170 which I am not happy about. I have a hourglass shape and when I do gain weight it is proportiona so I can hide it well. I've always had big inner thighs that touch and rub even when I was down to 120lbs. I Have a short waist as well.

ANYWAY after 8 years of wanting lipo, because exercise and diet just never worked good enough for me, I decided to go for it! I started to get nervous but the staff and my mom and husband were very supportive and comforting! They explained everything very well to the point that I really had no more questions. 6am I was given Xanax, Vicodin, cephalexin, and promethazine. I waited about 15 mins or more then they started an IV just for precautions. I waited a bit more then kissed my man, and walking into the operating room. They washed me down with cold solution and then laid me down on the bed which had a warmer! Like a spa bed, it was very nice. The doctor told me when she was about to administer the tiny shots to numb the areas "just a little pinch" and some burning. Not too bad :) I do have 30 tattoos tho lol. Anyway.

After that they put in a small cannula it inject the numbing and fluid underneath your skin where they will be takin out the fat. The feeling was like when your dog jumps up on you like a heavy pressure or when someone heavy sits on you. Not painful just more of annoying pressure. After than you start to feel nothing. No pinch, no pressure. You do slowly feel lighter which was a funny but comforting feeling! After they have done all the areas they sit you up, but you in your pressure garment and give instructions. I walked out like I has just gotten a massage....Well waddled out because the compression garment feels like you're from the 1800s wearing a girdle. The medicine did make me very sleepy. I could have fallen asleep in the operating table but I am too nosey and like to know what is going on. The nurse and the doctors were adorable! They Let me pick which pandora channel of music I want the listen to and we just had lots of casual conversations. A very pleasant experience!

Aside from being tired I was very hungry! I had eaten a waffles at 5am, went in for operation at 7am and was done by 12pm. I went to longhorn after actually and ate a whole steak then went to the car and slept on the way home. Had some apple juice and slept till 7? Then took more pain medicine and tried to text my friend but since I couldn't see straight, almost like I was drunk, I gave up and went to bed.

Day 2

not much pain. I am a side sleeper so I kept wanting to turn over but I could not because I did not want to mess up my healing shape. Not much of appetite today. my grandma made me a boiled egg and toast which was really good! so I must have been hungry I just didn't feel it. Took my antibiotic and Vicodin then took a long nap Hubby came by gave me Gatorade WHICH is the best after is surgery! I feel liKe it put a lot back in me and made me feel much better. Drank a few glasses of waters-down apple juice which was good as well. Grandpa gave me some cookies and water melon chunks so I ate that then took my two medications again and took a nap. For dinner I had cookies and milk and more medicine. Cookies and Milk was NOT a good idea.. made me feel very nauseous and full and disappointed in myself of course because those are not healthy choices... I think I will stick with Gatorade and juice for the next couple of days, ESPECIALLY because I DO want to loose more weight. My tummy and legs looks sexy, but I need to lose the fat in my face and arms and build muscle. I can't wait till I can work out! I hope I can do this and didn't just waste $7k to be a fat lazy person again. I took a shower. It was nice, but I was too light headed to really enjoy it. DEFINITELY make sure you have one to help chance your pads/help you in and out of your bath, and wash things for you. You will feel weak and you do not want to be alone for faint trying to do all those things.

Keep Hydrated. Im doing great so far! when I took off my garment I would dramatically see results! I love my body and it is not even close to being normal yet, still swollen and bruised but I am already 100% happier


I can absolutely SEE a difference in my body! Although...I would not want to go out in a bathing suit just yet, because bruising is not very attractive, lol. TODAY I did wake up with more pain than normal, but not an all over pain, more of sharp pinches in the incision areas. Im guessing that it is just the tumescent, which I think is the fluid that numbs you during surgery, is just wearing off. I ate an egg and toast and bacon for breakfast, and took my antibiotic and HALF a Vicodin. They make we very sleepy and since I have a Haircut tonight, on a client, I do not want to have anything in my system. So anyway. so far I am super excited. I can't wait for these random sharp pains to go away. Im ready to go shopping for a sexy little outfit!

Day 3!

Doing great. Hurts a little and my thighs feel more swollen,but I did staid for a few hours yesterday (went to work, im a hairdresser) took my last antibiotic today! Still taking Arnica and half a pain pill if I feel the need. I took a shower alone yesterday and felt much better. I could see the result much more too! Tonight is our 5 year anniversary so I will post picture of what I look like today(day 3) later

Day 4 (mistake)

Doing great. Hurts a little and my thighs feel more swollen,but I did stand for a few hours yesterday (went to work, im a hairdresser) took my last antibiotic today! Still taking Arnica and half a pain pill if I feel the need. I took a shower alone yesterday and felt much better. I could see the result much more too! Tonight is our 5 year anniversary so I will post picture of what I look like today(day 4) later

Day 5

Feel very bloated today. Still taking half a pain med in the morning and night. Not really because of my surgery but because the area where my iv was is swollen and makes my whole arm hurt excuriantly. Went to the movies last night which was uncomfortable to sit. Also I am still draining. Doing ok though. Can't wait till the swelling goes down and I can start to really feel sexy . My clothes do fit much better tho I feel great!

2 1/2 weeks post

2 1/2 weeks post. Got new garment Sooooooo Much more comfortable I actually enjoy being in it lol. Still lumpy bumpy feeling a little less bloated and swollen. Some feeling returning but not 100% back yet. Happy and hopeful!

4 weeks post

Getting better everyday :) walked around disney world yesterday and no swelling in my thighs. Yay!

1 month

2 months post

Still some numbness in my inner thighs and lower abdomen, weight is still the same my clothing just fits smoother, which I love. My back bra line I feel was a bust, doesn't look different at all. But it's only been two months and most people said they saw the most change within a year do fingers cross! Also still lumpy.
Sonobello Dr. A. Azharian

Wonderful experience!! Very sweet, very professional! Realist, but definitely understands your wants and does a great job explaining what will work and what will be best for your body type.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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Also do you have a side view of your before and your now because my stomach still isn't flat. They are saying it is still swollen but I wear my garment almost everyday all day. Somedays it is flatter than others but lately it hasn't been really pudgy. I also have my menstrual could that be an "issue"?
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Sometimes my tummy is puffy then others. I don't have a before side view but I'll make sure to take one when I go back in March for my 3 month update. Some days I'm lumpy and bumpier that normal which yes is upsetting I'm trying to stay hopeful tho!
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Do you feel like your inner thighs have changed any? I had my inner thighs done and it seems no results. I am sad about that. Also have you changed your eating habits? Are you working out? If so what do you do differently and what is your intake in terms of food. I want the best results possible. We are pretty much on the same journey. I had my surgery December 6th.
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Oh wow! We are very close! Mine was at the End of November. I feel like my thighs have change but not enough. I saw how much they took out so I'm hoping it will keep shrinking, they are actually still numb, are yours? I have stop drinking as much but have not changed my eating habits as much as I need too. I also have not started working out. They made me so scared that I was going to hurt something since I'm still numb I have not started yet, i would assume that would help results better. Though my tummy is flatter I still weigh the same as I did the day of my surgey.
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MCM88 and WellDeserved, I'm a little confused. Are you the same person? I have a consult tomorrow in Tampa and thank you so much for sharing your pictures and review. I have a similar body shape and issues I want to address. If I do this, I'm going to ask for the same doctor you had. It looks like you had this a year ago. How is it all going? Thank you.
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no, not the same person. Ive only had my done about 2 months ago :] I'll post a photo today for you
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Nope...not the same person. :) I live in Wa and went to Athenix for my procedures. Look at my review...very different..
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Where did you get your garment from? Does it compress your thighs well?
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yes, compresses my thighs too and my back. I got it from SonoBello
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Thank yoi
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@McM88, congratulations for taking this huge step! I am super proud of you for losing 80+ pounds and for now addressing those stubborn fat deposits that resist dieting and exercising. From your pictures, I can tell a difference, even just a few days post-surgery. Just wait until you're 6 months post-surgery!! You will be more than pleasantly surprised with the results next June when you shop for a new swimsuit, and yet even more pleased in 12 months, next December! You will never regret having the liposuction, I promise. As a personal comment, I've discovered that liposuction truly is 'forever' in the treated areas. I had liposuction to remove my ugly, exercise-resistant, inherited 'saddlebags' almost 24 years ago when I was 43 years old. Yep, you read it correctly! I'm now 67 years old, and the 'saddlebags' have never returned, not even a hint of a 'saddlebag'. Our body builds are different (I'm 5'9" and weigh 138 pounds, which is basically what I weighed in high school) and our treatment areas are different, but I actually joined in your discussion to share with you that the fat cells removed via your liposuction are permanently removed, gone forever in the specific areas treated. Before the lipo to remove the 'saddlebags' inherited from my mother, I was basically two different sizes, a size 6 on the top and a size 8 on the bottom. After all the swelling totally went away, I was a size 6 on both the top and the bottom. Looking back at that time period, I can remember seeing immediate results and then, in retrospect, I realize that the residual swelling probably took almost a year to disappear totally, at least in my particular case. In other words, my lumpy 'saddlebags' were reduced and smoothed very soon after surgery, but my lower hip shape and measurement gradually became smaller and smaller over a one year time span. As my plastic surgeon told me 24 years ago, the liposuction would not make my body look like an 18 year old's perfect body in a bikini, but it would allow me to wear tight knit skirts or skinny pants without ever having to worry about lumps, bumps, or unsightly fat bulges. He was right!! By the way, just remember that it's still possible to gain weight after liposuction in areas that were not treated, so watch what you eat and keep active. Again, I'm so proud of you and wish you the best!! Regards, Barb (aka 'old enough to be your Grandmother')
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Happy anniversary! Hope you had fun.
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thank you!
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oh and I just read your update, Happy Anniversary! :)
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Wow you look so good, even in your garment and pads you look smaller! Your Grama had the right idea with eggs n toast...keep up with lots of protein for healing and weight control..LOTS of water! Stay away from the sugary drinks they will honestly cause more bloating. You can do it though, don't doubt yourself! you lost 80 lbs before and that's not easy to do!
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Thank you so much for your encouragement! You really made my day!! :]] yes I was to try and want to eat healthy because I definitely still want to lose weight! Should I stay away from apple juice? I have been watering it down (half water half juice) but If it is still going to make me bloated I can stop drinking that.
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Your welcome! I am always hesitant to "give advice" as I dont want to sound bossy...Mom of 5 here though so its in my nature. ;) Anyway, I really would stick to only water. I add lemon to mine to change it up sometimes. Also lemons are a natural diuretic and help you flush out excess water. I make this a habit myself. I would rather eat my calories than drink them. Watering down the apple juice does help but it is still pretty sugary. I can tell you though from personal experience, lots of protein with tons of veggies and some fruit helps keep a healthy weight and I honestly feel SO much better when I stick to this. No ups and downs with my energy etc. Also protein aids in healing. Also are you taking Arnica? I am still taking it here and there on my extra bloated days and I barely bruised at all. Its great stuff!
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lol No I love advice. Especially from people who understand what I'm going through and/or went through :] Im sticking with water! I will have to get some lemons tho! What is the best kind of protein? And yes I am still taking Arnica. I have a lot of bruising where my pooch was, but everywhere else is not too bad, also considering I am anemic they are helping well.
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Do you know how to edit your reviews? I have a few misspellings and the wrong amount of days posted (thats what I get for typing with Vicodin in my system lol) but anyway, I was just wondering if there is a way to edit them. I want this is be helpful and understandable for others.
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ok thats good. :) I suggest eggs, hard boiled so that you dont have added fat and calories from cooking in oil, cottage cheese, but not yogurt as it is high in sugar unless you get plain, yuk! baked or grilled chicken breast and any other lean meat. We seriously eat all meets, lamb, pork, beef, chicken, a nice variety in moderation. Love seafood too and Shrimp are very high in protein and pretty much non fat. The George Foreman grill is seriously my new best friend as cheesy at that sounds, it cooks SO fast and perfectly. Of course many veggies have a surprisingly high amount of protein, like asparagus, broccoli and kale to name a few. I have actually had a few people PM me asking what my diet is like so I am going to post my usual daily diet on thurs when I update. During the week while I work I stick to the same eating routine and on the weekends not so much. Im usually too busy running around to do it. Anyway, I have always been anemic as well and had to take iron supplement. Then in the last 6 months I have made myself eat consistently instead of skipping meals and for the first time in my life, my iron and other vitamins are on track..crazy. Anyway, keep up the good work your going to feel back to normal in no time! :)
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No unfortunately there isnt..I have tons of errors on my review...oh well, I think most people are understanding to Vicodin writing and also being in a hurry, thats me most of the time, in a hurry and dont proof read well enough :)
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