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After two years of pain and suffering all my...

After two years of pain and suffering all my efforts paid off.Just to think in start telling my story tears suddenly pop-up in my eyes as I remembered what happened to me. I had what most people called porcelain face, until a MD gave me the wrong meds which on a 4th of july gave me a bad case of Acne, and all the ugly things that comes with it.SCARS gallure, so I tried it all listening to my derm whom by the way seem to only care for the money, Teo years now and I have it all under control,just cause i studied and did an extensive re-search on this matter. Now that my face is Acne free I did microdermabration and laser genesis,it worked so good I'm actually amazed,Im only telling the good but the bad wash sooo bad i wanted to die, i gained 20lbs i can't get rid of,I still have scars to deal with left from the acne but after all I'm alive and proud that I did all to help myself cause we are the ones who suffer so we take charge. Don't give up cause few years down the road you will be able to see results and all the thing you do will work so you can fee like. Do today. Choose a good practice to perform your treatment and ask all the questions you fee neccesary


Hello Britt,
Yes I will do Three more treatments each with a month apart to obtain maximun results.
I still have dark spot from the Acne scars for which I just go with a lite loose powder vesus before the micro and laser gemesis i had to cover it with make up, few layers of foundation follow up with few other steps of setting powder and last blush, only then my face look semi-decent.
At this point I'm very comfortable with the appearance of my face so for me the one treatment is effective. Ill do more just so i go make up free like i used to.
I'm amazed with the overall look i got from this one time and how people tell me how good my skin looks. I highly recommend it.
A year ago my derm told me this was the way to go once i get my acne under control, but it seem so out of my reach as one section was 375. But i found this other place where they were Running a special for only 99. I figured I do 3 for the price of one. I am really happy because I got to the point where i had lost faith. Waited an entire year to see my face clear, even skin tone. So patience paid off.
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That's great anabella, I'm so glad even though the first place told you basically "No" you were able to still find a solution from another place. It's nice the one time worked so well, hopefully that means the other two will work amazing and you will be able to no wear makeup again. Keep us updated.



Hi anabella, 

Thanks for the review. I'm so glad you are finally finding help for you acne scars. It sounds like you are in good spirits and the procedure went well. Do you have to go back again or was the one time enough? Please keep us updated.



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Hi: I read your review and think that's an amazing price to pay for such a good improvement. I only have one acne scar but it's on the tip of my nose and it's from a procedure that my derm did to remove a pre-cancerous lesion. It wouldn't bother me but since it's on my nose I feel very self conscious. Would you please tell me the name of the Dr. who helped you. Thank You, Sharon

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Photo Update


After few years of struggle with my Acne situation I am now free and clear of it with few episodes here and there. I actually went to school and became a Skin specialist to be able to understand better my condition and also help others, I am now doing my own facial creams based on natural ingredients and the help of Microdermabration ,Laser machines with very high Tech tools that actually delivers excellent and long lasting results but at first it took me a while and lots of tears before I found the solution, At times I still use chemicals I also used lots of Retin-A and others, it was painful God it was terrible! Now I learned to live and accept the few flaws that are left,but luckily the scars has gone away with my own compounds,true is I got anxious following the Derm low paste cause meanwhile my face was getting worse by the minute,she started me with low doses of the common creams to treat Acne and antibiotics reason why I went and got my own resources. There is nothing like being able to show your better face but it does takes time and lots of patience,acquiring knowledge is the way to go! Please feel free to ask me any further questions and to all of you whom reply to my post I offer my apologies for taking this long to answer. Thank you all!
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Hello! I assume by now you have done some of the few things you've mentioned. I like to say that doing certain Laser procedures can be like playing the lottery you can get lucky as we as very unfortunate, for some of us with Olive skin Laser at times is not the best way to go as it can cause hyper pigmentation and other damages to the skin which will only complicate more the situation. I will choose rather few sections of Microderm, perhaps TCA peelings( at first can be harsh but if done by an experienced professional it is magical) and lots of facial scrubs made out of natural ingredients such as Oatmeal and baking soda ( if skin not too sensitive or abused by chemical adding Lime is a great help to lighten the skin) Hope things are better for you by now!
HI there! How did the Genesis go??

Acne breakout 2009 to present

I have been suffering from this allergy reaction I had on July 2 2009 due to tetracycline, what I have gone through no words can express the constant struggle the fear of my entire face getting full of acne again, luckily I found another aid in controlling it which is called Tazorac that is a charm, at first sign of acne coming out I apply it and in less than 2-3 days totally clear. And one of my life savers have been chemical peels TCA if done by one with knowledge and experience it is the answer to get rid of that horrible looking old skin and scars. It can also help for Acne however I find it more effective for dark spots scars fine lines and wrinkles, and over all turn over of dead dull skin
VI peels it is 100% effective on active Acne and more, this is a more expensive alternative I would say but wow it is sooo worth it.
I also did lots of face wash with baking soda and lime when my Acne was painfully out of control. I believe that helped a lot in controlling the oils and bacteria.
I went and got my skin care license as well so now I offer help to those in need with different techniques mainly homeopathic solutions. I don't do this full time due to lack of time but if one need any advice I am able to signin real self from time to time and post my own experiences and some other things that can help the community.


Thank you for sharing your experience! My skin just broke out last year in the worst case of acne I have ever had. I am left with many red marks from popped pimples. Do you think I will see results from 3 laser genesis spaced over 3 weeks? How many treatments before the red marks are completely gone? My boyfriend's birthday is in 3 weeks and I would like a lot of improvement before then.
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Hi Mille211: I'm sorry I'm not the person that can help you. I inquired about the laser genesis but never had it done. I'm still trying to hide the pitted scar on my nose from 2010. It's better but I still feel self conscious about it. I've tried all kinds of home remedies but it still hasn't smoothed down to the match the rest of my skin. If you find a good remedy for it please let me know. Good Luck!
Try a clarisonic and a good BHA exfoliant. I use both and I think it helps a lot and is well worth the money.
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Micro-dermabration and laser genesis after two years of treatment for severe acne.

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