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I decided to give KOR a try due to their claim of...

I decided to give KOR a try due to their claim of being less painful than others. I had ZOOM about 4 years ago, and remember getting those zingers. KOR involved at home bleaching along with in office whitening. WORST PAIN ever. Like electric was passing through my teeth. Only whitened a few shades, definitely not worth pain or $.
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Thanks for writing a review!  How did you feel the KOR compared to Zoom price-wise in your area?  You mentioned the Zoom zingers.  I've read that most people experience them afterward.  Was that your experience with KOR as well?  Or was it during the actual bleaching procedure?  Was the amount of whitening comparable using the two different procedures?  I hope you don't mind answering these questions--it's such a perfect opportunity because you've done both!

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So sorry, I just saw this. Kor was more expensive and just as painful. My teeth did get several shades whiter, but nothing that at home treatment wouldn't have done!
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