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I did the laser procedure, to look as healthy and...

I did the laser procedure, to look as healthy and refreshed as possible.

I'm Jennifer and work for Dr. Richard Castellano.  I have seen the dramatic results in patients that have had laser procedures, so decided I would like to enjoy those same results.

I had the laser procedures several weeks ago. That same day, I was working by early afternoon.  I felt no discomfort at all. My results are significant. I went to a neighborhood party yesterday and got rave reviews!

I originally was focusing on my upper lip, chin and cheek areas.  Dr. Castellano also suggested the laser around my eye area.  I am so glad I took his expert eyes turned out beautifully! My skin looks fresh, smooth and healthy.

I'm soon approaching my 59th birthday.  I am going to look fabulous for 59...and I'm loving it!

I agree danaruns.... the bleeding and scabbing takes you out of commission for at least a week. It sure wasn't a fractional co2 used. Some people !!

Thanks for you feedback. It was my oversight that I forgot to mention that I do work from my home was working the same afternoon. I felt fine after the my case had no discomfort.
I did experinece redness. In approximately a week, the redness had started to subside, and I was able to apply makeup. At that point I was out and about, back in my normal routine.

Thanks again for you replies. I welcome your feedback.

I'm not buying it. I'm on Day 5 after fractional CO2 laser, and am still red, swollen and can't go out in public. To say you had it, it was painless and you were back at work the same day just cannot possibly be true.
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