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I'm going for a lower face-lift to take care of my...

I'm going for a lower face-lift to take care of my jowls and banding on my neck. I had a full face lift 21 years ago and this is way overdue. I'm super nervous because I'm alone for this. I've hired a nurse to take me home from surgery and stay with me over the first night. After that I'm on my own. I have a neighbor who has volunteered but I don't feel comfortable with him seeing me lying in bed.... I also have 2 little dogs that I'm worried about. I know I'll get thru this but at my age, 73, it might be a bit tough. I'm in great health so hopefully I'll heal ok. This surgery is what I want so I pray everything will go ok. Please bear with me and be my cyber buddies. Thanks.


We will definitely "virtually" hold your hand through this. You sound like a go-getter and I'm glad you can get this done for yourself. I wonder how this recovery will compare to your full facelift...please keep us posted.

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Thanks for the support. When I had my facelift 21 years ago there was no internet and I went into the surgery without knowing a thing that was going to happen. The doctor never told me anything how to take care of myself afterwards. Now there is all sorts of info online. It's great. Thanks for you encouragement I'll be posting and hopefully taking pics....ugh.
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Things have come a long way huh???? Take pictures!!!! When is your surgery???

I think this is hopeless.

I cannot believe how awful my jaws and neck look. My face has few wrinkles but this picture shows the terrible truth. The doctor did say that he thought the banding on my neck was "unusual" but he felt he could correct it. The nurse was here today to meet me and the dogs and that went ok. Surgery is Monday the 28th. I'll keep you posted.


I've been reading some very scary things about neck lifts not turning out well at all. Lots of scarring under the chin and on the neck. having a neck lift had Does anyone know if there is much swelling around the eyes or black eyes? I didn't think there would be as much since that area isn't really involved.
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Sorry for the weird sentence construction....
Hey Tally! Get yourself some help for a few days, not just one. You will need it. I am 5 days out and doing everything on my on today, but the first AT LEAST 3 days you need HELP!
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Surgery went well.

Well the surgery went well today. The anesthetist said my doctor works very slow but he's very good. Made me feel better. It's been around 10 hours and all I have is a horrible headache. I was really dopey when I got home but I'm feeling better now. Tomorrow he takes out the drains. Yippee? So far no swelling or bruising but wait until tomorrow when it really kicks in. My person who is staying the night went to bed. I guess I really didn't need anyone. I'm in good condition. I help care for 42 horses and that's work. It's a horse rescue and we get most of our horses from the race tracks. I love it and can't wait to get back. I'll check in tomorrow with pics. Thanks for your support and concern.


Well I made my great debut today by going to the barn to see my friends, both human and horses. Everyone was so kind. Of course they all knew what I had done and several women were talking about getting their faces done. One of the younger women said I was beautiful. Even with my rash, she said that. It was a very good day.
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Oh forgot to mention that my neck and jaw look beautiful.
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