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I have a consult scheduled for Monday, June 30,...

I have a consult scheduled for Monday, June 30, 2014 with an ENT doctor to see if I am a candidate for a septoplasty. I think I may have a deviated septum due to an injury to my nose a few years back. I've been researching costs and see that in some cases, insurance will cover most of the cost. I am hoping this is the case for me. I didn't realize my nose was crooked until one day I was in the doctor's office with my daughter and her pediatrician said to me, " I can give you the name of a doctor who could fix that for you." Confused, I asked, "Fix what?" And she said, "Your nose. You have a deviated septum. You must have had some trauma to your nose..." I was extremely uncomfortable at this point because one, I did have an incident where I had been hit in the nose and didn't want to discuss it then, with her, and also, I didn't notice it before she mentioned it so I was suddenly very self- conscious about the whole thing. So, I lied and said I didn't remember any traumatic nose event, and managed to change the subject. Of course, after that exchange, every time I looked in the mirror I saw it. Thank you, Doctor. Anyway, I'm finally doing some things for myself after just not for so long, so this consult is the first step. Hoping I can fix the symmetry. Will take some pics.

A few pictures

You can see the asymmetry in these pics. I hadn't really noticed because I've always avoided pics whenever possible and was too busy raising kids to care. But I have serious allergy issues and some allergy- related asthma. And when it's bad I really feel it in my sinuses. I also get headaches that might be related to this injury (?)

Had consultation today...

The doctor was very engaging and informative. He sprayed something in my nose to numb it, then stuck a long tube (probe) up each nostril. I explained to him how I have been having this constant sinus pressure for as long as I can remember, primarily on the right side. The stuff he sprayed into my nose made me feel like a new person shortly after. The pressure in my head and around my eyes was gone! And I could breathe better! What a miracle! Anyway, he prescribed Astelen nose drops to be taken twice daily. I see him again in two weeks. It looks like I will be having a septoplasty done at some point. He explained that it would even out my nose significantly, but any cosmetics would be considered rhinoplasty and would be billed accordingly. He has many years of experience with both surgeries, and also teaches these procedures. So I feel that I am in the right hands at this point.

Azelastine Hydrochloride Nasal Spray

137 mcg... 30 ml... Taking it twice daily. 2 sprays in each nostril. Leaves a disgusting bitter taste after it travels from nostrils into mouth. But it works to clear the airway well, especially on my right side which seems to be my problem area. On the way home after the doctor put the initial sprays into my nose, I had a nasty greenish - yellow mucus appear which I had to spit out ( gross I know). This lasted for a few hours. I am blowing my nose fairly often now, but what comes out is clear now. It's only my third day on this med but it seems to be working well. No more head pressure and pressure around my eyes.

Next Appointment 7/22/14

I have been using the nose drops but they don't seem to be working as well as the ones the doctor used in his office. I'm still having the pressure headaches. I will be asking the doctor many questions at this visit regarding the septoplasty procedure. I have been reading a few reviews where they have gone wrong. Although I am getting less air in through my right nostril when I breathe in, this is livable for me. What is not, are the headaches, and the appearance of my nose due to the injury to it. I may even be willing to do some cosmetic work to improve it if the surgery can't restore my nose to its pre- injured state.

Scheduled surgery for 8/27

I went for my follow-up appt today. I told the doc the drops weren't cutting it for me. I am still getting the pressure headaches. He gave me the in- office spray that worked so well the first time, and again the pressure by my right eye alleviated. Since my problems seem to be getting worse I have decided to go ahead with the procedure. He will fix my deviated septum and address the middle turbinate problem that I have. He said I have a 70% obstruction. My nose should be straighter afterwards, but not perfect, as I don't have enough cartilage for him to fix it to its original state before the injury. Only an expensive rhinoplasty would fix that. Money I do not have. So I will go ahead with it and hope for any improvements in quality of life and aesthetics I can get at this time.

I wish I had a doctor in my family.

I recently found out that I had an abscess in my mouth that's been there for a few months. When I stopped to think about it, I realized that my headaches had increased in frequency during this time, and so did the pressure I sad experiencing near my right eye. This is the side where I had the abscess. So I'm wondering if the abscess had anything to do with that. I didn't have any tooth or mouth pain with the abscess, though. And it's too early to tell if those symptoms are cleared because I am just finishing up the antibiotic treatment. They say when your mouth is not right it affects your whole body so I'm just wondering. I have a pre- op appt on August 25. I'm working on a list of questions to ask the doctor. The receptionist said that I must stop taking all supplements three weeks before the op. I'm currently taking glucosamine, MSM powder, and omega 3 krill oil for my achy knees. Not wanting to stop that regimen as it seems to be working but I guess I must. Tomorrow will be my last day taking them until after the surgery.
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Hold up so I just read other comments so these pics are ones that show it?! I was actually gonna ask for pics that might show me something if u indeed have a ds it is not at all apparent in any of these pics, as a nurse I notice ds by looking up nostrils if there is a bump then usually but not always that is a good indication of a deviated septum I only care if my patient has one when I am doing a feeding tube through the nose other than that it's not important, do u have a bump when looking up your nostrils? Just curious
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Hi Island girl 03! There is actually a bump when you look up my left nostril. You can see the deviation there. It's not enough to completely block the flow of air. I actually seem to be able to breathe better on the left even though everything curves to that side. I have done the self tests where you breathe in thru each nostril while holding the opposite bod down and closed. I def breathe better on the left. But all of my head pressure is on the right along with nog getting as much aid on that side. I figured if my insurance would pay for this precedure then I should take advantage of that. While everyone says they can't see it, it does bother me aesthetically as well. I'm always taking pics with my head turned so that you can't really see it. Which is getting old. I have another appointment on the 18th with the surgeon so I will ask more questions about the actual procedure, etc. if he can straighten out the septum so my nose doesn't lean to the left and clear up the breathing part on the right I would be happy. Going to try to post more pics of the nose. It's caved in on the right. This is not so apparent I guess in the pics.
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Lordy sorry for all of the typos! Lol!
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Hey I understand I messaged u I can't figure out how to post pics I will look into it so I can I just got introduced to real self myself and find it awesome! I so get if it bothers you aesthetically. I haven't spent the hours I have looking into it for nothing, once u see a pic of mine you can tell one nostril is huge and the other is practically closed off! I've always been insecure about it since I was young and noticed it in a school picture, those lovely 8x10s lol anyway I have spoke to docs that say go for it, I just recently heard two telling me that a lot if the times the surgery is not permanent and a risk is that it could be worse which was something I had not heard before so u guess it was just something I needed to alArm you with too ;) I was bummed out when u heard this and they were the docs I respected the most so I feel like its valuable opinions they reminded me to at least get more than one opinion even 2 or 3 when it's our nose at stake
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Oh my I have tons of typos too a lot of times I put u instead of me hope u can decipher
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Hey fab45 just thought the pediatrician is trippin!! Seriously you're nose is perfectly symmetric to me, I can not see a deviation! I could post a pic of mine to show u deviated septum. But I am not having the septoplasty b/c one I'm a mom too and can't afford it and 2 it is a horrible procedure, and 3 it often times goes back the way it was or at least that was what my doc told me. My cousin had it done and he told me he can't tell a difference and I sure don't notice one on him. If steroid sprays help or nedi pots whatever help try that first and to me the dr who brought it up should keep their opinions to themselves, just saying If u do however decide to go through with it at least let us know how it goes in case I am wrong I might should fix my crooked septum ;) oh and no one has a perfectly symmetrical nose to begin with everyone sees their own imperfections and unfortunately we live in a society where even doctors want to act like its important anyway maybe this is just me being angry about my own nose but I want u to be informed and ALWAYS get 2nd & 3rd opinion and then keep in mind that doctors want your $$ I am a nurse in sarasota so I am well aware of this just sayin
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I know I have a left septum deviation I was dignosed several years back and I have allergies and half time breath out of my mouth. Do the redo my nose like take the tip off while they are in there fixing my devation??
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I don't think so... The doctor said that the septoplasty would straighten out the nose significantly which would make my tip appear more symmetrical but that anything else would be considered cosmetic which would then fall under rhinoplasty and that would mean I would have to shell out a lot of money because that is plastic surgery. Sounds like you would need septorhinoplasty. I am thinking that I actually would need that too in order to get my nose back into its pre- injury condition, but at my age (45) I am past looking for perfection.
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IM 52 LOL and have the breathing issues mainly been dealing with neck and back and got the 3 pounds off my breast to help my back
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Shucks if I knew you were getting rid of that three pounds I might have asked you for it for my breasts ! ;) They look great by the way. Nose surgery seems tricky, at least according to some reviews I've been reading. I would hate to trade my problem for something worse.
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I donated it to the Needy LOL
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I'm going to need septoplasty too. I just found this out yesterday.
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Hi there! Just read your review. It's funny that your significant other wants you to start with the other surgery! Lol! Good Luck with your surgery. I have found that if I am not happy, then I am somehow incapable of making those around me happy. So I try and find ways to bring some joy into my life! Hope that helps you make a decision one way or another.
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Sorry you have to deal with a deviated septum. I didn't see it when I first scrolled through your photos, but then I read your story and peeked at the pics again. I see it a bit, but honestly wouldn't have noticed it without it being pointed out. It would definitely be great to get rid of those breathing issues, though!

You might also want to check out the African American Rhinoplasty community. It sounds like you're just looking for a septoplasty, but you might get some extra support there.

Please keep us posted on how it all goes!
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Thank you very much for pointing me in that direction. I didn't know that was on RealSelf and it has helped inform me already. I rarely take( or keep) pics that show it. And people always tell me they never noticed it when I point it out to them. But it's always obvious in pics. I suppose I could live with it, but I have to at least learn what the problem is and what my options are at this point. Can't wait to hear what the doc says.
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