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Minimal Pain - Results TBD - Tampa, FL

Just had cellulaze today and was shocked by how...

Just had cellulaze today and was shocked by how simple and painless the procedure is. I had liposuction of my legs over 12 years ago and it was extremely painful. My legs had been extremely swollen, black with bruises and weeks of pain. The prior botched liposuction given me indents and made any current cellulite appear much worse. I had the back of my legs and front of my legs treated with Cellulaze today and also lipo over my knees. I was scared not to be put under given the pain from my past treatment. I took 1 pain pill and 1 anxiety pill and the doc just numbed up all the areas too be treated. The numbing process was even easy, given I've been reading all of the reviews on this site. I was awake the entire time, but covered my face not to see anything happening. It's now been 5 hours since the surgery and just some stiffness. I was surprised on my mark up before surgery. I had wanted all the cellulite on my legs treated, however Dr. Mendoza just did the worst areas. To my surprise the sides of my thighs with obvious cellulite was not included in the consultation and price quoted...therefore I would have to go back after I heal and spend another $2,000 to have this small area treated. I will add my photos once I get them from docs office.

1 Week Post Op Today

Just had my 1 week post op appt today. I still have some bruising and slight swelling. This compression garment is driving me nuts in Fl heat! Just another week with the garment and then I can switch to Spanx. I see absolutely no difference in my cellulite currently, as expected. However, the before/after pic that my doctor Rigo Mendoza has posted on this site for Cellulzae with with ladies butt and legs shows amazing results after only 1 Week ....was hoping that would be me too :-S Next appointment Oct 9, fingers crossed for great update!
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So glad to hear things were more comfortable than you expected. That's a bummer that an area you thought would be treated wasn't actually part of the plan. :-/ If the other areas came out great would you feel more confident in showing your legs, or would you still not want to show them much until that area was taken care of?

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Im hoping for great results, on my 3rd day post op and see no difference...dimples still there. My worst areas were treated, so if the results are good then the sides won't look so bad is what Im hoping for. I've been active on my legs most of the day, no bruising and most swelling gone. Really surprised on quick recovery.
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Wow, that is great that you are feeling ok! Fingers crossed that the dimpling goes away as the weeks roll by - please keep us updated with each change you are noticing!

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