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Will 4 areas of liposuction and fat transfer to...

Will 4 areas of liposuction and fat transfer to butt give me nice results. weigh 134 lbs now hoping to gain weight to about 150 lbs. Its May 2013 not having surgery until March 2014. I want a big butt. At least 500 or higher cc's per cheek. Is this possible with my small frame? How many cc's do I need? Is this even worth my money?

Consult with Dr. Solomon

So today June 6, 2013 I went for my consultation with Dr. Solomon . He is a honest , calm and well explained Dr. He answered all my questions. I do have a small frame so he told me he could only put about 350 ccs per cheek without risk of it dying. I was a little disappointed because I really wanted about 500 or higher. I already knew that was a little unrealistic because of my small frame. He still was able to reasure my that with the 4 areas of lipo and with the 350 ccs to butt , I would still see a difference and have a great body. I hope he's right. I also caught a special everything for $5300, cant pass on a special like that. Im still excited and looking forward to seeing my new body. I was also able to talk with the asst. there who just had lipo a month ago. She let me see scars , body garment as well as before and after pictures. She made me feel very comfortable as I prepare for my surgery. Cant wait!
Fat transfer boo
Are you doing the bbl by fat xsfer or implants?
I agree. Actually I have had 2 consults.

Consult #3

June 27 . Third consult with new Dr. This Dr. Shopping is really stressful? I Wana make sure my Dr gets me right!
Damn you look great. Yea im still dr. shopping. The dr. currently wont add anything to hip and still talkn about 400ccs. I Dont want to get a round 2 . I wana look good but 8000 to 10000 is alot to spend. OMG I dont no what to do!!!
Hey Hun.. Your Pre Op pics and size remind me of myself. I had the same concern but was able to get almost 1000 cc's.... A cheek and added 200 to hips. My doctor told me not to gain weight. I gained about 7 lbs unintentionally ...things worked out good. With that being said I think you will be fine. Check out Dr Perry if you already haven't. He's highly recommended. Best Wishes!!
Keep searching for a surgeon that can give u what u paying for. That's not a lot of cc"s to be paying for. Don't settle for one consultation get others n see what they tell you n make sure they are board certified n have done several surgeries n also have pictures to show of their work. Ok bbl sista I will be following ur journey.

Next Consult

So went to see Dr. Miles in Fl. He does 3D body sculpting as well as teaches other Drs. how to do lipo. Everything went well he told me he can sculpt my body right. But... Couldnt really put number on ccs. He says it all is about what can safely fit in my butt. I was like well please give me a figure , he said about 400 but he will make it look bigger than that with his sculpting. After major looking hes the only other still in my price range $5300 and local. I guess I take my chances with him. Im on a budget and his background checks out. I had heard this before and Dr. confirmed if Dr. puts is able to put less saline numbing med. they can put in more fat. Thats what my doc and I are trying to do. Basically means you might have to take more pain to get that fat butt. I dont matter to me bout pain it will all be over soon. Pain is beauty. March 2014 hurry and come!!!! Oh and he told me not to gain weight. but I think I will anyways about 10lbs or so. Just to get lil mo fat.

early planning

Well blood work came out normal and my Dr. approved my med . clearance. A lil early but gettn it out the way. I think I might still take some vitamin C. Guess cant go wrong with that but iron is not needed for me. I do plan to have blood work checked after surgery to retest levels thou. I think all girls should do this!
I want the perfect hourglass figure for my shape
I agree. Same for me
Hey hun. Join the small petite club. Im 5ft weight about 125-128 lbs. One Dr. told me that the most he could inject would be 700-750. Which is all I want anyway im not to to focuesd on havn a huge butt my main thing is to be sculpted so im lookn for the tiny wais and nice size hips.

Sweet Dreams of gettn PHAT....

OMG. Cant wait for March. Everyday I keep thinkn bout gettn a PHAT ASS. Tried of my slim jim. lol
Thank you hun. I hope so to . Im so scared and excited
I think with your figure and if this Dr. Knows what he's doing.... You'll have great results... And you'll be ready for summer 2014... I know you must be excited... I wish u the best.... Make March come fast...

Im loving all the stories on Real Self some bad, some good, but all REAL shit!!!!!

Any suggestions on how to gain weight. I want to be about 150 lbs at my surgery. Need about 10 to 15 lbs weight gain. Its so hard for me to gain. Thanks
5'5. Thanks for input. I cant wait till my day..
you've got some time so i'd say weight gain isn't as important pre op as it is post op. but it wouldn't hurt. if you don't gain easily it's fine just be sure you don't lose. but post op your going to wana pack on some calories and protein to help your fat cells get used to their new home (so to speak) @blasian81, im 5.6'
Thanks for your comment sexiback. I do believe that I will get more than 500ccs. My dr. just did someone I no and they got 1000ccs. I want about 700 also. I will make sure my dr. and I are on the same page before I pay in full. So do you advise I gain weight. I 137lbs now wanted to get to like 145 to make sure .

4 lbs

So since the first time puttn up my profile back in june. 4 lb weight gain. 137lbs now. I eat what ever I want . weight is jus never an issue. Hoping to pick up few more pounds to reach 145lbs. Lets keep the donuts coming....lol

gained weight

So today I got on the scale at publix and it said 148. OMG ! That gotta be wrong. I hope not thou. I did have on shoes and a jacket. so i figure without shoes n jacket I weigh about 145 at least. Thats great. I dont no where the weight is going cuz still have no hips or butt. I figure its going wher it alwayz does to back and stomach. But i guess since thats where I'm having lipo thats not so bad. I eat whateva really been eatn out a lot . Also had one 6 pack of ensure plus 1 a day did that one week only dont no if that helped. Before today I had kinda stopped thinkn about gaining weight. Thougt it would never cum. Now since finally in 140s goal now is to maintain weight and not lose. believe me thats a hard task also cuz
sometimes I lose weight for no reason even if i eat. I'm happy thou 145 is great for me. Now cant wait for my day . 5 month count down...... aww damn thats a


Long time away. sorry hit post button before i was done.


So today I now weigh about 142lbs. All new fat going straight to my belly ugh.. but finally got chance to measure me hope I'm doin this right... breast 36,waist 33, hips 35 (what hips) lol. I hope to have tiny waist and bigger hips. I really dont think my hips will change without fat transfer to hips. We shall see. Cant wait...


Pic of weight gain at 142 . I'm hating to fat stomach. Not really interested in gaining more. Goal wad 150lbs. But look at me....;(

yeah!!!!! goal reached

So got on scale today and bingo it said 150lbs. Yes I reached my goal not all I have to do now it maintain weight. I look... well feel so fat all weight went to stomach. Cant wait for my day in march 2014. Hope lil weight gain wasnt a bad idea...

New weight

150lbs 36"36"36. Ehh...
straight board

feeln second thoughts :(

My date is coming soon and I'm feeln some type of way. I'm getn excited and so anxious. But not it seems like every review i see now has bad burns or they already thinkn bout round 2 cuz not happy with results. Also a few people i no including fiance keep telln me I look good and i shouldnt do it. I feel so mixed... I feel me doing this will be a plus for me. I just dont wana get messed up or waste my money if fat dont take.. Omg... count down is a little stressing...

STR8 for the SUMMER (4 days away)

So Im finally gonna do it. PAID in FULL. Surgery Fri. Feb. 21, 2014 about 12:00 pm. I had almost change my mind got butterflys in my stomach. Im going to Dr. Miles in Orlando Fl. was going to his Tampa office but..... well I wont even go there about why Im not. But n-e-ways Friday morning my fiance and I are headed up there to (as my dr. states to get a hourglass shape) I hope he works his magic on me and does me right. I had alot of before pics up but when I thought I was going to back out I took them down. Before pics coming soon. Now no turning back nothing left to do but Pray all comes out well and to gather my supplies. Booty and Hips cant wait to meet you...Lmao :)

less than 24hrs away!!!

Scared as hell. Surgery tomorrow at 1200pm. Driving up to Orlando then coming back home right after. Bout 1and a half hour drive. God plz take care of me and give me the booty/body I desire. Amen

no butt no hips. help

same day of surgery 2/ 21

What do you all think. Swollen with board. I like the booty hope doesnt go down. And i hope i will see hourglass shape soon. Im in alot of pain so sore to movr around. Cant wait till im recoverd. Honest opinion ladys plz?
Thank you. I hope so.
I love the projection! It's too soon to see the sculpting (with the garment, foams, board and swelling). I'm sure you're gonna look fab gurl! Happy healing!

not happy totally

I one week in . Pain gettn better still really sore, Im happy with the lipo back fat gone and stomach smaller. Love the arch in back. I see that. I was never a big girl I gained about 10 lbs for this. What i really wanted was a tiny waist big booty. Booty lookn ok now as long as i dont loose any volume. Coulda been bigger jus a lil. But the main thing is i dont see hips. Yea yea to soon n still swelling... man fuck dat I see new booty so why I dont see tiny waist. My waist i dont see gettn smaller. I knew it guess I really needed fat grafting to hips which my dr. dont do. Damn I guess god made me with no hips and I jus gotta deal wit it. Hope booty dont go... Round 2 with hip grafting was a thought big I cant see myself doing this again and i dnt think i have any fat left. Booty soft at bottom but hard at top. Still hurting like hell. I hate garment n waist chrincher. And the fact that I cant sit is unbearable but im faithfully doin it. Stomach looks beautiful no scars or lumpy spots, nice n smooth. Plz fuffing gods come and give me a nice juicy natural round ass..... ladies look at my wish pic . I dont see my waist becoming like that..


1week pics , plz excuse mess. I dont think Im gonna match wic pics :(
Hey girl hope you start feeling better soon !!! Dont worry about results now just focus ok recovery hun and dont stress!!!
Thanks . Thats what Ima try to do. I did not waste my money thats wut I keep telln myself.
Give it time chica I like the projection in time it will all come together n that body is going to be fierce n BANGING.

stopp trippn

10 dayz post op. And i jus i was judging to soon but i think ima like my new booty. Small garment gettn loose. Will get taliored and ordering ex small soon. Stomach lil rocky massages smooths them out nicely. Cant wait for final results. So wishing i can sit :(

body is molding nicely

Still wishing i had the kim K hips..... : (


Feeln almost back to normal. Bye bye to back fat and belly fat. I never was a big person i gained weight for surgery and always stored fat in those places. Hello Ms. New booty I like my lil curves now. Very happy with body can try on anything and it looks good. 2 weeks in . I hear in a month u suspose to fuff and get bigger. I hope so. My booty is soft slight tenderness. I jus dnt no if it is wut it is now Or will i still change. Oh plz fat dnt go. Im taking maca root so thats a lil bit of boost i hope. Is it ok to drive wit bloopy pillow. Thats the only time i sit. Hope not killn fat, cuz i stay drivin try to put pressure on thighs thou. Gets hard at time holdn self up. Curise control has become my best friend. Lol

Str8 fo the summer


36" ,32",38" as of now. Still working on waist training. I was working with nothing before. Now I got lil somethin to work / twerk with :)

Im changing my rating......

Im changing my rating from worth it to NOT SURE. I will be one month on friday and i have lost alot of volume. Butt only looks good and plump when i have garment on. I do love my body but hell i could have jus worked out to get this. I thought i would never think about round 2 shit hell my sides are still so tender but im embrassed of what i see knowing i jus paid 5 Gs for this. I feel waste of money. I will be going for post op . Appt, on friday to talk with dr. And tell them im not happy. I wanted a big butt with hips and projection. I jus got a nice shape. I demand a revision...... problem thou. Not sure if i have any more fat?????? Damn i was 145lbs shit that should have been enough first go round.


3 1/2 weeks post op
350 ccs I woulda walked out after he said that
Hey check out dr. Salzhauer if u want a biggggg butt. Free consult! I just did it. I'm only 5 ft and got 1800cc
I just did it last Thursday so today makes a week...my butt don't stick out at all but I was hecka flat...my doctor at Beverly Hills Physicians said it takes about 90 days to see real results....question, did you lay on your sides? This stomach stuff is beyond annoying now...
Dr. George Solomon

Dr. Miles is my Dr.

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