Hi everybody! i am 18 years old(19 in nov.), and i...

Hi everybody! i am 18 years old(19 in nov.), and i have 36ddd breasts-maybe bigger- and would like to be a c cup. i am about to start the process of getting a breast reduction. i have wanted this since i was about 14 and i think now is a good time to go through with it. im tired of the back pain, sore shoulders, shoulder grooving, difficulty picking out clothes, poor posture, and feeling awkward! but the thing is.. even though i know that is something that i definitely want and that my shoulders are aching as im typing this.. theres still a little voice in the back of my head wondering if i should do it. im nervous! (which really isnt anything new, i worry about all decisions i make!) i guess they have been so big all my life i dont know what i would look without them. i have a pretty small fame so i know i will be more proportionate once i downsize. i guess im worried about small things like will my stomach stick out farther than my breasts after i eat haha? im also worried about other complications too. but i just want to gather up my strength so i can do this before i talk myself out of it! well, i have tricare so the first step is to to call tomorrow to make an appointment with my pcm to talk about a reduction and hopefully i can get a referral to a ps.


Welcome! The nerves are totally normal! I was so worried about some of the same issues. But what I found was that the worrying beforehand was so much worse than the surgery and recovery. Plus everyone kept saying they thought I'd lost weight...and the only weight I had lost was the two pounds from the surgery! You are going to love the end result!
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i dont even want to imagine all the explaining im going to have to do after the surgery because i know everyone is going to notice lol! ive done a lot of thinking and i know that i would love it after its done, i just keep discouraging myself and letting a few negative comments get in the way. but im really going to start blocking it out so i can do whats best for me
Hey I was in the same boat as you, I thought i was a DDD but i was actually an F. If your comfortable with it, go to a store that does free bra fittings and they can tell you your exact size, that's how i found out my size. They measure over your clothes, so your not naked. I had my surgery when I turned 20, and i recently had a baby, and i might need a second reduction. I didn't realize that the process of pregnancy would make my breast larger and after i had the baby they went back to their normal size, which left my breasts saggy. This may not be the case with everyone, but be sure to talk to the surgeon about it if you plan to have kids in the future. If you do chose to have the surgery, make sure you have proper supporting bras for recovery, and follow doctor's order to the T. Also ask your surgeon what they recommend as far as scar treatment. Best wishes!
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Finally today an appointment has been made to see...

Finally today an appointment has been made to see my pcm, the appointment is set for thursday at 1. im so glad i was able to get in this week. im a little worried though! i want to make sure when i talk to him/her i say all the right things and dont forget anything important. hopefully everything will go smoothly and i will be able to get a referral.

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I went to see my pcm i believe the week before...

i went to see my pcm i believe the week before last.. and i was able to get my referral to see a plastic surgeon. so today was my appointment and it went so well! the doctor was great and i felt so comfortable with him and i really believe this is who i want to do my surgery. this was a big step for me it seems like it took so long to get to this point, so now i need to really start making some things happen. the main issue now is going to be my insurance. i know how insurance can be but hopefully the process wont be too difficult.


I am in Tampa too. I'd be interested in your results and your doctor once you reach that stage. Good luck!
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Looks like im pretty much starting back at square...

Looks like im pretty much starting back at square one! why does having tricare have to be so difficult! due to some things that i and my mom were unaware of until trying to move along with this procedure, i have been seeing the wrong pcm. so now i have to go see the pcm that i should have been seeing all along thats on base. my appointment for that is this upcoming tuesday. i have to explain myself all over again to a new doctor to get the referral i need to see a plastic surgeon. and now i feel like the doctor on base is going to give me a harder time to get the referral. if any of you ladies have any experience with dealing with tricare i would love to hear what you have to say!


u should be ok with tricare. they will approve ur surgery i bet! u look way bigger to me than a 36ddd. i bet ur closer to a g or h even. you should get ur approval pretty quick. i have tricare and things happened so fast. i went to see the doc and about a month later had my surgery. if they decline keep strong and dont dispair. if u are in pain and its causing ur back and shoulder and neck to hurt all the time it should not be a problem with them. good luck with ur approval.
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yea i really see now its not the right size. i remember trying on a 32G once and it fit great but i didnt have the money to get it and i havent found one that size since! i hope things go by as quickly as they did for you, especially while i have this moth off from school. thank you!
i will definitely keep everything updated! i havent had an appointment with him yet, but i know i want Dr.Greenwald. ultimately my decision will be made after the appointment and seeing how we interact and what kind of vibe i get from him. but based on his pictures and reviews i know thats who i would like

Good news! I got the referral i needed at my...

Good news! I got the referral i needed at my appointment that i had on tuesday. it felt a little bit like i was being interrogated lol but getting the referral is all that matters! it was approved on thursday and i made an appointment with a plastic surgeon for January 3! a little less than 3 weeks away and i cant wait. :D

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My appointment was today and everything was...

my appointment was today and everything was fantastic!! the staff was extremely friendly, probably the friendliest staff that ive ever met in a medical office. the process was very quick . i talked with the surgeon, they took the pictures and will be preparing whatever they need to send off to my insurance. so now all i have to do is wait. i have a good feeling about it so i hope i get approved! this is all i am going to be able to think about for the next few weeks or however long it takes for them to reach a decision.


Hi there! I am also from Tampa- hubby is active duty Air Force, currently stationed in Georgia..hate it and want to move home! LOL Anyhow, I had my BR on 12/17/12, courtesy of Tricare. I did have to do some time with a physical therapist...then they approved my visit to the PS to discuss my reduction. They took pics, sent them off and literally was approved through Tricare in 2 weeks..no denials, nothing- easy as pie!! I was a 36DDD and now I am easily a 36B (still swollen, wont know the true size for a few months they say!)- good luck and I am sure you will get approved no probs! Let me know! :)
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Good luck with all the insurance stuff. Just a heads up, Tricare is a bit difficult to get them to approve a breast reduction. It took 3 attempts before I finally got a full approval. Three years ago, I was a 32G and Tricare approved just one breast. Ha! It was crazy. Even the doctor shook her head. I tried again a year and a half ago after going from a size 10 to a size 4 but my bra size was a triple D. Tricare flat out denie that time, even with a letter from my physical therapist supporting the necessity for a reduction. Then I tried one more time this past August, same practice but different doctor this time, and after 2 months of waiting, I got an approval. For both sides. I don't know what this doctor wrote that convinced Tricare to approve. I have a feeling that as a former Navy doctor, he may have known better what to write in his request to Tricare to approve the surgery. Looking at your pictures, I can't imagine that Tricare would deny you except maybe your young age. I don't know. Be prepared for a fight, though, and don't give up. Appeal it until you get that approval. I was nervous about the surgery, too. Today has been 3 weeks and I do not regret one moment of having it done. I am so much more comfortable. My shoulders and neck no longer hurt. I had a great recovery, too. Good luck!
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By the way, I'm a native of Tampa. I miss home. The military moved us to our current location and when hubby retired, he got a government job here. I really, really miss my friends back home in the Tampa area. Which hospital do you think your surgery will be at? I know a lot of military are referred to Tampa General.

Words cant even explain how happy i am right now!...

words cant even explain how happy i am right now! my surgery was approved and it only took 4 days!!!!!!!! omg! im going to call tomorrow to start making the arrangements!


Congratulations.. So happy you got your approval. You will be so happy that you had it done!
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thank you , i know i will be!
Yah! Congrats on the approval!!!!
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Okay so my surgery is on march 8 and i have to be...

okay so my surgery is on march 8 and i have to be there at 5:30am which of course i dont mind because im ready to get this done and i want to be the first surgery of the day so he can be wide awake lol. for those of you ladies who have already had the surgery, what do i need to buy?? i want to make sure i have any and everything i may possibly need!


OH yeah stuff that opens at the front.. Like PJ's and shirts etc.. As you may not be able to raise your arms for a week or so..
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i am so happy for you that your surgery was approved. i am currently waiting for my approval that was sent off last Monday. Good luck.
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aw thank you, i hope that things move quickly for you and you get your approval!

Omg only two week left! time is just flying by! i...

omg only two week left! time is just flying by! i started getting some of the things i needed. first i went to target and i bought two sets of pajamas that button up in the front. im glad i was able to find cute ones and they were on sale for $18 . i also got one post op bra. then i went to sears and i bought two bras the close in the front with no underwire. and i also bought one big long pillow to put behind my back and one of those pillows that looks like they have arms.the last thing was a reallyyy cute bathing suit! of course it doesnt fit right up top now, but im hoping it will aafter surgery because i dont want to take it back. after i go to my pre op appointment next week and talk to my ps, ill go out and get any other things i might need.


Good luck. I'm happy for you. I'm 19 & will be getting my surgery hopefully in May. I'm scared. I think my main concern is the anesthesia. I go in for my pre-op in a couple of weeks.
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So far the only people who knows that I'm having...

So far the only people who knows that I'm having surgery is my mom and dad. Im a very secretive person anyway, so its not any different in this situation. Im still thinking about telling a few other people, but im leaning more towards not telling them. its not because im ashamed of what im doing, its just that ive wanted to do this for so long and now that the time is almost here, i dont want even the slightest bit of negativity,unwanted opinions, or questioning my decision to get in my way of my big day. but even if i dont say anything before the surgery, what am i going to say afterwards? will they(friends and family) be upset or have hurt feelings because i didnt say anything? i know that it will definitely be something that they notice. so i keep thinking, if they ask about it should i tell them, or attribute it to the gym ive been going to or just let their minds wander about it which i think would be pretty funny lol. i dont even know if that would work. i still have a little while to decide what im going to do. what did you ladies do? did you tell everyone you possibly could or did you keep it somewhat of a secret?

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My pre-op appointment was yesterday and i feel so...

my pre-op appointment was yesterday and i feel so much more at ease. i have to say it again, this place has the friendliest staff you will ever meet! i love them! the doctor came in and we talked for a while and he answered all of my questions. we are definitely on the same page as far as what im looking for. then we went and talked to someone else and she went over some more things, i had to sign some papers, she gave me my prescriptions and some papers to take home. so im def. going to look over those things a few more times because i want to follow all the instructions perfectly. this appointment gave me some reassurance and put me more at ease!


Wow our srugeries are scheduled for the same day!! Good luck with everything! And I hope everything goes smoothly and you can finally get some relief!!
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Feeling good today :) I wish i could just filter...

Feeling good today :) I wish i could just filter all of the negative thoughts out of my head and only think about the good things, but i cant help it and its driving me crazy lol. this surgery is seriously the only i can think about all day. friday needs to hurry up and get here! i guess my two biggest fears are what the pain is going to be like, and being left feeling worse about my boobs than i already do.. even though pretty much anything thats less than what i have now will be better. i have been standing in the mirror for like 15 minutes eveyday just looking at them and thinking.. is that weird?? does anybody else do this lol? well i need to find something to do so i can relax!


hope your surgery went well.
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How did your surgery go?
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oh really?! thats so cool! we only have four days left can you believe it?? and i wish the same for you!

Wow. i never thought id be sitting here writing a...

wow. i never thought id be sitting here writing a review on the other side of the fence. this week has been very emotional for me, ive cried everyday and im crying as im typing right now lol.i just cant believe that its done.and that i will never look like how i used to in my pictures! i guess ill start on the day of the surgery.a lot happened so im going to try to sum it all up! i only got about two hours of sleep before it was time to get up and start getting ready to go. we got there about 5:30 am. we checked, signed papers, i changed clothes and waited in this little room until they moved me into the pre op waiting room. waited there for a while and then met with the anesthesiologist, and some other people. my dr came in and marked me up. they put the iv in( didnt really hurt) i waited there some more with my mom then i fell asleep because the next thing i know i woke up and they were telling me to say bye to my mom. they wheeled me into the operating and the last thing i remember is the anesthesiologist putting a mask over me and telling me to count down from 100.. i think i made it to 81 and i was out. surgery's over and i wake up in i guess the post op waiting room. i was turning and mumbling, i was in quite a bit of pain but after she gave me the medicine i was ok. the wheeled me to another room and we picked up my mom on the way. i was there for a while but i went home after some hours. since ive been home i havent been in much pain really, on a scale of 0- 10 id say its been between 0 and 3 which surprised me. the main thing for me is the swelling, they've been feeling like theyre about to pop and it gets worse when i lay back. ive been putting ice(in a bag) on them. sleeping has kind of been rough. i hardly ever sleep on my back so i really miss sleeping on my side! but this long pillow has been a big help. you really have to move around and find a spot to be comfortable in. my back and shoulders have been hurting because i keep walking hunched over, i dont know i guess im scared if i stand too straight im going to rip my stitches or something lol, so i need to work on that. but i do feel lighter.** i know im all over the place but theres so much to tell so bare with me!!** lets see... i took my first shower two days later which went well. but for some reason my second shower was awful! i thought i was going to pass out! i was a mess. but ive had my third and fourth shower now and everything went just fine. i will come back on later today or later in the week and add to what ive already said because i know theres things i left out. but if you guys have any questions just ask!


Hi Butterfly, Congratulations on being on the other side!!! You PS did a great job, You look great! Can't wait to be in your shoes and writing an update from the other side. Keep resting lots and update us when you can.
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yes it did thank you!
everything went just fine! i just made an update! did your's get approved??

Hello everyone! everything is going good. Im...

hello everyone! everything is going good. Im feeling good and I was able to return to my classes this week, Im so glad that last week was spring break and I was able to plan my surgery around that.Im loving my new boobs, this recovery process needss to hurry up! But i am wondering about the swelling.. I'm not really sure if my left breast is swollen, but I know the left one is. When i touch it, it kind of has a weird feeling to it (on the inside not the outside) but the right one doesnt. I think i said this before but sometimes when the swelling increases it feels like they might pop. is this what the swelling is supposed to be like??????


Your new boobs look great! They remind me so much of mine! Congrats on making it to the other side! I would also recommend checking with your PS to make sure there is no infection or other source of inflammation. I was told that if the skin is very warm to touch that is a sign of infection. Hopefully the swelling is just from your skin adjusting and healing. My boobs swell almost everyday, but I never have the "pop" feeling. Hang in there! They are looking great so far!
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thank you :) and congrats to you also! i am worried it could be that.. one minute im fine, then the next i can feel it starting to swell and get kinda hard. it isnt really warm but i will watch out for that. your boobs look very nice as well. i feel so bad about what all is happening with you! but i know that everything will soon get better. stay strong and eventually you'll be enjoying all of the good things that came out of the struggle
I have swelling, but not exactly a "going to pop" feeling. My incisions hurt all the time. My sister had a reduction and she had a very difficult recovery. It turned out she was allergic to the suture material. At the time, she said she felt as though her sutures were going to pop, but I think that is because she was having the allergic reaction. Her reduction was when I was 10 yrs old, so this was a long time ago. The technique of her reduction was also an anchor cut, but a different pedicle, so maybe the differences in the type of reduction can cause different feelings afterwards...?? It's such a subjective experience. Anyway, do you still have drains? When is your next appt?
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Im 2 weeks post op and im feeling great. i did end...

im 2 weeks post op and im feeling great. i did end up going back the ps office so they could take a look at the swelling, everything was fine! they are just so sweet there. i feel much better about it and i have calmed down now that ive been reassured that im okay. ive been moisturizing them twice a day with aloe lotion, which has helped with the itching. and im in no pain except for a pinch feeling throughout the day. oh and i dont know if i mentioned this before, but i do have sensation in both of my nipples.


Great news!! Are you still off from work? I'm going back on Monday which will be exactly 2 weeks post-op. I'm dreading it, but not because I'm uncomfortable, I just don't want to go back to work! lol
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i dont work, im only a student! i went back to school last monday.. so a little over a week after the surgery. i didnt want to go back though lol but now im glad that i had to(technically i didnt have to but spring break was over) because i think it helped me to get back into the swing of things

So ill be four weeks post op on friday but im...

so ill be four weeks post op on friday but im posting my three week post op pics because i forgot to last week. im still doing great. i started using the mepiform stuff for scars and i hope it works good.. it was $103 for 5, 4x7 sheets. only 5! im still using the aloe lotion. and of course now that im using the mepiform, no more pads and gauze. im still unfortunately sleeping on my back. i dont know how much more i can take of that because i dont sleep as good as when im on my side. so i hope it wont be too much longer. my other post op appointment is next week on the 11th. this is gonna sound weird but i cant wait to go back i missed it there!


Yes you look amazing, great job, very nice boobs!
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Your boobs look great! They fit your frame so much better!
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Yay you! You look amazing!
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Everything is going great! Im using my bio-oil now...

Everything is going great! Im using my bio-oil now.. I love the way the scars are healing. I stopped wearing my mepiform but Im going to start back tomorrow, I just got lazy:( I want to start wearing regular bras now so I plan in going to Victorias Secret tomorrow and Im very excited!


Such a gorgeous after! It looks like you've lost weight since your before pictures were taken. Have you been working out since your surgery?
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I lost about 10 pounds but I havent been working out at all! But I will be going back to the gym tomorrow..I hope!
Looking amazing, they have settled beautifully.
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3 months post op plus pics

hi everybody! so yesterday made me 3 months post op yayy. me and my boobs are still doing good.. as you can see with the front facing picture i have been using my mepiform and it really is some good stuff and i would recommend it to anyone having a breast reduction. its worth the cost. my scars are pretty much flat! just be careful not to use it too early on which is the mistake i see that i made when i was trying to use it before...you'll end up having pieces of skin stuck to the mepiform and it just gets messy and im sure slows down the healing process. i did have something strange happen on my left breast which you can see on the picture. it started off looking like some type of pimple i guess about the size of a penny. it looked like if you were to pop it that puss would come out and sure enough thats what happened i woke up one day and there was blood and puss in my sports bra, yuck! we called the ps office they said that i would be fine and to keep it clean and keep gauze on it and that i could come in but i decided not to. its been healing for a while now and if you press on that area it feels like theres a tiny empty space there and it leaks a tiny bit but i think its fine ill keep monitoring it. LASTLY, the nipples! theyve still been pretty itchy but the aloe vera lotion fixes that issue. and my nipples, most of the time just the right one tends to stay flat a lot. not all the time! but often so hopefully it doesnt stay like that. my right breast is still bigger than the left, i think there might be a little swelling still but idk! but i would like for it to go down some more. But the most important thing is how happy i am!!! And ive been doing wayyyyyy too much shopping lol , you cant keep me out of the store now!!!!!!!! take care ladies .


Thank you so much for sharing your experience. A lot of what you shared; your fears, thoughts, and silly things you did (like stand in front of a mirror before you had the surgery & stare at your boobs) totally hits home with me! Reading your story & seeing your pictures have done wonders to reassure me and calm my worries! I can not tell you how priceless that is. I have an apt on July 17th to meet with my PS for the 1st time.You look great, your doctor did such an amazing job.. I almost want to show ur pics to my ps & say See, this is what I'm looking for! Lol. Congrats!!
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you are so welcome! im glad reading my story helped. i am so thankful for this site and the other ladies that shared their stories so i knew i had to give back. congratulations on your appointment and i hope its an easy process for you. you will be just fine!! lol and yes take him the pics if you want to i dont mind! thank you !!
Wow girl you are looking incredible, what amazing results you must feel like a million dollars :) Congrats!
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this is really really random but i just thought about this for some reason and i didnt mention it before. i read someone asking this question but by the time i was reading it, it was too late to answer. so if you are wondering this or know somebody who is, share this little piece of info! if your period is on the day of your surgery it is OK. they will still do your surgery and you do not have to reschedule! when you get there they will give you a special pair of net panties and a pad. this happened to me so dont worry about it. thats all i wanted to share :)


Your breast turned out to be something so beautful gal, they are so perfect even for your frame. U must be the happiest woman. And your scars look so completely healed and fading. You so lucky.
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3 1/2 months post op set back

okay so just when i thought i was kinda almost healed up on my left breast.. it happened again. after going to my ps i found it it was just one of the- i think it's called- sutures trying to present itself. he put a cotton swab inside the hole, i didnt enjoy that lol, and moved it around in there to check for something which made the hole bigger. but he knows what he's doing! he said i would be fine and that it might happen again, i really hope nott. my other scars are healing so nicely i dont want any extra scars. so hopefully both places will heal correctly and fade. all i have to do is keep the area clean and keep a pad over it because it's leaking. but im just glad theres no infection and that im not in any pain!


I just had a breast reduction 2 weeks agao and the scaring is really scaring me, I can see the scaring from your nipples has gone down but what about under and the side of your breast . Those scares are wat it really scaring me
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Im sorry to hear your having this issue, but I too am glad there's no infection or any pain! Your attitude about it is great; I'm sure that would be a bit scary and frustrating, but you are definitely handling it in positive way. Just wanted you to know I prayed for you when I read your post & will continue to do so. I look forward to hearing how everything has cleared up & healed up! You're doing terrific & your results are one of the best I've seen. Your story is one that has honestly been used to calm a lot of my fears & doubts. Thanks for keeping us posted :)
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thats the only thing i can do is stay positive, because even with this happening im still so happy. oh my goodness thank you so much i really appreciate that! :') im glad that i was able to help you, and if you have any questions or want to know anything just ask me! i will definitely make sure that i continue to update and share

4 months post op

4 months post op today :) the hole on my left breast is healing and closing up. like i said in my previous post ive just been keeping it clean and putting neosporin and a pad over it. i do need to go back to using my bio oil and mepiform strips. if you have read my other posts you can probably tell i have an issue with being consistent lol..im workin on it!


Hi, I get my surgery in exactly 16 days from dr greenwald. Im not really nervous, but think I will close to time. I remember flipping through the book seeing pictures, but its been two months and couldnt remember pictures of patients. I go for my preop appointment next week. I THANK you for posting this because you answered alot of my questions. I dont know if you answered these questions before but did you tell him what size you tell him what size you wanted to be or did he recommend a size? Did you end up telling people when they ask did you get a reduction? Finally, if you dont mind me asking what size are you now ? Im, still debating on a size
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I'm so mad and so sorry that I didn't see this earlier! Notifications for comments get sent to my email and it always seems like there's one that doesn't make it! But since you had surgery already congratulations and I hope everything went great.and I'm glad that I was able to answer your questions. I did tell him what size I would like to be and he told me that basically he would try to make that happen but that he would just have to see when I got on the table how it was going to go..I wanted to be a C but I'm a 36 d I believe which is fine because they're perfect so he knew what he was doing! I ended up telling some people voluntarily and was asked by a few and I did tell them. We live quite far from family so there's still a lot of people who haven't seen me yet so i still have to deal with that when the time comes!
Hi. Yes.im almost a week out. He told me he would make me the right size for my frame. My left one is.really swole, but right is doing well. Im just a little afraid me telling him a D that he tried to make them small and Im happy indeed, but scared they may be a tad bit too small. But thinking positive and hoping they fall perfectly. It seems as everyone knows because you can.notice it immed on me. So I guess I pretty much own it. Did you buy the aloe moisturizer from the?

6 months post op + pics

So I'm six months post op.. everything is still good. The area on my left areola is still trying to close up. But my right areola is what's bothering me. As you can see it didn't turn out like the right one, it's sort of jagged like. I'm still going to give it more time and see if anything happens, but I think I would like to look into the tattooing. I know my ps does it because he mentioned it to me before the surgery, so next time I see him, Ill run it by him. Other than that, I'm still feeling great. Take care ladies.

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these are the pics, they didnt upload with the review.


You look great! :)
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Lol. You're so silly. So sorry these things happened to you though. You should really get some professional help though. You seem mentally scarred.


Hello ladies! I am here to give you an update. I am 1 year and 4 months post op. WOW, I cannot believe it has been that long. There are a few things that I want to share with you, so I am going to section it off so that you can skip around if you would like. Some of this info and pics will be from my previous posts, but I just want it all in one place for this post.

OVERVIEW: I want to start by giving a brief summary so you won’t have to read all of my other posts. I had my breast reduction on March 8, 2013 when I was 19 years old. I was wearing a DDD but that was not the correct size, I was bigger than that; but I am now a 34D. Overall the surgery went well and for ME it was not a painful process thanks to the meds. It was more uncomfortable from the swelling and itching.

THINGS YOU NEED + TIPS: included but not limited to…
1. pajamas that button in the front(PIC 1)
2. front closing bras with no underwire(PIC 2)
3. regular bras with no underwire or regular sports bras with no underwire. This is for after you don’t really need the front closing bras anymore. You can get some better looking bras that don’t have any underwire that you can wear until you can move on to ones with underwire. (PIC 3)
4. Comfortable clothing
5. A good moisturizer to help with the itching and dryness. My PS recommended lotion with aloe vera in it.
6. A long pillow. I would not have been able to sleep without the pillow I had. I sat it on top of my other pillows and it was extremely helpful.(PIC 4)
7. Pads and gauze to put inside of your bras
8. Clean your house
9. Make arrangements. This means getting school work done ahead of time, meal prepping if you can’t have someone there with you, taking care of work business, etc. Because all I wanted to do for probably the first three days was sleep!
10. Move around after your surgery. I am glad I had my mom there with me to remind me of this because it is important.
11. Patience. Respect the process and know that you are going to take time to heal and it will be a while before you see the final product.

MINOR COMPLICATIONS: While I didn’t have any major issues, I did have two minor ones. First, the openings on my left breast(PIC 5) turned out to be two cysts. Second, my right areola was jagged(PIC 6). So on June 13, 2014 I had the two cysts removed, and a scar revision. I knew that in order to remove the cysts, he was going to have to cut the areola again. My left areola used to be like a perfect little circle, but he had to cut into it and it is smaller now which kinda sucks. My right areola does look better than before. I currently have mepiform strips on them. In the future I do plan on getting the tattooing done to fill them out, and really get the look that I want.

SCARS: I have used a total of four products to help with my scars(PIC 7; mepiform not pictured). The first thing I used was the mepiform. I got mine off of ebay and it is a little on the expensive side. They come in sheets and you have to cut them to fit where you want to put them. I do feel that it was helpful; mostly under the breasts in flattening the scars. The second thing was bio- oil. The bottle that I have in my picture would usually cost you about $28, although I’m sure you could find it cheaper somewhere online. I happened to get mine on clearance at target! I used the bio- oil twice a day, and I used it longer than any of the other things I tried. I think it helped a lot and it was also a great moisturizer especially on the nipple/ areolas area. The third thing was scarguard. This is going to cost you around $30, and I also found this on clearance! The smell is VERY strong, and if not applied properly it will flake off. I did not use this long enough to say if it really helped or not. The fourth product was given to me by my PS. Well it came from a pharmacy, but my PS put the order in. It is called Pracasil- Plus. This was stronger than the other products I used and I saw results even though I did not use it for long. I stopped using it because my PS said he didn’t think I needed to continue putting anything on my scars and because I believe it caused the light spots in between my breasts(PIC 8). My PS said he didn’t think that is what caused the spots, but I do. I will continue to monitor them, and if I feel like I need to make an appointment with my PCM I will.

HOW I FEEL TODAY: Overall, I am satisfied with my results. I DO NOT regret having the surgery, and I WOULD NOT go back to way things were before. When deciding to have this surgery I knew that there was a possibility that there could be complications and that there was a good chance that everything might not come out 100% perfect. Which I think is something that is important to keep in mind if you are thinking about having this surgery. So although they aren’t perfect, I still love them. My posture has gotten better, I feel like I can stand up straight and feel good about it. My back doesn’t hurt. My shoulder grooves aren’t there anymore. My shoulders don’t hurt at the gym. I can wear whatever I want. I just feel good! And so much more confident about the way I look. But there are days when I struggle. Sometimes I get emotional when I think about my surgery. I am so grateful for everyone who was involved in the process, they made the experience enjoyable. From Dr. Greenwald and his ENTIRE staff, to the anesthesiologist, and the nurses at the hospital. It is still an adjustment though, getting used to my new look and wondering what my future husband will think about them. This was a long journey for me, getting to where I am today. And I am not going to let anyone or anything get in the way of how I feel about myself.

Check out my before and after pics(PICS 9-12), they are from different points in time throughout my recovery. I really wish that I would have taken all of my pics in the same place and the same pose so that it would be consistent. Because I have noticed that depending on the pose and the lighting, they will look different. I probably forgot to mention something in here, so if I can think of anything else I will come back and post about it. But please leave me any questions that you have or if you want clarification on something, leave it in the comments or send me a message.


Thanks for giving long term update and photos - it's great to know how things turn out for people a year after surgery. They look fantastic !
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