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Hi, I'm 26 years old, I've had back an shoulder...

Hi, I'm 26 years old, I've had back an shoulder pain since I was 14. Before I was pregnant, I was a j, but I have not gone down. I've tried weight loss, they don't go anywhere. Running used to be fun for me, I miss it. I'm six feet tall and I weigh 244, I'm hoping to get down to 225-230 before my surgery. Insurance has approved my claim. I'm just waiting on my surgery date.

I'm both excited and nervous. The doctor said I need a free nipple graft. I'm worried about the appearance of the graft, but more worried about possible nerve damage from the weight on my shoulders.
Good luck with your surgery.
Any updates?
Ugh! Insurance cancelled, but I have new insurance and we are good to go!


My insurance was cancelled, so I could not get the surgery. I found a job in January and finally got health insurance so I'm back on. My surgery date is September 25th. I'm so excited, but I still have weight to lose! I'm actually really glad I had to wait, my daughter is now walking, so I don't have to worry about that. Does anyone have a survival list? What couldn't you live without during recovery?
So glad you found another job and maintained the opportunity to have the surgery. You and I are about the same weight and while I wanted to loose more weight before the surgery, it really didn't make a difference since the PS verified that my breast were majority fibrous vs. fat tissue. As for a survival list, there are 4 medical staples: gauze, gauze and more gauze pads - cleaning and covering the wounds - hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle ( makes it so much easier and sterile for cleaning your wounds) - ointment , pain meds and a good bra. Because I had liposuction to the outside portion of my breast, I was VERY sore where the bra band touched me. My PS gave me a longer bra and it made all the difference. For my own comfort level I found my recliner to be great and I used an "airplane" neck pillow to help me sleep sitting up without neck pain. For the first few days I really didn't have an appetite, so nutritious shakes were my friend. Hope this helps! Good luck with everything!
Thanks!!!! I wonder if they're going to lipo me too, I'll ask when I have my pre-op
Thank you! I'm going to ask if my ps plans on lipo for the sides too .im assuming mine are fibrous because I've lost 30 lbs since my pregnancy and stopped producing milk and they didn't go down at all.

Another set back

In really discouraged, I was laid off due to down sizing last Friday. I called my surgeon to see if there was any way possible to do it before the end of the month and they said no. However, I did find a new job very quickly. My benefits start in 30 days, so I guess we wait again. I can get on track to losing more weight.
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