Breast Lift with Implants and Labiaplasty in Tampa, FL

I'm a mom to 5 children and pregnancy and...

I'm a mom to 5 children and pregnancy and breastfeeding have taken a toll on my body. I'm smaller framed at 5'4 124 pounds and am currently a 32DD. That size is deceiving because I don't seem that big. I guess once I scoop them up and place them in a bra, that's what I need. I'm going to be having a lollipop lift with silicone 300cc implants placed under the muscle and also a labiaplasty to correct one side of my labia minora that hangs lower than the other. I'm super nervous and excited and can't believe the day is approaching so soon! Dr. Jaime Perez is my doctor and he has been incredible up to this point. After our first consultation I knew he was the one!

Yes, 5 kids can really take a toll on breasts! Can't wait for an update to your review. Hope you are doing well!

Hope your surgery went well, hope you update.
Surgery went very well, im very impressed with the the upper eyelid job my ps did. Also very happy that my breast are no longer saggy, they are very tight still, im sure once im fully recovered i will be very happy, i also like my ps a lot, and confident that i will have natural looking breast once completly healed. i think im still shocked thst i went through with it. but happy that i did. i looked so bad anything will be a big improvment. I was off of pain meds in 3 days but stayed on muscle relaxer for five days, it was surprisingley less painful that i imagned.
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I'm one week away from surgery, but so far Dr. Perez has been excellent. He takes his time during consultations and really gets to know the person and listens to their desires.

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