Breast lift with Implants, Tampa FL

Finally got up enough nerve to post with 5 days...

Finally got up enough nerve to post with 5 days until surgery. I've been reading everyone's story for months. So thank you to everyone who has contributed :)

My left is a very deflated small D, my right a very deflated full C. I am 5ft and 109lbs. I don't want anything bigger than that.
My goal is to stay a full C with around 200-250 CC. My PS wont know exactly until he gets in. I am so excited I can hardly stand it. After breast feeding twins, I just want the old me back.

Thank you to everyone who has shared their story, it has helped me tremendously!!


I think they look great the way the are! You will look amazing once their done.
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And also, where did you get comfy bras from without wire?
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I found the regular Wireless bra at kohls. It was kind of expensive! (And not the cutest thing in the world either!)

Day Before Surgery

I've seen how several other girls have posted before shots and then after shots in the same bras. Lets see what a difference it can make :)
I'm so excited......tick tock tick tock!


Good luck today!!!! It will be a breeze!!! And I have a beautiful before rack! Good luck and cant wait to hear from you!!
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cheesencrackers, lady!! whaddya mean 'you finally got the nerve' to post pic?! your before pics are alot nicer than some people's afters!! (*cough*MINE*cough*) i, like others have already said, think you are going to have an AMAZING result after your BL/BA because what you're starting with is already a really nice, pretty shape and with tone, too!! you're a silly goose!! i'm very excited for you & will be thinking of you tomorrow! i hope everything goes as smoothly as possible and i hope your recovery is easy peasy! i don't have much time online tonight, but i'll pop back on tomorrow to let you know how things went with my PS today during my 'airing of grievances'! there's good & bad news, but at least there's news! ;) get lotsa rest tonight and be sure to check in when you're feeling up to it, Miss I-Already-Have-Nice-Boobies-but-Watch-How-Awesome-They're-Gonna-Get! :P xx
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SnowDrop, your post was so sweet and made me laugh out loud. I guess I didn't realize how great I had it before kids.....and then kids sucked it all away! Hahahaha. I'm super hopeful that I have good results tomorrow. Crossing my fingers and saying lots of prayers. That's all I can do. I trust my surgeon, so that's a huge piece. Just hope it goes well. Now do you see why I'm afraid of being too big? I have so much tissue and I could easily be a D again. But I'm too small to have that again. My husband loved them (of course) but they looked silly on me. Anyhow....I will be looking for your update tomorrow!! I hope it went well!!

Day of Surgery

Hi Everyone
I went in at 7:30am this morning. A few signatures and then before I knew it I was changed to into my gown and prepped. Surgery started at 9am and I don't remember much after that. I vaguely remember recovery or getting home. I slept from about 1 to 4:30pm.
On a pain scale, I am about a 6 or 7. It's not really pain, just mainly tightness and I'm extremely groggy and tired. It feels like someone is standing on my chest, that's a good description.
Can't wait to go to bed again.
I've attached my first pic. They're very swollen. The dr said my left (which was slightly bigger to begin with) got a 235 CC and my right got 220.
I can tell my left looks a little more swollen and pulled to the left more. But my dr told my husband they will go down and look the same.


So glad you r doing well!!! Pain decreased after dat two but my tightness increase. Which I am sure it is because of swelling. Its feels so odd!!!
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Girls, how long will this tightness last in my chest?
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Hi mom2twin. The tightness is different for everyone. I'm almost 5 weeks post and only feel it at night and in the morning but I had a lot of internal stitching etc... I'm also 60 so my recovery has been longer then some.

Day 2 pics without compression bra

I still have a lot of tightness and pain, I am hoping day 3 is better. I took my Percocet this morning at 8am and just now at 5pm. I am trying not to take it but I still need it.
My breasts are really high and swollen. My left breast is also pulled a little to the left, but that's because my dr had to take out tissue since it was a D. I will end up a full C. I hope and pray they look great in the end, and I think they will. My dr said once the swelling goes down, the gap between my breats will look natural.


They looks awesome!!!! Yeah im taking meds religiously and planned on that till work tomorrow.
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What a great body!! Whoo hooo!! Take the pain meds every four hours unless they are making you sick or feel weird. That way the the pain won't have time to set in. It will get better soon. I know it's a shock and your emotions will be all over the place. Hang in there. Hugs:-))
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Blister on left breast near cleavage

Just discovered this on day 3. I've called my dr's after hours, just waiting for a call back.


I hope the swelling goes down soon. Thank you for sharing your experience + for posting pictures.
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Implant Card


Checking in on you...u doing ok? I finally got over the hump and feel soooo much better. Hope u are well!
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Hey Christy!! I'm with you. I feel amazing, at least for the most part. Sleeping is still hard but I only took Percocet the first 48 hrs. My breasts are starting to drop but they're really boxy and high still. I will post pics Friday since that will be my one week. And I actually walked 3.5 miles Tuesday and today. My dr said its fine!! I'm a runner so this makes me happy!! I hope you are doing well!!! :)
Are you sure it is a blister? My stretch marks got crazy right after my surgery, look at my photos and see if you feel it is the same.
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One Week Pics

Hi Everyone
It's been one week since my surgery. I feel amazing and I can't believe it. I only took pain meds for 48hrs and then Tylenol because my back was aching. Sleeping is getting better but still waking up a few times at night.
I had another appt today and everything is healing really well. I just love my dr and nurses, it's truly a God-given gift to be in the field. They are amazing :). My nurse keeps telling me that I'm going to have amazing results and I really do believe her. It's just hard because I haven't even dropped yet. And they are so fake looking, ugh. But I can envision it :)


Gorgeous results. Your new breasts complement an already nice figure. Congrats on your new look. I see mucho bikini purchases in your future.
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Your breasts look amazing after such a short period of time! Your end result will be perfect.
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Thank you so much. Slowly but surely I can see them changing into what I want :)

2 week post-op pictures

Hi Ladies
Wow! I can't believe I'm two weeks post-op already. I had to fly out for work on day 11 post op and it worked out great. I used curbside check in at the airport for the first time ever, worked out well!
I feel incredible, so much so that I've been walking for 1-1 1/2 hrs four times per week. I feel amazing! My doc said walking is fine.
If anyone is contemplating a lift, Just Do It!!!!!!!!


Love your result!! Is your implant under the muscle?
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You look great!
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Thank you! Recovery was much easier than I expected, but I am still careful not to lift anything heavy.

3 weeks Post Op

Hi Girls, time flies and I just can't believe I'm already 3 weeks post-op. they have definitely dropped and look more natural. They're also starting to not look as wide and boxy in clothes which makes me happy.
Since I stayed the same size (full C), no one can tell in my normal clothes. That's what I wanted!!!!! I am sooooooo happy!!!! I'm still massaging and wearing my compression bras (when I can stand it). But I did start wearing a great tshirt bra from Soma this week. Just a tiny bit of padding so you can't see my nipples but no push up or heavy duty padding allowed.....or needed. That's the best part :)
I go to my 3 week post-op appt today!


You look great, not just your new boobs LOL but you're in great shape. Thanks for sharing!
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Did u just got implants or u got mastopexy with implants? I got twins too and i'm thinking to get my boobs done but I'm not sure if I want breast lift without implants or breast lift with implants. You doctor rocks! He did good job! I used to live in Tampa but I moved to NY. I almost want to have my girls done with your doctor lol
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You look great! Congrats
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1 Month Post Op

Hi everyone
Here are my pics one month post op. I'm continuing to massage my breasts daily an they now feel very natural. They're less boxy and are 'dropping and fluffing' like they should. My lollipop scar is SOOO small, I am so happy.
I'm hoping these posts help someone. If you're undecided on surgery, just do it!!!!!!


Looking fantastic!!
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Hope you are doing well! Haven't seen any updates from you!! XOXO
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Wow, your scars are barely visible! Any time someone is concerned about scars from a lift, I'm going to send them your way. Thanks for the updated photos. You can see the gradual look fantastic!

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6 weeks Post Op

Not much has changed, I feel great and my breasts keep getting better and better. I still haven't done any running, weights or cardio classes, just walking 5 times a week between 4-6 miles each time. I feel great. Hope these help some ladies.


I have not been on here for quite a while, and was glad to see a somewhat recent post from you. Hope everything is going well. We talked last year when you were just about to have your surgery, and I had just recently had mine. If I recall, we were both training for our first Half Marathon. Did you finally get to do yours? I hope so. I've now got four under my belt and two more planned before the end of the year. My "upgrade" feels so natural and has in no way has hindered my running or gym. Again, hope you are doing great!
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I keep referring back to your results since I had the same procedure done with Dr. Landon. I'm only 72hours post op, but I see so many similarities in his techniques between the two of surgeries when I compare your surgery to mine in the early stages. :) I hope to have lovely results like yours. I was curious why you hadn't gone back to the gym? Was it due t his recommendations, or personal choice? You look great and all, I was curious because I am dying to get back into the gym and he says I can go back when I please.
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Hi, Dr Landon is the best, he is the epitome of class and there is no better dr (and staff) in my opinion. I waited about a week to start walking. But once I felt ok, I started speed walking several days a week until I could go back to the gym at 6 weeks. I walked hard too, 5-6 miles at a time. But don't do it til you're ready! You will LOVE your results :) let me know if you have any questions.
Tampa Plastic Surgeon

Dr Landon and his staff are nothing shorting of professional, kind, caring, just AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! I can't explain how thankful I am that I chose his practice. I knew he was the best doctor and he gave me exactly what I wanted. So many drs out there make you larger than you want, but Dr Landon knew I didn't want to be any bigger than a full C since I'm petite. I just love the entire staff!! My nurse, Katherine, is just like a friend. She's my age, she's a mom, we just 'clicked'. They take their time with each patient and you never feel rushed. The office is beautiful and it looks like you are in someone's home. Feel free to email me if anyone has questions. Dr Landon is top notch and the BEST choice around Tampa Bay without a doubt!!!

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