11 Weeks Post Op & Finally Got Bra Fitted - 32C?- Tampa, FL

I'm 32 and have wanted boobs since I never got...

I'm 32 and have wanted boobs since I never got them. Does that make sense? When all of my little girlfriends started developing, I wondered when I would. Well, it never really happened. Even when my weight was at it's highest (can you say Freshman 15?) they stayed small and I felt self conscious about them for as long as I can remember. Pool parties were the worst! And even now though I spend a ton of time in workout clothes, I'll be happier when I can buy a non-padded bra and bikini.

I went back and forth on this decision for years. As an edurance junkie the recovery period is what concerns me the most. The secondary concern is that I'll be too big and feel like a porn star. No offense porn stars. Ya gotta eat, right? ;)

I finally made the decision and after speaking with a ffew different PS' I found the one that is best for me. I'm 5'8 and weigh 135lbs. I'm a 36A (more likely a AA but refuse to buy it). I'm going under the muscle and want to stay below 300 cc's. I told the doc I wanted a B. I know everyone says go bigger but I'm conservative and will be happy with the ability to just wear non-padded bras for once!

So, puberty, here I come! (Photos to follow.)

One month to go! I'm adding some before pics and...

One month to go! I'm adding some before pics and I'm embarrassed at how small my boobs are. Guess that's a good sign though cause it reinforces that I'm ready to do this! Can't wait to hit puberty....even if I'm paying to do it. Ha!

A few things/questions: 1. My pre-op is next...

A few things/questions:

1. My pre-op is next Wednesday! I cannot wait.

2. Did everyone's doctors recommend Arnica? Does it work? (I'll ask my PS but want to see what you all think.)

3. Is buying a wedge pillow/neck pillow worth it?

4. Happy New Year!

Today is pre-op day! I took a photo of all the...

Today is pre-op day! I took a photo of all the padded bras and "chicken cutlets" (that's what I call those inserts) that I'll be getting rid of. It's funny b/c when asked why I'm doing this I always reply that it's for me and so that I can feel more confident in a bikini and clothes and if I truly didn't care, I wouldn't wear padded bras every single day. Good luck to those having surgery today and this week! Happy New Year and boobs!

Pre-op is complete AKA shit just got real. Ha! I...

Pre-op is complete AKA shit just got real. Ha! I had pre-op today it was pretty quick. My PS showed me the various sizes he is going to try. He orders a throw-away sterile shell to see which size looks best. I'm doing under the muscle anywhere from 240-300 ccs. He's thinking the 270 is going to be the "sweet spot" as he called it. I brought in photos and am definitely going conservative. I know a lot of you have said to go bigger and yet, I still know that going in this range is going to be what's best for me for now. I figure since they have to be re-done anyway at some point, I can go bigger then. He did give me Arnica Montana and three scripts. The scripts are for pain, naseau, and an antibiotic. I found it interesting that he said I could sleep however I wanted and told me going without a bra after is fine. He said if I felt the need then to get a cheap, zip front, soft, sports bra. He wants me to move around after. Nothing crazy but lift my arms up and down. We didn't discuss massage but I see it in my post op packet so I'll ask him more on operation day. I'm super excited! Here's a silly question: did you smile when they took the pre-op photos? My head isn't even in the photo and I'm just smiling away. We had a laugh about it in the PS office. And by we, I mean: me, the PS, the resident (teaching hospital), and the nurse. It was a full room staring at my boobs. LOL! The countdown is on. 15 days to go!

I'm less than a week out and super excited! I've...

I'm less than a week out and super excited! I've been reading everyone's reviews on here and trying to remember how you all felt after surgery, both mentally and physically. My main concern is getting sick off the anasthesia (sorry for misspelling, this thing needs spellcheck!). PS gave me anti-nasuea meds for after so hopefully that will help if I do become all pukey. My surgery is on Thursday and it's early. I think I go in around 7:30 AM to the surgery center. Some girlfriends and I are going to dinner next week before the surgery to say farewell to by itty bittys. Like some of you, I was initially nervous to tell friends/family but I decided I don't give a crap who knows and if they have a problem with it, it's their issue, not mine. Thanks for all of the stories on here. They've been a HUGE help.

Two days to go! I'm picking up my scripts this...

Two days to go! I'm picking up my scripts this afternoon. My house is cleaner than when I moved in and I've got to swing by the grocery store tonight to get some BRAT foods (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast). I never buy any of these items so this will be a treat. Lol! My surgery is on Thursday and I have to be at the surgical center at 6:30 AM. Damn that's early. I've got books and magazines stocked up and I bought one of those chair pillows. My PS said I could sleep however I wanted and to not massage until after I see him the first week. I will try to post after surgery on Thursday as soon as I can, all depending on how I feel of course. See you on the other side of Boobville ladies.

I'm on the other side ladies! Feeling much better...

I'm on the other side ladies! Feeling much better than expected. Everything went very well. Doc did 280 cc on one side and 260 on the other. I'm very happy! Will post a full recap later. Thanks for the well wishes and "support." lol

Hi all! Here's my Surgery Day Update: Got to...

Hi all! Here's my Surgery Day Update:
Got to surgery center, as requested, at 6:30 AM. They took a urine sample to be sure I wasn't preggo and then gave me an IV of saline for hydration. The doctor didn't arrive until 8 so my boyfriend and I sat around and talked while we waited. It was great having him there as I was a little nervous. The anesthesiologist was very nice and so were all of the nurses. My PS arrived and we chatted and he marked me up. He's a great PS and I'd highly recommend him. I walked back to the surgical room, laid down on a warm blanket and they switched the IV fluid for something to calm me down. And that's all I remember. Lol!

I woke up and since my PS doesn't have me in a bra, I could look at them immediately. They look great so far and I feel pretty good. Just tired. I've got one pic to add and then I'm back to bed. Thanks for the well wishing! xoxo

I need to add for all the pre-BA ladies that it...

I need to add for all the pre-BA ladies that it feels like I did 90,000 push ups. Lol! Ok, back to resting I go.

Good morning! Today is the day after my surgery...

Good morning! Today is the day after my surgery and I feel pretty good. I switched from the Vicodin to Advil just to stay awake a little bit. I'll take the Vicodin again to sleep. I went to breakfast with the BF and am now home resting. I added three more pics since I know how helpful it is to see them for those of you still waiting. I did go pretty small in comparison to others on here but my PS said I had big chest muscles, no skin, and very little breast tissue so he couldn't have gone much bigger anyway. I think that this size will be great for me once I start doing triathlons and marathons again. I put on a few bikini tops just to see and HOORAY! I have boobs. I'm guessing I'll be a big B, small C which is exactly what I wanted.

Good morning! Ihave to say yesterday was tough. My...

Good morning! Ihave to say yesterday was tough. My back is hurting from sleeping inclined so I went back to the Vicodin to sleep. Glad I did! I definitely understand "morning boob" now as they feel stiff and sore when I wake from naps & sleeping. I only got nauseated twice: right when I woke up from surgery, but they gave me something and it passed very quickly, the 2nd time was also surgery day after I ate a small slice of pizza. Probably not a good idea but it too passed very quickly and that's been it. Day 2 is a tough day. I'm hoping day 3, today, will be a bit easier. I'm trying to tell you all a lot so you know what to expect. Honestly though, I haven't cried once and that's b/c the pain has been manageable and trust me, I'm a crier. Lol! My neck was miserable yesterday which my mom (a nurse) said is from the position I was in during surgery. And my throat hurt too from the breathing tube. Again though, it's totally manageable and less pain than I expected, truly. I experienced a bit of the "zingers" this AM and they weren't pleasant but the Vicodin helped. Please ask any questions cause I'd love to help those on the pre-op side. I'm still very, very happy I did this b/c I love how they look and can't wait for them to drop and fluff ( makes me think of bend and snap from Legally Blonde. Lol!)

Hi girls! It's the 4th day after surgery and I'm...

Hi girls! It's the 4th day after surgery and I'm feeling ok. My sternum seems to be the most sore today and I've got the dreaded bloat and constipation from the pain meds. I took some Ducalax and had a very much ado over nothing BM. Lol! Hopefully, I'll get regular soon! I stopped the Vicodin yesterday and have just taken Advil which seems to be fine. I wonder if the Ironman pain has helped with this cause it's not much worse. The worst right now is the bloat. Blech. Boobies looking good, about the same actually. I'll post pics tomorrow. Funny story though, I had a dream last night that they, my boobs, popped, and I was so sad. They were all deflated and the doc said my body rejected them. As soon as I woke up I looked down to make sure they were still big and swollen. And whew! They are. :) happy Sunday girls! TTYL.

I went to work yesterday and it was fine b/c I sit...

I went to work yesterday and it was fine b/c I sit at a computer all day. The driving part sorta sucked b/c I drive a manual. I had to use both arms to shift into 1st. Lol! I've been taking Advil sporatically as the pain hasn't been bad. The worst thing right now is sleeping. I cannot get comfortable. My PS said I could sleep however I like but just attempting my side is brutal. My sternum and middle back get quite angry at night. Hopefully this will pass soon because it's really pissing me off. I still love the look of my new lovely lady lumps but I am ready for them to soften up. I know it all takes time. I made a mental note to not get the boobie blues so I'm staying upbeat and putting on a different top in the evenings to see just how awesome they are. I added some new photos. Thanks for the support ladies!!! My post-op is Friday so I'll update again then. Ta-ta(s)!

Hello from Sleepless in Boob-attle. Ok, that was a...

Hello from Sleepless in Boob-attle. Ok, that was a stretch but for real yo, I'm pooped. I wake up ready for my day and by 3 PM I feel like I've been hit by a Mack truck. I've been coming straight home from work and getting in bed. I hope this passes soon because, quite frankly, it's dumb. Lol! I did take a sleep aid last night and that helped some. My PS actually encourages side/belly sleeping so I tried both. First of all, side ain't so bad but my sternum still hates me so eff that. Secondly, I tried my belly and it wasn't comfortable, but it didn't really hurt. The main problem was that I got stuck that way like a sad turtle flipped on its shell. I was laughing at myself at 3 AM trying to flip over w/out using my T-Rex arms. Soooo....back sleeping FTW! I called my PS today b/c my left sutures feel like they are pulling. (They felt this way before I went TMNT last night, btw.) PS said it was fine & I probably just have more on that side. I am happy to report that my lovely lady lumps are softening up a little and I'm still happy with the size. We'll see if that happens when they drop and fluff (AKA bend and snap!). I'm off to bed gals. Thanks for the love and rest up to those of you on the other side. Tata(s)!

Today was post op. I'm a week and a day after...

Today was post op. I'm a week and a day after surgery. Every day gets a little better for sure but I have to admit I'm getting impatient. The sleeping still sucks but I'm hopeful that this will improve in another week. At my post op today PS said I looked good. I have only internal sutures so nothing to remove. I just wait for the steri strips to fall off. I asked about massage and he said light if I wanted but that just moving my arms gently up and down was enough. It's funny how different the PS's are on everything. I'm going to do what mine says and feel good about it b/c he did my friend's & I trust him. He said no running/exercise for two more weeks. I will wait another week but then I'm at least going to sit on a recumbent bike. The bouncing is his main concern. I finally feel "regular" and I'd like to thank prunes and Fiber One bars. I'm like a little kid when I go, I'm so excited I want to tell people. Probably TMI. Lol! I'll post more pics in a few days. Girls still look good to me. Have a great weekend everyone.

Hi everyone! Hope you all are well in Boobland....

Hi everyone! Hope you all are well in Boobland. Just a quick update: I'm doing well and have to say that week two is sooo much better than week one. I'm sleeping better and the girls aren't so sore in the mornings anymore. They are still somewhat sore but it's not nearly as noticeable. Tuesday at a hockey game a girl who I told I got them done actually said, "Wow. Were you really small before?" (Uh, don't hold back there sister friend.) I guess b/c they really aren't big and I'm totally ok with it. I love the size and am really happy I don't have to buy all new clothes. Just new bathing suits, bras, and sports bras - which is exactly what I wanted. They are dropping slowly but I don't have a lot of room for them to drop so I'm interested to see how they'll look in another few months. :)

Hi girls! I've been swamped lately and have been...

Hi girls! I've been swamped lately and have been meaning to update this boobie blog but couldn't get to it.

I'm doing pretty good in boobland. I was cleared last week for spin and elliptical thank God, but no running for another three weeks. Womp womp. I'm so ready to run!

My lovely lady lumps have dropped and fluffed nicely and I love how they look in everything. No need for all new tops which makes me happy. I did buy a new bikini over the weekend so I'll need to upload a few pics.

The girls still feel a little sore, mostly at night, but they have softened up and I am sleeping comfortably. Every day gets better with the soreness.

Hope all of you on this journey are well. Photos soon, I pinkie promise.

Forgot to mention that my scars are tiny! I'm not...

Forgot to mention that my scars are tiny! I'm not sure you can see them in the new pics but they look great. I haven't used any creams per doctors orders but will ask if I can at my 6 week follow up.

Sorry for the lapse in posting, I got carried away...

Sorry for the lapse in posting, I got carried away with life and such. All is going great with the lovely lady lumps!

I'm11 weeks post op and I finally got sized for a bra. I was wearing a bralet this whole time and being lazy. My boyfriend finally said he was tired of seeing that bralet and I was tired of going bra-less, even if it is nice every now and again. I'm back to running regularly and working out. Swimming has been weird but I'm rebuilding slowly.

I went to a bra boutique and the owner said I was a 32C. I was shocked b/c I was certain these were a 36B. She said that because they sit high they are a larger cup. She also said that if I went to Victoria's Secret I'd be a totally different size. Good grief. I'll be trying on bras all over the state. Hahaha! Needless to say, all is well and I'm still thrilled with the size I chose and how they feel.

Best of luck to all of you on your boobie journey. xoxo

It's my boobiversary! 1 Year Update *new pics*

Today is one full year since my augmentation. I am more in love with my lady lumps than ever! The first few months were rocky b/c they didn't feel like a part of me. It took about 8 months to really feel normal with, but now, I forget I have them. I've done triathlons & a marathon with them and had no issues. I love how they look & they feel pretty good. I got saline but I suppose when I get them re-done I will get silicone. I'm wearing a 34C and that is perfect. I opted to go smaller on CC's b/c of my activity levels & how I preferred to look. I can't tell you how happy I am with them & I wish I'd done it sooner!
Name not provided

This doctor came highly recommended through a friend. He has zero negative reviews and I felt extremely confident and comfortable in his care.

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You look great! I'm in Tampa as well.
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Hey you look great, who is your doctor? How did you find him? I'm in the area and I want to get them done too, do you recommend your doctor?
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They are looking really great, a really good size for you :)
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That's great news you look fantastic!!!! Only 6 days for me and I'll be hopefully a big b or small c..... Can't wait :)
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I'm at pod3 and feel very hurt at sternum...especially when I cough once a while and omg it hurts so bad, in addition I did some massage earlier and kinda push them together and it hurts afterward...should I be worry ab it or it goes away after couple days like you
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Mine subsided after about a week & a half. Don't stress. Just keep resting.
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You look great!
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Glad things are going so well! You look great!!! :-)
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you look awesome!!! When would you say you started dropping and fluffing? I'm not 100% if I have started or not, I can tell they're not as high as they were, and I'm starting to feel them more when i move my arms around..
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Hey there! Thank you! I think by week 6 I had dropped a lot. I noticed it more the last couple of weeks though. Mine still seem high b/c it's all bag. LOL! When I left my arms up I don't see as much "fake boob" as I did when I first got them either.
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Looks good congratulations!
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You look great! Glad you are happy with your results! How is running going and when did your PS give you the go ahead. I am 5 days PO and feeling really good. Dying to get back to the gym and do something! Hoping he will clear me for some light toning on thursday. Any input regarding your time frame back to work out would be awesome!
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Thank you! Running isn't too bad. My upper body is just very, very weak so that hurts especially doing speed work. However, I was back up to 6 miles within the first week so you really don't lose as much as you think. I was given 3 weeks of nothing. Then, after that, I could do light spinning & elliptical. I was cleared to run & everything else at 6 weeks. My doc was conservative b/c I've heard of others running sooner. Just do what yours says. I felt the most annoyed the 3rd week b/c I was bored. Lol! After that, when I could at least go to the gym I felt way better.
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You look great!! I'm looking into getting mine done and am a similar frame to you and a runner also so your updates and photos have been great inspiration. Thanks!
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Aw great! I've got two more weeks to run and I can't wait. I'm running Chicago this year so I want to get my base built back up. Good luck!
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Height and bwd are huge. I 63" and 105 lbs but really muscular and fit. My bwd of 10" and ribcage are 27" so 170cc goes a lot farther on me. My 170cc probably same as 225-250 on taller person. Research and don't panic and pick too big or too small. Always easier to play up especially if you are athletic!
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You look great. I got 170ccs 3 days ago. I'm a little swollen (I hope) but I am thrilled. Almost went bigger and I am so glad I didn't. I feel huge but think I will be very proportional. Solid b cup. Don't be swayed by people who want bigger. Small can be beautiful too. Just depends on lifestyle.
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You look AWESOME!! If I go through with this I would love to end up with some tata's like yours!! Lol :))
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Thank you!
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You. Look. AMAZING! Perfect! Congrats :)
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Thank you!
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You you great and very natural! I had my ba scheduled for next week, but got sick this week and had to reschedule for march 5. :( It's nice to see someone else picking under 300cc. My range is 225-275. I wan a natural look like yours. I don't want anyone to really notice. Do you still have pain?
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Thanks! I don't have pain per se, just soreness. Good luck!
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I think the size looks perfect and so firm looking - nice choice!
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