I'm 23, 5'7, and 135lbs. I'm going in...

I'm 23, 5'7, and 135lbs. I'm going in for my consultations really soon and I'm so excited/anxious I have been wanting this for about 7yrs now. I've read up on anything and everything the benefits/risks and at this point I'm gonna go for it.

I was hoping I could get some advice from some of you as far as silicone or saline and the size I should go to. At first I was thinking a full C but with my body type I think I could pull off a D and look proportionate. I do know this is something I should discuss with my PS but, I want to have a good idea of what I want before I go in.

Okay so I had 2 consults today and I feel so...

Okay so I had 2 consults today and I feel so confused now... the first PS I seen had a great bedside manner and seemed to really care about my health and safety but, he also said he couldn't achieve my desired size (400cc) with silicone but he could get that size with saline even a 450cc maybe. The biggest he said he would go with silicone would be 339cc-350cc which is not really what I want. I don't rem exactly why he said he wouldn't do that but at the time it seemed like a pretty legit reason so I respected his opinion. Now the 2nd PS I seen was very nice yet not as outspoken as the other one he was very calm and laid back and he seemed very confident that he could give me the size I wanted with silicone which would be the 400cc he said we could even go to 450cc. Soooo that is where the confusion comes from one says absolutely not and the other says yes of course. How do I know what's best for me? I know I have very little breast tissue so I can't help but pick the first PS's side even though it's not what I wanted to hear. I hope I'm not being to confusing in trying to explain this lol my mind is so jumbled right now. Please give me some opinions on what you guys think it would be extremely helpful :)

Oh and I still have 2 more consultations tom which will hopefully make things a little clearer.

I just have a quick question for all of you. When...

I just have a quick question for all of you. When you went to your consultations did you get different answers from all of them on size? Did one tell you a certain size would be too big and another tell you that size would be fine? I'm having a really hard time making a decision on size because of this. Thanks so much!!

Ok so the anticipation has been killing me, but I...

Ok so the anticipation has been killing me, but I went to see my 6th PS yesterday in Fort Lauderdale (4 hour drive) and I'm sticking with him. I knew I wanted him before I even met him but, I had to speak to him in person to confirm just for piece of mind. His reviews are great, pics are amazing, and has a long list of credentials. We are going to do silicone implants with under the crease incision completely behind the muscle and they will be moderate+. The exact size will be decided at my pre-op but, I told him I wanted to be a full C small D and he suggested 400cc which is already what I had in mind :) I have to mail the check out tom which is 25% of the total cost of surgery and that will set everything in stone. Since he is quite a drive I am going to have my blood work done here and the results will be sent to him. Has anyone had to do this? Just curious if it's an easy process. Soooo now the fun begins...I have no shirts that button in front so I'll have to go get a few of those and we don't have a recliner so I'll need to buy some extra pillows to keep me elevated and I know I'll think of a mill more things I need before it's all said and done. Ill update after my pre-op!

I haven't updated in a while I've been so busy...

I haven't updated in a while I've been so busy with work trying to get everything done before my week off. I had my pre-op last week, I spent most of my time with the coordinator discussing meds and instructions I did see my PS but only for a few min which kind of upset me because I was really hoping he would spend a little more time with me. I left there still feeling confused on size :/ he said he would bring diff sizes into the operating room and decide what's best then but I need to narrow it down. He said between 400 and 500cc's soooo I'm leaning more towards 450 now I hope that's not too big???? I've been in a kind of blah mood lately just so much on my mind with all these decisions. I hope it's all worth it in the end!

I had my BA just last week on June 4th these past...

I had my BA just last week on June 4th these past few days have been very emotional for me but, it's getting better every day :) I am really starting to fall in love with my results I got 550cc HP silicone crease incision. I will post pics soon!

I will be 3 wks PO on Monday and so far I'm...

I will be 3 wks PO on Monday and so far I'm extremely happy with my results! My pain is pretty much gone but, I'm still pretty high and tight. I have been massaging since 1 wk PO and notice them softer everyday!

I thought it would be helpful to post my PO pics...

I thought it would be helpful to post my PO pics from week 1 till now so here they are. They are slowly dropping and getting I've said before I am more than happy with them!! I know everyone thinks 550cc is way too big but I don't think MINE are big at all and if I would have gone with a smaller size I'd prob be upset right now. I'm not a short girl and I have wide hips so they look proportionate :) The first week PO was tough I was on my pain meds around the clock and I couldn't really do anything for myself. I went back to work on week 2 and slowly started feeling better even tho driving was horrible! just to turn the wheel hurt so bad. Week 3 I was back to normal! I am now 5 weeks PO and they feel like my own!

Just wanted to update with a few new pics!...

Just wanted to update with a few new pics! Everything is great :)
Dr. Don Revis

My experience with Dr. Revis was perfect! He has the BEST bedside manner! no other PS I've seen even remotely comes close. Would deff recommend him!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I am SO JEALOUS! You look gorgeous! Congrats on the perfect breast aug :)
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I LOVE them too! I just got mine done 3 weeks ago and feel I went too Im going back to fix that. Going HP and 550-600...Hope I get results like yours! What is your band size and BWD??
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omg i love your results. I got 375 cc HP, and I'm already thinking of upgrading. I'm seriously thinking of Dr. Revis. Ahh I just LOVE your breasts. They turned out AMAZING!
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Love your results, your boobs look amazing! I'm going with 550 or more and I hope mine looks as good as yours. Any recent pics?
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JAZIBABI THOSE LOOK FANTASTIC!! I'm currently pondering between 500 and 550 hp silcone! I have stage 2 ptosis though and I'm scared the bigger I go the quicker I will sag again. I'm also worried about to much side boob and going over my Breast Base Width. I was wondering if you know what your pre BBW was and your ribcage measurment please?? :)
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I am 5'9 130 pounds and got 360cc saline in 2005.After nursing to children my breasts are much smaller and not proportionate to my body.I wear a 34c now and my bra gapes open.I have my BA next friday and im thinking of going up to a 550 moderate plus silicone.I was really worried they might be to big,but after seeing yours i think i could pull it off
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They look amazing
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Wow yours look great! Now I am second guessing the size I have been thinking which was 420. I thought if I went any bigger they would look totally fake but yours look great and not too big.
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Omg so we are similar in stats and I'm going to get 550 cc's too... hope mine look as good as yours!
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They look great!!!!
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Wow you look awesome! That size definitely fits your frame.
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You look great! Congrats. I think they look nice on your frame. :)
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hello Great post and pics love how as times goes on the look bigger and better, maybe you could help I currently have 375cc mod profile and I want bigger im thinking between 550cc high and 700cc Whats your thoughts on the 550ccs they look great on you
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You look AMAZING! I can't wait until mine have dropped like that. I guess around 5 weeks is when they start looking really good. How are your scars?
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I'm so happy for you. Your implants have really enhanced your body. I wish I had thought about getting them at your age! Now I am all old and (still have an awesome rack now tho lol). The tank top pic is awesome! Have fun!
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My replies are going all over the place sorry lol I don't know what I'm doing wrong!
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great results jazzi....Do you turn heads and stop traffic with the new additions?? LOL YOU GO GIRL
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I felt them at first and my back did hurt for a few weeks but, I think it was just because my body needed time to adjust and also sleeping elevated in one position is such a pain in the butt. Once all the pain was gone and I could sleep normal again all was good! I feel nothing..they are not heavy at all :)
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Thx! I'm wearing a 34D and in some a DD!
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They look awesome. I'm thinking of going 530cc ultra high profile! I'm a little concerned about the weight? Are yours heavy, do you have back problems?
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Thank you! Good luck with your surgery! It's so worth it!
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Wow they look beautiful!! What is your bra size now??
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Wow! You look great!! I'm only 1 week post-op now... Looking forward to them feeling like my own!! I drive a manual car, so had to trade with a friend for at least a week because shifting about killed me!! As you said, just turning the wheel hurts. Congrats on your boobs!! Look great! Glad you are happy with them!!
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They look great! Seeing urs makes me want mine so much more and i really like your size!
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They look perfect! It's a testament to the fact that you have to know what will work best on your body! I would think that 550 cc's would be huge...but they look beautiful and very proportionate on your body. So glad your healing well. I'm almost at 2 weeks post-opt and I'm hoping for some more softening and dropping...)
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