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I have 26 yr old silicone implants that are...

I have 26 yr old silicone implants that are causing pain! I'm 61, very tiny (100 lbs) and worried about how my breasts will look! I'm a full C, but came from an A. I've had 2 consults about replacing the implants. Dr's seem to want to replace!! Now I've had a consult for just explantation! Went well! Having a 2nd opinion Thurs.

Had my 1st consultation for explanting without...

Had my 1st consultation for explanting without replacing. A female P.S. She was very open to the idea of not removing the implants. She said the outcome should be fine, but of course no absolute guarantee. I asked if she thought my nipples would collapse or look disfigured. Her answer was there was no way to know for sure until going in and seeing what everything looks like. She didn't recommend a breast lift. I felt comfortable with her and liked her and the staff. My only concern was when I asked to see some pre & post op pictures of some she'd done, she said O.K. However, when I was checking out her staff said they would have to get patient's permission before showing me any pictures? They said they would do that and email me some pictures. Never heard anything, so I emailed and asked. The reply was from the front office saying they hadn't gotten any yet, but were working on it. Then, went on to say I should go online and find various photos of just anyone that went through this type of surgery! It made me feel a little put off, number one and why is it so difficult to see a picture of "her" work, not just "anyone"! Is this a red flag? Has anyone else had a problem requesting to see photos? It's not like there"s a name on the photo. It's a chest only!? Any thoughs?
The doctor has very good credentials and says she's done explantation but no pics.
I have a second consult Thursday with another P.S. so I can compare I guess. I'll ask again about pictures!

I had my 2nd consultation today. It went really...

I had my 2nd consultation today. It went really well and the doctor took time, explained the procedure and made me feel very O.K. with not wanting to replace my implants!
She has excellent credentials and does a lot of work with reconstructive breast surgery with cancer patients, as well as plastic surgery. Her hospital affiliation is with a large cancer hospital and 2 others. My last consultation, although I liked her, did not do a breast exam. Only did measurements. This Dr. did a good exam, as well as measuring. First doctor did not ask for pre op bloodworm. I actually brought it up and she said if I want to? The doctor today asked for pre op bloodwork and an EKG because I'm 61. So, were you asked to do bloodwork prior to your surgeries? I assumed going under general anesthesia one would get bloodwork and not an option.
Today's doctor did explain that they do have to have a patients permission to show their photos.
I thought the Dr. I saw last week was putting me off about seeing photos, but when I came home today there was an email saying they had two photos I could see.
I'm feeling like both doctors are good, but maybe the one today was just more through and has that extra expertise with many types of breast surgeries, including explantation. So my feeling was to go with the doctor I saw today! I scheduled surgery for April 26th!! Having labs done April 12th. The surgery is done at a hospital outpatient and the cost of the labs is included in the facility charge. Also, this doctor today seemed very positive about submitting it to my insurance due to rupture. The other Dr. was rather negative about trying.
Now, I count down to 4/26!!!! Hate anticipation, but it feels good to have found a Dr.!! I'll be counting on continued support from this site and will keep you updated! Thank you for being here everyone!!

So, starting to get nervous but excited! I will go...

So, starting to get nervous but excited! I will go in for pre-op photos on Tue. 4/9 and blood work etc.. on 4/12! Surgery is 4/26!!
Does the doctor tell you what type of sports bra to buy? Would like to find something with a front closure to start.

All pre-op bloodwork completed today at the...

All pre-op bloodwork completed today at the hospital! Everything is set, paid for and a go for Fri. 4/26!! The surgery will be done at the hospital's outpatient day surgery facility. Everyone was very nice and comforting! Talked with Anesthesia and something to prevent nausea will be added to my I.V. Would hate to wake up feeling sick! So, my countdown begins. Guess I'll try to stay busy and try not to be too anxious! I keep thinking 2 weeks from tonight I'll be implant free and home on the road to recovery! Thanks everyone for your stories, encouragement and moral support!! This site has given me so much insight and hope for a good outcome! I will keep you posted after surgery!!

Had surgery yesterday!! All went well. Everyone...

Had surgery yesterday!! All went well. Everyone at the surgical center was so nice. I have drains, which are a little uncomfortable, but not bad. I think today I'm a little more sore than yesterday, but probably the anesthesia was still with me. Hard to sleep on my back! Tried a recliner & then lots of pillows but made do.
Turned out neither of the implants were ruptured, so that was a relief. Was worried about having silicone floating around in me.
I think the drains will be in another 3 days. Depends how much drainage there is. I did not have a lift. So now, the anticipation of seeing them! I'm prepared for them to look very different but that's O.K. It feels so good to have this behind me! I'll try sending pictures later. Thank you all for much needed support!!

Four days post op!! My drains came out yesterday!...

Four days post op!! My drains came out yesterday! Yea, what a good feeling to not have those things in!!
Didn't hurt, just a bit of a tug and they were out. Not as bad as I anticipated! Well, anticipation is often worse than the actual thing right?!! Was told to still do nothing and keep resting. Will see the doctor again in 3 weeks. Was glad to get the surgical bra off. It wasn't very soft & comfie! I have a Champion zip front sports bra on now. Better, but not as soft as I'd hoped. Anyone have ideas on comfie, soft bras that still keep things in place? Is the Genie bra a good one? I'm very small and smushed so wonder what are some good fits for teeny tiny's??
I can sleep on my side so that helps. Still tender where the drains were but to be expected.
So, on the slow road to recovery and so hoping that things will fill out some!! Patience is a virtue I'm trying to improve on! To all of you strong and fabulous women who have made this journey, or are in the process of making it, stay strong in what your believe is right for you! Everyone's support and advice have been my rock! Will keep you updated. Keep me posted all of you recent explantee's on your progress!
Thanks so much to all!!
Dr. K. Wells

I've chosen providers with reviews and ratings from various Internet sites, as well as Board Certified Plastic Surgeons sites.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Had my explant and lift on June 5th and I'm so sore. I knew it would be rough when the Dr. told me, post op, that both implants had ruptured...which means a lot of scraping and drains for 5 days. Still I had a great experience with the Dr and staff and I know all will be fine in time. I do not regret going back to the 32A club. I'll be 60 in August and at our age we should be happy in who we naturally are! Be brave!
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You are so right, pjstpete!  Being small and natural is the way to go!!  :-)  
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Thanks for the encouragement, Explanting Texan, I had a "Oh no, what have I done" moment when I changed the dressings yesterday. I'm hoping the shape and scaring will improve with time. I don't have a lot of fat in the breast area, never did, so I'll play the waiting game. I'm off the pain meds now, but seem to be very swollen (fluid retention?) everywhere. Having a difficult time sitting around and can't wait to get back to work on Tuesday. Hope everyone out there in Explant World is doing well...
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Hey pj--I had a lot of swelling around my waist as well.  It took several days for that to subside.  If one of your breasts remains bigger than the other, check out my review for info on the hematoma I've been dealing with. In terms of size, I know you'll just be pleased to be soft and natural again.  I had thought I might be an A cup but am now wondering if I'm an AA.  Regardless, there are some really cute small bras out there for us.  MUCH more than 26 years ago when I first got the stupid implants.  :-)
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Thanks for the feedback on the swelling. I can't wait for my waist, legs, and arms to return to normal. I'm sorry to hear you have had complications from your surgery. I will check out your review, but I hope you are doing okay.
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When do you go back to see your PS?  Is there any redness with your swelling? I'm doing well and hoping the right breast normalizes soon.  At least there similar in size now!  :-)
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no redness, just a very bloated abdomen and swollen legs. Quite uncomfortable I should say. I go back to the PS on Monday afternoon when he will remove these horrid drain tubes ( I feel like an alien creature) as it makes it very difficult to be in any public place. I don't own a mumu or a dashiki so I'm stuck at home for the next 2 days...Stir crazy is setting in fast. My breasts are a bit misshapen, but I suppose I shouldn't worry about that at this point, everyone on the site says it's a matter of time. Both of my implants were so old they had completely disintegrated and I had big blobs of silicone floating around in there. Keep me posted on your progress. Good luck to you. d
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Hang in there, pj!  Just posted new photos and you can see how misshapen my right breast is.  So, yours and mine will improve over time!
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Congrats on your decision and courage to ex-plant! I hope you are recovering nicely, and understand your disdain in posting after pics. Ii looks as if you were suffering from capsular contracture, were your implants placed above the muscle? I am in need of a revision, but am on the fence about just getting them removed w/ a lift, as I am not interested in yet another surgery later down the road. Stories like yours give us hope that there is life after breast implants!!
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Hi 3997anon! Thanks for the congrats! It does take some courage but with the right doctor things can be very good! I did have contractures and mine were placed above the muscle. I'm doing well and so happy I made the decision! It's only 15 days post op, so a lot can still happen. A good bra can make a lot happen too! Ha! I just didn't want to face anymore surgeries or capsules, etc.. Being natural is a great thing, but it's certainly a very personal choice. Best of luck to you. This site is so awesome and really does help with questions and support!!
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I have had 2 separate consults just to be sure I'm getting a Dr I can trust and I don't pay too much. The price difference is amazing. One Dr has to use the hospital OR, so for explant and lift it would be over $5000, and the other Dr has his own surgical center and the same procedure is $3800. Both are reputable, both are very experienced. The second Dr asked for bloodwork because of my age. This sounds like a no brainer to me. I am planning for the end of the month. Goodbye plastic bags! Hello perky size A!
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Hi pjstpete. Glad to hear your date is set and the countdown begins! The wait is the hardest. Regarding the small, size A bras, I actually googled extra small bras and a lot of sites came up to find a small size. I ordered a one by Bali and also got the Genie bra for going out! It has padding and is very comfy. However, it's nearly impossible to find the small/x-small in any stores. Only found online, but I received them fast. For an even nicer boost, I ordered the Dolly Wedge, which fits nicely into the Genie bra pocket! Almost looks like I'm the same old size! Of course after surgery you'll need to stick to the sports bra or compression bra until your Dr. O.K's any other bras. I did find x-small sports bras at Kohl's that were nice with high impact support. Hope some of this helps. Look online and delivery can be fast. I did return a couple I didn't like. It is nice to try on first, but the x-small size is tough to come by! Best of luck to you!! You have all of our thoughts & support with you! Please keep us posted!!
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Mine will end up being $4750, including a referral discount. My doc ordered labs, chest x-ray, no mammo due to the ruptures, though. Primary did the physical & EKG. It'll be done in the hospital. I'm 66, only a week more to wait :) Good luck!
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Hi kpett. Hope you're doing well. I'm having 26-year-old encapsulated saline implants removed on May 30. Like you, I'm thin. I don't have a lot of breast tissue, so I'm not sure what the end result will be. I do know, though, that your story and the stories of all the ladies on this site have been so encouraging. Happy healing to you!
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Hi Kpett, glad to hear you are doing well. I am 58, had my explant on monday, drains out today! I am very happy with my results as well. Pretty much the same as you, no pain or issues, I am so relieved!! All I have now is a steri strip over the scar, the stitches will dissolve eventually. I am wearing a high impact compression sports bra, half the price of a surgical bra, my PS who also does reconstructive surgery on the NHS UK said that would be ok.
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Good for you! So glad things went well and your drains are out already! I'm wearing a compression sports bra too that zips in front. Easy on & off. Glad we're on the road to recovery!! Take care and rest!
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So happy to hear from you today! Wow, drains out - I am very jealous; hoping mine will come out tomorrow. I am 3 hours from my doctor so think he kind of left me draining for the 7 days because of the distance. It does kind of make sense. Since you don't need a compression bra, maybe the Walmart Fruit of the Loom would feel comfy for you. They are just soft cotton - hook in front - and were less than $8 each.
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Thanks for the info. Hope your doing well and so glad your close to drains out day!! It's a good feeling that's for sure! Have you peeked at your results? I'm pretty smushed, but time will fluff some, hopefully! Take care and continue to take it slow.
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I did, in fact I posted some pics. My problem is symmetry - my left is way larger than my right but I don't care - they look the same in a bra and I'm healing well so far. That all being said, how can I complain. The two different sides had totally different issues - left was ruptured but capsule came out easily, right was not ruptured but PS had terrible time separating me from the capsule. So, in all fairness I really must try to be patient and let them sort themselves out. Right now I am anxious to be able to do more things. My husband is being wonderful and doing everything but he's busy and stressed and it's making me stressed!
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Congratulations! I bet you already look so much better! Healing thoughts coming your way!
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Congratulations!! So glad you picked the 2nd surgeon. I'll be getting ekg as well, not sure it's because of age (66) or if it's normal procedure for explants. So glad the drains are out, and soon you'll feel wonderful!
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Thinking lots about you today - hope you are doing well and relaxing. Drains are a pain but mine seem necessary so what can you do? Sure feels good to be on the other side doesn't it? Relax and baby yourself, you deserve it.
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Hi Back to just me! I'm doing well. Only used the pain med for a day and a half. Tylenol seems fine now. Pain meds make me feel strange! I have drains but seems to be getting pretty minimal amounts as of today. I think the doctor said they could come out Tue. or Wed. Is there a reason your drains will be in a week? May just precaution, which is a good thing. A little tough sleeping on my back, but I figured out a way, with a lot of pillows, to turn slightly on my side. That was much better! I'm resting, even though I feel I could do more. My husband has been so sweet. He bought flowers and is cooking and waiting on me! He's my angel and I'm blessed to have him!! Have you peeked under the dressing and bra yet? I just did take a peek and looks OK, not great, but I'll take OK! Hopefully, as others have said, they'll fluff up some. Not a worry though. A nice bra will do just fine. Hope your doing well. I was thinking about you last Fri. & saying a prayer for both of us! Rest up. I will update as we go.
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Hi kpett, I don't know why my drains are in for a week other than the fact that my doctor and I are at complete opposite ends of the state. I don't mind them too much. I did not have any dressing under the compression bra but I know that many do. Makes you wonder what dictates the different treatments. My two sides had very different situations and I have to say that they feel very different to me, both inside and how they look on the outside. Glad you are feeling well and resting comfortably. Anxious to hear from you again.
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So happy for you! Waiting and anticipating surgery is the worst part, now that they are out you will feel better and more at peace as the days go by! Congratulations, I hope you have a very restful recovery.
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