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Hello I am 45 years old, and have had implants for...

Hello I am 45 years old, and have had implants for about 9 years, I am average height of 5'5" with a small frame although I need to lose about 10 pounds right now. I was originally a size 34B and woke up to a 34DD after I got implants in 2004! My expectations at the time, recently divorced, was to have a lift- my girls were very flat and laid low- but the surgeon talked me out of it saying he could achieve the same effect with implants and that a lift was more expensive. Even though that is what I was told, I can only blame myself for getting the implants. I did not do enough research about the dangers of implants, nor did I consider how I was going to feel a few years down the road having such a drastic change in my body. The morning of the implant surgery I repeated to my surgeon that I did not want to be so big. He laughed and said I was the only woman who made such an odd request, because most asked for the opposite- to be bigger. He also said he had to make them big in order to fill the space of my flat boobs...
Long story short, I have been unhappy with them for many years and am ready to have them out, my surgery date is set...and I should have done this a lot sooner. Three years ago I even had the date and everything set up but I lost my house and my credit. I am now at a point in my life where I am learning so much about GMO's, organic eating, living simpler, not being such a consumer, etc. In general I don't like fake nails, fake hair, fake anything, but ironically, I have fake boobs, and that needs to go. My expectations for the explant scheduled for July 24th is to get rid of this extra weight on my chest, back pain, pressure and soreness, trouble breathing sometimes, and trouble finding tops and dresses that fit. It is basically as several other people have said, we are carrying an extra 2-4 lbs in our bodies-- some of us longer than others-- and most people can tell they are fake. Well, a lot of people wonder, I do everything I can to hide or diminish them from scarves, minimizing bras, etc..but at the end of the day, it doesn't matter what I have done because I know they are in my body, and boy do I feel it:( Even bras in my size are very difficult to find. I often get the wrong kind of attention. I feel that a lot of men don't even look at my face that much they are so focused on my boobs. Luckily I have a partner now who supports me 100% in my decision. I am not getting a lift and I don't think they will look very nice but at this point I just want them out. I will find good bras and wait for the fluff fairy I guess. One other possibility was waiting another year to have enough for the lift but the thought of having them another year makes me sick.
Needless to say, I am so happy I found this site. I found it after I went for the consultation, and I was so nervous that day, I had my boyfriend drive the car. I was expecting the surgeon to talk me into smaller implants, didn't know what the costs were going to be or even if he would do the explant surgery. Luckily none of that was the case, and I was immensely relieved to set the date and figure out the financing.
So now I am just waiting for the big day...I am much more psychologically at peace. I paid the cost of the explant ($1540) and I will just have to pay the surgery center $1,297. If I was also getting a lift the cost was going to be almost double. It will be about 3 weeks before I go back to work so that will give me enough time to recuperate. I am a little worried about whether people will notice, I know it's petty but I do wonder if the change will be very drastic.
The reason I am feeling good about it though, well there are a few reasons but the main one is this site and this group of fantastic women!--reading the other reviews, questions, advice, support, and general good feelings coming from this group. I have only discussed what I am doing with my partner and one of my sisters. I feel like in general people may not understand all the emotions we are going through.
I have also done quite a bit of reading--and don't mean to freak anyone out, I kind of stopped because I don't want to feel worse than I already do--on women who have had serious medical issues with implants, both kinds, silicone and saline, and how the medical establishment has denied correlations between implants and all kinds of debilitating problems...including some kinds of cancer. There really has not been enough research using a control group of before and after implanted women, and the effects of having them., So in addition to the discomfort, not finding tops that fit, soreness, etc, there is also now a psychological imperative to remove them from the fear of what implants may be doing in our my body.
I have yet almost a month to go so for now I just have one pre-op picture and as the date draws closer I will update on my journey. Thank you all of you beautiful ladies, you have been my rock and support throughout. Please continue to post on your experiences and let's continue carrying each other through to..the NATURAL/other side!


Try not to be hard on yourself, we are all here for the same reason. Just to get these things out and move on with our lives! I'm 7/19. Can't wait!
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Thank YOU for sharing your story, too! I'm glad you're feeling at peace about your decision. If it helps at all, here's a list of ways to enhance your breasts once your implants are gone. Might work to ease your transition from implants to none.

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Hi Eva Your boobs look like mine before only 10 lbs lighter. I had back/shoulder pains everyday, and shortness of breath at times. I have been through explant and Boobs were down to my belly button and sagged terribly. It's about 7or near 8 weeks post op. I need to put updated pics and I will soon. Read my site and get the whole story from beginning to. are a brave young Lady and will be sooo happy you took this step...One piece of advice. You must rest as much as possible and wear Your compression bra. Do not get up and do your everyday chores, as it will hinder your healing and you'll be sore and have pain. The first week should be Primarily a rest period to heal. Read my reviews. Angelface1
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Moving date few weeks before surgery--perfect!

Have spent the last week and today packing and moving to a new home, very's gotten my mind a little bit off the big day but of course daydreaming-- big day is fast approaching! Had nightmares worried that moving time was going to be a few days after the surgery--yikes! But things have worked out, God or Goddess, the universe, angels...something divine and beautiful is giving me a hand in all this, and I am extremely grateful and appreciative. Will spend next two weeks unpacking and settling in so I can rest after the surgery...
So exhausted right now, ready to collapse, we moved all the big stuff today...of all parts of my body that ache...ok you knew it was coming...the big ms muffets are the ones that ache the most. Pressure in my chest is unbearable..patience, patience...everything will work out...


Is good you will be mostly settled in by the time of your surgery. Don't work too too hard right up till the night before surgery! You should be going into surgery in a decent shape as possible fatigue wise. Get stuff done and all but give your self a couple days before to not over tire yourself...try to get some 'me' time in there before surgery too. I know I have been racing around, working myself half to death trying to prepare my house, my life, my children for me to be out of commission for a bit during this surgery (July 16) and recovery period. I am trying to leave 2-3 days immediately before surgery to wind down and rest up a tad before as well. Hugs, :)
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I am so excited for you. Talk about New beginnings!!!! New Home to Welcome the Real You!!! It is a roller coaster but so worth it. We all look forward to hearing about your fantastic journey and seeing your pictures. Best wishes
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Moving can be so stressful but it's good you will be done in time for surgery. Your almost there! Hang in.. It will all be over soon
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Date getting closer, teeny bit of bad news but moving forward:)

Well still settling in new house, almost all set up, waiting for the big day! I called the surgery center today to see if I could use my medical flex account that has over $2,000, at first they said I could use it but then when they looked up my name they said my procedure is described as "cosmetic" and it's "self-pay". I sort of expected it but at the same time I was disappointed it's being described as "cosmetic" when all I am having is explant with no lift. But moving forward...I will have the $1,297. for the center, will just have to be careful with spending because of the moving costs, etc..
Very happy thinking about finally having them out and being smaller and more natural, lighter, cuter tops and ot having to worry about looking so big and exaggerated up there...Also good to hear so many other stories of women who have just been explanted and are feeling so good about their bodies...once again thanks for being all the support, you have all made this journey so much easier...

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Pre-op appt and thoughts...

Well this morning I went for my pre-op at both surgeon's office and outpatient center, paid balance...I was really nervous but I feel a lot better after chatting with the nurse who drew my blood at the outpatient center. She noticed I was cold so she got me a warm blanket and some water as I was waiting for her to draw my blood.

I guess any surgery is risky, I was just thinking about my kids, what if...? Driving myself crazy, much calmer now. Surgeon wanted to do the explant through the armpits, that is how he puts them in. I said no..because I reemembered the excruciating pain and it just brought back a lot of bad memories . I get where he is coming from though, he hates to create scars, he was like "if you were my wife I'd have you get them through the armpits"...finally I asked him on a whim if he could do them through the nipples and he said yes, so that is how it will be. Anyone else have any advice on this? I feel much better if it's done through nipples, no scars, and my armpit muscles won't suffer again...

The next thing was going to the outpatient center, filled out a bunch of paperwork, they drew my blood, etc, and now about to go get the medications...will update again on Wed. Wish me luck everyone!


HI Eva, I understand your fear, especially about the kids. Right before surgery I started crying a little on the table. The monitors started beeping and the nurse looked down at me and said whats wrong, are you ok? I was trying not to cry, and said I just wanna wake up and see my kids. She said my tears were running in my ears, and I laughed. The anesthesiologist asked if I would like a little liquid courage, and I said HELLYA, BRING IT ON, PLEASE...and that's all I can remember. Don't worry doll, I know its hard. Your going to be fine, have faith. As for pain, day of surgery is easy, day 2 sucks so be prepared, and it improves after that. I had drains, and they were hell. But they were there for a reason, and I just had to deal. I got the drains out today, and feel like a million bucks. If I can do it, you can too...and its soooo worth it. I feel so much better without those damn implants, and I am sure you will too. Good luck tomorrow, your going to do great! And in under a week from now, you will be in a way better place. I'll be praying for you and sending you mega healing vibes....xoxox
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The pain for me was nothing compared to putting them in ! I went through the nipples and so far no problems!! I wish you the best!! You will do great!
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Good luck tomorrow. I have crease incisions and they don't bother me. The only person that will ever see them is my and my husband. I hope things go well for you as you make your way to the light and natural side.
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They are out!:))) Resting and comfortable at home now...

Ok, I had them out early this morning around 8ish...they moved up my time which was great, was up at 5am this mornin...they were WONDERFUL at the Outpatient center while prepping and waiting for the surgeon.

I don't know how much saline I had, I'll probably know at tomorrow's appt,but I feel GREAT and about 10 lbs lighter just as others have said. I am bandaged up but I took a little peek,,hee hee..he just made four little cuts, two on each side of the nipple..Thank goodness he didn't take them out through the armpits! The only thing that's bothering me right now is I have two drains, there's only a few drops of blood in each so keeping my fingers crossed he will take them out tomorrow or Monday. My significant other and daughter have been wonderful taking care of me so far. Still feel a little lightheaded, have only taken one pain pill since I got home. RIght ow I am propped up on pillows in bed after taking a short nap.

I took one picture but since I'm bandaged you can't really see anything yet, I will take more in the days to come...

A big big hug and thank you to all of you amazing and brave ladies who have shown me the way! I know it will get better from now on, and I feel super happy I made this decision!


Am thinking about you Eva, counting the days till you get rid of the drains. Just two more sleeps! Your gonna feel so much better on Monday when they come out, you'll be dancing! :)
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Congrats Eva!! So happy for you and glad you are feeling well!!! Heal up!!
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Thanks everyone! Had to reschedule follow-up appt for later today because our car broke down on the way to the appt...they were very nice and understanding at the surgeon"s. I am trying to rest and eat light because I had some nausea last night. Other that that I feel like a million bucks! I am hoping they put on the compression bra today at the surgeon's...we will see...thanks for all the well-wishes and support, I love this group!
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Drains are out, feeling great!

Had an early appt I had been looking forward to for days since surgery--drains are now out! Yay!!! It feels soooo much better! Tape underneath stitches I had also taken off but stitches stay until next Monday. That is Ok because the only thing that was bothering me was the drains and they are out...

As you can see from the pictures I am pretty flat and droopy but I am hoping they will fluff up a bit. It is exactly what I expected. I bought this one sports bra from ebay but it doesn't fit me, at least not yet. Nurse said I was still swollen so I'm going to stay for now with the flesh-colored bra in the picture, it's wireless but has a lot of support which is what I need right now. After the stitches are out I will get myself measured and get 2-3 wacoal or high quality bras.

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Two of the pictures got mixed up, let me try again...


Eva you look wonderful! I'm so happy for you to have the surgery behind you and have the drains out! Must be a huge relief. You don't look flat at all. I know you said you have some swelling still but I bet you will be much more shapely than you think. Glad to know that Target has some bras that will work I am going to go this week and see what I can find. Take care of yourself!
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Thanks:) this week I will also look in Marshall's and TJ Maxx...I tried sports bras but I'm still a little sore to get them over my head so for now I need soft and wireless, at least until the stitches are out.
Better and better!!! Super good feeling isn't it!! Happy for you :))
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Love my natural self! Very happy, feel better and stronger each day.

This morning my surgeon removed the stitches. It's 12 days post..I feel GREAT! I am slowly resuming regular activities (he had said to take it very easy last week and I did). I only have three bras right now (one from pre-explant) and that is because surgeon said they will probably contract a little more once I am completely healed with no swelling.
This is one of the best things I could have done for my body. I am grateful to the universe for everything coming together in my life and helping me toward the goal of being implant-free and natural. One thing I didn't expect-guess had not realized- is the extent to which my entire frame, backbone, muscles had to adjust and deform to sustain those big,fake boobs. It gets better every day but I feel like all those bones and muscles are cheering and saying'"yay! she's finally giving us a break,lol!"..Explains why I felt like I couldn't breathe very well sometimes, back ache,chest pains, etc...all of that now is non-existent or a lot better. So I am a happy camper right now...very, very happy with my decision!


Congratulations to you! You are way younger than me but ended up with probably more breast tissue than you expected - I know I did! Don't know if you might find it helpful but if you have a Champion/Hanes outlet near you, Champion makes a zip front sports bra that will not irritate your "under breast stitches" yet hold "the girls" up where they feel like they should be. I lived in those - one white one and one black one. After my incisions healed, I wanted something sexier and tried many styles and brands. Have to admit - I went back to Champion for Style 6209 - in all 3 colors. It's not lacy and sexy but it supports the way I need and gives me the look I want under my shirts and tops. It's comfortable, stays put without the back riding up and the front sagging down - it's underwire and no "poofing" out of the top of it. Just a thought for later if you have trouble finding something. Good luck with healing - you look wonderful!
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Your 12 days post, and you have 6 more days of antibiotics!? That's a pretty long course. Every surgeon has a different take on them. I did not get a single antiobiotic during or after surgery, and I had drains for a week too. Some docs do 7, 10, or 14 days. The risk is taking them when there is no infection present, and used as prevention, they can cause c-diff which is when you have more bad bacteria in your gut, than good bacteria. Keep an eye on how you feel, guts wise, consume pro-biotics, and call your ps if your not feeling well.
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thanks littlhugger! I forgot to ask about antiobiotics, I have about 6 more days, 2 a day, is this normal to take them for so long after the explant?
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One month post- I feel WONDERFUL and it only gets better!

Wow! I can't believe it's been a month since the surgery! Since the first few days, I feel a lot stronger, my boobs have fluffed up and my nipples are higher. I don't feel like a fake, no more pain and discomfort. I can hug someone and not feel embarrassed or worried they would be able to tell I had implants. All my tops and dresses fit without popping out and size-wise no fears that a Medium will not fit.

Tuesday will be the last follow-up with my surgeon and as an office gift I got a free peel and massage so I will be having the peel right after I see him, same office complex! This has been quite a journey. Why didn't I do this sooner? I really don't know, money was an issue. I cannot beat myself up about that anymore...all I can do is be grateful that I did finally get them out and it feels GREAT! So much healthier and natural. This is the beginning of a life without implants. Good luck to all the ladies close to surgery date or recovering the first few weeks. It will all work out! Thanks to so many others who gave me the confidence and well-wishes to go on.


"The morning of the implant surgery I repeated to my surgeon that I did not want to be so big. He laughed and said I was the only woman who made such an odd request, because most asked for the opposite- to be bigger. He also said he had to make them big in order to fill the space of my flat boobs..." This made me so angry! I really feel for you. And I must say that I can truly relate. I hate my implants - they are far too big for my body and so not what I wanted, so not what I had expressed that I wanted. Congratulations on getting your implants taken out! Hope you feel wonderful. I think your natural breasts look beautiful :)
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Tampa Plastic Surgeon

Very professional and caring, listens to concerns and provides great follow-up care. He did my implants and they were beautiful, after about 9 years I wanted to be natural. I trusted him to also do the explant surgery, and I am very happy right now, just had implants removed last week. I recommend him highly.

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