I have been researching breast augs for a while...

I have been researching breast augs for a while but wanted to be positive my baby days were over first. I am so happy to have found an amazing surgeon after so much research. Wanted highly cohesive silicone as due to less breast risked and that is just what I got! Whole consult,preop, surgery was over the course of a month. My surgeon was one of only two who was chosen way back to preform breast ops with cohesive so he has tons of experience. He was not pushy at all an so informative. He even works with USF as a teaching dr, and helps with inspection other surgical facilities for sterility and safety. It made me feel confident enough to leave his office call my hubby for the ok and book the same day! No other consults.
Today was my surgery he had ordered sizes 385cc down to the 200's I wanted to fill in emptiness from pregnancy, be larger but not sports illustrated yuck ball boobs. I was confident he would choose the right sizing in surgery and offers a replace ment free of charge minus a couple fees if u don't totally love them. I am so excited he tried to do over but had to do partial unders. All his staff were comforting and kind.

Swelling down and getting around post op day 2

So I didn't mention my frame before ...5'6 and 118 lbs. So glad the surgeon went with 350cc I think they are going to give me the nice full and natural look I wanted. I took a shower, dried my hair, and went for a long walk this morning. Hoping to loosen things up all over! Sorry for the funny shape around nips the tape the doctor used is holding and pulling them funny :)

My fear and my wish boobs

So I had a total fear of ball boobies, this lady actually likes her shape :) and the second I thought was nicely full but maybe just a bit big for me!

Post op day 3

Was feeling better during the daytime. Finally used the bathroom, lost 3 lbs in there :) Boy was that due because even right after I awoke from anesthesia I was hungry!! Was taking some random things to help move stuff along and will post some suggestions later.
I got the courage and movement back to try some stuff on which was fun :) having boobs that hold up a bra vs a bra to cover nipples is great! Feel like they are dropping and getting softer already.
Sadly by the evening I had a bunch of pain and pressure at my incision site. Got nauseated as I convinced myself the implant was trying to escape. Going to call the surgeon in the morning. Think maybe the light support bra he gave me just is allowing too much weight at the crease area? We'll see....

Post op day 4 I'm a bit in my head

So I was freaking myself out with all the double bubble, bottoming out stuff, got to stay calm and give this time. Had put call into drs office and they said that it was all normal, no bleeding, no oozing, swelling- don't worry ;) phew at least till my check up Wed. Stitches coming out!

No bras for a year!! Day 6

Boy was that a strange feeling. Gotta say I have been a bit of a baby with all this. I was like "ha I have had natural childbirth what could top that?" ..well this is grossing me out a bit. I feel tired, useless as I am generally pretty nonstop, and annoyed by the feeling of incisions and little tape blisters. LAME. But surgeon says they look great, little irritation on right breast incision keep eye on it. See them in 6 weeks....really? Wow. I am released out in wild already? Hmmm and craziest idea yet no bras for a year. Well ok for short period for school functions...had to get him to give me that. Don't wanna be one of "those" moms;) he says this gives his patients the advantage of having the softest breasts. Sounds cuddly to me!

Woop woop day 7

Ran an errand with the hubby this morning. Went to the park with my kids and out to dinner. Little weird not wearing a bra and feeling staring eyes but oh well. I was comfy and it feels freeing! I am having a bit of a reaction to the tape especially notable where it is no longer covering certain areas-redness,light blistering-ouch!
Tried on some more cute things today, hoping the VS bra will fit me still down the road I bought a few 34D thinking that is where I would be but boy I was spilling over this one! Liking the white tank from old navy too!

Only took muscle relaxer and antibiotics till this evening when the aches set in then I said what the heck and grabbed a vicoden. Probably don't really need it but it will help me sleep :)

pictures did not load sorrY!

pics day 7

Really pics? Come on...


A few of my favorite things....

Hadn't had the chance to sit and do this but these are some of the things that are helping me through this journey....
Miralax because good grief after all those meds you will need it and I even used a senna (natural laxative) 3 tabs for first dose too. I was swollen and annoyed but the combo of the two of these rocked. Just keep using the Miralax while on pain meds and back up with 1 tab if needed. I used the smooth move tea but wasn't sure it worked for me.

Earth Momma Angel Baby Stretch oil. This stuff is amazing I used it for two weeks prior to the augmentation and after. I have stretch marks from my 1st two pregnancies but using this on my third seem to ward them off. So with hopeful thinking this has been through my side to prevent new boobie marks :) It has a light smell that is very nice and absorbs in, never messed up and clothing. Plus it is natural for all us earthy people. Best price I can find:

I am a frequent Amazon shopper. How nice to be able to get all this cool stuff delivered free, at a great price without having to drive. Driving in Florida is nuts! Plus it was like getting a big care package in the mail. Or Christmas for us moms who usually do all for the kids and not so much for us!

The best of bed rest pillows because not all are created equal...

I also picked up some Arnica gel from Amazon for bruising. I use it all the time on my kids who although play ruff and get injured rarely end up with a bruise! Takes away the swelling and pain too.

If you are like me with happy nipple all the time you can venture to Victorias Secret for breast petals or get them off Amazon too at a fraction of the cost. You can also find some cute comfy bralettes too.


I am still sore but no meds! Other than antibiotics. Have to see the Dr. as my right breast incision has some drainage. Yuck! But otherwise softening up and starting to get used to the weight of these suckers.

Pics ....

Still going

Still having issues with right side healing. Seem to have knocked the scab off while detailing my car earlier this week too. Still using antibiotic ointment and dr had me not using any coverage so it gets air. They seem to be happily finding their place otherwise. Like no bras business. Although my cute bra drawer temps me so....

Enjoying my new body

Husband made a comment today about enjoying more topless times:) feel more confident and having fun dressing up! Going on cruise do been trying on lots of stuff.

Still healing and feeling great!

Dropping and they are feeling softer day by day. Incisions are both finally doing well ;) here's a catch up from the past few weeks! Still hanging in a size 34D. No more dr visits till September he says they are doing perfect. I can feel the implant mostly on the bottom left side . My right side hides it well.

Feel like mine

Feels like they have always been there. I have list that new boobie feeling. They are still softening dr has me on antibiotic to prevent capsular contracture. He believes it helps a lot. Still smile when I see them in the mirror. Love the way they look so natural!

A few months later ;)

Feel like they have shrunk or maybe I am just used to them? Much softer and getting good movement now.

Almost 5 months!

Still love them but wouldn't mind if I had a bit bigger.....scar area feels tender sometimes but otherwise no complaints!
Tampa Plastic Surgeon

An amazing well educated, experienced, and compassionate dr. He is very straightforward and if you are looking for the super fake look or something that could harm your body he will turn you away. I love his honesty and his caring for each surgery patient. I have already gotten 2 calls today to check me-how common is that? Amazing!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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So are they gummy bear tear drop 350cc hight profile? They will beautiful.. Please tell me if i have ur right size and shape
  • Reply
Moderate profile 355 sinetra rounds are actually what I have. I wanted to avoid any awkward rotating which is possible with teardrop.
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What a difference hey! You look wonderful!! Hope you're enjoying them ;)
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One of your boobs looks like one of mine that looks kinda like double bubble. But I can see from your pre op pics your creases were in different positions. Mine were the same and one has drop below the crease and is nice and smooth. The other one at the side the old crease is clearly visible and in the front you can see the difference in tissue like yours
  • Reply
Yeah the surgeon had warned me about all of it. I was concerned with double bubble too but no the tissue appears to slowly be stretching and forming a new crease. Here's to hoping ;)
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Good luck
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Your results are amazing
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Whoa thanks! I love them naked but in clothes like others think "hey could they have been a bit bigger?" But all in all they are the right type/size for me wanting a natural appearance.
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I love that I found your review. I am going in next Tuesday for Allergan 410's and have some serious worries (I would about whatever implant I ended up choosing). Thank you for putting up a lying down picture, I was worried what they would do!! You look absolutely amazing and I hope mine look as great as yours!! Thanks for sharing....
  • Reply
So glad it helped. I know I was looking for answers to a many questions on looks before my surgery too. You want to have it done right the first time and know what your getting into. This site helps a lot with that. Best of luck.
  • Reply
Lovely!!! Results like yours make me so excited for mine!
  • Reply
Great progress. Wow!!!!!!:-)
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Your surgeon is skilled. You look great! Perfect fit for your frame. So natural. When did they become soft? I'm almost four weeks post op & mine are still pretty firm. I have gummy teardrop.
  • Reply
Looking good. Prefect for you
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Yours changed a lot. They look great and real:-)
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  • Reply
your boobs look fantastic! happy healing!
  • Reply
Thanks! Breezebaby
  • Reply
I've been sweating a lot too
  • Reply
do you think 350cc was the right size for your frame? I'm 5'5'' 125lbs and would like 375cc, my husband would like 415cc I'm afraid it'll be too big
  • Reply
I took my wish boob picture in for the surgeon and let him decide. I have kids, am active, and have had boobs from size d down to a during periods of breast feeding and not. If you ask for a more natural look a size that fits your frame with a bit of cleavage and side boob will be chosen. That number in cc's varies from person to person depending on tightness/emptiness, sagging, the way your chest wall is structured, etc. Your job if you find a good trustworthy surgeon is to decide do I want people to question a boob job or have it be well known ;) my dr ordered sizes from 200's to 385, he choose 350 for me and so far I am happy to have them look more natural and larger...so is the hubby ;) and we looked at many boobie shapes together we always liked the burlesque, natural, not balls on the chest shape. Best boobie wishes!
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I'm same height and wt as u. Got 380cc silicone under muscle midrange profile. Hubby wanted 450. I was like no way. The largest that would've fit good would've been 410 w/o complications and not being too big. But for someone whosalways had small breasts (except pregnancy & breastfeeding) everything seems big. Plus I like small to med size breasts. Didn't want to be big. Just more full and natural. So I was debating between 350 & 380. I told my ps to choose which ever fits and looks better
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What about the scar from the incision? I'm thinking transaxillary
  • Reply
What about the incision? Has it healed nicely? I'm thinking transaxillary
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Thank you! I did the rice test and I feel like they are so big! It'll take some getting used to it but when I see the pictures it's pretty reasonable with clothes on... Thank you for the input, what type of incision did you get?
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