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I actually have a fairly decent butt but was...

I actually have a fairly decent butt but was bothered by my saddlebags. I went to the doctor originally for lipo and he suggested the BBL so that I could also fill in the 'dents' in my butt cheeks and add a little fullness to the top.

My husband thought this was a wonderful idea. I am excited to have my saddlebags, inner thighs, and abdomen lipoed and then my rear enhanced. I will also be getting my cankles done in the fall of 2012. I am 5'1" and about 118lbs. I will be adding before images this week since my surgery is scheduled for next Monday.

Day two: I am still quite sore all over like I...

Day two: I am still quite sore all over like I was beat up but I think I look pretty good. I slept fairly well last night after taking vicodin and using a snoogle pillow(I highly recommend the snoogle!!!!!!). I only had the garment from the doctor on last night per his instructions. The garment that the doctor gave me has a sizable hole in it so it was easy to go pee and if I had to poo but haven't done that yet. I kept water by the bed and drank through the night. I do have quite a bit of swelling and when the doctor weighed me today, I was 7 lbs heavier than right before surgery so I think I have a lot of fluid to get rid of. I am wearing a spanx that goes from right over my chest down to my mid thigh and over that another garment of the same size that zips and hooks on the sides that came from the doctor. It is very tight but comfortable. Today, he put on the spanx so it feels different but actually more comfortable because it is softer against my skin. One problem. Very small hole to pee through....and certainly not big enough to poo. So, I used a funnel(worked wonderfully!!) I have posted a picture. This is an automotive one but I imagine most would work the same. I put it through the hole in the spanx and made sure that it was tight against my skin. I imagine I will have to remove the whole ensemble when it is time to poo. We'll see. Hmmm, what else? Well, when I got there for surgery, I had to get naked for more pics and then walked down to the or where I got naked again while standing so that they could clean my back before I layed on the table. There was a young 'scrub tech" in there so I was getting embarrassed but he was so polite and kept looking away from me and once they put the happy juice in my IV I didn't care anyway. When I woke up, I was wearing the compression garment and under a blanket in recovery.
I feel pretty good with just 600 mg of Motrin during the day a few times and vicodin at night. I feel best if I get up and walk around every couple of hours too. I guess that is all for now but if anyone has any questions about hings I haven't thought of, let me know. I will post the before pics and day two pics in a couple of days....they are on my hubby's camera.

Today is the 10th day after surgery. I am not so...

Today is the 10th day after surgery. I am not so sore and the bruises are starting to yellow. I have been using vit. K cream that seems to have helped a bit with that. I also used foam pads between the compression garment and my skin in the places I was most swollen and it seemed to make a difference. When I first saw my body on the day after surgery, I was sooo disappointed because the skin was loose and I wondered if he did a good job. Hence, the compression garments. They have done a wonderful job of squeezing me into 'my new size' if you know what I mean. I had originally gotten the spanx in the nylon dept that my doctor told me to get($38) but when I got a large run in it one week after surgery, I felt it wasn't durable enough and went out to buy the $84 version and it has been much better. It is tighter on my hips and thighs and feels better too. I have added some before pics and honestly after looking at them again, I realize my doctor did a great job.....and its still getting better cause my legs and feet are still quite swollen as is my back and stomach. Oh, the crotch in this new spanx is much better and more open so I do not need to use a funnel. Yaaay.

Well, today has been two and a half weeks since...

Well, today has been two and a half weeks since surgery and the latest happening is itchy skin. My entire torso is very itchy but since the skin on top is numb, scratching it does no good.
Tampa Plastic Surgeon

My doctor was very professional and answered all of my questions thoroughly. The staff was very friendly and made me feel quite comfortable while there. I am quite happy with the procedure and am anxious to see the final results since I am just two days out.

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I hope all is going well. Dont worry, you can also go back for round 2 in the future if your not happy.
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looking good bootymama, how r u feeling?
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you look great girl in the spanx photos!!! omg look at that new shape
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Happy Healing! Thanks for updating!
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hey bootymama... how you doing? I hope your recovery is going well.
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How are you?
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ooh... bootymama.. i was waiting to hear from you. Congrats to you girl. Glad to know you made it our and you are recovering. Sending prayers your way for an speedy recovery and a big ol booty. TTYL
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Tomorrow is the big day for u....I hope and pray all goes well for u.
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Good luck with your procedure next week. I will be sayihng a prayer for u.
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I have the boppy pillow that's shape like a horse shoe...it's called "Leachco Cuddle-u" and thanks to Nikki 6771 she was very helpful on choosing a great one. Yes, I'm going to use the boppy for sitting. The reason for the enema just to cleanse my body for my procedure and baby wipes are to clean my rear when I do the number 2 instead of me using tissue paper baby wipes are more gentle. I'm pretty sure your doctor will put the right amount expecially if you already have something back there. I am nervous that I may have lose skin and he's not going to put enough CC's but hey just like I tell everyone else you just have to hope for the best. :)
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Is the boppy pillow the one that nursing mothers use? Are you going to use it for sitting? Why the enema and baby wipes? We are getting a cushioned toilet seat. Yes, I am a bit nervous. I know that it will look great once my saddlebags are gone but I am a little concerned about him making my butt too big since it isn't really flat now. I am not too good with pain either and my husband isn't very good at "filling my shoes" when I am not available. I have a 15 yr old, 9 yr old and a 4 1/2 yr old. It should be interesting. What are you most nervous for?
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Yes, I purchased boppy pillow, arnica for bruising, multi-vitamins, enema and baby wipes. I know the body pillow u have and I may get that later if I have trouble sleeping. Far as the equipment go I plan to go get an adjustable rail to help me on and off the toilet and after that I 'm done....lol...I can't believe my BBL is 3 days after urs. Are u nervous? Far as the spandex I wear that daily the one go underneath ur bra and shape a bathing suit. There very comfortable.
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Hey Cheeks, did you buy any special 'equipment' for after the procedure? I just purchased a large body pillow that is kind of in the shape of a C. Should make sleeping on my side more comfortable. I am usually a back sleeper. My doctor had me buy spanx and will also be using a girdle/compression garment over that that hooks/zips up both sides and goes from right under my breasts and halfway down my thighs. I tried the spanx on, soooo comfortable......but may be a challenge to pee.
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Your lucky your not flat.
Yes, I have my bf and my cousin to fill in when my bf is at work.
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I have no idea how many cc's I want or need since my butt is not flat to begin with but just being enhanced and filling in the 'dents' on the sides. Good luck to your too! Do you have someone to take care of you after? My nine yr old is so excited to help out.
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Good Luck to u. I'm scheduled to have my BBL Thursday next week, which is the 29th. How many CC ur aiming for?
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Ok, soooo they aren't huge cankles but they are not the cute skinny ankles my mom, sister and daughters have either so ....... and its 5 ft 1 in. We can't forget that inch you know. I need all I can get.
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Good Luck... lmao @cankles at 5 feet and 118 they cannot be that big...lol I am 5 feet and 155 so you are super tiny compared to me.
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