2nd surgery done Sept 26 I am happy it's over and I made it through thanks to DR MILES - Tampa, FL

Ok I have not done this b4 buuut Here it goes I'm...

Ok I have not done this b4 buuut Here it goes I'm 29 5'6 187 I always wanted this BBL but I never did it I just Blew it off so I Finally got some BIG balls and said I'm getting it done. I tried to exercise but the Problem with that is I Lose weight all over I am small in my leg Thighs and hips but bigger on top and when I gain wight and I get my thighs how I like them I'm to dang on big at the top I mean my arm are like Quarterback arms Ugh lol so I'm gonna get the BBL with fat tranfer to my butt and hips and I'm doing it 2 times my 1st surgery is on aug 28 my upper, lower Stomach and arms and the 2nd surgery is on or 1week after the 19th of sep Depending on my Recovery.... Weeeeeell I will keep you posted chicassss hope to find some women I can also Share and fallow them and there Journey also...
Good luck

B4 pics Ugh

This is my b4 I look a hot ass mess Ugh I can't wait until August 28th I'm soooooo ready for this body to be Snatched yeeeeees .....
Yep im sooo nervous not of the surgery it self but after...
Good luck, what dr?
Thank you dr miles at Adora


Only 4 days until surgery ooooooooo Boy I have called every friend I have I'm sooooo Nervous I mean not about the Actual Procedure but after Ugh but god is on my side wooooow I'm ready......

oooooooooK to my bbl chicas 1 day left sooooo nervous

My surgery iiiiiiiiis tomorrow morning omg omg oooooommmmmgggggg I dont know what to do im am going out of my mind really but god has my back I will keep you all up and alll the way to date tomorrow im gonna post a video hopefully if they let me ttyl 4 now....

surgery appp

I love this app omg

this surgery app is amazing

How I wanna look lol with a lil tweaking lol yeeeees

Hey hey heeeeeey Surgery #1 tomorrow OMG I am soooooo Nervous

Ok well be up at 8 am tomorrow I'm READY
Good luck hunny! I live in the tampa area, so I can't wait to see your results!
Good luck!! A prayer sent your way as you under go surgery tomorrow. Happy healing!!! Can't wait to see the new you.
I'm not nervous yet but I bet I will be tomorrow! I will say a little prayer for you tonight for a speedy and pain free recovery. You look beautiful and amazing! Stay strong love!

surgery surgery surgery today

Im happy
Good luck!!! A friend of mine went to Dr. Miles and she has happy with her big butt. I decided to with another doctor that I felt more comfortable with. Keep us updated.
Good luck and happy healing!
good luck and happy healing!

ok I am out of surgery

it was ok I did not like the numbing part and the breaking up of the fat my arms did not hurt as much as my stomach and sides but the worst part of it all is when I had to stand up I was so dizzy I had to lay back down 3 times in the doctor's office then I threw up at the doctors office and then by the time I got home I threw up again at the end of the stairs cause I live on the third floor I did not want to move I was so dizzy oh OMG

thank god

Thsnk god that my mom is a nurse ooooooo because I would have been in a world of doo doo,
Take it easy. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water and eating foods that have iron and protein in it. Get some rest! Thanks for posting! :)
Thanks boo I have but it just seem like it wants to come back up omg and the feeling is horrible...

my mom just changed my dressings om 2 the g

WooooooooW changing of the gal's really! !!! I mean sick as a dog siiiiiiick Ugh I had to stand up when she was ready to put one on and then put my head back down between my legs it was horrible horribleI could not wait to lay back down
Lemme see some post booty shots LOL Hope you have an eventless recovery. Please post pics!!
Most definitely will
Wishing u a speedy recovery:-)

day 1 post op pic b4 and after

Not that much difference but I only did my stomach and arms I still have to do my upper and lover back and have my sides sculpt soooooo still under construction stay tuned


Happy Healing!
Thank you soooo much


I'm am Healing really good I had to take off the Gauze and put on these waterproof bandages my arms are still Sore and I have a board on my Stomach under my Garment I really don't like sleeping on my Stomach Ugh Ugh Ugh I have moved from my bed room to my 2nd bed room to the Living room Couch to the floor with allll my Pillows from my Couch on the floor and made a bed lol but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do I am ready 4this to be over and done with my app with the DR on wed cant wait round 2 sep 25th
More pics plz. happy healings. lookn good
Thank god i found you. I'm going to him in March. I have been so scared and been praying I cant find someone that went to him. I need ALL DETAILS PLZ. Feel free to inbox me. Mayb we can exchange numbers. so how you feelin today. do u no how many ccs you got? Are u gettn more fat injected to butt with next surgery. How long was u in surg. U was woke right? What was ur pain level? Girl I got a million questions.......

without my garment buuuuuut im not done stay tuned

This is just the fat I got transferred from my arm and stomach I still have to do my waist my side my upper and lower back and some more sculpting soo she's not done yet stay tuned loves
Omg. thanks . you are my number 2 god. lol. I am hoping to get at least 500 ccs in each i hope higher. and i want a really tiny waist and no back fat left over. n i pray both cheeks are and stay even. Did yall talk about numbers of ccs before. he made it seem like i cant get more than 400cc. i hope not. i guess it cuz my small frame. but he say he will put ad much as can fit. i want big changes. dont want to waste my money. ya feel me.
I am feeling good I been walking around plus I live on the 3rd floor I been u and down the stairs I got 500 cc in my butt each side and yess ooooh yess I am getting more in my butt my surgery was 5 hour and ooooh yes I was up I dont want to be put to sleep there is not no pain becaues I still have all my pain med the DR prescribe me at my pre op I didn't take no pain meds when I get home at all only thing is I was dizzy as heeeeeell OMG Girrrrrrrl I just wanted to lay down I was swollen but I had arnica for that my ice pad is my best friend... we will talk more I will give you all the juice chica and will help u though your new transformation. .

day 7

Ok still swollen

more pics

Here u go
You look great babe....is the 2nd surgery mainly for the lipo? Look forward to seeing more pics..........take care of that new beautiful body!!!!!
The 2nd surgery im doing my entire back and alot of sculpting of my sides and waistline and I am going to transfer the fat to my butt again .... thank you sooo much chica will keep u posted..
Happy healing & can't wait to see more pics

still under construction

September 25th cant wait
Wuz up. Getn close. I no u counting down the dayz. how u been feeling?
Hey boo yeeeeees I cant wait I am sooooo ready next week Wed omg I am good not in no pain im eating alot but im good chica ★☆★☆★☆
Hey boo....Oh shit now..Hott in PINK. Dis shit aint over!!!!!

Surgery on wed

I can't wait I got all my supply's and I'm ready pray 4 me I am sooooo ready to be done with this and see the finished Product...
Wuts the teee?????
Dats wuts up. Much prayers going up. Tell his ass again he better get u right. lol. Cant wait to see u. Cant wait til its my turn.
so is stomach still flat? Do u think u lost any volume or are things about the same? Do u still have swelling?

just got a call......... Ugh

They just changed my surgery date to Thursday omg I wanna get this over with whhhhhhyyyyyy!!!!!!!
how can they just change your surgery date at the last mintue??!!
The DR said something important came up so yea but they compensated me they was really nice but I just wanna get it over with Ugh

hey hey hey surgery #2 day yes

Pray 4 me ladies thanks
She gettn bootyfied as we speak. LEGGO!!!!!!!

2nd surgery done sep 26 thank you jesus it's over and I made it through. ...

Ok I was on the table they was getting ready well I took my meds well that s??? didn't kick in at all I mean alllllll so I was laying on my stomach he was like u know you are going to have to lay on your back right in my mind I was like ummmmmmm I just got my stomach done in august but I turned over so he started it was not bad but damn when he got to my sides O M to the G to the 2nd power I was calling jesus yes but I got my entire back done and my sides sculpt he went all the way down to the my muscle my waist is really small and he transfered my fat to my butt again weeeell I have a total of 1000cc in anf this assssss is fat im still swollen but I see it and I am pleased I pray it stay and dont go down but all in all im happy
Yeeeeees ma'am im happy its over omg thank you jesus

2 days after 2nd surgery

Im feeling much much better then Friday 2nd round I got 500 in one side 550 in the other for a total of 1000cc in one side and 1050 in the other still swollen Ugh...


I took off my garment and said im gonna tryon ssome clothes

still swollen

Had 2nd surgery with sculpting of my sides and lower back on 9-26-13 im lovin how I look soooooo far I am glad I did it in 2 parts. ..
Very nice your strong ...twice....AAH HELL NAW! LOL But u only did lipo and bbl rt?
Yes I did lipo on my entire upper body including my arms but I did it in two sessions 1st my arms and front of my stomach and bbl then 1 month later I did my sculpting my sides and lower back and upper back I did my entire back and bbl again .... yes

ok more pics

Just had 2nd surgery on 4 days ago still swollen but soo far so good
Omg girly looking just fab!!!
Thanks my love soooo much I love your results chica im still healing and trying to recover I am soooo over sleeping on my stomach ugh but im happy it over thanks again and I will keep following your journey. .
Yes sleeping on tummy is sooo uncool..I like my sides! I want more added when I get my tt...I love your projection! That's what I need more of.

ok mooooore pics

Im feeling much better and I had my own fashion show lol in my room booom!!
Great results. I cant wait for my day
Thanks boo
Wow, now thats y i want a round 2 great results!

lov the new me

Hey hey hey
Hey na...your butt is banging!

1week and 1day after 2nd surgery

Thank you chica

new me

I have not been feeling good but im doin better heres some more pics of that asssssss


Wuz up girl. how u been. give us an update on how dat body/booty doin?
looking good! How are you feeling?
Looking good. Glad its finally over for you and you have good results. Happy healing lady ;-)

im doin alot better 3 weeks out 2nd surgery

Yes ma'am
Honey you are snatched all the way!!! I've been on a weightloss journey myself and been exercising but I'm lazy and bored of doing squats an the results taking forever to get here!!!
Lovinme29......nice to see and hear great results from fat transfer and thank you so much for sharing your journey......you definitely have a "bangin butt" as someone said above....have the results been long lasting? I've "heard" this is especially successful on boobs and butts ...
Hey girl wuz been up. how u and that new booty doin. how u healing. New pics soon plz.
Adora body Sculpting Clinic

Very nice man Dr Robert Miles one of the lady's I did my Consultation with I'm talking to her and I'm thinking she is my age OMG. She was like I'm 41 with a 19 y.o son well he did her surgery and sheeeeeeeee looks damn goooooood I mean Video vixen type body I thought she was mixed but she was not she looks gooooooood.

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