Not worth it! I was small to begin with & gained unnecessary weight !

I'm freaking out ! My surgery is 5/8 sooo nervous....

I'm freaking out ! My surgery is 5/8 sooo nervous. Idk wat garments are best or whether I need to lose or gain weight. Ughhh frustrated :/ . Does anyone out there have any thoughts about wat garments to use for a better recovery & can I go bk to work in a week? Or wat about driving ? I live 10 min or less from work but I definetly don't sit.


I think you should take at least two weeks but if you can't make sure your not sitting so the fat grafts have time to take. I have mine tomorrow I didnt buy a garment because the office said they will supply me with one so i'm thinking i will buy an extra from them when i go in friday for my followup. I just wasn't sure what size brand etc. people suggest alot on here but still wasnt sure and i didnt want to waste money. But that's so exciting did you gain the weight?
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Omg good luck!!!! I hope your booty looks amazing :) and yes I've gained 15 lbs omg ... Girl I feel so damn fat I was at 150 I'm at 165 ugh it's crazy I'm so glad I'm having mine a wk from today
lol well at least you know the 15 isn't here too stay. I been busy today I thought I might be taking it easy but I guess it's the mother in me worrying if I don't do it today and cant do it tomorrow then I don't want it to be put on my family. But I'm done just slowly preparing and figured I will jump on here one more time. Sx not until 1:00 ugh thats a while to wait. I just printed out the same pics i emailed to the nurse to bring with me tomorrow just in case.

Went well, I'm in pain but not excruciating pain...

Went well, I'm in pain but not excruciating pain thankfully


How did you're surgery go ?? :)
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Had my surgery @ 1045 am, the pain was mostly on...

Had my surgery @ 1045 am, the pain was mostly on my butt, still feels very stiff & laying on my stomach is killing my back :(
Also my belly isn't flat at all :( any suggestions ??


I think it's totally normal to feel like your belly isn't flat. Does your doctor use stitches or drains? If your doc uses stitches like mine does, you won't have any leaking, but it means you'll be swollen a little longer than others. Also when you lay down, try to stack some pillows. I put one flatter pillow under my belly area, and two of the same pillow near my head so that I'm elevated a bit at an angle. It's not nice to be sooo flat to the bed all the time I think. Also, if you think you want to see faster results, ask your doctor about getting massages for your own comfort. People who get massages pretty early tend to see some really good results a little faster. I had a ton of ab lipo done and my tummy is rawwwwwwwwwwwww and was extremely painful until today. I still feel a lot of pain when I'm getting off the bed and such, but it has gotten a bit better. Hang in there. Wear your compression garment all the time, and I'm sure you'll see better results as time passes.
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Thnx bbldollie, I was wondering about the drains. My dr used stitches so I guess I have to wait a but longer. I keep my garment on 24/7 it's just a pain tho. I also feel my butt getting smaller :( hopefully it won't shrink anymore
Apparently the stitches are easier to keep clean than the drains, so it does a bit better to protect us from infection. I'd rather be swollen for a week longer than risk infection :) You can always cut holes in your garment to give your butt room to breathe!


My belly not flat at all... My booty looked great at first but is seriously getting smaller :( soooo I guess I can't wait to see my waist go down some ?... Uhm good news is my bruising has gone down alot thankfully, I'm very happy about that.

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In satisfied

Ok sioooo I have a small frame I had NO butt, wen I came out of surgery I had a juicy booty now I have a regular butt :( wat happened!???? Wat can I do to gain weight? Suggestions ?


Hm... If you gained for the surgery but you're not eating the same way to maintain it after surgery chances are your fat cells are shrinking back to their regular size. You're only supposed to loose about 30% in the first three months, but if you think you're loosing it all, then I'd say give yourself some time to fully recover and start doing some squats! All the best with your recovery
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If you don't mind me asking, what was your height and weight before sx? I'm thinking if you didn't have alot of fat to place in your butt, that may be the reason why it is not big as you may have imagined.
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I think you naturally lose 20% that's why I asked for more than needed but its only 2 weeks fit. So far so good but it is starting to settle or lose some volume

Regretting everything

My butt is definetly uneven i have not sat down at all i don't even sit on the toilet to make sure I make the most of my investment. I have weird lumps on my belly also. My body is ruined & Dr C isn't going out if his way to make me feel any better. Ladies find a different Dr! One that really cares about you pre & post op!!!!

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Why did I do this...

Ok as embarrassing as this is I posted a pic of my butt NOW 2.5 weeks post op.. Yes post op! My butt looks horrible & I hope my Dr can fix this w/o asking me for more money. Siooooooo disappointed I wanna cry everyday. My butt cheeks are so uneven. Some one please help! Suggestions, comments, anything !


Wow! You are only 2.5 weeks post op and really need to relax! Remember that it takes 6-8 weeks for the swelling to be better and sometimes longer. That is why your belly is not more flat yet. The buttocks will be very swollen and tight for many weeks. You can feel hard, lumpy and inflamed areas for many weeks until the skin starts to relax. Massaging the lumpy areas will help them to soften more quickly. You can also see more uneven areas in the buttocks if you lay on one side more than the other. You may swell on the side that you lay on more frequently. Remember it takes 6-8 weeks for the swelling to diminish. Comments such as yours are really not constructive and helpful to this forum. As you can read from the dozens of other patient comments on Real Self, I am very attentive to my patients and care about how they are progressing after surgery. If you are having so many issues after surgery, you should come in the office and discuss with me...make another appointment! Don't rely on the comments of others for your medical advice! You should seek the advise of your Doctor!
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Sick of the lies, and unfairness


I have mine done 19 days ago and I feel great and every day I look better and better. Give your self some time from the pic you look great and if you has cellulite Before it's not going to go away with any surgery that's on you. I love dr Castor
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I'm sorry about your experience. Please post pics
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how is everything now? Im considering this doctor dor the same procedure
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