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Hello RS, I Just Stumbled Across This Site While I...

Hello RS, I Just Stumbled Across This Site While I Was Researching Some Doctors To Give Me A BBL & Let Me Start By Saying Hallelujah!!! Thank God I Found This Site I Was So Lost But Looking At Some Of The Post On RS Has Really Helped Me Allot In Such Little Time.Im Planning To Have The Surgery Sometime Next Year After I Get My Taxes While Working Two Jobs Now To Help Pay For It. I Have No Money As Of Right Now I Was Dating My Music Manager Who Promised To Pay For It All But He Cheated With Friends & Family Of Mines & I Refuse To Make Him Feel As He Made Me!!!So Im Stuck At Square 1 Working 2 9 to 5's With No Help From Anyone.But Its Not Like Money Is A Problem I Always Get Money From Work & Singing gigs My Problem Is Keeping Money Lol But I Will Have Enough By Next Year Im Saving Every Cent Dat Comes My Way.But Enough Of My Problems Time To Get Down To Buisness Who Is The Best Bbl Doc Who Can Give You The Most Butt With A Deep Lower Back Curvb And Hourglass Waist??? I Really Just Want A Huge Booty Like 50 inches But Im Only 5'7 & weigh 159 I Know I Need To Gain Weight But In Scared I Might Stay Fat And Might Need More procedures
Help Anyone!!!


Hi and welcome to RS! From what I've seen so far (I'm fairly new to RS) with good results at lower rates has come out of the DR. I like Dra Duran results. However, if you want to stay in US, it looks like Dr. fisher in FL has decent rates too. Good luck!
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Thank You, Those Were The First Two Doctors I Contacted But Unfortunately Only Dr.Fisher Has Replied.I Really Wanted To Go To The DR I Have Seen Amazing Results On Here But No One Responds Back...Is It That Hard To Get A Consultation From A Doc From The DR???

Miracle Watts (WishPics)



hey girl i definatley would reccommend looking at doctors work from cipla in santo domingo, DR.. like dr yily de los santos, duran, cabral.. they definatley know how to create crazy curves.
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Do You Know Of Any Tricks To Get Them To Respond Ive Tried All 3 Still No Response Only 4 days So Should I Just Wait Or Call Or Somthing
Try to wait another two weeks to see if you get an email back. I became impatient eventually and added international calling to my plan to reach them by phone. The main number to Cipla is 8093315050. You can add dra_duran and drhectorcabral on instagram. I'm not sure about yilys ig though.
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