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I decided to get lipo after having 2 kids. I was...

I decided to get lipo after having 2 kids. I was left with a diastolic separation at the top of my tummy and a pooch that I really have always had. I went for the procedure and was expecting to just feel pain with shots but after administering the lidocane when they cut the openings, I felt that crap. I felt it the whole time. It was tolerable but very painful. It burned and the poking stuck me. There was also an uncomfortable rubbing against my bones. I was shocked! I had vaser with tumescent lipo. I could feel the heat when it went into my stomach. But after I changed the bandage the first time and saw the results....I would do it again!!! OMG. It was life changing to see that stomach gone once and for all..

I am posting here after pics and will put up...

I am posting here after pics and will put up befores once I scan them in.

A little bit more about me...I was told by several...

A little bit more about me...I was told by several plastic surgeons that I should have a full tummy tuck, but after lots of consult and thinking, I decided that I shouldnt do it. I didnt want to go under such an invasive procedure. They all said I wouldnt have the results I want unless I did it but after day one...I am sooo happy. I think I am going to be fine.
Your stach looks fabulous!
I meant STOMACH. Lol.

Here are my before photos.

Here are my before photos.
I know I do need to get my confidence level up. listening to family friends and news articles have me a bit up in arms. I'm having tjr procedure don't o Monday. Thanks so very much for the encouraging words. Good luck on yours champ. Please let us know about your success.
Be confident! u have make the right decision by doing it for yourself. Mine is scheduled for April 27.
you look fabulous?

Here are day 3 pics and i will post my one week...

Here are day 3 pics and i will post my one week follow up pics soon too.

I am still very happy. Everyday I take off the garment I am excited to see my flat tummy. I pray it stays this way!!

I love the Marena garment except my thighs are big so it is tight around there.
Hello and thanks for thinking of me. I'm ready to get it over. I'll start posting the process as I go through it
Tomorrow. Thanks a bunch good night
tanesha, good luck for tomorrow. Ur in my prayers.

I am 5'7" and I weight 163. It is the best thing I...

I am 5'7" and I weight 163. It is the best thing I have done in my life. I keep looking at my flat stomach and I am sooo happy. I went running today for the first time and I was excited about the idea of diet and more weight loss on my own. This has given me so much motivation. I hated working out, losing weight and still having that belly. It's a miracle!! And no big scar from tummy tuck!! I was scared my skin wouldnt go back because of how long I have had a belly but it is tightening up really good. I am using an all natural skin oil to make sure and pure vitamin E oil.

See the Marena garment. It is a really great...

See the Marena garment. It is a really great garment. the only downside is the hooks dig into my sides so I added gauze padding before putting on so I dont get the sores any more. It is nice and tight but doesnt cut my air. The legs are tight for me but I have big thighs.
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Hi, just wondering how soon after surgery did you notice the change? I'm 10 days post op and no change. I'm 5"11, 160lbs. I just had a tummy that I could not get rid off.
It was immediate. did you see above at my day 1 photos? noticeable difference right away. And I still have less stomach than originally. For some reason though my appetite has increased dramatically, so watch that.

Ok so it has been 39 days and boy am I glad I did...

Ok so it has been 39 days and boy am I glad I did this. I love my tummy. I keep thinking its going to come back. I am overjoyed. I ate a lot the first 2 weeks and went on a serious binge. I got really worried that I would undo what I did so I went on a cleanse. I feel much better. I will come of the cleanse in about 5 to 10 days. Then eating really healthy. I still think though that I need to do my flanks because I didnt do that. Then watch out!!!
Thanks for posting! I too am getting just Lipo :)
Thanks for your review. I'm also 5'7 and weigthing 155 at the moment. I'm going to have the first appointment with a doctor to discuss my options here in Orlando on February the 8th. I want to have a liposuction but we shall see what the doctor recommends. I'm turning 40 this year, and I want to look great!!
Congrats on your surgery.
How long were u out of work? I am getting mine done in September can't wait I need to get rid of this fat.
Dr. Caroline Lomboy (Adora Clinic)

I felt my doctor was excellent but I really didnt see her much. Nor did she herself call me when the procedure was done. I basically spoke to a sales person first, then an assistant then the doctor. I saw the doctor at my surgery and then the assistant called me. I have an appointment with the doctor for post op but I felt like the doctor didnt listen to me as an individual. She sort of just spouted off things that she says to most patients.

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