Scars, Dents and Redness Left from Laser Surgery Months & Even Yrs Later - Tampa, FL

I had Erbium laser 2yrs ago when i was 53. After...

I had Erbium laser 2yrs ago when i was 53. After the surgery I was left with more scars only worse, a dent in my cheek, very noticable & a huge patch scar around my old scars. Not to mention all the redness for months after.

Pro none

Cons scars, dents, redness, pigment change

Went under for Erbium laser in 07. Doctor said he thought a level 6 was best, said to get it done in one shot instead of coming back and forth. He was the doctor so i agreed.

The first week i didn't sleep, hurt too much. For the next 2 weeks I noticed some parts of my skin looked redder and it looked to me that scars were showing up,then on my left cheek I noticed my skin had a brown dent & on my right cheek a huge patch that looked like a big round scar around my previous scars. I showed him them. At first he said it would go away.

When i came back because the problems looked worse he completly dismissed me. So nice in the beginning, said if any problem came up he could take care of them. Well problems came up & he acted like he didn't want to know me.


Updated Nov 11, 2009

Went to a doctor in Tampa for facial resurfacing for acne scars. He suggested an Erbium laser.

Horrible horrible results. More scars only larger than what i had, dents in my cheeks, pigment change & red for months. Scars all over my cheeks. Layers of skin taken off so it looks like I skimmed my cheeks along with texture changing. Now I get whiteheads & my skin feels thin.

I've been going through so many laser treatment to build up the scars along with IPL treatments for the redness & fillers for the really bad scars. Nightmare seriously.

I have gone throuh Fraxel 2 times, Smoothbeam 2 times, pixel 1, ipl for redness that helped. Affirm seems to helped a bit but its taking so long and their still so deep. What would you suggest? Fillers? more laser? I am at the end of my rope spending so much money only to be stuck at home. Hate looking in the mirror and only go out when i have to. Any suggestion would be helpful Thanks

Probably you should stop having the treatments and let your skin heal. Also use sunblock that doesn't clog in your pores.
I've had 3 affirm lasers. It absolutely ruined my skin! Anyone considering laser treatments has not done enough research. Those HOT lasers burn your skin 1000x worse than several sunburns and your skin will look like you've spent every day of your life in the sun and smoking cigarettes... in other words it will start to age your skin 10x faster!!! If I had known this I probably would have gone for fillers and botox instead, but now it won't make a difference. I'm 45 but I look closer to 60 now! Please stick with natual lotions, healthy diet, lots of water and a happy/positive metal attitude! You'll all be better for it.
I'm 56 and had affirm a few times. I liked it, it made my skin feel a bit thicker. Didn't burn at all, just little snaps & red after for a couple days til the swelling goes down. Takes a few months to show results. Now I'm trying perfecta. I'll let you know how that goes. I've had many laser treatments & so far they were better than the resurfacing. I would never do something that takes off the outer level of skin again.

Looked up more on Dr Jasin. Wish these posts were...

Looked up more on Dr Jasin. Wish these posts were up before i had mine done. I would have skipped Jasin and found someone else. Found out a lot more people had problems with him. Enter his door at your own risk. Still dealing with scars 4 yrs later. Horrible all my money goes to repair what he did and it's taking years. Makes me sick to look in the mirror now, i was much better before meeting him.
Trying to go a more natural way. Started needling, it helped a bit on some & using emu oil. Silicone strips too at nite. Had a few peels just to get all the dead skin off & try to make it smoother. Going to my laser specialist next week. I'll keep you posted. Not going for full face anything anymore. Just on the spots that are really bad. Had a filler put in some, I just couldn't take seeing the holes anymore. Had to do something. When you stop trying you get depressed. I know, I lost 30 lbs from anxiety.

Nothing new to report except i'm still living with...

Nothing new to report except i'm still living with the scars. Trying peels now and had Fraxel dual that helped but i need more treatments. Going for fillers and peels now. Tired of the down time with laser
Sats, I got terribly burnt from an Obagi Blue peel a year ago which left me with wrinkles, large pores and acne scars. I was told only that I might get a little flaking in a couple days but thick hard layers of skin was peeled off and I was homebound for 2 weeks. I was never given any instructions so I did not properly care for the damaged burnt skin. Anyway, I am a mess. I live by Philly and I saw Dr. Bernstein a couple months ago for a consult. Do you still highly recommend him? He is going to do the fraxel dual and the perfecta. He said only two treatments but I am wondering if he is being aggressive enough. I just wonder if I will see any results? From what I read the fraxel dual is not effective on wrinkles and many that have had it done for scarring saw little change. Should I trust Bernstein with this? I thought he was the best which is comforting considering the potential risks of lasers and what happened to me with a simple peel, but I have concerns because his choice of lasers conflict with my research. This has to be a "one shot deal" because this breaks the bank. It sounds like the work he did for you did not help. So what are your thoughts? Why didn't he go more aggressive when the fraxel was not working for you?
Never4get I'll privately message you.

Wanted to fill you in on what's been happening....

Wanted to fill you in on what's been happening. Since my last post i went for Fraxel Dual. Had it done 4x's each spaced a month apart. Had to wait 3 to 6 months since the last to see any results. It's 6 mons now. I saw abit of a change but nothing to write home about. I probably need 4 more but because of how expensive they are I could get a face lift ! I started trying TCA peels at 10% & one at 20%. Their ok. Also started needling . That seems to work as good as some lasers but I still have a long way to go. I have an appt to see another doctor in June who is supposed to be good so I'll wait tit then before doing anything else.
Wanted to let you know about an exfoiant that works really great without turning you red or hurting your skin. It's called "Cure Natural Aqua" You put it on & wait 30 sec then rub lightly. The skin comes off in balls. It's amazing. I heard it helps with dark spots so this was just a FYI. thing. Check it out on It was money worth spent.

Update: Found another doctor in Tampa, Dr Cross at Lecada. In the 2 months I've been seeing her I saw the most change. She did a fraxel restore treatment on me stronger than I've ever had then a month later she put Sculptra around my face. I finally see a difference. I wish I went to her from day one. It's all who you get. In the 5 yrs I've been to so many doctors trying to help fix what Jasin did to me. I was expecting to be disappointed again but this time was different. I have one more treatment of Sculpra to go then I'll have another fraxel in Jan.. So lucky I found her.
Do you have any updates on your skin journey with Dr Cross? I've been thinking about checking her out. Do you still recommend her?
Hi, I wanted to see her again in June but she had to go home for a family emergency & would be out for months.:( I'm going to call them again to see when she'll be back. I wanted to get the CIT done from her next time then some fillers. I've been doing needling which is pretty good & a couple peels. I had some filler put in some of the bad spots by another doctor since Cross wasn't in. I'd like to see Cross again but I think I'll stay away from lasers now because I've had so many & try the needling thing & fillers. So yes I still recomend her because I've had no problems with the Sculptra & Fraxel she me.

Going in for mini lift, fat transfers & blue peel

Ok so it's a couple years later & all I've been doing is getting filler that's useless and needling which seems to do as good as fraxels. I had it. Now on May 1st I'm scheduled for surgery. I'm tired of wasting my money on a lot of fillers & I got a really bad reaction under my eyes from Juve.. That did it. So I went to a well know doctor here decided the only want to make the scars look better is a mini lift to pull them & a fat transfer to puff up my cheeks. Then having a blue peel since I tried all the others will little success. I think at this point I used up all my other options so I'm resorting to surgery. I was afraid of fat transfers too but I'm at the end of my rope dealing with this. So I will let you know if fat transfers & a mini lift help. I hope so cause I'm spending a fortune on this and I already spent a fortune all everything else I tried like oils, creams & laser & filler treatments. Wish me luck & I will give you my opinion after surgery if it helped. He said it would take at least 3 weeks before I see a difference in how I'll look due to swelling.
Hey there just checking in to see how your surgery went on May 1st. Hope you are doing well. 
Hi Sats, good luck on your surgery! I am in the process of trying to find a Dr. to perform a facelift for similar reasons...I have acne scaring that seems to look worse as I age and I am hoping a facelift will make them less obvious. Please keep us posted on your progress!! I
Thanks Kdowler, Same here, I'm at the age for a facelift too, I'll be 60 May 9th so this is my present to myself. I had it with these scars. Their so bad & a lift seems the only way to help some of them. I'm so nervous knowing it's this week & I have my mother to move into a home this weekend & next week. The last 2 yrs have been hard on me. I can't sleep & shake thinking I have to get up & see the scars again another day. Every minute of every day I think about my skin. And age hasn't helped losing fat in my cheeks. I'll def let you know how it turns out, I'm getting that blue peel so healing from that alone takes time. No outdoor fun this summer. So i'll be stuck in for at least 3 weeks. It's a long time but I've been in most of the time anyway since every kind of make up makes me break out so I stay home. Thanks so much for the support. Can't wait for next weekend when it's over with. I just hope I'm happy because it cost a lot and have my hopes up that they'll look better.


God am I glad it's over. I was so nervous. Everything so far seems to have gone as planned but I'm still swollen so I have to wait to see. I was going to get a brow lift too but at the last minute he said he didn't think it was worth it for me to do that, that I can wait for it. I'm so puffy right now. The worst part was the dressings around my chin & neck area. Since I had drains in I had to keep the dressings on for 2 days & I'm so black and blue there. My eyes look really puffy, actually my whole face does right now so I have to wait it out. I did notice my little sag under my chin is gone along with the scars that were there & my cheeks look more lifted. the scars around my ears are gone too. He put them where they should have been in the first place so so far I'm happy. Just nervous once the swelling goes down & I see my cheeks, I hated the dents the most so I'm hoping to get a change in that area. Waiting is sooooo hard to do. If this doesn't work I'm done. I wouldn't know what else to do so I'm crossing my fingers and praying. Thank you so much for asking. I will def let you know how things go and if any of this was worth it.
thank you somuch for your honesty!! That is what these sites are for. I have had similiar unsuccessful results with another procedure. I was investigating this procedure and appreciate your honesty!!!
Hi Sats just popping in to see how you are going? - hope you are healing well & happy with your results :-)
Well I'm still healing. I still feel a hard feeling by my ears & I thought I was still puffy on the top of my one cheek that makes my eye look swollen. But today I realized it's under the puffy part that needs more fat or filler to make my cheek level with the puffy part, then it would look the same as the other eye.. So glad I have an appt with him and he's giving me a vile of juve this Thursday. I look younger but still have the scars so I'll have him put some filler there too. So I'm in limbo til then. I forgot i have the appt this week & did a tca peel today. I hope I' not all flaky when I go. Thanks so much for asking. I'll let ya know if the filler helps. I also have new scars were he cut me by my temple & a stitch that's supposed to dissolve showing up like a cyst. I hope he can fix that too. He said the new scars should go away by 6 mons. Geez, if it's not one thing it's another.

4 Months out from Face Lift & Fat Transfer

So it's been 4 months since my surgery. The puffy look is gone. Looks a lot better in the last month. The dent I was concerned about is much better. Only see a hint of it. I had a dent in my nose that i got years ago that's filled in now & the dent by my mouth looks better, he straightened out my mouth, one side to me looked lower & now it's even. My 11 lines are gone too & scars on my chin look better, my chin doesn't look as long. So so far I am happy about the lift & fat. I'd like to get more in certain places or maybe a little filler in my scars but i like the fat look more than the filler look. It seems to me that the fat looks smoother than filler in my face. I still need to address some scars so i'm still needling once a month. I also bought the microderm md machine that i'll try out, just got it today. The stitches at my temple are healing, one is almost gone, still have a little on the other & the stitch that shows under my skin is going down. Still feel like i have to heal but i know that can take anywhere from 6 to 12 months to be fully healed. I see my doctor again in Oct. I might get filler for some scars but at least i feel the face lift & fat transfer helped. Thank you for asking how I've been doing. I hope my experience can help someone know what they could be in for and thank you to all those who have asked & wished me well. I'll keep you posted.
What procedure did you have done sunny689? Feel free to share by writing a review
Thank you so much for giving some hope for those who suffered from these lasers. I myself am also enduring the wrath that it leaves behind. I think I will probably have to do more invasive steps to fix the bad holes left in my skin and indentions. It is debilitating to try and see people when you know the first thing they notice is your face! Hope you have a great recovery and thank you for sharing.

Things that I did to try to get rid of my damage

After having damage done by Erbium i've had
7 Fraxel Restores... nothing
2 Smoothbeam laser...nothing
3 Affirm laser....tiny little bit but not worth the money
Fillers for scars, didn't like results, made scars look puffy or like a donuts
Microdermabrasion ... just got the microderm md machine & using Aqua Cure Exfoliate every few days, couldn't hurt
Needling... as good as fraxel, downtime a few days then healing starts. Got to give it time to see results.
Fat transfer... best for dents for me. Needed a lot of fillers so fat was my next option. I like it so far, better than fillers for dents and used it on 11's & to fill in chin area & nose dent from childhood Biggest bang for my buck
Lift... good, pulled my skin tighter to help lift the dents. Got rid of tiny turkey neck & lifted cheeks
Use vit e for eye make up remover, aloe, vit c. copper peptides once in a while, retin a once in a while always mixed with some kind of oil since it makes me sore. coconut oil, Trying some scar oil like Bio & Walgreens which is just as good or better. Thick oils make me feel like i have a mask on so now i just put thin oils on. Tried Olive, Almond & so many others that I don't even know how to spell their names.
I am getting LED light. In Ten more months. I could try spectrum laser resurfacing. Not sure. Do not want any more laser. You think it will help the pin holes. Looks like you tried laser to fix laser damage without success. Was this what you tried?
Funny I have no clue I think some are pores and other tiny dots created by the machine. It is confusing I can not tell what is me and what is machine made. I know it damage pores in my sinus areas. Your pic of your skin looks like it is un pixelate with a few dents.
The fat helped with my fat loss, the scars that are indented where skin came off during the resurfacing are still there. I had a huge weird dent shaped in the shape of a square & went down about an 1 1/2 in. Fat helped that & some other dents like my 11's & some wrinkles near my mouth & a dent near my mouth & a dent on my nose i had since childhood. Now i need to work on my skin with the shallow scars & some pit marks. I go to see my doctor on the 23rd to see what he thinks we can do next. Everything is baby steps, When you say micro dots do you mean your pores look bigger or that you got new holes like pits? If it's pits fat won't help If its your pores that look bigger maybe it is inflammation like John said. The lift was good too because it helped pull the dents & he gave me some cheekbones I lost from the laser too.
Dr. Michael Jasin

He should have tried a lower level first to see what that would have done. Didn't help when problem arose. Rude Doesn't know what he's doing with facial resurfacing.

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