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My out of pocket cost was less than $100.00 after...

My out of pocket cost was less than $100.00 after insurance. I went from a 38DDD to a 38C. Started running again, lost 40lbs and am now down to a 38B. I love my perky breast and the freedom of being able to go braless. I feel so much better and get compliments all the time!

Ladies, My first preop mammogram showed a need...


My first preop mammogram showed a need for further evaluation. My PS and the radiology tech think there is no reason to be overly concerned, but I'm very anxious. I go back in tommorow for a special view right breast mammogram and an ultrasound. I pray that what's showing up is just the normal residual effects of my BR healing process and nothing more serious. Please keep me in your prayers and send positive thoughts my way.

Ladies I had my calcifications biopsied on...


I had my calcifications biopsied on 9-13-11. The nurse called me today with the Lab results. Praise God, the results were benign! Thanks for all yor prayers and positive thoughts. I so exhausted from this scare that I'm thinking about postponing my TT until NOV.

I now wear a 36 B and am still very happy with my...

I now wear a 36 B and am still very happy with my reslults. It's great being able to wear inexpensive/cute bras and not having to pay $40.00 for DDD.
Tampa Plastic Surgeon

He is very professional and gave me fantastic results.

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I have a beign on my breast as well I was scared to my surgery sep 22,2014 can't wait
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I am so happy to hear all is well with you !~
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Thank You!
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Your in my thoughts and prayers...

Same thing happened to me and it all turned out fine:)  Damn scar tissue.

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Thanks Kimmers,

The radiologist says that he sees a tiny cluster of microcalcification and has recommended a biopsy. I have an appoint with at a Breast Center on
09-01-11. My cousin had the same issue,had a biopsy that turned out to be beneign and is being monitored every six month. I have a feeling everything will turn out o.k. for me too.
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OMG I just found this post...

Yes that is exaclty what I had and my biopsy came out just fine.  They placed a marker in each breast where they did the biopsy and I have a mammogram every six months.   So far all has been fine and no issues.  I am pretty confident you will find the same..

Hugs for you!

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Thanks Kimmers,

I have a biopsy scheduled for 9-13-11. I pray it turns out benign.
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I will keep the prayers coming for you.

I can remember being scared out of my Witt's and could not sleep when I was at the stage you are at now.    

I can feel it in my heart that you are going to be just fine.  And then we are going to have a big celebration.  

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Can you ladies please tell me how you where able to lose so much weight after the surgery?
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Losing the weight after the surgery was pretty easy. I started walking around my house for 5 minutes every hour 2 days after my BR. I eventually worked up to two 30 minutes walks around my house a day by 3 weeks post op. In addition, I cut my calories down to 1800 calories a day. At about 4 weeks post op I was released by my PS to resume all normal activities I walked or ran 3-4 miles 5 days a week. I kept my calorie in take at 1800,( I ate what I wanted,just smaller portions), and the weight came of at a rate of 1-2 pounds per week.
You can do this!
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Exercise and diet all the way:)  You have to count every calorie you put in your body and make sure to get at least an hours work out five times a week.

I am finding that after my surgery I have to work even harder to keep my results.   It is a daily routine but so worth it.

I keep my before pictures in site at all times and that is a painful reminder of how I never want to look again.

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That's one thing I noticed people don't mention much ... the CHEST PAIN. I'm having breathing problems. That's right. My boobs are so huge, that with a bra on, I can BARELY BREATHE! And I'm beginning to hunch over. I've always had good posture, but the whole situation has just gotten out of hand. It's uncomfortable, and I think about getting a BR 24/7.
boo hoo!
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Why don't you consultate with a Plastic Surgeon? See what he says, then talk to your supervisors at work. Maybe you all can come up with a plan so that you can take a couple of weeks off and then return to light duty until you've completely recovered from your BR.
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I want to get a BR so badly!! 40DD is wayyyy too big for my frame. It's at the point where people are always STARING at my boobs .. the two monsters!!. And the nipples always poke thru my blouses, which just makes things worse. Do you know what it's like when people talk to you and they're STARING at your boobs instead of looking you in the eye? (Sometimes it's funny, but it's more ANNOYING than funny) Unfortunately, I have no sick or vacation leave from my job, so I won't be able to get this surgery for a while. I suppose if I get really "fed up", I'll just have to take leave without pay for a month. The reason why I asked about the recovery time is because I work in a Library ... carrying, lifting heavy books, books, books! Climbing, bending, stooping, standing, leaning, twisting .. it's rigorous work. I have to take at least a month off to insure a "safe" recovery. I am just at my wits end about this.
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I do know what you mean about the's horrible.  

My doctor told me no lifting for the first two weeks and then nothing over 10 pounds for weeks 2-4.   But no lifting over your head for the first month for sure.  You could probably accommodate that right??

I remember all too well the feeling of wanting the monsters reduced!  Set your goal and just start working towards it.  You can do it.  If you keep telling yourself that you will get this done in the near future then that will carry you through.

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The staring is awful. When I was younger I found it flattering. As I matured it became annoying and the shoulder and back pains were horrible. Mine were so big they even caused chest pains. You'll feel so much better after you have the BR. Like Kimmers25 said, set your mind to it and you will reach your goal.
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I want to go from a 40DD to a 38B?
I HOPE that's possible.
How long was your recovery?
When did you go back to work?
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I went back to work at 3 weeks post op.  The recovery itself is not so bad for the BR.  Your sore and bruised and have discomfort but nothing terrible.  

At one month post op I was back in the gym and working out at my normal pace.  

I started as a 40DDD and ended up in a 34B but that was also due to me dropping 70 pounds after the BR.  

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It is possible, but more importantly your PS should sculpt your breasts to fit your frame.
My recovery was not bad at all. I was only on the heavy pain meds for three days and I was able exercise gently 1 week after surgery(walking 2 miles). I returned to work after two weeks. However, I wasn't allowed to lift my arms above my shoulder for 6 weeks. After 6 weeks I was able resume all normal activities.
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When you lost weight after your BR did your 'new' breasts start to sag again or did they just get smaller? I'm hoping to drop 15-20 lbs before my surgery in Dec. because I thought if I did it after surgery my breasts would get all saggy looking. I'm hoping to keep that perky look as long as possible after surgery.
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Oh my gosh your story sounds just like mine and almost exactly the same size from start to finish.

Good for you in having this done.  I personally know how awesome you feel.  I love the small and perky "B's" now.    Nothing bouncing, jumping or falling out of my top.

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We are very similiar. Like you I'm going to have a TT done by the same PS who did my reduction. I want to than you for all the words of encouragement and advice that you give out in the TT forums. You are very much appreciated.
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Thank you:)   When are you having your tummy tuck?

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My tummy tuck is scheduled for 10-07-11. I'm so excited! You and the other ladies on this site have really helped ease my anxiety. My hubby doesn't want me to have the procedure, he told me that he thinks I look fine, but I'm tired of looking at my wrinkly lower abs. He understands tha U'm doing this for me so he is being supportive.
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Yeah my hubby went into freak out mode for a while as well.  He came around and supported me 100%. 

They all say we look fine because they love us but just wait until he gets the first look at the flat tummy.   My hubby's eyes about popped out of his head.  It was a priceless look and I wish I would of had a video camera.  He was all but doing back flips with excitement.

October is going to be here so fast! 

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