Fluid Filled Appearance to Lower Eye Lids or Fullness/Puffynes - Tampa, FL

Actually, if you would like to know more about the...

Actually, if you would like to know more about the only true procedure to help with festoons/malar mounds, I would investigate Dr. S in Tampa, FL. He is one of a handful of plastic surgeons (he happens to be a facial and oculoplastic surgeon) that uses laser resurfacing to permanently treat festoons and remove all damage/wrinkles in the area (as you grow completely new skin).

I had surgery about a month ago and cannot express what he has done for me! The world sees you through it's own subjective eyes. I am now approached more, giving off more positive sense of person, through non-verbal communication.

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Dr Felder charged $4,700. Included are pre op, post op visits, antibiotics, all the products needed for cleaning and moisturizing creams etc.. Plus a soothing facial with his esthetician. I also must add that the removal of the stitches was pain free. I read on some sites that it is recommended to medicate yourself prior to it. No pain with Dr Felder . Why? He does ONLY eyes, he has the experience, the knowledge and the right eye for proportions.
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I beg to differ. He is overly expensive and recommends to stay for 2weeks in a nearby hotel after the laser for festoons. Dr David Felder in Fort Lauderdale has been using laser for the under eye area for years with great success. He did my upper and lower blepharoplasty tightening laser for the festoons. I am extremely happy with the procedures that took place 11 days ago. I had no bruising around the sutures and the lasered skin peeled off after 4 days, it is now pink and still healing with applications of creams. My last sutures will be removed in 3 days. I had no pain, never took a pain killer. The after care I received and I am still receiving from the Doctor and his staff is exceptional. My only regret: why did I wait so long to look refreshed and have my young eyes again! I can send pictures to anyone curious to see the transformation.
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Did you have lower and upper surgery for that price? You look 20 years younger!
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Wow, great results! Congrats. :)

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You look great! I love your "new"
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