I Just Got a Breast Aug. and Thinking About Going Back to Increase the Size Again, Should I or Not?

I recently had a Breast Aug. done in December 15,...

I recently had a Breast Aug. done in December 15, 2009. I was a 32A and my doctor implanted a 350cc, I told him during the consultation that, that is not what I wanted, I was expecting 375- 400cc (my choice). I was told that since i had a small body frame, it would not be best if I got the 400cc, so he will do the 375cc, which he didn't do. Now that the procedure is done, I don't even know what to do. I got measured and I fit a 34B bra. I am disappointed and not satisfied.

The procedure went very well but I am just not satisfied with the size of my saline implants. I just wish they were bigger.

what do you recommend? should I talk to my doctor and maybe he will fix it for me without an extra charge or should I just go to another doctor (if so, which Doctor do you suggest? in the Tampa, Florida area.)
I am in the very same position. Would love to know what you decided. I recieved size 325ccs and really wanted 400-425. Even though my surgeon says he will waive his surgical fee, I still have to pay for the hospital fees and anesthesia etc. So disappointed :(
I went to Dr Brian Joseph as well, for a consultation. He has all the credentials, is board certified, has a VERY good reputation and does a lot of Breasts!! He is in my top 2, I'm still deciding.
you should try dr. brian joseph in winter park fl. i am 3 days post-op and i can already tell im gonna love the results. he listened to exactly what i wanted
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He was okay, he's just kind of rushy with me and very busy.

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