I Want Minor Rhinoplasty--don't Know if I Should Do It and Scared - Tampa Bay, FL

I like my face. Sometimes, I like my nose, but I...

I like my face. Sometimes, I like my nose, but I often hate it (at certain angles and especially in pictures). I broke my nose when I was young and the bridge is crooked- I also have a wide tip that I would like refined. I am scared of looking different or having a typical "cookie cutter" nose--I just want something subtle. Do you think I should do it?


Just to add,. When you see your favorite actors,. Look at their faces, Even teeth,. Steve Buscemi, what a mess,.What about Adrien Brody,. his nose is huge,. Imagine a little button nose on him,. Career would be OVER!. Ok they are guys ok,. Look at Female actresses,. Do you know the girl from Ferris Bueller and Dirty dancing,. Jennifer Grey, could not get acting gigs AFTER a nose job, and she was just fine before. Mess with your face and you will alter the entire course of your life, and it may not be GREENER on the other side.
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You look great and I bet you have a great personality. If you are not happy with the outcome,. Watch your personality fly out the window along with your smile. If you are fine with your nose/face, leave it alone. There is no going back after the damage is done. A small bump on my nose that never bothered me, my mother pressured me to get fixed at 23. I was a singer in a band a few years earlier, afterward, the nose was set crooked because the doctor allowed someone the "Hold" my nose as he got the splint, and that person pushed it to one side. So then it was crooked, and I could no longer sing as I used to. Had a revision, told this doctor DO NOTHING ELSE BUT STRAIGTEN THE BRIDGE,. So what does he do,. He shortens my nose, so turned up you see my nostrils, which is NOT what a man should look like. My face makes me sick when I look in the mirror as my mouth is not crooked and my nostrils also hot horizontally lined with my face. I had a revision again, in my 40's, That cost me 8k, and he had the take cartlidge from my ear to correct my tip and bring it down a bit. It's better, but Still turned up and crooked. I'm 50 now and miserable. Do yourself a BIG FAVOR. you do not want your live to be lived getting one procedure after the next fixing something that was fine to begin with. Live your life and be happy.
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Before my rhinoplasty I too had a love-hate relationship with my nose. After my experience it is my opinion that if you like things about your face now then leave it alone. I learned my lesson too late. That your nose works synergistically with your other features to create your own unique face and expressions that makes you look like you. One minor change can throw off the look of your whole entire face. I was very beautiful before my rhinoplasty, but now I just look very weird and odd, and I feel that I have lost my identity. Even my eyes have changed. It's been extremely depressing . Not to mention my surgeon did a LOT more to my nose than we had talked about. It's the biggest regret of my life and I long for my old face.
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