TT with MR and LIPO Scheduled for 12/9 -Tallahassee, FL

Getting excited and nervous! My extended TT with...

Getting excited and nervous! My extended TT with MR and lipo is scheduled for Monday 12/9/13. I have a vertical c-section scar that I am extremely self conscious about that started this whole process. I have been reading all of the reviews for tips and suggestions. I have gotten quite a few good ideas of things to have on hand. Tomorrow is going to be a really LONG day waiting!

twas the night before TT.......

ok...night before. I have re-read all my paperwork, packed my bag, eaten lightly today, set up my recliner section area with all my supplies and tried not to freak out. I showered with my antibacterial soap and will do so again in the morning. I hope I am brave enough to take pics of the pooch. I admire everyone on here who can be so open with it. My appt is not until 12 so i will be dying of thirst by then! I am a worrier so i am obsessing about complications and swelling. I guess I will know soon enough!

Today is the day...I am brave enough for pictures

packed and ready and took some before pics. Very thirsty! it will be a long time until 6pm. I have usually already had 4 bottles of water by now. Packing up to go...wish me luck....goodbye jiggle!!!


last night was fairly peaceful. i came home with a catheter (which was a huge blessing) SCDs and a JP drain. I was wearing what looked like a bandage diaper. i slept pretty well in my recliner. It is still difficult ambulating and i look like Quasimodo but it is only tempoary. I am. drinking as much water as i can and have severe dry mouth ( i am guessing from the Percocet) so the catheter last night was great. i took it out myself around 9AM because i wanted to make sure i could void before my appt today. I was able to.
Went to the doctor and got the bandages off and ...WOW...what a difference already. He wants to wait until Monday to put me in a comprssion garment but told me i could wear my Spanx which i am. it actually makes it feel better. Also my drain may be able to come out on Monday. I am still really swollen but it has only been a day so i am trying not to get discouraged.


Today the pain is a little less. I still have trouble getting up and out of my chair. I have not taken any pain meds today because I am worried about constipation. I have been taking my stool softeners and finally had a BM about an hour ago (yay me!). I also took a shower and washed my hair which felt great but tired me out. My JP drain is draining about 30cc every 12 hours. I go back to my PS on Monday for a recheck. I am having very mixed emotions about this whole procedure, mainly I think due to being cooped up in the house and I didn't tell very many people so I don't have a lot of people to discuss it with.


Second shower, this one felt much better and I was much more comfortable! My drain put out 40cc in the last 24 hrs so I am not sure what that will mean for Monday (may be keeping my drain). Also, off the pain meds at this point and working diligently at walking upright. Things are getting better and easier. I am actually dressed today and have decided to try and reclaim my life. I am wearing Spanx type garments that I owned presurgery because my PS did not want to put me in the post surgery CG until 1 week post but said i could wear my own. I would rate my swelling as mild to slightly moderate. I am still sleeping in a recliner but I am thinking that I may try sleeping in my bed soon.

Drain is out!

So I went back to my PS 2 days ago and was fitted for my LOVELY CG. My drain output has been at 25cc for 3 days so I went back today and had it removed. I need to take some new pics but to give you an idea pre-TT I was a size 10 and today I bought a size 6 jeans. I have minimal swelling. I have been very pleased with Dr Kirbo and his staff and would recommend them to anyone. I am walking upright now, sleeping in my bed, completely off pain meds and basically back to my regular routine. I don't think anyone would be able to look at me and tell that I have had something done, I am moving normally again. I am SO glad that I did this!

One month later....

Tomorrow will be 4 weeks and I am feeling much better. I am still wearing my compression garment at home and at night but when I go out or to work I wear a Spanx like garment (actually a Maidenform Flexees shaper that comes up just under my bra). I go back to my PS next week for my 1 month follow-up. I am still swollen at my incision site under my belly button (you can see it in the photos). It is also hard right along the front of my incision line which I have read is normal for a couple of months. I have a scab on my left hip where my drain was and also a couple on the front of my incision. I am going to ask my PS about silicone strips at my visit. My scar is 34" around.

I think my scars are looking pretty good. I am really happy with my belly button. I think I may end up with a dog ear near the end of my incision but I am going to give it a little while to see how that works out. I am really happy with my scar placement. The panties I am wearing in the pics are the ones I took on my surgery day for him to mark me in. I am not sure if you can see the freckle right above the incision in the front ( above the pubic area) but that freckle used to be over my old belly button.

More before Pics...

Icantwait_xo had asked for more before pics...
Tallahassee Plastic Surgeon

Office wait times are very short. Everyone I have come in contact with has been extremely professional. Dr Kirbo takes the time to answer all of my questions. I called the office with a question and his nurse called me back within an hour and answered my question. The entire staff has been extremely professional and courteous.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Your healing nicely hun congrats :) do you have more before pictures for comparison?
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Looking good! Your scar is already light! Lucky!!
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Dr Kirbo doesn't think I need to use the silicone strips on my scar. I was planning on ordering them. I figure he looks at these things all day long so he knows what he is talking about. I massage it nightly with Eucerin cream and it seems to be helping. My scars are pretty much smooth right now. The c-section one he removed though was horrible and looked like rope so I think it has a lot to do with how you are stitched.
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I am so relieved to find your post! I am having the same procedure, same surgeon in 12 days and today I just thought maybe I was losing my mind to do this. I am having reduction surgery as well. Having six kids took its toll! Thank you for your pics, they are very reassuring. Also, I am very relieved to hear about the catheter going home with you the first night. I adore Dr. Kirbo.
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I will be happy to answer any of your questions! I really like Dr. Kirbo. I actually had 3 consultations before I chose him, also talking to docs in Thomasville and Valdosta, both whom friends had used. Dr. Kirbo was the one with whom I felt most comfortable. As you can see from my pics, I could probably use reduction surgery as well. That may come down the road. I am now 5 weeks post-op and have gone from a size 10 jeans to a size 6. It has made a drastic difference. I still have swelling along my incision line (maybe a 5" area) but it is not that noticeable. I go this week for my month post-op and I am going to ask about it but i am not overly concerned. From what i have read it is normal. Hang in there! It is normal to be nervous. There are a lot of emotions tied into this that you don't realize until it is happening.
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You look fantastic! I am having combination reduction/lift, and still 38G after losing 60lbs! So they are really low in the saddle. The PA called today and said they received my clearance from my GP, so I am super excited! I borrowed a walker from work, I figured that with that much work I would need some extra support for a day or two. The recliner has been moved to bedroom! Where did you have lipo? The PA told me Dr. Kirbo would be doing lipo at the pubic mound.
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My lipo was on my sides and back area. Make sure you take some panties with you on surgery day that are the style that you want to be able to wear after and not have the scars show. He will use those as a guide when he marks you. I am SO happy with my results! I think Dr Kirbo did a great job and I am really glad I chose him. I moved my recliner to the bedroom, too. I used a walker for the first 4 days. It was especially helpful in getting up from the toilet. Be sure to drink lots of water after and take your stool softeners. Avoiding foods high in sodium will help prevent you from swelling. I am glad you are cleared for surgery. You are probably nervous and second guessing yourself (I know I did) and that is normal. Hang in there. You will be flat before you know it! Feel free to private message me if you have anything more specific to ask me.
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You hear really fast and well. Congrats!
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You look fantastic. Im also having an extended tt. Mine is feb 5 so im doing my countdown.
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You will love it!
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You look really good! I had an extended as well but only to mid hip. I'm wondering if I extend further around if it will pull me tighter. Your nice & flat!!
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Mine is 34" around so he went pretty far but it is tight. He prepared me that it would be.
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Oh goodness!!!! You have the same swelling right in the middle and below the incision! I really hope this goes away!
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Ah, you're my TT sister! We both had surgery on the same day! You look great and your scar has healed really well too!
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You look great! Your scar has faded so much in just a month! You mentioned you would ask the PS about silicon strips, but have you used anything in the meantime? Congrats on your results!
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I have been using Eucerin creme on my incision on the areas as they have closed up and healed and on my belly button. I think it has really helped. I use this creme a lot anyway on different things and always have good results. I plan on using the silicone strips when everything heals but am trying to do as much as I can to help now.
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You look great!
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Im happy your happy
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I know you must be proud! Happy recovery time...
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You look good already, I will be getting the same done on the 19th and Im scared nervous at the same time anxious to rid myself of this belly, Im most worried about the pain afterwards how bad was it?
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The pain was bearable. just stay on top of your pain meds and make sure you take a stool softener because you will get constipated.
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Thanks! Excuse my Percocet typos. :-). thinking about taking a shower today. The nurse said it was fine but I am still nervous.
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You look hot on day 1! Congrats!!!
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Thanka! It is hard because I don't know what it is supposed to look like. Although this site has given me a pretty good idea'
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