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I am nervous about my tummy tuck which is...

I am nervous about my tummy tuck which is scheduled for 1/20/2011. I think I have seen too many videos on you tube. lol

After six kids whose ages range from 1-16, I figured it was time to get rid of the prune stomach and get my body right. I am 5"10, 205lbs. I had my first child at the age of 16 and the last at 34. My stomach doesn't look big, but it is really ugly, full of stretch marks and excess skin.

I will be posting several pics, post and pre-op, so stay tuned. I can't wait to get this over with. Beach body for me this summer!

Thinking about you and hope you are doing well:)
Thank you. I just finised showing in the first half of my solution. I have seven hours and counting down. It's crazy but I cannot sleep a wink. Keep me in you prayers. Lords will the next time I talk to you I will be recovering. :-))
Good luck and let us know how you feel about your surgery and the few days after and how you deal

I tried to post a update earlier, but I was too...

I tried to post a update earlier, but I was too groggy. When I went in this morning I signed paper work, took a pregnancy test and met the team who would be caring for me. Dr. H did my markings and answered all my questions and the anesthesiologist was so nice also answering concerns. I was given some steriods and it gave me a mild burn in the vaginal and butt area for a minute or so, but I was already forewarned. Then I was out by 8am. By 11:30 I was getting dressed. I woke up in moderate pain. I was given morphine which always makes me itch, but benadryl helped that. I have been taking 2 oxycodone every 4 hours. I have NO pain! Maybe discomfort when I walk. I empty my drains every 4 hours and chart the amount of fluid. The lipo is actually more painful than the tummy tuck. I still have many stretch marks, but I knew I would. My tummy is flat! I am very drowsy cause I just took my meds. I will not be doing spell check so it my typing is wrong I'm sure you all will figure it out! lol Well so far so good. I will keep you posted tomorrow.
Yea for you! I have 4 children and I'm going for a consultation next week. I have a "girls weekend" planned at the end of march, so I'm hoping to schedule surgery for the first week in April. :)
I'll be following you on your journey. I'm super excited/nervous about all of this. Since you have a small child (my youngest is 18mths) keep me updated on how you're handling the care of your small ones. Mine are ages 10, 3, 2, and 1. Good luck and get lots of rest and drink lots of water!! :)
Yea for you. I think we deserve it after putting our bodies through so much. I have had people ask the question "Why are you doing that to your body?" My answer has been it's my body and I am doing it for me and no one else! I am so very happy. I have been holding on to the ugly stomach since I gave birth to my first child. Oh my boys are 16,14,12 and my girls are 6,2 and 1. They older ones are so helpful and I have more than enough help from family and friends. The baby is with her godmother. I plan on letting her stay there for 4 days but she doSo es come home daily to visit. I did that because even in the house she is going to cry constantly for me to pick her up. If you have the surgery in April you will be fine by summer! lol Oh I have a big cup of water on my nightstand anda cup of grape juice.
You look amazing already. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Well this is day 3 and I am feeling a little...

Well this is day 3 and I am feeling a little better. I finally took the bandages off today. It doesn't look too bad. I am still quite swollen. The medication has me in and out and I am still iching from the morphine. I took a really good sponge bath today because I'm affraid that the pressure from the shower will hurt.

Well it's day four and I'm feeling a little better...

Well it's day four and I'm feeling a little better. Not in as much pain today and instead of taking meds every 4 hours I'm down to every 6. The drainage tubes is whats getting on my nerves. My tummy is still numb. I'm going to try and take a full shower tomorrow. I've been taking baths in the sink because I'm scared the water will sting my hips where I had the lipo. But I do smell good! lol Oh and the drains hurt when they dangle.

OH MY! Your post op pics are amazing already!!
I am 5'9 185lbs and my stomach looks much like yours. I have 4 kids. 8,6,5 and 2. My smallest baby was 8 pounds and my largest was 10 pounds 13 ounces. Your experience is so helpful to me. Thanks for posting and keep us posted on your progress!! :)
Oh wow. Your tall like me. I'm about a inch taller than you and 20lbs heavier. My daughters were all small (average of 6.5lbs) my boy were 8 and 9 pounds. I feel soooo much better. I'm not sure if I mentioned the breast lift I had last May. Anyways my body may not be 100% back due to the minor scars, but I feel 100% better!
Thank you

I felt so much better today, well maybe I should...

I felt so much better today, well maybe I should say yesterday, I didn't realize how late it was. I finally actually got in the shower. I turned the shower pressure to a light spray and hung my drainage tubes on the safety handle in the shower. Therefore my shower was great and easy on my body. I went 8 hours in between taking meds. The lipo isn't nearly as sore. On a scale of 1-10, I'm a 1 and that is mainly discomfort. I haven't had any itching today from the morphine, but itcing from the healing of the cut. I go to the doctor tomorrow and maybe I will be able to have one drainage removed, but we will see. The more I look the happier I am. Did I mention that I'm already ordering from Victoria's Secrete? lol Oh I do need to shed about 20lbs so I'm thinking about starting Weight Watchers online tomorrow. I've got to be totally fine by spring. lol

How are you feeling today??
Better. I hate the freaking tubes. I found a way to position them on the safety handles in the shower while I ca't wait for the healing to finish. lol
Thanks for posting te pics so soon after your surgery! It is really helpful to have visuals. How is your level of pain? And how well are you getting around 4 days post op? Thanks so much!

Well I went to the doctor this morning and wasn't...

Well I went to the doctor this morning and wasn't able to have either tube removed. I go back on Friday. I will be posting more pics later. I am still a little swollen but it going down day by day. Pain much better! I am scared of getting the tubes pulled out though.

Thanks for sharing your story. We had surgery at the same time. I'm really scared to have the drains removed, too, but I think we got through the toughest part and it should all be downhill from here. You look amazing, too - what a great feeling, right?!?!

Looking good!!  You will love the new Weight Watchers program...good stuff and works like a charm.
Kool. I was trying to find out what the difference is, but the website isn't saying much.

I think I forgot to mention something oh so...

I think I forgot to mention something oh so important. It has been a week since my surgery and a week since I have had a bowel movement. I took 2 dulcolax laxitives yesterday after noon, 2 at 4am this morning and just took 3 now. I know it's a lot,but I feel so packed inside. If nothing happens by 4, I'm calling the doctor. This may be the cause of some of my swelling. Oh I do suffer from IBS and take my meds daily, but that isn't helping. So we will see. Oh I'm loving the heating pad.

How much was it all to gathers
I finally went and Oh Boy is all I can say! I feel so much better and the bloating is down!I didn't have much of an appetite an was drinking about 40 oz of water a day. Not enought. I have a 1.5 liter of Figi by my bed now. I will not get like that again.
so glad you made it through that! I was a little worried about you :)

Well it is 3am and I am up watching t.v and...

Well it is 3am and I am up watching t.v and decided to do an update. When I finally went to the bathroom it literally felt like I lost ten pounds! lol My tummy look as if it went down. I felt so much better!The drains don't hurt as bad now, but I hope I can get them removed today.I still don't have much feeling on my tummy, but the incision is healing quite well. It doesn't hurt at all to the touch. My hips are still quite swollen from the lipo. The heating pad is helping my back sooo much. I am trying to make myself walk straight. I only took meds one time today. I hope my back gets better because I'm a hair stylist and I must return to work in another week!

Well I went to the doctor today and still no...

Well I went to the doctor today and still no removal of drains. I'm almost getting use to it now. Afterward I shopped for an hour with my aunt and found I got tired easily. My back was still hurting and the drains were bulging under my clothes. I go back Monday and hopefully I can get them removed. I found that I don't need the pain medicine for the incision or the lipo, I need it to comfortablely move around with the drains.
Just read your update and I'm glad your feeling better! I, too, felt like I lost 10 pounds! The nurse is supposed to call me today to tell me what time I can come in to get a (or hopefully more!) drain removed. I'm sooo nervous...I think it's gonna hurt. One of my drains is right below my breast...that's a lotta drain tube to pull! Let me know how it goes for you. I'll be thinking about you :) Your looking great!!!
Oh my, I went to the doctor today and still got sent home with NO drain removal. I go back on Monday. My drains are still putting out 15-30ML a day. I was sort of glad cause when I saw the nurse prepping to take them out I got scared. lol So one more weekend of these drains looking like balls in my pants. lol
Thank you for finding some kind of humor with regards to these drains! That is just hilarious. NONE of mine were removed on Friday either. Ugh...these damn things are going to be the death of me. The nurse better make it happen on Monday OR ELSE! lol My output is similar to yours, about 15 per day. I know that once they removed I will feel SOOOO much better.

Well it is day eleven and it seems as if all the...

Well it is day eleven and it seems as if all the days are running together since I'm not working. Last night I discovered I had an infection at the site of my right drainage tube. It look similar to green muscus and I had a slight odor. It wasn't alot, but I am very particular about things like that. I called the after hour number and the PS called me in a prescription and I can tell a difference already. I noticed that that the infected drain isn't draining as much and the other drain is draing more, but anywho I go to the doctor tomorrow so we will see what happens.

Nervous, Congrats on the drain coming out! I'm so glad you posted it's not painful. I've been worried that I should take a pain pill to handle the drain removal, but I've read a couple of other posts and several people say it feels wierd but doesn't hurt. I'm so glad you got one of the drains out, you must feel better. Hope you get the other out really soon.
I do feel better, but I did take my meds about an hour before I went in to ease the pain. Now I'm not sure how much it helped, cause everyone is different. I literally did not feel ANY pain. It felt like a slithering worm and only lasted about 8-10 seconds. lol She put on a bandage and I was out. There was no after pain either. It's so much easier taking a shower and going to the bathroom with the one drain.
Well today was a better day. I got one of my tubes removed today and suprisingly it did not hurt. It felt wierd and that was all. I go back on Wednesday and hope I can get the other removed then. Sp keep you all updated. tata

It has been some days since I have updated you all...

It has been some days since I have updated you all on my progress. I have been so busy and will post new picks tomorrow. Well I got my second drain removed yesterday and I am now drain free! Thank God! My tummy is still swollen but by hips aren't as sore so that's good. I went back to work Thursday and went back full force, which I should not have. I'm a hairstylist and I have a huge clientel. I have been working 12 hour days and I have two assistants and it still has been rough. I find that my back is killing me. I have to pop the oxycodone at work cause the extra strenght Tylenol does nothing at all. I go back to the doctor on Monday. I may have to get fluid drained off my belly and I believe I'm retaining extra fluid because mother nature has visited. My PS said it takes months to see final results. But anywho I am patient. Summer is four months away, that is if you live in Florida. lol So I can wait to show off my new body. I wore a catsuit today and looked great. My clients and coworkers could tell the difference. Yea me!

my tummy looks just like yours (well how it used to be!) congrats on the tummy tuck =)my TT is March 1st
So glad to hear you are healing so quickly! Can't wait to see your updated pics too!
Keep us posted!

Well it has been seven weeks since my surgery and...

Well it has been seven weeks since my surgery and I am loving my new tummy. I am still numb and the doctor said it will take several months or even a year to get sensation back, but it's worth the wait. I thought I would update my pictures so here we go.......

looking good. keep us posted.
you boom boom pow.. and ur scar looks amazing..and is barely noticable.. I hope mines heels like urs... go girl
WOW!!! Your results are stunning!! CONGRATS!! Glad all has went so well for you too!! Thanks for posting!!
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