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Let me start by giving a little history about...

Let me start by giving a little history about myself. I am 34 and a proud parent of two. I have always been big busted since I can remember and after giving birth to two children they really started to go downhill....I have wanted to get a BR done for years but I knew I couldn't afford it. So this year I started to go online and do some more research and found out that my insurance may be able to cover it. So one day after work I decided to stop by a Plastic surgery center to ask some general questions. I went to that one cause I have a friend that had some work done there years before and I also did some research on the PS there and decided I wanted to have my BR done with that surgeon. Anyways my initial appt was on 9/24/13. I went in fill out some paperwork then was taken back to see the PA and she took some history on my health and took pictures for my insurance. Then the PS came in introduced himself and went over the whole process and what the surgery intel he also made some drawing on me to show how he would do the surgery. He let me know they were honing to submit my info to my insurance and that could that 6-8 weeks.

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Ok so my first appt with my PS was 9/24/13 and I called the PS office on 10/15/13 ( three weeks later) to get an update and they told me my info will be sent in to my insurance on10/16/13 really? All this time I thought I was waiting on the insurance. Now I have to wait another three to four weeks to hear from my insurance it me or does any one else feel like after making the decision to get a BR my breast seem to be getting bigger by the day? Anyways hope I get approve soon I'm feeling very impatient.


So just curious, did you ever get the surgery? Its been a few months I know, but you never said if the insurance ever approved your BR.
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Hey Qsmiley I just been really busy lately, but to update the insurance denied me because I didn't have 3 months of conservative treatment for my back and neck pain. So now I am in the process of going to my pcp to document my pain and I we'll appeal to insurance in 3 months. By the way congrats on your surgery. You look great and thanks for wanting to know what was going on with me:)
Oh no problem at all. Yes you're doing the right thing by starting with your pcp. I wonder if your insurance will pay for a plastic surgeon consult? Mine did, and once i did that my insurance approved my surgery in no time. The only thing is i couldnt pay forbthe consult myself, my insurance had to. If i'd paid out of pocket for my PS consult, insurance wouldnt have paid anything at all after that. But yes, be sure that your pcp documents everything. Show them your grooves in your shoulders and tell them that you are in pain EVERYDAY and hopefully she'll submit your paperwork sooner vs. later. You have to stay on them sometimes. But i wish you all the luck and i promise, if you get approved go for it! Its lovely with smaller boobs girl..;)


So after being denied last year for BR by insurance I decided to go back to my pcp to document my back and neck pain. I also had 2 months of physical therapy which was all need as a criteria for approval. It's now 1 year later and I went back to PS on 08/19 and found out I was approved on 09/30. I notified my PS office and they said I had to wait for them to get an official letter from insurance before I can schedule my surgery. I just want to first thank God for making this possible and getting the approval and second thank all you ladies for your wonderful reviews and helping me to not give up even though I was denied at first. Happy healings to all who have had their surgeries and good luck to all who have an upcoming surgery. Xoxoxo

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