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I'm getting a mommy makeover.The procedures i want...

I'm getting a mommy makeover.The procedures i want to be included in the mommy make over are a mini tummy tuck,breast lift with implants and lipo on my back,sides and upper abdomen.My consultation date is January 13th and my surgery date in on February 6th.I know its wise to see different surgeons but i really like his work based on pictures so i know for sure hes the one i want.Hope im not wrong.I'll keep you updated with pics.

How i look naked and with bra and panties

How i look naked and with bra and panties.NASTY!

more pics

before surgery

I have a nice shape with clothes on

I have a nice shape with clothes on .but when i take them off its a different story.I embarrassed to be intimate with someone because when i get naked all you see is sag and flab.

Waiting on consultation date

Nothing new right now to report on.Just waiting on my consultation date which is in 2 weeks.On January 13th.OMG.I can literally say i'm obsessed with looking at photos and reviews on every forum out there.I research up to 10 hours a day 7 days a week.I cant get this operation out my head !!! February 6th hurry up come already.How do i get this surgery out of my head?its taking over my life. I'm just super excited.I guess all i can do is take it a day at a time.

So far based on all my research i'm looking to get 500cc for my breast augmentation with no lift.But i guess ill see what the surgeon thinks at the consultation.My biggest fear is having boob greed after my operation.I'm going to include a few wish pic of how big i want my breast .I so cant wait to get rid off all this loose skin on my belly. cant wait for the new me.

My stats

Age=26 years
breast size=34b

I want that round fake look

I want that round fake look.I dont care if people know their not mines. Ohh The struggle.I dont want them too big where i look like i might tip over but big enough to where i have a lotttttt of cleavage.Ill post some more wish pic later.

I wanna call the office to see if the have a closer consultation date.

I'm so impatient i wanna to call the office to see if anyone has any canceled consultation.I just want this process to speed up already. Im losing sleep cuz all i do is dream about my operation.I need to be patient.LOL.Easier said than done.

sorry for typos

sorry for the typos.My computer keeps auto correcting everything i write.Ughhhh

Happy new years loves

Happy new years loves! Wishing you guys love ,laugh,happiness and new SEXY BODY!!!

Consultation in 2 more days

super excited .consultation on Wednesday the 15th .I finally gathered up some pics of how i want my breast to look and the size i want .Im hoping that 450cc will be enough cuz i really dont want to go bigger .So far the items i've purchase for this surgery are a recliner lift chair from rent a center for $104 .I also got to keep the chair and a Medline Raised Toilet Seat from walmart.I'll post pics of them later.Okay here are the pics im taking to my consultation.

How i want them to look naked

Questions im going to ask surgeon

• What are my BWD?
• I want a lot off upper pole fullness without having to wear a push a bra
• Can I get a mini lift to get full upper pole?
• how to avoid rippling and implants bottoming out
• I want to achieve round fake look?
• I want this look (show picture or describe it to PS) will it be a good look for me? Can you do it for me?
• How many cc's do you recommend for the look I want?
• Which is the best implant for me? (Textured, smooth, HP, UHP, mod, etc.)
• What is the warranty for the implant?
• How to avoid gaps in the breast?
• What degree is MY sagginess?
• Can I get my nipple re position higher without a lift?
• What is the smooth round silicone?
• *I want a lot of cleave upper pole fullness?
• *I want 450cc or more for cleavage?
• *can I get donut lift?
• *revision policy?
• *do u guys do an ultimate lift/ The Ultimate Breast?
• (Lift, which reshapes your breast tissue creating upper pole fullness, elevates them higher on the
• Chest wall and more medial to increase your cleavage?
• Ask your PS in advance how he or she handles pain?

• I want muscle repair and do I need muscle repair?
• I want lipo on my flanks /sides and stomach/love handles
• How low can u make my scar?
• Will I have drains?
• Do you provide compression garment?
• If not what is the best compression garment?
• Best scar healing cream n where to get it from?
• Where do I get the compression garment from?
• Best scar treatment?
• best silicone scar sheet treatment?
• where to get it from/best brand?

My supply list/might revise closer to surgery date

Some of the items on there are items that you ladies recommended so thanks a lot you guys :)

• Prescribed pain medications
• Prescribed antibiotics
• Prescribed anti-inflammatory medications
• Prescribed anti-anxiety medications
• Over the counter (OTC) sleep medications or ask your surgeon for a prescription
• Prescribed medications the patient normally takes on a day to day or weekly basis
Supplements & Vitamins
• Arnica Montana
• Topical Arnica Montana
• Bromelain
• Vitamin C, or Vicon C

Miscellaneous Medications
• Mild stool softeners
• Antacids

Other Supplies
• Medication organizer or pill case (with days of the week and times)
• Medication Time Schedule for when to administer medications
• Dressings, sponges, gauze,
• Triple antibiotic ointments
• Antibacterial soap
• Digital thermometer
• Silicone sheeting or other scar therapies
• Wetnaps
• Heating pad (or a large tube sock filled with uncooked rice. This can be microwaved and retains
heat very well.
• Moisturizer
• Kleenex

Grocery Store
• Bags of frozen peas
• Plain, low sodium crackers
• Bottled water
• Frozen dinners
• Low sodium soups (no Ramen)
• Jello-O
• Fresh fruit

Department Store, Online Store, or Other
• Compression Garments (medical quality only)
• Extra pillows (varying in firmness), body pillows, Husband/recliner pillow

• Pajamas, robe, or oversized, comfortable shirts that button in the front
• Slippers or socks (with grip on the soles)
• Hand mirror

My consultation

My consultation was on January 15th .It went super good.I love my Doctor .He was super friendly and made me feel very comfortable.He answered every question that i had .I even brought the list that i have above and he went through everything and answered it all.I'm super excited to find that i DONT NEED A breast lift.Thank God.He also said i don't need lipo suction.I was a little sad about that but i dont mind now cause that will be extra money in my pockets .I brought a picture of how i wanted my stomach to look after the tummy tuck (its one of my wish pic) He said he can get my dream stomach if i lose about 10 to 15 pounds.Right now i weigh 134 i guess he wants me to be at 120 so my tummy can be super flat.Also he said that would take care of the back fat and love handles.The only disappointing part about the consultation is he said im going to have a vertical scar due to me having a belly piercing wish im very sad about .During my next pre op appointment ill ask how long does he think the scar is going to be .

I showed him the collage of how i wanted my breast to look he said that i shouldn't go that big because 5 years from now their not going to look so nice.His recommendation are that i go with 425cc max.so at the consultation i choose 375cc for the left and 400cc for the right. Since one breast is bigger than the other.At my next pre -op consultation im going to change my mind and go with 400 cc and 425 cc so i don't have to worry about the booby greed everyone gets.

During the consultation I also was told to give them a urine sample since i was known to have chronic UTI.I also have to get checked again closer to my surgery date .Hopefully everything goes good.He said if i do have a UTI i have to reschedule the surgery because my UTI can cause an infection through my whole body.So in the meantime i'm making sure i take my cranberry supplement so i can avoid a UTI.I'll include a few pics of my consultation.

Consultation pics :)

Tomorrow is the big day!!

Tomorrow is the big day.I go in at 7:15 am.Ill keep you guys posted as much as i can with pics and updates.Keep me in your prayers ladies.


I did it yall.Here are a few pics.My PS was only able to fit 375cc on the left and 400 cc on the right.Im in pain but its tolerable as long as i keep up with my meds.Ill put some more pics and give u some more details later since i'm tired n sleepy from the meds.

More pics

Sorry that's all that pic i can take before getting worn out.

MY stomach

Here's a pic of my stomach.I have more.Ill upload the rest later.Its a little swollen above belly button.

More pics of tummy

Day 1 post op

So far the pain level is not that bad.If i dont keep up with my pain meds every 4 hours i will be in big trouble.I cant walk straight.its super painful.My back feels sore.My breast aren't that bad.I love my boobs .Hopefully they dont go down too much .I'm currently taking arnica and bromelian so hopefully that will help with the swelling and bruising.Come to think of it i dont have any bruises.Maybe its because i didnt get any lipo done.My Ps thought that getting lipo would be to much work done at once.I also had bought the vitamin pack from make me heal so hopefully it will help me have a easier recovery.

To be honest im in pain but since i really wanted this surgery i dont really mind it.I did have drains.Hopefully i get to take it off when i go see my PS next week.The drain arn't that bad.I rather have the drain so all that liquid isn't stuck around my stomach.

so far im loving my results.if you guys have any question let me know.Also im not wearing any compression garment until the drain tubes are remove cuz i dont think i can handle all the pain it might cause. Im currently sleeping on my recliner chair.I dont know what i would do with out it.The recliner is a must have if your doing a tummy tuck.Thank goodness for all the info on here it made me well prepared emotionally and mentally for this procedure.

Help with swelling

I think something is seriously wrong.Since day one i've been experiencing major swelling above my BB .I hope its not seroma or is it him not tightening my muscle tight enough above my Belly button?What does it look like to you guys? Since the first day my stomach has never been flat its always been swollen over my belly button.I'm not even sure if its swelling. I'm panicking over here .I see him on Wednesday and ill see what he says.I hope he doesn't brush it off and says it swelling. Wednesday cant get here fast enough.My biggest fear is having to go back for a revision.one i don't have the money for it and two i don't want to add more to the recovery time.

What do you guys think ? you ladies with a tummy tuck experience were you completely flat when you weren't swelling ?or have you always had a little swelling above the belly button? if you look at my first pic of my belly you can see the swelling .Ahhhhhhhhh please help.I need to just breath and calm down.Thanks for reading me going crazy over here.

More pics

I saw my PS today

I saw my Ps today and he confirmed everything is okay.The swelling i'm experiencing is normal and its not seroma.(Thank goodness) He said the reason im swelling is because the area experienced trauma due to the fact he had to pull the skin extra tight and he had to make me a new belly button .I guess i was panicking because the swelling was painful and unbearable yesterday .So ladies it has been confirmed its okay to be swelling 24/7.(Yikes).I wonder if swelling in that area is ever going to go down and when.so the crisis is over.On a brighter note he took out one of my drains.He said i can wait to get the other taken drain out on Friday which is in 2 days or wait Monday .I have a appointment then to take out my sutures under my breast.I think i might wait Monday since i don't want all that fluid in my belly. Im not sure though cuz the drain are a pain in my butt.

SO heres pics of the girls on day 6 .

PS said its time to start wearing CG

My Ps said its time start wearing a compression garment.So i went to Walmart and bought five of them and tried all of them at home to see which one fit me the best so far i love the one i posted a pic of .im going to return the rest.The one in the pic below is so comfortable, i love it.so if you haven't found the right compression garment hit walmart and see if you like that one.The only thing i wish it came in xs-mall but still i still feel like its worth it.I bought a fajas on ebay for $75 sz large and it wouldnt fit.what a waste of money .Thats why i like to buy items at a store instead of online cuz you can try and return it to the store if you dont like it.Oh well .I guess ill try to sell it back on ebay..Believe it or not i love wearing the compression garment it helps with my back pain and also its easier to get out of my recliner with it.Also so far i feel so much better with it on.The CG makes the swelling less painful cuz the garment is helping push down on my belly which is helping with the pain .At my appointment today i also asked my doctor can he please prescribe me muscle relaxers and he did.Yes!! The muscle relaxers works so much better than pain killers in my opinion.Especially if you had a breast augmentation.Sometime i would feel my breast tightening up and a burning sensation.After taking the muscle relaxer today the pain from my breast and implants tightening up is not that bad.A lot of ladies swore by the muscle relaxers so im so happy my PS let me get them . I love him.Good luck ladies and happy healing.

Here a few pic with my compression garment on.which i love.It so comfortable.

Sutures removed today

Hello ladies. Has everybody's healing going ?so far mine has been going awesome. Today I went to see my surgeon and the nurse took off my sutures from my breast it was a painless ,easy process. Took less than five minutes.

As far as my swelling go ,I still do swell just above my belly button but it's getting a lot better especially when I wear my compression garment. I'm trying to slowly but surely get off my pain medicine I only take them at night now. I'm still sleeping on the recliner I tried sleeping on my bed last night but it was still uncomfortable so I'll stick to the recliner for another two weeks. Hopefully in four weeks I'm up and feeling so much better because right now it hasnt been two weeks and I feel pretty good. I can cook, clean ,drive and grocery shop so that's a plus. the only thing is I still get a lot of back pain. Still not fully walking straight yet but I'm okay with that. If you have any questions about recovery just leave them below and I'll be happy to answer them . ciao :)

Sorry for the typos using my cell phone

Sorry for the typos I'm updating it from my phone using Google voice so I try to hurry up and submit it before it erase everything. I've had to write my reviews a few times because it keep wiping everything out .Again sorry for the typos.

Sport bra shopping

Sport bra shopping !

Lump/ scar/hematoma

Ive been having problems with a lump i've develop in my upper belly button.Its been really bothering me.At first remember i was complaining, thinking it was swelling.It turn out to be more than swelling. I've actually develop a hematoma.Its really making me depress .Cuz i have a big lump there that doesn't want to go away.Its there 24/7.I knew with surgeries complications happens.I just never thought it would happen to me.Ive been trying to message it.Hopefully it will go away on its own.My PS said give it 4-6 month before we take action.Now im left looking disform :(

At my my Dr.appointment today i was also able to take out my streri strips off and got a chance to see how my scar look.It doesnt look to good.but i was expecting that cuz its only been three weeks.so i cant expect for it to look to good. Surprisingly im not sad about the scar.I'd choose it over my sagging belly .All in all even with the hematoma im still really happy i went with this surgery.When in doubt i just go looks at my pre-operation pictures and know i made the right decision.Hope all is well with you guys.

Three weeks post operation /Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday ladies. So far I am three weeks and a few days post operation. So far everything is looking good. I'm still swelling but the swelling is getting less and less. Also the hematoma that I have seems like it's going down. What I do is ,every day I take a hot towel and put it over the lump and massage it . so far that seems to be working. My tummy is looking better and better each day .Thank goodness for that. My breast seems like they're getting smaller LOL. Maybe I'm just getting a case of booby greed. Here I thought when I first had them they were a little bit too big for me. I love how my breast look naked but in clothes they seem to disappear a little. Nothing a extra padded bra at Victoria's Secret can't fix . I really don't want my breast to be too big in fear of sagging too early. So far I'm just loving the new me. I just feel so blessed that I was able to get this surgery . I'm just so surprised how I don't mind the Scar from the tummy tuck . I guess I hated my sagging belly more than I hate scarring. I'm probably going to start the silicone sheet in the next few days so the scar could start looking better. Well let me stop rambling LOL. At the three weeks Mark I'm able to stand straight, sleep on my bed, Cook, clean. Pretty much everything except for lifting anything heavy. I also try not to push anything so I don't pull a muscle. I'm going to give myself three more weeks before I go back to work but I'm pretty much feeling really good. I'm also off all my pain medicine. so far great experience .I have my good days and bad days but so far still very happy I went through with this here some new pictures. Hope everybody is feeling and healing beautifully . Happy Sunday ladies.

Three weeks

This mommy makeover best thing I ever did

Pics of my new body .Yessss!!!!

Doing great

So far I'm doin great.Still gettin sharp pains near my sideboob when I do too much .but nothin unbearable.Ladies if your thinkin about doin this makeover , stop Thinkin about doin it n go research the best PS in your area cuz this makeover is more than worth it .I feel like a new me.I don't even recognize myself when I look in the mirror.I still get swelling but not that bad.The hematoma is still here but not that noticeable but i can still feel it there.oh well.Enough about me how is y'all dolls doin? here's some pics I forgot to upload :)

Getting better with time

5 weeks post op.Everythin lookin good still Lovin my body.lately I've been wishing I had lipo done on my flanks and backside .I don't know.i might try to lose the weight myself.Nothin just updating u ladies :) Happy healing ladies

8 weeks pic update

Some cute bra i bought for the girls at Victoria secret

Hello ladies its been a while since i updated .Everything is healing beautifully.I love my girls.Im addicted to shopping for bras.I got these beautiful bras at Victoria secret .Their having a sale on them for $35 dollars.So i got every color.The name of the bra is called the closeup.I love the cleavage it gives me plus i love the way it makes the girls look.

As far as my tummy tuck i still swell if i do too much.I', going to try to lose about 5 to10 pounds like my PS recommends so i can get a flatter belly.I just dont want to lose my shape while im losing all this weight.LOL.Im treating my scar with silicone sheet and kelocote.So far no regrets still the best decision n best money i ever spent.
Tallahassee Plastic Surgeon

I Love Dr. Paredes. He is so easy to talk to.He made me feel so comfortable through out the whole process.I asked him a thousand questions and he answered each and every one of them.He is so down to earth and knowledgeable about his craft .If your in the Tallahassee area or ANY area please pay this man a visit.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait tmes
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You look grrrreeeeaaattttt!!!!!! Your surgeon did an amazing job.
  • Reply
You look great! Glad you are healing up well. I'm a mom also so I understand. We have to look good too :)
  • Reply
Yes,we do.Its time for us to take care of ourselves instead of only takin care of other people :)
  • Reply
Looks great! I also have major swelling! Your scar has already faded so much! I'm glad you love your boobies too, they are perfect!
  • Reply
Thank you sweetie.Lovin how well my scar is healing .
  • Reply
looking good....happy healing!!!
  • Reply
Thank you love!
  • Reply
PS I love your new girls!
  • Reply
Thank you sweetie.
  • Reply
You are hot! Do you mind sharing your measurements (bust, waist, hips)? Thanks very much!
  • Reply
Thank you so much.Im ashame to say i dont know the measurement of my waist and hips :( sorry.
  • Reply
I just love your new boobs and your figure is hot. I am going for implants soon and trying to decide if 36 DDD would look sexy on me. My waist is bigger than yours so I wonder if I would look matronly...
  • Reply
I'm currently a 34DD/DDD . Mines dont look that big.I have to wear push up bra to give me that extra umphh i want .LOL
  • Reply
I put on a 36 D bra today at VS that adds two cup sizes and it looked proportional to my body. I am speaking with my surgeon tomorrow about upsizing.
  • Reply
Yes go with the 36DD cuz implants disappear in clothes.That's why i love that push up look with a bra.Naked they look big.but with clothes on not so much.I bet your excited.I wish i would of went with saline cuz mines look too natural for me.How many cc's are you getting?
  • Reply
Actually, it made me a 36 DDD and that is what I am debating on doing. I definitely do another want not to be smaller than a DD. That is what I am now, except they do not have upper pole fullness and they are saggy.
  • Reply
The cc is to be determined after I speak with my surgeon.
  • Reply
Good luck with everything.Keep me us posted on the size u choose.
  • Reply
I was in the mall the other day and thinking about my size as I walked along. I saw a shirt that read, "Keep calm and go large." I think it was a sign, LOL!
  • Reply
OMG!! R u serious .LOL.I secretly wish i went bigger.So yes go big or go home.You dont want to be buying padded bras and push up bras like me :)
  • Reply
Thank you. That is helpful.
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Glad to hear from you again. I was about to inbox you lol. Girl you are looking great!!!! I'm feeling like I have to exercise too.. I want my stomach and body to look just as good as my boobs lol so if you need an exercise partner let me know, just give me 3 more weeks hahaha
  • Reply
LOL i will definitely take you on that offer.I'll probably start workin out about in another 3 weeks also. Im still worried about doing to much cuz my breast still get soar if i do too much.I love your result!! you are looking so fab.
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You look absolutely fantastic:) Slightly jelly here!
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Awww ,dont worry your day is right around the corner.
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