Not Worth It: Does Nothing for Crow's Feet, Acne Scars - Taipei, Taiwan

I had 4 sessions of Fraxel restore for crow's...

I had 4 sessions of Fraxel restore for crow's feet on acne scars on my face, neck, and chest. The procedure cleared up sun damage and brightened my complexion but did nothing for crow's feel and acne scars. Not worth it! Waste of time and money.


I just had a phenol peel and found it much better than fraxel. It has a longer down time but did everything that fraxel promised. My Dr. told me that the older technology of phenol peels are better than the newer technology for fine lines and acne scars.
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Do you know your settings?
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Hi redheadinher30s,

Thanks for the review.There are other community members, who feel the same as you do about the procedure you should chat with them and see what they did. I wonder if the laser wasn't high enough? Please keep us updated.



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My Doctor promised that the fraxel would help with fine lines and acne scars. At fist when my face had swelling the lines and scars disappeared. However, once the swelling went down the lines and scars returned.

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