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Hey guys I'm bree 23 years young and had the...

Hey guys I'm bree 23 years young and had the breasts of a 40 year old with two kids. I have had big breasts since I was young. I was a C cup in 7th grade that quickly grew to a DD by beginning of high school. If my boobs looked the same as they did in high school I may have not chosen to do this procedure. Unfortunantly with life comes weight gain and weight loss which was what happend to me. I probably gained 50lb out of highschool and was heavy for 2-3 years. At my biggest I was probably a DDD.

Last year a trip to Vegas kick started me into a 50 lb weight loss over an 8 month period. I ate completely clean, i worked out 3-5 times week, and cut back on the drinking. Losing all that weight did make my boobs smaller, but not by much and what I'd hoped. My boobs itself were probably a small/med D but I had sooooo much extra skin that I had to wear 34 DD bra's because I had to have a cup cover my whole boobs without having excess skin pour out my armpits.

So here I am 23 years old in shape and feeling great and I have these boobs that I just hate and I feel dont belong to me.Plus working out so much and wanting to continue a healthy lifestyle having those boobs makes working out so ANNOYING!!!!!!! I have always thought about a breast reduction but never actually went for a consult. I was really considering it at that point. My whole life people have said to me "have you ever thought of a breast reduction" so I went in to see. I really liked what the doctor told me and told me I was a great candidate. My breasts have given me a lot of neck and back pain and some sharp chest pains once in awhile. I did use that to my advantage and got my insurance to cover 100% of my procedure.

My surgery went extremely well it was my first. I am now 4 days post op and am so glad I decided to get the surgery. Yes there was pain but seriously just thinking about my new boobs and looking at bathing suits online was the best pain medicine ever!!!! Remembering the last 4 days is kind of a blur. I just was really really stiff and so sore. I did not touch my bra or shower until my post op appt today ( i did baby wipe baths lol). Be in a stress free environment because the few times I did get a little overwhelmed with something or my boyfriend was bugging me I would get really upset and stressed out easily cuz its all too much, for me at least. I will go back in 6 weeks for another check up. My breasts still feel so tight in this bra but I'm getting used to it. I took my shower today and took about 20 minutes to take off my bra and was so careful. My breasts are lumpy,bruised, and boxy looking. I cant wait for them to fill out and settle. In my pics I am going to post my right boob is like folded over the bottom kind of a tucked in. I dont know if this is because it is smashed in that bra or because of the tape and stitches, I hope its normal. I didnt ask the doctor because I didnt notice this untl I got naked to get in the shower. When I saw my boobs at my appt i was laying down at an angle and couldnt see the underneath of my boobs. Anyways thanks for reading. Any feedback,tips, questions would be lovely. I'll keep updating :)

Anyone know if that fold underneath my right boob...

Anyone know if that fold underneath my right boob is normal? I sure hope so and hope it fills in. I don't wanna mess with it or try to unfold it because my luck I would do something to mess up my stitches.
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Hi noticed you had your op early last year,no updates in regards to the fold of skin,has it settled down and filled out.?
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I have a fold too...its from my drain..revision will be done in a few months
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I have not called yet but from what I have looked up and what it looks like is that I have a stitch that is too tight making the skin pull in and it should loosen in time. I am going to call today though as see.
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My Dr didnt say anything about it when i went to my 4day post op appt so I am assuming its normal because he didnt say a word about it. **fingers crossed**
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It looks like they raised your crease, I think thats why you have two folds. It seems likely that when they settle the new fold will remain and the bottom will flatten out. My doctor said (I am having the similar type) that the skin retracts significantly and it should tighten up. He said that it can take longer (1.5 years!) to fully retract and drop etc and to see final shape. I would talk to your doctor and see but dont worry it super early still and you have a lot of healing to do. But the size looks great. Happy healing!
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Welcome to the recovery side. The size is very good from your frame and I'm sure your feeling much better. As far as the fold I think you should question that as soon as possible just to be on the safe side.
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Looking perky:):):) I think the PS would have said something about the fold if he thought it was an issue, but you should call the office and ask about it, and what you should be doing or not doing to help it straighten out. Are the stitches all under it, or between the fold?
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