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Hi,I am a 20 y/o student from Munich (Germany) and...

Hi,I am a 20 y/o student from Munich (Germany) and I will be having my lipo (abs, flanks, back and inner and outer thighs)on the 20th this month. My doctor said that he will remove about 6000 cc in total fat and fluid.

I have great trust in dr Vlcek he has done liposuction on 3 friends of mine and they look beautiful!!

I am quite tall 6ft (got it from my dad) weight is something around 184lbs. I must say I never did work out alot but I do eat healthy. extremly excited because I figured that having lipo is a huuuge step towards having my dream-body.

I am doing this alone.The only person who knows about it is my boyfriend.He is super helpful.

So greatful I found this page, really comforts me since I see so many beautiful women here. It has really helped me cope with being nervous.

The reason I chose to do lipo is that I have this excess fat on my belly and flanks and dieting does not help. I am aware that I should do some work out and I hope that this op will help me to find some motivation.

I will try to post some before pictures once I make them you have an idea of what I mean.

Will keep updating!!!!! :) feel free to write if there are advices you can give me. Is there anything you wish someone would have told you before you had lipo?

Thanks so much!

So one week and 1 day left till op...sooo nervous...

So one week and 1 day left till op...sooo nervous lost about 5
pounds due to stress and nervousness.hope all will be fine...stuffing
my body with fruit and veggies for the extra freshness haha...
Bloodtest will be done the day before, hope that i am healthy enough.
But i should be.

Can't find out how to post pictures....quite annoying.

....soooo tomorrow i will be on my way to my doc...

....soooo tomorrow i will be on my way to my doc.
4 hours journes by bus.
I packed so many towels because of the draining.
And tomorrow i will post before pictures...
I am so glad it's the last time hopefully i will be looking at my fat rolls!!!!!!

Met my doctor today. he is such a nice person...

Met my doctor today. he is such a nice person.
He said i am a good patient for lipo.
i will be picked up at 7:00 in th emorning. first patent he will have tomorrow

sooooooo excited. he warned me about the pain afterwards though.

Weight before op: 189 lbs Just took a tablet...

Weight before op:
189 lbs

Just took a tablet to become sleepy...the nurse said....
Do not think it is working.we will see

So I woke up and had horrible pain. The nurse...

So I woke up and had horrible pain. The nurse (petra) injected me some morphium.and it all vanished. Have been sleeping the whoooole day and i am not tired anymore.
Dr vlcek removed 5000cc of pure fat and 1000cc of other fluids.
I couldnt see the result after because i am covered with covers. And my arms are a bit heavy.
My dr said that i csn have a look tomorrow morning.
I hope that they will give me enough pain meds incase the pain comes back.

First day after op: Had breakfast this morning...

First day after op:

Had breakfast this morning did not eat anything because i am really not hungry. The nurse gave me some pain tablets so i could try to stand up with her.
And omg that hurt so bad.
My dr said i can sleep on my sides but i do not trust myself.

I am so super swollen on my thighs.
My belly look flat (yeay)

Seriously i can not get over how nice and kind the nurses are and how kind the dr is.

Okay quick update. Had to thro up.yuck! Cannot...

Okay quick update. Had to thro up.yuck! Cannot even keep tea inside...
Dr Vlcek

I could not have chosen a better staff / doctor.wonderful is all i can say

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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you look awesome, how are you feeling?
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Hey Witte...just checking are u?? Just wanted to check in and see how u r doing?? I hope well...thinking of u :)
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Hey Witte..just wanted to touch base with u and see how u are doing?? U must look even more AMAZING by now...cmon girl post some new pic's!! lol...I hope ur feeling well...I was just thinking of soon...Sharon
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Hi sharon! Hi hun i am fine! How r u hun? Well...kind of complicated my garment started feeling loose ( i have a smaller one now) just 3 or 4 days after the procedure. And then the swelling became worse because there was no compression....and i have read that the swelling always becomes more in the first 2 weeks, do you know if that is true? I do hope it is.... i am very worried..... But how is your healing going? Did you also have that phase when it became a bit more the swelling?
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I will post some pics tomorrow!!!! :)
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Yes Witte I did...u will have waves of it...ur progressing normally...but u do want good compression...I just told deeva about the waist cincher I just bought and absolutely LOVE it...lots of compression...its called Squeem and its on cheaper than another garment...its compresses nice and firm and 2nd day wearing it im use to first it feel tight but they do stretch to your form...Im telling u I would die for ur nice and flat...Im still swollen above my belly button that why I bought this cincher...they say your body is healing and molding up to 4 to 6 months...just keep massaging and compressing....Keep up the great work and I cant wait to see ur to u soon.....Sharon
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Thanks so much for your advice!!!!
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ANYTIME....I just try to share all I learn along this journey and if I can help people out...thats makes me happy...we are all in this together and we all have the same ups and downs....
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you look great! even with your garment on i can tell a huge difference. omg,.. i want to go to germany to get this done, lol!
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Ahhhw thanks laury!!! It is getting even better. Tomorrow is the one week mark i hope i will be able to tske some pics and post them!!!! Thank you so much :)
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Oh and p.s: my but hurts soooo hard from lipo of the thighs and a bit of the banana roll....omg could not sit or lay but to stand was hard haha thank god that is over....
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Happy healing to you. I could see your big improvement already in just few days. Congratulations!. I will have mine in four days. Hoping to get same amazing result as those who share on this site like you. This site is GREAT.
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Zhank you so much taxi! Do not worry you will do great.i just hate the soreness.and how itchy my skin is near the incisions...horrible haha. Yeay i love this site too. I wish you all the best!!! :)
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Your post-op pic is awesome!! There's a definite difference. :-)
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Thank you so much pbi...i am just so bad at patience...i want more more more results now hahaha. Wish you great results too.keep us updated on how u are doing.
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Witte....ur pic looks it....looking good girl!!
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Thanks sooo much muffinless :) it is day 4 right now and i already feel really good!!! Do you think my results will become better? Or will it stay this way???
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oh hun...this is just the beginning....its gonna keep getting BETTER....ur just starting the healing process...u just happy for you...and its only 4 days...ur gonna LOVE IT....its really AMAZING...wooo hooo...
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Thanks so much you actually saved me from having a panic attack!!! I really hope i will see as much difference as i see in your pictures!!! Pls post some new ones soon !! I am so excited to see your results!!!!
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Witte..ur to sweet...anything I can do to help..just ask...your results now are 100% better than mine already...I hope my belly gets to look like will be posting pics soon...Keep posting...and dont push urself too much...take care hun!! Wish I was 20 again and would snap right
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Thanks so much the way call me isabella. Do you still have pain? No seriously i was soooo surprised with your results are amazing.i guess i will just listen to you and practice some patience!!!!! you loook amazing!
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Hi Isabella...thank you for the compliment...I DEF feel better getting rid of more than half the I to am trying to be patient to see more results...doc said it will get flatter...time will tell...I see him in early January...and YES...PATIENCE is the hardest really working on that and staying out of the mirror so much. Drink lots of water and take it soon Isabella!! (pretty name) :)
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ooops and as for pain...pretty much gone...a little sore here and there...or I should say tender areas...but no pain...already started back at my Zumba classes and im fine to do that...just get bloaty after exercise...I guess thats normal too....
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Happy healings to you Witte. I hope you feel better soon. Try to walk around a little when you can tolerate it. That really helps & it's good for your circulation too, which promotes good blood flow & healing. I hope we'll both have great results from all of this just like many of the beautiful ladies who have posted about their own experiences.
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Happy healing to you, are you feeling? Last night was really hard i hope it will get better soon. Do you have pain or soreness? Do you already see results?
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