Tummy Tuck After 3 Big Boys in 4 Years

I am a healthy 26 year old single Mom. I have been...

I am a healthy 26 year old single Mom. I have been happily divorced for two years. My ex husband and I had 3 boys who are now 7,6,4! I went on the South Beach Diet after getting my tubes tied in 2006 and lost 85 lbs!!! I have managed to keep off the weight for 3 years. But now this skin just HANGS and I play soccer and chase my kids and I am totally grossed out that i can HEAR my skin flap against my thighs.

I had 2 consults for a FULL TUMMY TUCK w/lipo and decided to go with a local femal surgeon! I wear a healthy size 12/14 now (175lbs) (before kids i was a 145 lbs athletic size 10) and I am just sick and tired of clothes not fitting right and getting no where with diet and exercise.

After lots of prayer and planning, I am having my full TT done on April 20!!! My kids will be with my ex on Spring break while I am home recovering. My work thinks I am "on vacation" for 10 days. My best friend will be with me the first 48 hours after surgery and then I am kinda on my own. I have told a select # of friends and my parents and hopefully I will have help and company. I am nervous because I dont know anyone personally who has gone through this and its a 4 hour surgery. BUT I am confidant that this is whats BEST for me and I am EXCITED!!

Woo-hoo! Can we see after pics? If you have trouble posting them, send me a personal message.

You look awesome! Congrats on your new belly. :)
THANKS GUYS!!!! My tummy tuck was a great success!!! Its 2 weeks tomorrow and I can FINALLY stand straight and I am even wearing high heels to the office today! I tried to go back to work on Thursday and Friday and only made it half days-it was just too much! I am sooo excited about my results! The scar is not that bad and the worst thing was the drains and not being able to shower for a week. Pain wise though-just back pain-and I was sick to my stomach a LOT. I got the stomach bug and throwing up with a tummy tuck is HELL! lets see if i can upload a pic now..

Its been over 3 months since my Tummy tuck! It...

Its been over 3 months since my Tummy tuck! It took me 2 weeks to be able to walk straight after surgery, 2 weeks to return to work, 6 weeks to lay down flat and sleep in my bed! It was so worth it! I can run now, I look fantastic in a bathinsuit and I am a comfortable size 8! My tummy tuck was the best thing I ever did for myself! Its like Christmas every day when I look in the mirror! I am so proud of my body!

who did your surgery i have been thinking about if for a while
Dr. Janet Mackenzie

My Dr and her staff have been so amazing with their pre surgery support! She is truely skilled, she gave me my life back.

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