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Hi, I am new to this site. I am 49 yrs. 5ft 1in....

Hi, I am new to this site. I am 49 yrs. 5ft 1in. 120. Which is alot for me. Been on hormone replacement patches and have gained 5pds. Like the PS, he suggested Full TT. Agree. But getting very scared. I wk out 4 days per week. Athletic build. Feel selfish and worried about worst senario. Comments?

Hello going for my post op appt tomorrow. Does...

Hello going for my post op appt tomorrow. Does anyone have suggestions as to particular questions I should ask other than the usual?
Also, will post before pics alittle closer to my surgery date, March 8th.
Thanks :)

Less than 2 wks away from my TT. Not that nervous...

Less than 2 wks away from my TT. Not that nervous but know as it gets closer it will follow. By reading so many of your posts the feeling of guilt has subsided. I it is the right decision. I haven't posted pics as of yet but will do so in the near future. Want to thank all the ladies for the support!

Had my surgery yesterday. Went well. Taking pain...

Had my surgery yesterday. Went well. Taking pain pills so I am sleeping alot. Its only my second day and knew it would be bad. Trying to ice through the binder. Not sure if its helping? Im also draining quite a bit. I cranky with my husband! Ladies - whats the protocol for tomorrow? Thanks

Hello, want to let everyone know how appreciative...

Hello, want to let everyone know how appreciative I am of all your comments and encouragement :) Feeling somewhat frustrated today ( I know thats normal) I have so many allergies & sensitivities that my PS dc'd my antibiotic. Pain meds make me rash and itch badly. So no meds for pain. Trying to stay hydrated as the meds gave me watery stools ( sorry to be gross :/ ) Only 3 days out so I know I have to suck it up. Ok Im done complaining! Hope everyone is happy, healthy, flat day. :)) ps added before and after pics. Just not sure if It was done correctly....

Questions ladies, I have such irritation & redness...

Questions ladies, I have such irritation & redness where drainage tube is. Nurse told me to put antibiotic cream which actually made it worse (weird I know). Don' t go back to doc till tuesday. Any suggestions plz?

Had drain removed today. It was painless and quick...

Had drain removed today. It was painless and quick. Got home and started feeling ill. Shivering, achey joints and musles, headache. Think I have the flu ladies. The silver lining.....I didn't throw up. Tomorrow will be a better day.

Hoping to get some answers. Had TT w/ lipo of...

Hoping to get some answers. Had TT w/ lipo of flank on 3/8. Removed drain on 3/21. Was putting out 30 ml at that time. Now I am more sore, swollen and small rash under incision. Is this normal to feel pain after removal of drain? Does this mean I have a seroma? I was on antibiotic after surgery for 3 days following sugery when the PS discountiued it due to severe diaherra. Does anyone feel worse after this process? Gonna be 50 in a few months and feel regret.

TT drain removed day 14. New pic taken on day 16....

TT drain removed day 14. New pic taken on day 16. Infection. I have searched this site for any resemblance. Anyone dealt w/ this before?

18 days post op. What I thought was the flu upon...

18 days post op. What I thought was the flu upon having my drain removed was the beginning stages of a celultis. It will not aspirate, trying another antibiotic. So far not working. I understand this is rare. Has anyone had this problem and has anyone heard of them being treated w/ I V antibiotics?
Dr. Dean DeRoberts

Had 3 different consults. Choose this Dr. on his credentials, awards, photo's.etc.

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Bunn63, I've been worrying about your cellulitis and haven't seen anything from you for a while. How are you?
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You are looking great! Skinnie Minnie! I sure hope your infection gets better really soon. Keep us posted!
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Bunn-just showed your infection pics to a good friend of mine who is a provider at an urgent care, they said you need to call Dr. DeRoberts and get on an antibiotic; they said it looks like cellulitis. Use a warm compress and if you can't get in touch with him and it worsens go to Northmed Urgent Care, or somewhere. I hadn't seen your pics when I commented earlier! Please keep me posted; I'm actually a little worried for you
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Break dance, I did speak with dr deroberts today and he did put me on a antibiotic. Will take my second pill soon. The redness is now dark red. I have been icing it as it Gaves me relief. He didn't mention cellulitis ( I don't know what it is) I did ask if he would want the area to be drained but we need to take it one day at a time. I appreciate your concern and comments. I will keep u postedm
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Keep us posted bunn63... I'm glad to read you are on an antibiotic. Hopefully it won't give you the trouble like the previous one (3 days postop causing bowel issues)... Wishes for a speedy recovery!
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Thanks, only 2 antibiotic pills per day. Just took my 4th. Can't get them down me quick enough. Swelling on left side is more like a bulge this morning. Flu like symptoms are a little better. Only time will tell. I'm such a patient person (not!) lol! Hope you can continue to heal and hope you have a GREAT bm! Crazy is'nt this?!!! Lisa ( aka bunn63)
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Hi Bunn63, I would suggest calling your PS (if it an infection they can give you a different antibiotic than you had previously or he can reassure you). In the meantime, I would suggest a hot shower with antibacterial soap, blow dry the incision with a hair dryer, put some hydrogen peroxide and fresh gauze, take 2 ES Tylenol and wear your cg ... Put your feet up and just relax and stay hydrated. I hope you feel better. :)
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Bunn63, I am sorry you aren't feeling well! I generally don't disagree with other comments, but hydrogen peroxide is not something you should be using on your incision. It cleans, but also damages the healthy skin as well. Everything else sounds great. Three weeks post op was the hardest time for me. I cried every day. I felt betrayed by my new body. Everything I had loved to do was now impossible. People would ask how I loved my new body. I hated it, I hated the drain, the scar, having to walk away from something funny bc I knew a laugh came with pain. But I knew that I would receive no sympathy from my friends, acquintences and even family. I would have paid 13K to have my old life back. I'm so glad I didn't have the option though because by four weeks post op I felt differently and today, I can honestly say I can't imagine not having had it done. I do know somewhat how you feel and also what you have ahead for you and it will get better. Keep your chin up, you will feel like yourself again soon, only with a flat tummy and strong tight abs.
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Thank you for you reply Breakdancemom, My only reason for suggesting hydrogen peroxide was that I worked in an oncology office for five years and on rare occasions, a patient would get an infection after the removal of the Jackson-Pratt drain and that's what the surgical oncologist would recommend. Of course, a call to her PS would be optimal but I was not suggesting she use it on the TT scar... Only a suggestion where the drains were removed. I used a little myself when my drains were removed and have had no complications. I am 7 weeks post op. Happy Healing on this long, long journey :)
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It is normal to swell more afterward. Your body has to reroute where to drain the fluid, which was being done with the drains. So, for a bit you will be in what is called "swell hell" until the body figures this out. The soreness is probably from the swelling. The rash too. Don't be discouraged, it will all be worth it. It is a very long recovery, but in a few weeks you will be feeling much better and will know when your body is just trying to figure things out. If the pain gets really bad, call your ps! That is what they are there for. It is all very normal. If you have a seroma, you're belly will be like a water bed, push on one side and it flows to the other. You are looking great and will just get better and better!
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I'm happy that you got the drain out but sad that you aren't feeling well. Get lots of rest today and drink your fluids and I hope you feel better tomorrow!
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Thanks dragonfly88, I don't want to be a downer. Just feeling alittle frustrated and you all understand. Thanks again for the support :)
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You look great!!! Sooo cute and itty bitty! But you had a great bod before! He did a great job!
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Thanks Pharma, How are you feeling?
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Use polysporin not neosporin as nemo will cause irritation
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They Told me to use the neosporin and I thought it was strange that it got worse. Sending hubby to store right now! Thanks so much for the tip!!
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Yes polysporin!!!
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Your new tummy is so flat. congrats! Try to stay calm and take it one day at a time. You will feel much better once the drinks are removed.
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ChiChiX3, No, no, I won't feel better when the 'drinks' are removed!! lol.... I know what you meant. Looking forward to downing the drinks and pulling the drains. Thanks for the giggle :)
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LOL that typo bothered me so much but that was a good chuckle! **Toasts** to us we are slowly but surely on our way to better days :)
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ChiChicx3, Wondering how your doing. haven't seen any of your posts. Hope your well :))
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Hi Bunn.. Hang in there! Gotta think what your body just went through, if you ask me, a man could never endure what us tough women can! I had my surgery the 6th, I've had a few tough days ( today being one)... And you just gotta try to stay positive. We all have the same goal after this hell we put our body through, too look awesome! I think we've all done the toughest part and that's going through with it! I wish you the best of luck! :)
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So true I told my Hubby today that if he went through what I did he'd be laying on the floor playing dead! Lol
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Haha....Don't make me laugh!!
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Your right and thanks for the 'pep' talk. I needed it :)
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