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Hi everyone! I am one week away from surgery and...

Hi everyone! I am one week away from surgery and finally decided to join and share my experience as well! I have been constantly reassuring myself from reading other posts, and thought I needed to pay it back to the community. My surgery is July 15th and I am going through a roller coaster of emotions. One minute I am so nervous and envision the pain, blood, O.R., and the fear of Anesthesia, then I look in the mirror or at a picture of my nose and cannot wait to get it done! Anyway, I will post some pictures later!!!! XOXO

The nose that has to go

So here are finally some photos. I really need to take some side views tomorrow to show the whole picture. Ever since I was younger I have always complained about my nose and begged my parents for a nose job. To this day my mom is still telling me I am beautiful the way I am and I don't need to change my nose (EWWW!). I do not mind my nose from the front, I have an okay tip I think, and my nose is pretty slim from the front. When I turn to the side however, I have a large dorsal hump, so much so that it pulls my upper lip into my nose. I feel like I have to consciously close my mouth or put my lips together in order to pull my upper lip down. I have always been told I am a very pretty girl, but I am extremely self conscious about my protruding nose. I literally feel like it was over grown in a farm and stuck in the middle of my face because it is so damn awkward, haha! Anyway, I bought some supplies today for my's all becoming so real!

-Medial Tape
-Throat Lozenges
-Neck Pillow
-Tylenol (big bottle!)
-Arnica Tablets (which I started to take Monday or one week ahead of time)
-Arnica Gel

I really hope the Arnica helps with swelling or bruising ahead of time!! See my boyfriend falls asleep much earlier then I every night so in bed I have been sort of obsessed with looking at pictures and reading stories on this site of post surgery experiences. Anytime I pull up a picture of someone with extreme bruising or swelling my boyfriend literally freaks out and tells me to get that off the screen!! Great, he is going to be a great support system...NOT!

Fear of the unknown

Today I had a long conversation over the phone with my grandmother. I cannot help but keep thinking about all of the bad things that can happen with this procedure!!! I don't know why I am getting like this! I am so scared that I am never going to wake up from Anesthesia, like what the heck! Or that when they go to break the bones on the nose something is going to go terribly wrong and my nose is going to collapse?? What is my problem!!! I feel like I am driving myself crazy. I need to put more trust in the fact that this isn't major heart surgery and so many people have gone through this with no complications at all. Is this normal to be feeling this way?

More Pictures

Okay sorry for the awful pics, it was post workout this morning and I took them on my own! So here are the dreadful profile pictures..AHHH!

So about my doctor. First off, Dr.DeRoberts is a close friend of my two year long boyfriend, which gave me some serious reassurance. I thought, he wouldn't tell me he would give me a great new nose and let me walk away with less after knowing my boyfriend ;-). Also, before my consultation all I had heard was great things about him, and how much of a perfectionist and considerate Dr. he is. I was very nervous before my consultation because I had only known or heard of patients of his who had breast augmentations or tummy tucks. Upon walking into my consultation it was like god had answered all my doubts, the receptionist started showing me pictures of her recovery from rhinoplasty three months prior!! Right before my eyes I could see his work and feel her excitement radiate about how great of a job he did for her. It was such a reassurance and exactly what I needed to get excited about this new endeavor.

When I met with him he asked me the obvious questions, what don't I like about my nose and what would I change if I could. I told him from the front I have no problem with my nose really, and I have looked at it for 26 years so I am quite used to my face, but when I turn to the side..WOWSERS! hahaha. I obviously want to get rid of my big dorsal hump which makes my nose look extremely large. I have very small features, small ears, smaller eyes, and small lips. I also told him how I did not like how my upper lip comes up almost because my nose is so large it pulls it up. He said no problem, we can take a little off of the bottom part of your nose which will allow your upper lip to rest more naturally. He told me my tip was very refined which is good so he does not have to do any tip work so basically he will bring down the hump, bring up a little part on the bottom, and then because he will be shaving so much off of the hump he has to break the nose to put it back into a pyramid shape because if not the nose would appear flat from the front. What I also liked about him is he is doing a close rhinoplasty on me, which means so visible scars and it sounds like easier healing! I have also read that 20-30 years down the road some patients with open rhinoplasty have tip drooping from lifting and detaching the skin on the nose. He reassured me many times this is a straight forward procedure and we will be able to achieve great results.

Post Surgery, Splint removal tomorrow!

In a nutshell this is how my surgery went which was an overall good experience thus far.

Day of Surgery-
I tell the anesthesiologist my concerns about going under, he was extremely nice. This was the first time I had met him since a team works with my doctor and they never know which one they are going to get on the day of surgery. He said no problem, its only a nose job we can just sedate you! Woke up and could not even open my eyes the pain was so bad. I had an ice pack on my eyes and I was talking to everyone, just couldn't get myself to open my eyes. When I finally did WOW I had a headache and my forehead was killing me (they had to break my nose). I kept saying, all those people online who said this was a piece of cake was lying, haha (it really wasn't that bad but it definitely hurts)! I was already bruised and swollen before I left the hospital. I was in recovery for maybe thirty minutes? I took pain pills throughout the day night, slept an hour max at a time, and kept little bags on frozen vegetables rotating from the freezer to my face all day/night. I ate: Frozen go-gurt, baked sweet potatoes, and mashed potatoes. I drank: water, and turmeric(reduces swelling) juice (zingi-well).

Day Two- Laid around all day. Frozen vegetables on face all day. walked around a bit and ate some more gogurt and yogurt. For dinner I had pasta, which I housed because I was so unbelievably hungry. Woke up in the middle of the night with the worst gastro intestinal pains which I attributed to the pain meds. I was dry heaving for hours over the toilet and could not sit still to deal with the stomach pain. I stopped the pain meds after this and switched to tylenol only. Also discovered popped blood vessels in both of my eyes. Called the Dr. who said it is normal from the trauma of the procedure.

Day Three- Worst day ever. Worst bruising, swelling, and aching. Tylenol only. My lower cheeks were swollen and any chewing or talking made them swell even worse. Still stuck to easy foods to eat. Tried to wash dishes after dinner and almost fainted. No energy. I wonder if all the swelling throws off your equilibrium because doing something as easy as walking across the kitchen with a bowl in your hand seems like a task a wipes you out. Cant stand for long periods of time have to sit down. (keep in mind I usually work out 4-5 times a week with a trainer).

Day Four-
Getting better and feeling better. Begged my boyfriends mom to let me come with her on errands. It was 90 degrees out and just from walking out of Target and into the car my face swelled up immediately (good thing I brought frozen veggies with me in the car :-) ). Little things take a large toll on the body still. Was very frustrated because pain and swelling was diminishing but energy was not coming back. Went to CopperTop for dinner and got alot of looks...oh well was nice to get out of the house. Put my ice tea glass on my cheeks most of my dinner.

Day Five- Finally went to my apartment to change out some of my clothes (stayed at my boyfriends parents house, his mother took care of me hand and foot :-) ). Went to camp that afternoon. Swelling was basically gone. Finally put on some eye/face make-up to look more like myself. Was NOT used to having a huge thing on my nose and got mascara on some of my bandaid, oh well! Thankfully they hooked me up with a sick cheetah splint!

Day Six- Cloudy day. Went into town from camp and did some errands. Drank a coffee which kind of annoyed my nose, maybe the caffeine? Still applied arnica gel to the bruising but really no swelling and little bruising left. Eating pretty normal, bit into pizza which was nice (to my belly not to my scale)!

Day Seven- got ambitious. Laid in the sun. Went Boating----BAD idea! The wind was annoying my splint which was in turn making my nose ache. My face was sweating in the sun and my splint was literally coming off, and all the bumps gave me a major headache for the rest of the night. Still applying the arnica gel and taking arnica tablets for the bruising. The popped blood vessels are looking better.

Day eight- just chilling. Waiting for my mom to bring me to the grocery store since I am finally home in my apartment again but cannot lift over 10LBS still. Bored. Did some laundry, put away all of my clothes from camp. CANT WAIT TO SEE MY NOSE TOMORROW!!!!!

Everyone has been telling me online and in person how great my bruising is, and I try and attribute it to: good doctor, and Arnica. I started taking Arnica pills, quantity 5 of 30C pellets once a day a week before, twice a day two days before surgery, and three times a day since surgery and am still taking them. I started out applying Arnica gel on my bruising under my eyes, which crusted up after two days of re-applying and was hard to wash off, so I switched to Arnica massage oil and have been applying that ever since. Well, heres some photos too!
Syracuse Plastic Surgeon

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So did you end up going under completely or did they just do twilight sedation??? You look great btw cant wait to see your results.
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Hope it went well!
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for some reason I have commented twice oops!!
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Hi there, thanks for sharing your thoughts about the anaesthetic. I have booked an op for August, I thought it was just me that was worrying about not waking up! I know it seems silly but it does make me question whether I should go ahead. I have 2 kids too so the thought of anything serious happening is devastating. My surgeon has reassured me that I will be in safe hands and that there is very little risk if fit and healthy. I guess people have GA everyday so it can't be that bad or it would not be safe practice to use it. I think the issue is that it is for a cosmetic reason rather than life threatening. I am sure we will all be fine. Thanks for sharing your thoughts though. take care
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hi there, I have booked an op for August and I too am worried about the anaesthetic, I have never had an op before so I think that makes it worse. I am fit and healthy, but I know what you are going through & I keep thinking to myself why I am doing this? However my surgeon said there is very low risk of any issues with anaesthetic. I have 2 kids though and that makes me feel worse but then as someone pointed out people have G.A every day. I am not worried about the pain at all it is the being put to sleep! Glad it is not just me worrying about this issue
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I have surgeru in 2 weeks and have the same min Im excited, the next Im picturing my funeral!!! It is an emotional rollercoaster for sure!!
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HNG, it's totally normal to worry about not waking up from anesthesia - especially if this will be the first time you're going under. I am 2 wks post op, and I worried about the same thing, even though I had surgery before. I even started doing crazy sweet gestures (buying gifts, writing notes) before surgery because if anything happened, I wanted people to remember those last few things. Morbid, and crazy - but I snapped out of that a few days prior. Here's the thing - you're so closely monitored during surgery (vitals, etc.) that there is such little risk of things going bad. If anything is awry, the anesthesiologist will be aware very soon. I felt the same way - why am I really putting my life at risk for a new nose? In reality, the risk is minimal! The reward will be worth it, especially looking at your pics - your results seem like they'll be easily achievable, in my non-professional opinion. But, the "feel good" part might come much later than expected. You may feel sad, lonely, and emotional after, but in the end I strongly believe you'll be ecstatic. Also, the pain is minimal (must vary). I felt discomfort, but never real pain. I had surgery on a Wednesday, took percoset on Thursday, then quit pain meds altogether (was making me yack - not pleasant with the pressure that puts on your nose). Good luck, and keep us posted!
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RKD thank you so much for making me feel less crazy! I am starting to get much more excited than scared, and I really do trust my Doctor!! It is such a relief to hear that you had such minimal pain. Before this sight, all I saw was pictures and never really heard a true Rhinoplasty story..and as we all know some people can look pretty rough! After finding this sight I have read more stories on minimal pain with little to no pain killer dependency, and really the statement that you look worse than you feel...and hey, I can live that for a week or two! I am so glad your surgery went well and you are recovering great! I hope to have the same results!!!! XOXO
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Once again, I really relate to how you're feeling. I also fear the unknown. For me, I think it is also about the total loss of control. Hate that, lol. I've actually googled whether anyone has died during a rhinoplasty. I have two children, so the thought is very scary. I keep telling myself that I have a board-certified plastic surgeon and will have a board-certified anesthesiologist . . .
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Thanks for posting your photos! You are lovely. I truly hope you get the results you want from this. So much of it depends on your doctor and your communication with your doctor, so make sure to tell him exactly what you do and don't want from this.

This post about anesthesia fears may make you feel better.

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Thank you!
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Hi! I wanted to let you know that I'm feeling some of the same things you are. I am so scared of the actual procedure and being under general anesthesia. I had a surgery before with it and didn't handle it that well. I feel encouraged by reading (obsessing over, lol) others' reviews, as most mention little pain in recovery. As my surgery date is rapidly progressing (July 18th--we will be going through recovery around the same time!), I keep staring at my nose in the mirror, question whether I am crazy to go through the stress of the procedure, and then want to do more than ever! I am starting Arnica pills a week before as well. I am also hoping that it reduces my bruising and figure it couldn't hurt!
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Hi Noelle! Today has been awful with the fear of anesthesia. Anytime I get into a conversation with someone about it I have all these crazy thoughts running through my mind!!! Like you said reading others posts about waking up so excited to have it over with and having minimal pain has really reassured me that I will get through this with flying colors. What happened with your previous surgery that you didn't handle it well? I hope to be able to post on the 15th that everything is great so you can go into yours three days later with more reassurance!!!!!! We will have to keep in touch during our recovery! XOXO
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Hi! I had my gall bladder out a couple of years back. I told them that I have a sensitive system (threw up well into my second trimester of pregnancy, have passed out from blood draws, lol). They gave me an IV prior to the general anesthesia and put something for nausea in my IV. I woke up in recovery very nauseated and then threw up a bunch of times, which sucked. I am even more nervous about throwing up like that after I've had surgery on my face. : / I will watching for your updates after the 15th! Yes, we will definitely need to keep in touch during recovery. What kind of supplies have you gotten? : )
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Oh that sounds awful! I hope you do not have that issue with this surgery! For supplies I have bought: medical tape, gauze, vitamin C gummies (YUM), Arnica Gel and tablets, new Chapstick, throat lozenges, face wipes, and tylenol. For food I have picked up some go-gurts and have already placed them in the freezer (per someone else's advice on this site for sore throat after/easy eating post surgery), lots of Chobani yogurt, and some coconut water. I am going to go grab some more easy foods this weekend. I have also read to get some non petroleum jelly to put on your lips, and Biotene mouth spray?? Apparently dry mouth can be pretty annoying! Do you suggest purchasing anything else?
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Thanks so much for starting your story and paying it forward! Can't wait to see your pics!

You might want to check out this post of supplies for recovery.

Let us know how it goes Monday.

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